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In front of flats are several extensible dining tables, which are best for any family gathering.

The 7 Best Extendable Outdoor Dining Table in 2022

An outdoor dining table is the center attraction of any backyard. Sometimes it becomes a must-have for any outdoor family festival, barbecue, or party. Also, the patio table is not only for any occasion; it is also convenient for spending time in the backyard with family and friends. Therefore, you will definitely need a quality patio dining table to spend quality time.

Here the best extendable outdoor dining table can be an ideal option. You can customize these tables depending on your needs, and these tables are also perfect for the small backyard space that fits smoothly without any size issues and is able to deal with any weather condition.

You can see various designed patio dining table options in the market, but most of them are not appropriate for long-term use. However, we have tested and listed the top 7 best extendable outdoor dining tables by analyzing the consumers’ experience. In addition, we have tested the tables our own a detailed discussion so that it is easy to understand for you which one is suitable for use in which field.

The Benefits of Extendable Dining Table

Though many are aware of just a few benefits of extendable dining tables, but there are also many advantages many people are not aware of. Below we have displayed some top reasons. After reading this, you will understand why you need to choose an outdoor extendable dining table.

Fits With Any Spaces

The top reason for buying an extensible outdoor dining table is that it fits snugly in any space. In addition, due to its different shape and design, you can extend it when you need.

Variety of Designs

You will find many different ended tops, circle, rectangular, single and double shaped extended tables, which you can choose to match your preference.

Also, most outdoor extended tables are made with solid wood, which is also very durable and ensures longevity.

Weather Resistant

Outdoor tables are designed to deal with different adverse weather conditions, which is why you can use them in winter, summer, or rainy seasons more confidently.

7 Best Extendable Outdoor Dining Table

Here, we have described our selected 7 modern extendable outdoor dining tables, so read carefully so that you can easily understand which one may be perfect for you.

1. Walker Edison Maui Classic Wood Outdoor Dining Set

[amazon fields=”B06XHRNTN9″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Presenting the most popular wood furniture brand Walker Edison’s extendable outdoor dining set, which comes in a durable wood dining table with six comfortable cushioned wood chairs, that provides both extended features and comfortability.

Product Description

The Walker Edison outdoor dining set uses solid acacia wood, which is extremely strong and has extended longevity. The great thing is that this wood is very suitable for outdoor furniture. In addition, the table and chairs have been made highly resistant to protect from various outdoor impacts.

After extending the table, this is perfect for seating 4 to 6 people. Besides, the weight capacity of each chair has attracted me a lot. On one side, the chairs have a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds, and every chair has a comfortable cushion that is very cozy. In addition, you can easily clean after a few days of use.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to assemble
  • Made with solid Acacia wood
  • Higher-strength and resistant
  • Perfect for withstanding with adverse weather conditions
  • Each chair is capable of supporting up to 250 pounds
  • Tables are ideal for holding up to 150 pounds
  • Easy to cleaning

KP said

I was looking for a table that wasn’t huge in size but also affordable because a lot of tables out there were a bit expensive for me. So glad I took a chance & ordered this one. Assembly was okay, some of the bolts wouldn’t go all way in & one didn’t go in at all but it all worked out. Would definitely recommend regardless. I’m going to order the matching bench to go on the other side.

[amazon fields=”B06XHRNTN9″ value=”button”]

2. Sophia & William Metal Extendable Patio Dining Table

[amazon fields=”B08L76SZD1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Many people prefer metal furniture over wood furniture because metal furniture is not only higher in durability but also lasts many years than wooden furniture.

Product Description

Sophia & William designed their stylish extendable outdoor dining table, which is suitable for any small, medium, or large garden, balcony, or outdoor area. One of the best advantages of this dining table is its robust build quality.

This extendable outdoor dining table is made of a durable metal steel frame. Also, this table is entirely rust and weather resistant with the completion of e coating, which enables it to cope with any condition.

Its easy mechanism helps you to expand quickly. After expanding easily 6 to 8 chairs can be placed with the table. If you want to adjust the size, you can use the security lock provided on the table, which helps adjust the height.

