6 Best Free Architecture Games For Architects Category Wise

 Architecture Games are loved by everyone as they are realistic in nature and requires thinking and creativity. Creative people finds these type of games very interesting and hence we are here to help you with best architecture games that will entertain you for life without getting bored. These types of games are not restricted to any age, anybody from a small kid to 90 year old guy can play these types of games. Architecture and related games helps students to gain sharp knowledge on buildings and its creation.

Types Of Architecture Games

There are too many types of architecture games that includes

  • Physical Architecture Games
  • Online Architecture Games
  • Video games For Architects
  • Offline video games for architect students and gamers

Best Architecture games Based On there types

Lego: A physical architecture game by category or type is a must play game for architects as it plays a vital role in creating a base or interest in the world of creation. Architects are known for creation and thinking and hence these types of games helps a lot in gaining good knowledge. Also This game is the most famous indoor game almost played by every child in his/her lifetime. Recently a new trend is evolving like creation of lego architecture and hence this game is a must. The perfect tool will recover your boring life.

Lego architecture games

A building Created using Lego Blocks

Mechanix: This is also a very popular game and is recommended for mainly designers and thinkers as this game improves thinking capacities. Although not really meant for architects but it helps a lot in sharpening our mind and also for creating base in designing and implementing.

Mechanix Game

Brain Architecture Game: It is also a trending game right now, it is played with straw like sticks that we can bend according to our choice.By bending the sticks we need to create structures or buildings and hence this one is the best game that is most suitable for architecture students.This is a recommended game for every students that want to learn or is starting up with architecture and stuff.

brain Architecture Game

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Construction Academy : A very popular online game based on construction and building. Specially developed for kids and students and theme taken from one of the famous cartoon Series Bob The Builder.


construction academy

Minecraft: According to jcer Minecraft is one of the most addictive and popular multiplayer architecture game . It is widely played by people belonging to age group 12-18 years. The objective of the game is to build creative structures using simple blocks and tools like axe , knife etc. It is amazing to play with friends creating marvels of structure.


 City Ville: City ville is a social game where you are the mayor of a city where you can give commands to build a whole city and the better you create the city your level will be increased as per your city stats. There are similar games like city ville such as Clash Of Clans , Age of Empires , Hayday etc.
Architecture Games

Other Architecture Games

The Sims:

Is is a virtual life simulation architecture game series developed by EA  which allows user to create there own human ,empower there own city. This is another must play video game series for architects and architecture students. You can design create and develop your city according to your choice which gives you liberty to rule your own architecture.

architecture games

Clash Of Clans:

Clash of clans also known COC is the number 1 online played mobile game especially for the ones that likes military games, but i am including this in my list because in this we have create our own town which requires good architectural skills. This became the number 1 game because of its multi presence in many topics that includes architecture.


Clash Of Clans For Architecture games lover


Construction Destruction:

Construction destruction is basically a construction game but requires architectural skills in creating the whole structure.Liked by both architectural and construction niche this games holds a good position in our list and is suggested as a good architecture game by architectboy.com

I hope you liked our List of top 6 architecture games. 


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