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what is the Best A3 Printer for Architect

Best A3 Printer for Architects: Top 6 Picks in 2022

Architecture’s different documents, photos, and other essential sheets are basically A3 size, so most regular printers have a lot of trouble in providing the desired size and quality. However, the A3 printers provide more desired printing performance and options than standard printers.

That’s why most architects are looking for the best a3 printer for their personal and official work. But the sad thing is, due to purchase without proper guide maintain; most printers are not able to produce the desired accurate quality documents output for architects.

However, in this guide, we have selected the 6 best a3 printer for architects by good research, user experience, and feedback analysis of consumers, which are suitable for architecture, photography, small business, and other advanced work. Besides, we have shared a complete guide that will help you choose your favorite printer.

Editors Choice: Top 3 A3 Printer for Architects

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What Are The Differences Between A3 and A3+ Paper

When many people go to buy an a3 printer, they are confused when they see a3+ in the specifications; again, many people buy without understanding the differences of a3 vs a3+ size. As a result, they faced a lot of hassles after that. Anyway, when you go to buy a3 printer, along with other features, you must know the differences between a3 and a3 + size.

A3 Size Printer: A3 printers are basically standard paper size printers; many people call them super a3. The a3 paper size is 297mm × 420mm. It is also part of ISO 216. This size is mainly used in architecture plans, presentation charts, movie posters, wall notices also in various fields.

A3 + Size Printer: A3+ paper is slightly larger in size than A3 paper, due to which it does not maintain the standard paper size. A3 paper size is 329mm × 483mm, so you can understand that it is much larger; consider this aspect before choosing a3 printer.

Best A3 Printer for Architects Guide

1. Canon Pixma Pro 100 Wireless Inkjet Printer

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Introducing the Canon Pixma Pro 100, which is the best breed printer for personal use. The primary specialty of Canon Pixma Pro 100 is that it will always provide you with high-quality print in a faster time. You can use it to print any photos of high-quality architecture and documents. However, due to high-quality printing, the ink cost is slightly higher.

Why We Choose It

Keeping in mind the users’ convenience, it has been designed with wireless features so that you can install it in any desired place, as well as connect any smart device and print any documents at a higher resolution at 4800 × 2400 dpi. It is also compatible with all versions of windows and macOS supported.

I think this may be the 1st choice for any users for printing A3 documents in the field of architecture work. Being portable in size, it can be easily kept in any tight space. Also, the installation instructions guide has explained all the processes in a very simple way.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with advanced features
  • Multiple devices wireless connectivity
  • Advanced level printing output
  • Superfast data transfer
  • Great printer option for any profession
  • High-quality print
  • Compact in size

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2. Brother Inkjet Duplex Printer

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If you are looking for an all in one best duplex printer for many people to use in the office, then Brother Inkjet printer may be a convenient option for you. Especially its other features and the unique look we like a lot. However, it is much bigger and heavier in terms of size and weight. Due to which it is not suitable for a small place.

Why We Choose It

However, it is the perfect selection for use in your architecture office or team. Its multi-purpose tray has enormous capacity, which can hold a large amount of paper, as well as its ink tank is very large in size; once filled with ink, there is no hassle to change it for a long time.

The great part of the Brother MFCJ6945DW inkjet printer is the duplex printing option, that gives you a double-sided printing option simultaneously, which saves a lot of time. Another advantage is that it has A3, A4 size, and other sizes of paper customization options. At the time of your purchase, the manufacturers will give you a one-year ink-free at the same time.

Highlighted Features

  • Good printer selection for office work
  • It comes with a large ink tank
  • It has versatile paper handling
  • Enjoy truly uninterrupted printing with cartridges included in-box
  • Amazon dash replenishment enabled

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3. EPSON WorkForce WP-7720 Wireless Inkjet Printer

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EPSON is a leading brand in the printer industry. Their WorkForce WP 7720 is an excellent printer with a convenient design, which is also called by many an economical printer. Because of its remarkable ink savings features, on the one hand, it provides a higher quality printing experience; on the other hand, the higher sheet capacity offers the option to print many documents at the same time.

