Casino Barrière De Biarritz, France: Architectural Renovation at Hotel


Casino Barrière Biarritz Renovation Design Competition

Finalised architect for the project: Francois Lombard

The competition for the renovation of the Casino in the famous resort of Biarritz located at 1 Avenue Edouard VII, 64200 Biarritz, France which was won by architect Francois Lombard in 1992, has been likened by the architect to a surgical operation. After lifting the skin, with the aim to restore its lost brilliance, his team had to repair the arterial system of the Casino De Barrière Biarritz building in order to provide new, modern public spaces.

Casino de biarritz exterior view

Casino’s Interior and Material used

They renovated the facades and interior, added an extension and re-landscaped the “Grande Plage”. Two prestigious “public” floors have been created at beach and city level, and the basement has been dug out for a staff and service area. The stairs in the south corner linking the floors over which gambling activities are distributed is a truly modern design. Natural light has been introduced into the building.

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Casino de Biarritz Restaurant

Glass windows replace concrete Hock walls along the beach gallery thus brightening the casino Biarritz’s restaurant, shops and swimming pool, and new glass prism on the terrace lightens the pool and acts as a winter garden for official receptions. This contemporary delimits, constructed of stainless steel and glass, is in keeping with the 1930s facade of the Barrière Biarritz casino.


Casino de Biarritz Slot Machines
Casino de Biarritz Interior snooker club

References to the Art Deco style architecture have been made through the use of strong lines, and materials such as the sunblasted glass. In contrast to this rigorous style, curved lines used to echo the ocean and provide movement can be seen in the design of the carpets, furniture, theatre roof and flower beds. Underground parking has been created to restore the gardens.


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