Sophia & William provided a detailed user manual with this extendable dining table to assemble easily. Another aspect that I like a lot is that it also includes all the additional tools, so you do not have to buy anything extra.

They also provide a limited 1-year warranty, so that you can get any solution from them. Overall, it is undoubtedly the best extendable outdoor dining table.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with a durable steel frame
  • Adjustable feet for uneven surface
  • Metal with E coating made this table highly resistant and provided longevity.
  • After extending the table, 6 to 8 people can easily be the seat
  • Easy to assemble, all screws and Allen wrench are included
  • Detailed instruction provided
  • It also comes with a one-year limited warranty

Rosemary Cook said

Love, love, love this table! Was shipped on time with no damage. Meets all my needs for ease of assembly (simply bolt on the 4 legs), sturdiness, ability to stabilize legs on uneven surfaces, and ease and fluidity of extension to seat 8. For cost effectiveness, I bought matching chairs at Costco for $25 each. Can’t wait to entertain with it! Highly recommend this table!

[amazon fields=”B08L76SZD1″ value=”button”]

3. Christopher Knight Outdoor Expandable Acacia Wood Dining Table

[amazon fields=”B07CGX5JMS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

If you are looking for an attractive acacia wood extendable outdoor dining table within budget, then you should see this Christopher Knight dining table. This is entirely within everyone’s budget. A simple and elegant design will easily fit in your backyard and garden.

Product Description

The Christopher Knight outdoor chair is made of acacia wood, which is very solid in terms of quality; that’s why most owners use this wood for outdoor furniture.

One of the most useful advantages of this patio dining table is its solid wood build quality. It is designed to stay outdoor efficiently, which makes it capable of withstanding any weather condition. As well as being extendable, it fits beautifully in most backyards.

It expands to about 85 inches long, making it easy to fit 6 to 8 patio dining chairs. Also, you can adjust it without any expansion issues. It is straightforward to assemble compared to other tables.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to assemble features
  • Made with solid acacia wood materials
  • Extremely weather protected
  • Higher-strength quality
  • Easy to adjust the sizes
  • Suitably fit with any size backyard

Krystal I said

I have great things to say about the table, but it does have some issues. We had it outside and uncovered the first summer and the stain started to peel and the wood began to slightly warp by fall. This spring I sanded it down and restrained and put on 4 coats of spar urethane (picture). It’s looks better than it did new. I really think the key is to protect it from the UV damage. I’m satisfied with the purchase even with the additional work I had to put into it. The expandable feature is hard to find in this style. It fits out space perfectly and allows us to expand when we have extra guests.

[amazon fields=”B07CGX5JMS” value=”button”]

4. PHI VILLA Outdoor Extendable Dining Set for 8

[amazon fields=”B09G5TJL8H” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

If you are looking for a durable outdoor extendable dining set on your budget, then you must see this metal dining table set of PHI VILLA. It comes with a whole metal outdoor dining table with eight rattan chair sets, which are higher strength and perfect for patio, deck, yard, pool.

Product Description

PHI VILLA’s extendable dining set is very suitable for 6 to 8 people as well as conveniently fits with any size outdoor yard. In addition, the dining set is designed to be UV and fade resistant with outdoor UV rays and other weather conditions in mind.

As well as, the strong wicker and powder-coated steel frame protect these chairs from any kind of outdoor’s bad weather conditions. One of the features that fascinate me most about PHI VILLA is its 350 pounds heavy-weight capacity dining chair, which is suitable for any heavy person.

Also, if you want, you can quickly transform the dining table for 6 to 8 people as well as every chair’s legs containing protectors, which protect the floor from any kind of sketching. All the required installation hardware has been included.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to transform the table 6 to 8 people use
  • Made with UV and fade resistant materials
  • Eight comfortable powder-coated steel framed wicker chair
  • Thick and removable soft sponge cushion
  • Each chair has a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds
  • Included safe locking feature
  • Necessary hardware and accessories are included for easy assemble
  • One year warranty for outdoor and indoor use

hardenstine said

After first chair put together , renaming 7 and table were a breeze. Very solid built furniture. Great buy

[amazon fields=”B09G5TJL8H” value=”button”]

5. Kozyard Villa Extendable Outdoor Patio Dining Table

[amazon fields=”B08HXGR74R” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Are you looking for a durable and extendable outdoor dining table for a long time and haven’t found your favorite table yet? Then, it’s time to check out Kozyard’s extendable outdoor dining table.

