Best Copper Spray Paints Reviews

Best Copper Spray Paints Reviews

There is no spray paint that is more rare than spray paint that is copper in color.

Being used primarily for metallic objects, copper spray paint is useful for detailing or restoring things to their previous form.

The right copper spray paint will make anything look like new in a matter of minutes.

The wrong one will take much longer and might even create inconsistencies in the color of the item you are trying to paint.

Even though the concept of copper spray paint sounds simple enough, you would be surprised at how different they can be.

Our Favorite Copper Spray Paints

5 Featured Copper Spray Paints

1. “Metalcast” anodized coating by Dupli-Color

Dupli-Color MC205 Orange Metal Cast Anodized Color - 11 oz.

One of the most frustrating things to deal with when it comes to any copper spray paint is that most of their coatings are not able to withstand high temperatures. This is a serious problem, seeing as copper is a major heat conductor.

Fortunately, Dupli-Color’s Metalcast coating can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees fahrenheit. This makes it ideal for coating almost anything and you can even detail the parts of your car with it. It’ll make any chrome and metal surface even more heat resistant which is what copper spray paint should do.

However, you need to apply the Metalcast coating properly. You need to be patient with it. It isn’t like other copper spray paint where you can just spray as much as you want onto the area. You’ll need to apply a little at a time. If you don’t, you’ll risk damaging the surface.

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2. “High Heat” Enamel spray by Rust-Oleum

Rust-Oleum 7778830 High Heat Enamel Spray Paint, 12 oz, Bar-B-Que Black

While most copper spray paint is designed for applying coating to auto parts, you can also use copper spray paint for other metallic objects as well. Unfortunately, most copper spray paint doesn’t last under the extreme temperatures of other metallic objects that encounter these types of temperatures, such as grills.

Rust-Oleum’s High Heat enamel spray is your answer if you are looking for a copper spray paint that you can use on a grill or a wood-burning stove. Being able to retain color and finish at temperatures upwards of 1200 degrees fahrenheit, you’ll be able to completely detail anything you want with confidence.

However, the High Heat enamel spray is highly flammable when it is first applied. You’ll need to wait a while for the paint to settle before operating the appliance or vehicle you applied its coating to.

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3. “American Accents” ultra cover spray paint by Rust-Oleum

Rust Oleum 280720 American Accents Ultra Cover 2X Spray Paint, Satin Lagoon, 12-Ounce

Most copper spray paint is extremely limited in that you can usually only use it on metallic or chrome surfaces. You are in for a very time consuming search as well as a costly search if you are looking for spray paint that you can use on other surfaces.

One of the best things about Rust-Oleum’s American Accents spray paint is that you can use it on practically any surface. You can use it on wood, plastic, and unglazed ceramic just like you can use it on metallic and chrome surfaces.

Achieving a pure finish with the American Accents spray paint will take a lot more of it than other spray paints. You’ll need to stock up on it if you need it for any large scale project and this is something that you should be aware of.

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4. “Big Rig” professional coating spray paint by Seymour Paint

Seymour 20-1686 Big Rig Professional Coatings Spray Paint, School Bus Yellow

One of the biggest sources of frustration that anybody who uses copper spray paint faces is that they know that they are going to need a lot more than one can of paint to completely finish any large scale project. There doesn’t seem to be a solution to this, either.

Seymour Paint has created a solution to this with their Big Rig coating spray paint. It covers a lot more area than other aerosol paint does. 3 to 4 times more, in fact. It protects against oil, rust, and other corrosion just like any other aerosol paint does as well, making it perfect for large scale projects.

Heat resistance is the only thing that the Big Rig struggles with, and it struggles with heat resistance a lot. It can only withstand temperatures up to 400 or so degrees, far under the industry standard of 500.

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5. Metallic spray paint by Krylon

Krylon K1404 Metallic Spray Paint, Chrome Aluminum

Not only are most surface spray paints lacking in terms of what kinds of surfaces you can use it on, but they also take forever to dry. While you have a decent amount of options of paint when it comes to chrome and metallic objects, you don’t have those options when it comes to other surfaces.

Although Krylon’s spray paint is mainly designed for metallic surfaces, you can use it on other surfaces as well, such as glass, wood, or wicker. Even better, it dries to the touch in 10 minutes and to the handle in 2 hours. You won’t need to wait an entire day for it to dry like other kinds of surface spray paint.

Unfortunately, Krylon’s surface spray paint is for indoor use only. It does not resist high temperatures because of how quickly it dries. It’s nice to have if you want to make some of the furniture in your home look like new. You’ll need something else for auto parts or a grill.

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Copper and metallic spray paints are absolutely necessary if you want the parts of your car to resist corrosive substances.

Coat these parts with the proper paint and you will notice a difference in how your car performs.

If your grill doesn’t look as impressive as it used to, apply some metallic spray paint to it and it will look like new.

Metallic spray paint even works on certain pieces of furniture in your home that have glass or wood surfaces.

You are missing out on a lot if you haven’t taken the time to experience what you can do with copper spray paint.

Take some time to explore what it can do for you.