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Ammar Ali DM, currently studying Btech and undergoing his bachelor’s course from SRM, Kattankulathur, is an ECE student and an enthusiast. He loves blogging and is also working on some of his own projects while studying.

That’s enough of talking about myself in the third person.

I love to write and have written for several publications, but I wanted to reach more people, more architects and wanted to share and expand my knowledge and also Architect Boy sounded like a cool name to me which is why I ended up creating this architecture blog.

Ammar Ali DM

Here I have tried to cover topics which have not been discussed properly. I aim to provide in-depth information about different topics to students, teachers, practising architects, landscape designers and blah blah blah…

I am not good at maintaining seriousness for long owing to which you’ll find ample of funny posts about architecture on my blog.

I am not a blogging god and I obviously don’t know everything about architecture, so, if u feel like adding to my knowledge you are always welcome to leave comments or contact me.

Also, I would love to know things like  – your queries and what more topics would you like me to cover on my blog.

Apart from all this, I am just a regular guy, who doesn’t take himself too seriously and loves making new friends, which means that you are most welcome to join me on my social media profiles.