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Autocad 360 View

AutoCAD 360 Pro App Tutorials, Guide and Price

What are AutoCAD and AutoCAD 360?

AutoCAD is a computer-aided software program used to create blueprints, designs for buildings, and designs. It is a 2D and 3D designing software application used in architecture and if you are an architect student then you must be already familiar with this. AutoCAD 360 app is used by drafters, architects, students and other professionals.

App Overview

Now AutoCAD application is also available for Android as well as ios users as AutoCAD 360. This application is designed by Autodesk Inc. and is o

z~zne of the best apps for architecture students who want to understand the designs and blueprints more easily.

By using this application, you can download, create, edit and share  drawings across any mobile devices. Now you don’t need a laptop or any AutoCAD software as you can take use of 360 AutoCAD anytime anywhere you go which is a free DWG viewing application. DWG is a binary file format which is used for storing two or three dimension design data and metadata.

Autocad 360 View

AutoCAD 360 viewer mobile app offers different features and capabilities for everyone and also a non-technical student can understand after using for the first time.  The size of this application is 35 MB and recently it has reached to more than 50000000 installs overall. This is the most powerful drafting and handling tool and is a lot easy to access.

AutoCAD 360 pro app is easy to install and you can download this application on your mobile from the play store and this is available for free. This software is listed under category productivity of 4.1/5 as per average ratings on the google play store. These ratings are given by more than 130000 users.

AutoCAD 360 app is the best application that you can use anytime and can understand the architecture and blueprints of any design or buildings. This application is easy to use and you can also use your GPRS connection to structure any place.  All the drawings will be saved in the .dwg format which you can save on your device ar also save it externally on dropbox or another drive.

For more information and to download this app visit AutoCad 360’s official website.

AutoCAD 360 Features

  • Autodesk Inc. is rated 207 in the world by a number of overall ratings in the world.
  • AutoCAD 360 viewer helps you to view, edit and share all your work and drawings with your friends and others.
  • AutoCAD is the only official software developed by Autodesk and the now official update is also available.
  • Free 30 day Pro trial is available for new users and if you want to use the features, then you have to buy the premium version of this app.
  • You can open and view your drawings.
  • It allows you to measure accurately while you are on your site.
  • You can also use the free AutoCad view companion web app to get new drawings from the browser like chrome and Mozilla.
  • It uses your mobile GPRS system to orient your drawing.
  • View your drawing coordinates.
  • If you are working offline, then it will automatically save your work or drawings when once you get online.
  • For further use, you can store it to your cloud storage through the link given.
  • Without any obligation, free 30 days trial.
  • Share it with others anytime.
  • Improve connection by adding some comments and images.
  • For personal support, different email channel is made.
  • Object properties can be separately viewed and edited.
  • Additional drawing tools available to view different drawing coordinates.
  • You can select, move, rotate the object.
  • Block Palette containing existing all the blocks from drawing, to allow a user to insert blocks.
  • Manage advanced layer.
  • Easily add and edit text annotations.
  • Draw and edit shape all with accuracy using snapping.
  • For iPad Users, new keypad features are introduced.
  • Advanced Annotation tools introduced with the latest update.

Autocad 360 View

 You can download the latest application from here having version 4.0.7 which was updated on the date August 18, 2016. AutoCAD 360 is fetched from the play store itself which makes this app unmodified and totally original.
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AutoCAD 360 Application Guide and Ratings

It is one of the best application available on the play store and IOS for architects. This application has crossed more than 50000000 downloads and still counting.  But the problem is that the minimum requirement for the version of Android is 4.0.3.  AutoCAD 360 has successfully achieved more than 19,000,000 downloads individually from Google Play Store.

According to Google Play store ratings of this app, the ratings are quite good with most of the Guides being 5 ratings. The ratings are as follows-

5 Star ratings – 69328 people Guideed

4 Star ratings – 23879 people Guideed

3 Star ratings -9394 people Guideed

2 Star ratings -4090 people Guides

1 Star ratings -9766 people Guides

At an average, the ratings of AutoCAD 360 can be Guideed differently bu countries.  As the application has got different ratings in countries like India, Vietnam, Korea. Ecuador and Mexico, we can say that this is the best application for drawing and designing for mobile users.

The PRO version of this application is available which you can purchase after completing your one month trial.

AutoCAD 360 Pro subscription fro single month is $4.99.

If you are a consistent user then you can also go with one-year subscription plan which is available for 49.99.  In this plan, you will be saving monthly of $ 9.89.

AutoCAD Pro Plus Annually available for $99.99.

All these subscriptions will be charged from your credit card and if you are purchasing from your ios device like i-Phone or i-Pad than the price will be charged from your iTunes account. All these subscriptions are automatically renewed unless collected at least 24 hours before the current period is ended. Also, you cannot cancel your current subscription during the active period.

You can download the free pro pack from App store or Google Play Store. In the latest update i.e 4.0.2 new bug fixes and UX improvements are added and here you can install the pro version from visiting the store.

You can also watch the tutorial for using AutoCAD 360 here if you are a new user and wants to learn about this software. In this video, you will be shown how to use this app efficiently with accuracy.