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rights of light

Ancient Lights Law for Land and Property use

We even have rights to light in modern law!

Ancient Lights Law

By Lights law I don’t mean the laws of reflection or refraction etc., but a serious flaw in the field of architecture which when not considered while designing a building may land an architect and the plot owner into trouble.

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Whenever a property is purchased or acquired enquiries should be made that no other party has a right to pass through the property.

The adjoining property owners may be having an ‘easement’ (right of usage of certain benefits arising from the concerned property) or any other rights like ‘ancient lights law’.

According to the dictionary of law, the Ancient lights law is a property law that gives a right to owner of the adjacent property to derive light and ventilation from the concerned plot, if one of his building walls with windows therein has been adjoining one boundary line of the plot for a certain number of years (20 in England). In such a case the plot owner himself must leave the necessary margin from the plot (as per the by laws) so as not to affect the adjoining property.

This rule was originated in 17th century England (1663 to be precise).

This rule is not acknowledged in United States though.

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