Best Finish For Walnut

Best Finish For Walnut

Walnut is one color of furniture that can complement almost anything in your home.

Its dark brown interior blends in well with anything and you can furnish nearly any room with it.

However, it is difficult to distinguish between walnut finish furniture that is authentic and walnut finish furniture that is nothing more than in imitation.

Truly authentic walnut finish furniture is not easy to find and you’ll need a critical eye to determine what is real and what isn’t real.

Fortunately, the following pieces and sets of walnut finish furniture are all authentic and make a fantastic addition to any home.

Our Favorite Finish For Walnut

5 Featured Walnut Finish Furniture Pieces and Sets

1. Set of two 18 inch gaucho stools by Acme Furniture

ACME 0 Set of 2 Gaucho Stool, 18-Inch, Walnut Finish.

Most bar stools are either too short or too long. Coming across bar stools that are just short enough for activities such as putting on shoes or for those who are shorter in stature than most others.

You will not need to deal with this when you possess Acme Furniture’s gaucho stools. Rising a perfect 18 inches, the shorter members of your family will be able to sit on them without any trouble. The entire stool is also made of walnut finished wood, making it more durable than others of its kind.

Like most other walnut finish furniture, Acme Furniture’s gaucho stool requires assembly. This is to be expected. What you may not expect is the hex tool that goes with it. This hex tool is very cheaply made and it will strip when putting the stool together. You’ll need a hex tool of your own if you want to put it together without trouble.

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2. 2 piece bar stool set with emmaline fabric by Christopher Knight

Christopher Knight Home Emmaline Fabric / Walnut Finish Bar Stools, 2-Pcs Set, Dark Grey

One of the most common complaints about any given bar stool is that they have no give to them. Sitting on them too long can be very painful and this is especially true when it comes to bar stools that are made of wood.

Christopher Knight’s pair of bar stools have changed this. Containing an emmaline fabric on the seat, they are a lot more comfortable than any wooden bar stool that does not contain this fabric. You’ll feel a significant difference when you sit on them.

The only thing that you might need to watch for with Christopher Knight’s bar stools is that they are a lot longer than you might expect. With the stools being 30 inches high, they seem to be designed for taller individuals than anyone else. 

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3. Clifford place lateral file with grand walnut finish by Sauder

Sauder Clifford Place Lateral File, Grand Walnut finish

Lateral files are stereotyped to be some of the most boring looking pieces of furniture you’ll ever come across. This is because they are designed to be more functional than impressive looking. When lateral file furniture looks impressive, it can be even more functional as it can serve as a necessary conversation piece when placed in an office.

You’ll get a lateral file cabinet that is just as fashionable as it is functional with Sauder’s cabinet. The grand walnut finish will stand out in any home or office in a way that will get visitors to ask you where you got it from. It contains all the other functions you’ve come to expect from any given file cabinet as well.

Cabinets that are made of wood are extremely heavy, and Sauder’s file cabinet is no exception. Because the entire piece is made of walnut finished wood, it weighs considerably more than others at an overwhelming 100 pounds. Moving it will be a chore that you will never want to look forward to.

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4. Bamboo crafted multi-device charging station dock and organizer by Great Useful Stuff

G.U.S. Multi-Device Charging Station Dock & Organizer - Multiple Finishes Available. for Laptops, Tablets, and Phones - Strong Build, Walnut with 4-Port USB Power Strip

Charging stations are almost necessary if you own a lot of electronics that use charging cables. Owning a lot of smartphones or tablets will require you to own a charging station where your charging cables do not get tangled everywhere. Very few charging stations provide this.

Great Useful Stuff has changed this with their charging station. Containing one tier for smartphones, one above it for tablets and another above that for laptop PCs, you’ll be able to keep them all in one place without any complications. The reinforced bamboo finish also makes it much more durable than the common plastic charging station.

Most charging stations contain a lot of slots for your charging cables. This is not the case with Great Useful Stuff’s charging station. Containing only two slots on the bottom for your charging cables, Great Useful Stuff’s station won’t organize them perfectly.

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5. “Sonia” 30 inch bar stool with faux leather and walnut wood finish by Armen Living

Armen Living Sonia 30' Bar Height Barstool in Brown Faux Leather and Walnut Wood Finish

Not only are most bar stools made of wood uncomfortable to sit on, a lot of them also don’t contain any kind of back support at all. There is no way you can lean back in any bar stool because if you do, you’ll fall over unless the stool is propped up against a wall.

All of this changes with Armen Living’s Sonia model of bar stool. With its seat being made of leather and containing a back rest, it is decisively more comfortable than most other bar stools of its kind. This does not take away from its aesthetics, either. The Sonia’s walnut wood finish looks very impressive.

Putting the Sonia together is much more complicated than most other bar stools of its time. This is due to the backrest which requires a different kind of procedure than you might be used to. You’ll have a tough time putting it together if you aren’t experienced.

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Your options are endless when it comes to choosing furniture that has a walnut finish.

From bar stools to filing cabinets to even device charging stations, there is nothing stopping you from improving the look of your home or your office with this kind of furniture.

Something you need to know about walnut finish furniture is that it is a little heavier than most other pieces of furniture that is made of wood.

Although this may not be too relevant when it comes to pieces like bar stools, you might have some trouble when it comes to bigger pieces of furniture such as filing cabinets, so choose your furniture carefully and know that you’ll need to account for the added weight.