Product Description

Kozyard used higher strength aluminum frames to construct their extendable patio dining table and the high-quality e coating, which provided greater strength and durability and made it highly weather & rust-resistant. In this way, the table can be used outdoor for many years without any anxiety.

The aspect that has attracted me the most is its eye-catching dark gray color, which matches perfectly outdoor and provides a stylish look, making this dining table more durable. Furthermore, you can expand this table size up to 86 inches, which makes it suitable for 4 to 6 people.

Though the assembling process of most dining tables is quite hassling, but Kozyard has tried to keep the set up process of their outdoor dining table as easy as possible. By doing this, you can easily assemble in a few minutes just by following the manuals. You can also clean it with just a damp cloth.

Highlighted Features

  • Expandable up to 86 inches
  • Made with durable aluminum with high-quality e-coating
  • Provide great higher resistance and longevity
  • Attractive and modern dark gray colored chair
  • Hassles free ease assemble process
  • Good extendable outdoor dining table for six people
  • Easy to clean with just water and a damp cloth

Kiara said

We hemmed and hawed for weeks looking for a patio table. We tried all of the big box stores and home-improvement stores. We found an expandable table that we liked at one of the big stores but it was made of steel and was said to rust easily. We found this one and decided to give it a try, since it is made of aluminum. It is easy to put together took less than 20 minutes. It arrived with no dents or scratches. We love that it could seat four or eight easily. Only I concern I have is it’s sturdiness. I will update this if need be.

[amazon fields=”B08HXGR74R” value=”button”]

6. Brampton Extendable Outdoor Dining Table With Chairs

[amazon fields=”B07D4C7S7Y” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Many people like to have a big gathering, dinner, party, or many people like to hang out together outdoor. Brampton outdoor extendable dining for 8 people is the most suitable option for them.

Product Description

The elegant design of the Brampton patio dining table set enhances the looks of the outdoor several times, while the lightweight and convenient design help you extend and move hassle-free. In addition, it comes with eight high-quality virgin white resin buckets with durable eucalyptus wood legs which is capable of carrying heavy weights.

One of the most useful advantages of this table set is that it uses FSC certified highest quality sustainable wood, which protects it from heavy impact and prolonged outdoor weathering and lasts for many years.

Also, the thing I like the most is that you can use this patio table set both indoors and outdoor as per the demand. In addition, almost all the kits for regular maintenance have been included in the dining set for free.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to move and extended
  • The lightweight and convenient design fit anywhere
  • High-quality, durable Eucalyptus wood construction
  • Made with the highest quality FSC certified wood
  • Resist bad weathering and heavy impact
  • All maintenance kits are included
  • Great extendable dining set for both indoor and outdoor

Lisa Gee said

Really great value. We looked at a lot of tables that were 2 to 3x the price. And we liked this equally. It took my son and I about 3 hours to assemble. Note on the chairs. The legs are different lengths and need to be put into the right front and back spots. The wire connector has a front and back install as well. Probably could have figured this out if we had rigorously read the directions.

[amazon fields=”B07D4C7S7Y” value=”button”]

7. Christopher Knight Extendable Cast Aluminum Outdoor Dining Table

[amazon fields=”B07JW53JV3″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

This is another patio outdoor table selection from Christopher Knight, but much different from our last Christopher Knight piece.

Product Description

This Christopher Knight extendable dining table has been constructed in a classical design and built with cast aluminum, due to which it is of comparative strength. It has also been powder-coated, making the table resistant to water and weather conditions also ensuring its longevity.

The aspect of this patio table that I like the most is its convenient design. It fits easily in almost any space, and this table is nearly five feet long; when you need to extend it, you can increase the length up to 2 feet.

