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A bicycle and sofa combination, as well as a black-painted chalkboard, are in the middle of a living room to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Best Chalkboard Paint for Walls: Top 10 Picks in 2022

Chalkboard painting is considered as the “epitome” of creativity in many houses, especially where kids reside. Kids can massacre the chalkboard painted wall as they like without any permanent damage. Also, it provides you with endless possibilities of designs and styles to show off.

It’s almost impossible to not do all this with chalk paint. But, you need to carefully choose the chalk paint, as the best chalk paint is not only easy to use, it also allows you to create a chalkboard on almost any surface.

No matter what the project is, you’ll be able to make a proper chalkboard with any kind of chalkboard paint. The possibilities to create whatever you need with chalk paint are endless.

You just need to make sure that you can find one that works best for you and your situation. Here is the best chalkboard paint for walls in detail, lets start.

Types of Chalkboard Paint

In the market, you can see different types of chalkboard paint that will help to make your work easier, more creative, and exciting. Below, we have listed some of the most common types, which will help you understand the differences and avoid confusion.


Chalkboard interior paint comes in matte black, clear coating, or other colors, which helps to create drawing and writing surfaces in your home as well as interior chalkboard paint is handy for decor and craft. Interior paints usually work better on drywall, metal, wood, and these surfaces.


Exterior chalkboard paint is highly durable compared to interior paint, as well as being able to deal with any adverse outdoor conditions. This paint comes in oil and water-based, which you can use on primed metal, wood, masonry, or concrete surface.


Magnetic paints are specially designed for metal surfaces. You can use it to create writing surfaces in fridges, steel doors, and metal sheets. Alternatively, if you do not find magnetic paint, you can first use a magnetic primer on the metal surface and then cover it with chalkboard paint.

For Walls

Walls chalkboard paints you can use to create a drawing surface on the wall. It helps you to do things like calendars, memos, messages, art, discussions and drawing. A low reflective matte finish is exceptionally ideal for walls.

For Furniture

This type of paint is used for interior decorations, low sheen finish, antique look, or distressed create in furniture.

Our Favorite Chalkboard Paint

10 Best Chalkboard Paint for Walls

We try to be as authentic to our readers as possible. That’s why, we tested and applied all the chalkboard paint that we could get our hands on in the market and reach a decision after applying our expert’s opinion. We hope, you can reach a decision quicker with our help.

1. 30 ounce ultra matte chalked paint by Rust-Oleum

Rust-Oleum 285144 Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint 30 oz, 30 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), Charcoal

Painting furniture inside of a home is never an easy task. There are not too many chalk paints that allow you to do this with any kind of proficiency, either.

Best Features of This Paint

Rust-Oleum’s chalk paint has solved this with its ultra-matte paint. Not only do you get a lot of paint in the can, but it dries very quickly, in about 30 minutes. This makes Rust-Oleum’s chalk paint perfect for painting the furniture in your home. Because Rust-Oleum’s chalk paint creates a matte finish, there is no way that you can use it outdoors.

If you do use it outdoors, the paint will melt. This takes away from its versatility and you will need to look for different chalk paint if you need to create a chalkboard surface outside.

Littlewren said

Love this paint, and love the color. It is definitely a true white, as others have mentioned. As with all painting projects, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not painting in 20 degree weather — we picked a particularly cold weekend for this project and it definitely took 3 coats even with heavy sanding. I do like to use the spray as a top coat of paint before you seal it – gives a really nice smooth finish.

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2. 16.2 ounce DIY shop chalkboard paint by American Crafts

AC-Chalkboard Paint Black 16oz

One of the biggest issues that most chalk paint faces is that there just is not enough of it to work with. It can be really frustrating to need to have multiple containers of chalk paint on hand, knowing that you will run out.

Fortunately, you will not need to deal with this at all with American Crafts’ chalk paint. With over 16 ounces coming in the container, one is all you need for most projects.

