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In the picture, a scraper that performs best for cleaning floors is displayed.

The 5 Best Floor Scraper: Remove Anything that has Stuck

Fully cleaning a floor with a hard surface is not easy to do perfectly. Certain particles can stay on your floor forever if you do not have the right equipment that removes them properly.

This is especially true when it comes to substances that dry up and harden on your floor as if they have become part of your floor. In order to remove these kinds of foreign objects, you will need the best floor scraper. The concept of the floor scraper seems simple enough: One the surface, it is nothing more than a device that will remove anything that has stuck to your floor.

However, there is more to it than that, as you will see.

Do I Need a Floor Scrapper?

Before using the new floor, it is necessary to properly clean the unwanted materials such as paint and carpet glue.

A floor scraper is very important for proper cleaning of all these materials. It is able to easily clean hard dirt, regular dirt, as well as stubborn dirt and grease.

The most useful advantage of a floor scraper is that it is able to clean any kind of dirt in a very quick time. In addition, any type of floor can clean smoothly and efficiently without any damage.

5 Best Floor Scraper Guide

1. 18 inch Flooring Scraper With 4 Inch Blade by Floor Scrapers

Floor scrapers Deluxe 4 Inch Blade Flooring Scraper 18 Inch

Floor scrapers need to remove more than just glue residue, uneven lumps, and other particles from your floor. This is especially true when you are tasked with removing staples from a subfloor. Not many floor scrapers can do such a thing and this is very frustrating to deal with.

Why We Choose It

Floor scrapers have solved this issue with their floor scraper by being able to remove carpet staples. You can do this by using the dull side of the blade. The blade itself extends 4 inches, so you’ll be able to cover a lot of area with it as well.

Another nice thing about Floor Scrapers’ scraper has to do with how long the scraper itself is. Being 18 inches long, you won’t need to worry about bending down and applying it, which is common to most floor scrapers.

The blade of Floor Scrapers’ scraper is not designed for commercial construction use. While you can use it to remove lumps and glue residue, you won’t be able to do this for long since the blade will wear out much easier than other scrapers. Choose another scraper if you need to perform a professional flooring job.

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2. Heavy-Duty 5 inch Scraper With 15 Inch Handle by Kraft Tools

Kraft Tool FC520 Blade Heavy-Duty Scraper with 15-Inch Handle, 5-Inch,Multi Leaving the blades of most floor scrapers uncovered can run the risk of having them develop rust and other kinds of residue. This is because these blades are made of pure steel. Unfortunately, not many floor scrapers contain blades that you can cover properly.

Why We Choose It

Kraft Tools has decisively solved this issue with its floor scraper. The blade contains a cover that you can slip over it, protecting it from any outside elements that could affect it. You’ll save on additional blades because of this and you’ll also be able to store it anywhere you need with confidence.

Not only is the blade on Kraft Tools’ scraper longer than most at 5 inches, it is also very effective. Most floor scrapers will require you to scrape something like mortar for a very long time before it is removed, and you’ll need to replace the blade after doing this in most cases. This is not the case with Kraft Tools’ floor scraper. It is powerful enough to remove mortar with ease.

The only thing you might need to watch for with Kraft Tools’ floor scraper is that the handle is a little shorter than average. At only 15 inches, you might struggle with Kraft Tools’ scraper if you are taller; you might need to bend a little bit to use it effectively. 

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3. Aluminum and Nylon Scraper by Unger

Unger - UNGLH12C UNGER Black/Green 1/2' Aluminum/Nylon Scraper Gray Most floor scrapers contain a sharp edge and nothing else. This means that you will need to change from sharp to dull blades whenever you need to accommodate for the sensitive surface of these kinds of flooring. Dealing with this is time consuming, frustrating, and common floor scrapers typically do not contain the technology to make this any more convenient.

Why We Choose It

All of this changes when you have Unger’s floor scraper in your hands. Its blade contains a sharp side and a dull side, giving you everything you need to scrape any kind of flooring without needing to change blades. This makes things very convenient.