Christopher Knight has included an umbrella hole in their table, which you can use to attach an umbrella anytime you need. All hardware and assembling tools are included, as well as detailed instruction is provided so that anyone can easily assemble it by following the instructions like our other selections.

Highlighted Features

  • Perfectly fit any convenient space.
  • Seven feet longer extended dining table
  • Made with a durable cast aluminum frame
  • Powder coat finishing provides great higher resistant
  • A unique umbrella hole included
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • All hardware and tools are included

Jonathan Shaatal said

I absolutely love this table because not only is it easy to assemble, sturdy and has a very unique design to it, I just love the way you are able to expand it and retract it with one simple pull, I highly recommend this table

[amazon fields=”B07JW53JV3″ value=”button”]

Things You Should Know Before Buying Best Extendable Outdoor Dining Table

Best Extendable Outdoor Dining Table

When you find an outdoor patio table, you will see various types of outdoor dining tables at the market. Which makes you a little confused about which will be suitable for you and which will not.

However, to make your job easier, we have described some essential things in this section, which you must try to keep in mind in the selection field.

Durability: Wood or Metal

You will see that an extendable dining table comes with different materials; most commonly, you will see wood and metal materials. The wood material dining table is a great option when you want to give your backyard a little classic elegant look and get a natural feel.

On the other hand, when you prioritize higher strength, the metal will be the ideal choice for you. Here from the wood vs metal dining table, which one you will choose entirely depends on your personal preference.

Both wood and metal have different advantages; if you choose an extendable wood dining table, you must try to select Acacia, Eucalyptus, Mahogany wood-made dining tables because these are perfect options for outdoor as well as higher sturdy.

Otherwise, if you choose a metal dining table, you must try to pick a cast aluminum-made dining table because these materials are durable and highly weather resistant.


When you go to buy a patio dining table, the dimension plays a significant role. If your outdoor is small, and you choose a large patio dining table, then it will not fit with the place. So select a size that is suitable for your space.

Weather Resistant

Since the outdoor table will be outside most of the time, it is very important to be weather resistant to protect against various adverse climates, UV rays, and impacts. So you need to check whether your chosen dining table has high-quality e-coating and weather resistance or not. It is primarily needed for your dining table to longevity.

Easy to Assemble

In most cases, those who purchase the dining table are complete beginners; if you are also the same beginner, you must try to select an easy to assemble outdoor dining table for the easy installation process.

FAQs of Best Outdoor Patio Dining Table

Should I get an extendable dining table?

The short answer is “Yes.” The extendable dining table has more useful features than the standard dining table. In particular, you can extend it and use it versatilely if needed on different specific occasions. In addition, extended tables are much more durable than regular dining tables.

How do I choose an extendable dining table?

It is pretty simple, first, take a proper measure of the space where you want to set your extendable table, then pick a small dining table from that measure. Also, to ensure durability, you must choose a dining table with solid material and a high-quality coating.

How do you clean a patio table?

Patio tables are made of different materials, so you have to figure them out first before cleaning. If your patio table is made of wood, you can simply clean it with a damp cloth; if necessary, you can use a mild wood-safe detergent & brush for hard dust and dirt cleaning.

On the other hand, if you have an aluminum patio table or other materials, then you can simply wash it with water and detergent.

How do you store an extendable outdoor dining table?

Outdoor dining tables are mostly weather-resistant, due to which they are able to deal with any weather condition. However, if you want to store for a long time, you must choose a dry indoor space. Then wipe the table sufficiently with a dry cloth, cover it entirely with a protective cover and store it in the dry space.

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Final Verdict

Finding the best patio table is not an easy task. But with our experience that we have gathered during testing the best extendable outdoor dining table, hopefully has made your job more manageable. We wish by reading our discussion, you have already found the table that is right for you.

But if you want to know our recommendation, we will suggest our first selection, i.e., Sophia & William Metal Expandable Patio Dining Table. It is ahead in all aspects of quality and durability also in everyone’s budget.