Features of This Chalk paint

Using American Crafts’ chalk paint is not easy, however. The mouth of the jar is very small, which means you will need to use smaller brushes to apply it.

Not only can this take a long time, but it also complicates the process of applying it. Make sure that you are experienced with using chalk paint when using American Craft’s paint.

253rkt opined

Great chalkboard paint for crafts!

I purchased this to paint over some areas of a first-day-of-school chalk board. Some of our chalk pens had stained the board, so I needed them to get covered. This stuff is great! It blended right in and except in certain lighting, you cannot even tell I used it on the board. Definitely recommend for craft uses!

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3. Special purpose chalkboard paint by Krylon

Krylon K05223000 Chalkboard Paint Special Purpose Brush-On, Black, Quart

Look no further than Krylon’s chalkboard paint if you are looking for chalk paint that is easy to use and that can take on a large-scale project.

Features of this Paint

The can contain a whole quart of paint and the overall diameter of the can is big enough for any brush. You will not need to pour the paint on a surface like you need to with other chalk paint. Unfortunately, Krylon’s chalk paint can only be used indoors. It will not last if you apply it to a surface outdoors.

This affects its versatility greatly. You will need to look for a different chalk paint if you need to create a chalkboard-like surface for an outdoor sign or something similar.

Volker said

We bought this paint for for creating a magnetic chalkboard in our kitchen. This paint is very easy to use. We applied it with a foam paint roller onto a magnetic primer and created a 40″ x 20″ magnetic chalkboard on our kitchen wall.

It looks really very good.

It is important to prepare the painted surface before the first use as indicated by the instructions on the container label. If not you can have problems to clean the surface after writing on it.

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4. “Ceramicoat” chalk furniture and chalk paint with assorted colors by Delta Creative

Delta Creative Ceramcoat Ultra Matte Chalk Furniture & Craft Paint in Assorted Colors (8 Ounce), Raven

Most of the time, the only color of chalk paint you will need is black or some kind of variation of black. But sometimes, you might need a different color. Fortunately, Delta Creative’s Ceramicoat chalk paint is available in a variation of different colors

Best Features of This Paint

Other chalk paints do not come in these different colors. You can also use the Ceramicoat on almost any surface, making it versatile. Being water-based, the Ceramicoat does encounter some issues when it comes to staying on the surface that you apply it to.

You will need to use a lot more paint with the Ceramicoat than other chalk paints, and this can make projects last a lot longer than they should.

Bpalulis75 said

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE this chalk paint! I have used a few different brands, and this is by far my favorite! It’s thick and covers EXTREMELY well. I only have white at the moment, but planning to buy other colors when I can.

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5. Home decor chalk and craft paint by Delta Creative

FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Furniture & Craft Paint in Assorted Colors, 8 ounce, Patina

Finding chalk paint for furniture is a challenge. In most cases, you will need to apply more paint than you might want, causing you to use a lot more paint than you might want. You will not need to worry about this when using Delta Creative’s home decor chalk paint.

Top Features

Being designed specifically for furniture, you will not need to worry about stipping, priming, or other issues that you normally face when using chalk paint on furniture. However, you only get 8 ounces of paint in Delta Creative’s container.

This means that you need to be very precise when you apply it. You need to be somewhat experienced with chalk paint when using Delta Creative’s home decor chalk paint.

Jmdebri wrote

I love this paint! It’s a vintage looking mustard yellow color, with a chalky matte finish. I’ve used it on glass, ceramic, and canvas. It adheres great, and easy to distress with sand paper. Color is true to the picture.

Very happy with this paint!

I solely rely on AMAZON reviews for my own purchases, and I purchase A LOT from AMAZON! If you found my review helpful at all, click below.Thanks!

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6. 2 ounce “Americana” black slate chalkboard paint by DecoArt

DecoArt DS90-3  Americana Chalkboard Paint, 2-Ounce, Black Slate

One of the biggest issues that any given chalk paint faces is that they struggle to stay on surfaces. This gets very frustrating if you are trying to use chalk paint to create a sign or anything else that you wish to transform into a chalkboard. DecoArt’s Americana chalk paint solves this by being much stronger than other chalk paint.