Why We Choose It

EPSON WorkForce WP-7720 is very expensive in terms of the price range, but they have not compromised in terms of quality. If you want, you can use both wifi and cable in the field of printing. In particular, it has the option of various sizes, so you get an excellent opportunity to print a3 papers as well as other photos and documents.

At present, double sizes printing is essential in any field of any work, as well as fax and scan option is obtainable to help in any situation. The EPSON has included all these features in their WorkForce WP-7720 printer. However, one thing you need to be careful about is its warranty policy. An important warranty policy here is that this printer is designed for EPSON cartridges, so if you use third-party ink and any issues occur in it, then your printer’s warranty may be revoked. So be careful about all these aspects.

Highlighted Features

  • Wide range wireless connectivity
  • Easy to command features
  • You will get wide formate printing experience
  • High-volume printing capacity
  • Easy instructions manuals for beginners
  • Uses up to 80 percent less power vs. color laser printers
  • Auto 2-sided Print, copy, scan, and fax and 35 pages auto document feeder

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4. Brother Wireless All In One Inkjet Printer

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Are you looking for the best a3 printer for architects on a budget? Which will have all in one feature along with wireless connectivity, then another Brother’s printer may be an excellent option for you. This model is also a lot heavier in size, but there is no shortage of quality and features in this model.

Why We Choose It

You can see almost the maximum features of our previous model, Brother MFC-J5330DW. It also has automatic duplex printing features, which at the same time provides you double-sided high-quality printing option, which means it saves a lot of your essential time. It is also very efficient in terms of performance, especially within its ink price comparative budget and most ink supported.

Having wireless connectivity features, you can print any document directly from any device effortlessly; there are no hassles in any type of cable. You also get an excellent printing option by customizing to other sizes besides A3 sizes.

Highlighted Features

  • Automatic duplex printing
  • It comes with a large ink tank
  • Wide range wireless connectivity
  • It has versatile paper handling
  • Super high-yield Ink cartridges

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5. HP OfficeJet Pro All In One Wireless Printer

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HP is a well-known prevalent brand in the technology industry, each of the devices is trusted and reliable and within the users’ budget. The HP OfficeJet Pro Printer is their outstanding printer series, which is currently very popular with users. One of the reasons for the printer’s popularity is that it includes almost all the features in the budget, which is suitable for use in any official, small business, and personal purpose, and architecture.

Why We Choose It

The best features are fast printing; in most cases, a standard printer takes much time to print. In this case, you can print 22 pages per minute and have a large capacity to keep higher volume pages as well as it provides 50% less cost per page, which greatly reduces your total costing.

As HP OfficeJet Pro is a wireless printer, you get the option to print in a comprehensive format, including scan, copy, fax, by connecting to any modern device. You also get duplex printing, touchscreen command, automatic feeder, and many more features within your budget.

Highlighted Features

  • Wide range wireless connectivity
  • Great printer for a3 site printing
  • 50% less cost per page than color lasers
  • It has 22 pages per minute fast printing experience
  • Support high-volume office printing and large capacity
  • It has 2-sided duplex printing, color touchscreen, automatic document feeder, and more

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6. EPSON Expression Premium EcoTank Printer with Scanner

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Sometimes EPSON expression premium wireless printer is an outstanding option for doing all these essential tasks efficiently. In particular, it has ink savings features, 80% ink conserving compared to standard printers, and provides great ink quality.

Why We Choose It

One of the soundest features of EPSON Expression is that it provides you with the highest resolution document printing so that you get 5760 × 1440 dpi documents at the output. Therefore, if you want, you can easily print huge documents at once in wide format, plus you can print high-quality documents and photos every time with 5 colors of ink.