As convenient as Unger’s floor scraper is to use, the blades are not strong enough to scrape anything of significance off of your floor. You’ll be able to use it to remove things such as gum with no problems, but you’ll be out of luck if you need to use it for anything stronger. Choose a different floor scraper if you need one that will remove any substance that is decisively tough.

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4. 8 Inch Floor Scraper With Adjustable Handle by Auto Body Now

ABN Floor Razor Scraper, 8in – Heavy-Duty Adjustable Handle – Demolition, Flooring Removal Razor Blade Scraper Most floor scrapers that you come across are not designed for industrial or commercial use. The only things you can really remove with them are either dried up gum or anything else that resembles it. Dealing with this is frustrating and there do not seem to be too many options.

Why We Choose It

Auto Body Now’s floor scraper is what you need if you are looking for a floor scraper that can remove tough forms of residue. The blade is a staggering 8 inches long and will remove nearly anything. Not only can you remove adhesive material with it, you can also remove old flooring with it. This makes Auto Body Now’s scraper perfect for industrial or commercial use.

Because the blade of Auto Body Now’s scraper is so massive and strong, you need to be able to use it properly. You will damage your flooring if you scrape it at the wrong angle. While Auto Body Now’s floor scraper is a good tool for industrial or commercial use, it seems like it is designed only for industrial or commercial use. 

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5. 4 and ¾ Inch by 14 Inch Floor Scraper by Kraft Tool

Floor Scraper, 4-3/4 x 14 in, 5 ft, SS/Wood The blades of most floor scrapers lack flexibility. You’ll need to use it at different angles if you ever hope to use it properly and effectively. Given that most things that you need to use floor scrapers for do require different angles, the ability for any given floor scraper to be flexible is at a premium.

Why We Choose It

Kraft Tool has created a floor scraper that goes above and beyond when it comes to flexibility. Although the blade is static and doesn’t move around, it is designed in such a way that you will not need to bend and contort your body in order to use it properly. The blade itself is just sharp enough to scrape up what you need, but not too sharp to where you’ll damage your floor or ceiling.

The only thing that Kraft Tool’s scraper could possibly improve on is that the blade could be a little stronger. Although it will remove carpet and debris from flooring, you will need to put a lot of effort into this. In most cases, you’ll probably need a different scraper. 

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Best Floor Scraper: Buying Guide

Best Floor Scrapers

If you are looking for a floor scraper that can do everything you need it to do, you will never find one. Something you need to know about these tools is that they are very task-specific. This means that certain floor scrapers specialize in removing different things. Here are some things you should consider before acquiring one.

Best Floor Scraper: FAQs

Do you need a floor scraper for personal use or for industrial or commercial use?

Floor scrapers that you need for scraping sticky foreign objects such as gum or anything else that has stuck to the surface of your floor are much different than the ones that you need to remove tougher objects.

This is the first thing you should consider because floor scrapers that can remove carpet or debris that has stuck to your flooring will damage your floor if you use it for anything less tough.

What kinds of flooring do you need the floor scraper for?

Building off of the previous consideration, you need to consider the kind of flooring that you are using your floor scraper for. The floor scraper that you can use on a tile floor is much different than the one that you’ll be using on a hardwood floor. Knowing this is very important.

Will you be using your floor scraper on sidewalks, ceilings, or walls?

Floor scrapers are suitable for more than just floors. Most of the time, you can use these tools to remove debris from walls, sidewalks, and even ceilings. You’ll need to determine if you need one for this purpose.


There are three things that anybody who knows what makes a perfectly clean floor entails. Aside from sweeping trash off of the floor and then cleaning the floor, there also come times where you need to remove particles from the floor. This is what a floor scraper does. So, you need to select the best floor scraper.

Remember that different floor scrapers do different things. The floor scraper that you use to remove gum is not going to be the floor scraper that you use to remove anything that is stuck to your floor’s foundation. In either case, the right floor scraper will allow your floor to look perfect.


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