You will never need to reapply for it. Be prepared to stock up on the Americana chalk paint if you need to use it for large-scale projects, however. The container contains a scant 2 ounces of paint, and this is really only enough for short-term projects.

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7. 2 ounce matte chalk paint by Cosmic Shimmer

Cosmic Shimmer Matt Chalk Paint 50ml - Chalkboard

Applying chalk paint with a brush or a sponge not only takes a long time but is often a frustrating process. Applying chalk paint this way often leads you to use different brushes and sponges as you work on your project. You will not need to do this at all with Cosmic Shimmer’s chalk paint.

Some Features of this Chalk Paint

You can apply it directly with your hands without any issue at all. Although Cosmic Shimmer’s chalk paint is very strong and stays on almost any surface, you will need to be precise with it and stock up if you intend to take on a large scale project.

This is because of only 2 ounce of paint is in its container. You don’t have much room to work with here.

T said

Really good product. Really appreciate the quick response of the seller.

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8. Multi-Surface chalkboard paint by Martha Stewart Crafts

Martha Stewart Crafts Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Raspberry Ice, 2 oz Chalkboard Paint

Most chalkboard paints come in a limited variety of colors and can only be applied on a limited amount of surfaces. All of this changes with Martha Stewart Crafts’ chalkboard paint.

Top Features

Not only does it come in nearly a dozen different colors, but it is also applicable to any porous surface. This easily makes it one of the most versatile chalkboard paints in existence.

The only thing you will need to worry about with Martha Stewart Crafts’ chalkboard paint is that it only comes in a 2 ounce bottle. You will need a lot of it if you are interested in taking on large-scale projects. Because so little comes in the bottle, you will also need to take care to not make any mistakes when applying it.

Jaime said

I am just a goof around crafter but I absolutely love this paint! It is the prettiest pink, matte finish and very opaque. I used it alot with valentines projects on wood.

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9. 32 ounce chalkboard paint by Color Splash

32-oz. Color Splash! Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint that comes in a high volume bottle tends to not be nearly as strong as it needs to be. You’ll often need to use a lot of it in order to properly create a chalkboard on a surface. You won’t need to deal with this when using Color Splash’s chalk paint. Not only do you get a lot of paint in the bottle, it also has a smooth and thick consistency that provides a lot of coverage.

It can be difficult and messy to properly apply Color Splash’s chalkboard paint. This is because the mouth of the bottle is small. This forces you to empty the paint into a bucket if you wish to apply it indirectly by dipping a brush in it. You can also pour it directly onto the surface but this also gets very messy.

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10. 8 ounce acrylic chalkboard paint in assorted colors by FolkArt

FolkArt Chalkboard Paint in Assorted Colors (8-Ounce), 2517 Black

Most chalk paint only comes in one color: Black. This can make for a boring experience. It doesn’t necessarily need to be this way when you use FolkArt’s chalk paint. It comes in black like other chalk paint does but it also comes in other colors, making it a little more versatile than other chalk paint.

Best Features

Despite it being relatively easy to use and also being available in different colors, it will take a lot longer for FolkArt’s chalk paint to dry than other chalk paints do. This is because it is acrylic, which means it is made of materials that tend to remain moist. You will need to be patient when applying FolkArt’s chalkboard paint.

Cnspots thought

This paint is fantastic! We bought this to turn a section of wall in our grandson’s room into a place where he could be creative without consequences. It works exactly like it should. We use regular chalk with it. It cleans up well, applies easily and our grandson is thrilled! We found the price to be quite reasonable for the end result we achieved! Would recommend and will buy again!

19 people found this helpful

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Best Chalkboard Paint for Walls: A Buying Guide

Best Chalkboard Paint for Walls

Chalkboard paint has a lot of different uses. Because of this, there are a few things that you should consider before buying any.