It also has a large color LCD display for wireless connectivity and is easy to read and command. However, one thing to keep in mind when purchasing this Epson printer is if you refill any non-Epson ink on this printer, and if there is any problem due to it in the printer, then the manufacturer’s warranty will be canceled. So while having a warranty, pay special attention to the field of ink refill.

Highlighted Features

  • Comprehensive range connectivity, easy wireless connectivity
  • Large in size, easy to read 2.7″ Color LCD
  • Save up to 80 percent on ink with low-cost replacement bottles
  • Dedicated paper and photo trays and versatile paper handling
  • You will need to genuine Epson inks for a quality printing experience

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Things You Should Know Before Buying Best A3 Printer for Architects

Best A3 Printer for Architect

As we say every time, there are some essential considerations before purchasing anything, which needs to be must consider. When you choose the best A3 printer for printing anything related to your architecture work, there are definitely some aspects that you need to consider, which we have shared a guide below to make it easier to understand.

Printer Size

First of all, most multifunctional printers are much larger in size, so it is better to keep them in a convenient place. If you buy a printer for official use, then I think there are no issues in the sizes. However, if you want to purchase for personal use, then you must pay special attention to portability.

Print Quality

You will never get your desired output if the print quality is not good. Especially when you want to use an A3 printer, you can apply the DPI (dots per inch) technique to measure its print quality, which is mainly used to measure the printer’s resolution.

Price Range

Everyone wants to buy the best products within the budget, but in many fields, many products can be seen within the budget, but it is not suitable in terms of quality. However, we are selecting expensive a3 printers as well as some budget printers, which are far ahead in terms of quality.

However, we will have suggestions that if the price is high, consider everything according to your choice to get a good quality printer; then your investment will not fail.


Most of the electric devices purchased by the manufacturers are given a warranty for a certain period, which offers a lot of assurance to the users to use the products more securely. However, most printers often have issues due to abuse, so pay special attention to the warranty policy in the field of choosing a printer for an easy solution.

Best A3 Printer for Architects: Frequently Asked Questions

Inkjet or Laser Printers? Which one is the best printer for Architects?

The two most common printers in the market are Inkjet and Laser; there is a lot of confusion among users about these two printers. Especially with which architecture is best for the job.

Laser printers have faster and detailed results, and these printers are the best option for volume prints but not the best option for good quality colored prints.

On the other hand, an inkjet printer is an excellent option for good quality shiny colored print. Inkjet printers are more effective than laser printers for any colorful presentation, document, and photo printing in the field of architecture.

Which ink type is better for architecture painting?

In most cases, the printed documents of the architecture need to be taken safely to outdoor construction sites and other places, in which case the print quality and ink of the documents need to be much better so that the documents are not easily damaged in any environment. So in the field of ink choosing for printers, try to select with water-resistant, long-lasting, and smudge-free features.

Try to avoid dye-based ink as much as possible; even if they give better visibility, they are much poorer in terms of quality and fade in the fastest time. So instead, you try to choose pigment-based ink. As high resistant features are satisfied, so long last.

Is it possible to print the A3 size on the A4 printer?

The answer will be pretty exceptional. The main reason for this is that if you want, you can print A3 size paper on an A4 printer, but in this case, you can’t get your desired output. The main reason for this is that the A4 printers are much less space compact. However, if you have an A3 printer, then you can easily print the A4 size if you want, and you will get the desired result.

What do you mean by automatic duplex printing?

Nowadays, some modern printers come with all in one or multifunctional features in which you can see the automatic duplex printing features. This means that it can print both parts of a page simultaneously, which is why it is called an automatic duplex printer. On the other hand, the printers that print on one side are called simplex printers.

How many A5 can you fit in A3?

It is pretty simple, A3 size = 4 A5 paper sheets.


Final Verdict

Hopefully, our best a3 printer for architects Guide and guide has helped you find a suitable printer for your job. I think our questions part also helped you a lot to get suitable answers to the essential questions. You can also read our related article.

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