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3d architecture software

5 Best Architecture And Architectural Design Software

Architectural design software is applications or programs that are usually created or developed for architects to design and plan the structure of the building or related structures with the ease of just a few tips and instructions. Manual drawing and a lot of concentration are not required while using these types of architecture software,s to create a plan.

Advantages of using Architectural Design software

It saves a lot of time: If you are an architect or architect student you might be knowing how much concentration, skills, and time one needs to design a house plan. By using architecture software one can save an enormous amount of time and energy and hence an architect can save money on the project.

Best and highly rated architecture software

3d architecture software:

This architecture software was designed in 2014 and come to the world of architecture during the mid-2015 created a huge impact on the industry of architecture used in higher studies and by many known personalities in the field of architecture such as Tadao Ando. A software is highly recommended by our team as this software can be used to see the entire structure in a 3d view that helps a planner to focus on each and every aspect of design that helps a structure to stand for a very long time and recognized all over the world.

3d architecture software


Sketchup a well-known application for architecture students owned by a big internet brand google developed by a small group of architect students for their personal use but later become an important aspect of architectural design software. Improved by google developers in a must-needed way and hence becoming the widely used software. Sketch-up also has a 3d design and graphics view which clearly helps users to design in a better way. This software is well known for its good user interface and is highly recommended for newbies.

architecture software


Autocad is a application software used widely in many subjects used by mechanical staff and also used in architecture designing labs for students is an application specially used by students to learn how to design and develop a structure basically launched for other uses but in 2015 autocad launched a special architecture software that is specially build for architectural design and development.

Autocad-Architectural design software

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Soft plan:

It is another architectural design software but is bit costly ,only architects having a desire to use this software or professionals can handle the amount they ask for this application. Again a 3d style with a really good user interface but less recognized as its prices are high as per standard and the dashboard is not clear but is good for professionals for designing exterior as well as interior of the house.But one thing they have started giving trial version to new users and hence students can try there free or demo version and hence can enjoy creating architectural design. The free architecture software does not feature all the required procedures but is well enough for students learning and in need of free software.

architectural design software



ArchiCAD software

Archicad is courtesy of Graphisoft is widely known for industrial use and is almost used by every architect that works for a company dealing in construction. Best choice of many companies but not for students, software architecture requires enough knowledge and computer skills rather than designing skills. It is good for one who likes creating a plan in the only a computer. This is highly recommended for professionals that are seeking jobs in big architectural firms.