Most of these chalkboards that we have discussed above are either tested by us or our partners to fetch the best ones. We have measured them in various aspects and their usage to reach our decisions choosing the best ones.

Indoor or outdoor uses

Certain chalkboard paints are designed only for indoor use and some can be used indoors and outdoors. This is the first thing that you need to consider because this is the basis of any given chalkboard paint.

Before you can explore the particular uses of your chalkboard paint, you first need to determine whether you are using it indoors or outdoors.

Making signs

One of the most common uses of chalkboard paint is to make signs. True to the name, chalkboard paint creates a chalkboard of sorts on a hard surface.

Something you should know is that there are certain kinds of chalkboard paint that actually specialize in making signs in that they contain different compounds that allow you to write or draw on them much easier.

Paint for furniture

Another really neat fact about chalkboard paint is that you can use it to completely change how your furniture looks.

Chalkboard paint can transform a boring-looking desk or chair into a piece of furniture that can look very impressive.

However, you need to understand that there exists chalkboard paint that specializes in this kind of thing and you should seek them out.

Chalkboard paint project size

Like any other kind of paint, chalkboard paint comes in different sizes and capacities. This is definitely something that you need to consider and compare against the size of the project you want to take on. For example, it would make no sense to buy a 2 ounce bottle of chalkboard paint if you intend to paint all of the furniture in your home.

However, this 2 ounce bottle may be much more effective for painting furniture, so you might find that it is better to buy a lot of these 2 ounce bottles over one or two of their 30 ounce counterparts.

Best Chalkboard Paint for Walls: FAQs

Is chalkboard paint any good?

Chalkboard paint might be better than you think. Yes, it’s a good idea to dilute the paint and use an appropriate primer before painting to get rid of any irregularities in the surface you’re going to cover with chalkboard paint. These factors make it easier for the chalk to erase its own marks. But don’t try this idea out on a 100-year-old table or cabinet, because if any dust gets under the dried-on ink, every brushstroke will leave a streak behind.

In general, novice painters can be happy with both latex and acrylic paints for covering furniture surfaces around your home.

Does chalkboard paint need primer?

There are a lot of different factors in play here when it comes to the durability, quality and aesthetics of a chalkboard. In general, most professionals recommend primer because without it the surface will not be smooth or uniform enough for writing on.

Other factors that might weigh in this decision are architectural details such as crown molding, where primers can hold up better than paint; or desired aging appearance. Primer also helps create excellent adhesion to the chalkboard surface so there is less chance of chalking becoming dislodged while writing with markers on the board.

Do you need to seal chalkboard paint?

It really depends on the type of chalk. Chalk that has had mineral spirits or just water added to it will be able to work on top of any kind of surface, so if you want to keep your paint job looking new, all you need is a clean microfiber cloth. If you use dust-free chalk with latex underneath though, sealing the paint will help preserve it and keep it looking better for longer.

Can you use a roller for chalkboard paint?

You can use a roller for chalkboard paint. You’ll need to make sure the surface is clean (i.e., no dust) and allow the paint to dry for at least three hours before writing on it with chalk. If necessary, you should also apply two coats of paint.

How many coats of chalk paint should I use?

That is a tricky question. Chalk paint is typically about 50% chalk, so the answer to how many coats of chalk paint you should use depends on how much coverage you want. If it’s a small project and you just need a light coat, one coat should be sufficient. Otherwise, two or three coats will do the trick.


Nothing tells others around you that you are willing to turn to your own devices when it comes to making signs or improving how your furniture looks. Any sign that you see outside of a dining establishment was probably made with chalkboard paint. That is how easy it is to use.

Instead of buying new furniture for your home, apply some chalkboard paint to it if the furniture is made of solid material. You’ll give your furniture a brand new look. Take some time to explore what you can do with chalkboard paint. You’ll be surprised at what you can create with it.

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