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Best Food Safe Ceramic Paint In The Market 2021

While there are various paints in the market, most of them are either not food safe or cannot stick to ceramic materials. It is very challenging to get such paint with those two qualities, and in some cases, sellers may exploit you. Ceramic surfaces are smooth, hard to paint without causing a streaking look or translucent-like appearance.

If you are looking for food-safe paints that would facelift your cookware, you are reading the right page. This article features a collection of the best food safe ceramic paints. Fortunately, these paints are resistant to scratching, fading and come in various colors. Moreover, most of these paints are water-based, and in the case of oil, manufacturer users food-safe oils.

Editor’s Recommendation: Top 4 Food Safe Ceramic Paint

Food Safe Ceramic Paint Review

1.   24 Acrylic Paint Set by Crafts 4 ALL

Crafts 4 All Acrylic Paint Set - 24 -Pack Painting Supplies for Canvas, Wood, Ceramic, Fabric - Non-Toxic, Acrylic Paints for Beginners and Professional Artists - Art Supplies

The 24 acrylic paint is a set of 24 color paints designed for various surfaces. The paint works ergonomically on wood, ceramic, canvas, fabric, and plastic. Moreover, it comes in different non-toxic and vibrant colors to choose from. Additionally, paint includes pigments that enhance its quality and shelf life.

Crafts 4 ALL paint is perfect for both beginners and professional painters. The acrylic paint sets are packaged in a can and with an excellent satin exterior finish. The paint is water-based, and that makes it very easy to dry. Additionally, it is designed with a fast-drying nature that makes it dry fast, eliminating the need to purchase extra toxic and specialized cleaning chemicals. The paint set comes in a wide array of vibrant and shiny colors to choose from. These vivid colors help inspire you to continue actualizing your artistic ideas.


  •         The paint is safe and non-toxic
  •         Easy to clean since it is water-based
  •         Naturally, it dries fast, thus no purchasing drying agents.
  •         It comes with a wide array of colors to choose from.
  •         Works with many painting surfaces


  •       Retails in relatively small amounts, limiting massive art projects.

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2. ARTIQO Paint pens for rock painting

Paint pens for rock painting - Wood, Glass, Metal and Ceramic Works on almost all surfaces set of 15 Vibrant Medium tip Oil Paint Marker Pens, Quick Dry, Water Resistant

The Artiqo paint pens are a set of 15 vibrant medium-tip oil paint marker pens. They are ideal for almost all surfaces, including but not limited to metal, wood, glass, ceramic, and plastic. The paint in the marker pens is waterproof and easy to dry. Additionally, the marker pens are weather resistant and designed with a smooth flow. This makes them easy to use, even for kids and beginners in the painting industry.

The manufacture of these paint pens has been motivated by earlier brush paints used to leak on your material while painting. Additionally, long drying periods and jammed tips also motivated the manufacture of these modern paint markers. Each marker in the package gives you a unique color, making a cool variety of 15 different bold colors.


  •   Works on many surfaces, including metal, wood, ceramic, glass, and plastic.
  •         Designed waterproof for easy cleaning.
  •         waterbased hence dries fast
  •         The markers have a smooth flow preventing spillage while painting
  •       comes in various  a variety of vibrant colors to choose from


  •         Cleaning the paint from the surface is not easy once it dries.

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3. Paint Mark Quick-Dry Paint Pens

Paint Mark Quick-Dry Paint Pens - Write On Anything! Rock, Wood, Glass, Ceramic & More! Low-Odor, Oil-Based, Medium-Tip Paint Markers (15 Pack)

The paint mark quick-dry paint pens are a set of 15 medium-tip oil-based markers. It works on different surfaces, including glass, rock, ceramic, paper, and plastic. Moreover, the paint delivers vibrant, long-lasting colors on the surfaces utilized.  These oil-based markers are applicable in arts, crafts, and industrial projects as they are ideal for both home and office work.

Each single paint pen in the package is manufactured from food-safe oil-based elite quality ink resistant to fade and smear. Besides, the paint mark markers are also all-weather resistant and quick drying. Despite the paint’s quality characteristics, manufacturers avail it globally at very affordable prices.


  •         Features oil-based ink for perfect sticking
  •         Useful on different surfaces, including ceramic, wood, rock, glass, and paper.
  •         Deliver a vibrant, long-lasting appearance on surfaces utilized
  •         Designed versatile hence useful in various home and office applications
  •         They are fade and smearing resistant,


  •         The mark paint cannot be used on wine glasses as it will always come off.

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4. ARTISTRO Paint Pens for Rock Painting

Acrylic Paint Pens for Rock Painting, Stone, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Metal, Fabric, Canvas Pebbles. Set of 15 Acrylic Paint Markers Water-Based Extra-Fine Tip 0.7mm

Are you looking to carry out decorations on rough surfaces? This is the perfect choice for you.  As perfect as they are for ceramic painting needs, these paint pens also work on extra rough surfaces. They perfectly create breathtaking prints on pebbles, glass, wood, and stones, and rocks. The package comes in a set of 15 acrylic paint markers with a 0.7 mm extra-fine tip each.

The premium acrylic paint pens boast a highly pigmented and vivid acrylic ink that is waterproof for easy cleaning. The ink also dries very fast, yielding an exceptionally long-lasting vivid finish on both light and dark surfaces. To buy this pain, you do not have to break the bank as the manufacturer ensures they sell at a reasonable price.


  •         Works on almost all surfaces.
  •         designed with extra-fine tips for a comfortable painting experience.
  •         They have highly pigmented acrylic ink that produces ideal artistic look.
  •         The ink dries very fast to yield a vibrant, glossy finish on all surfaces.
  •         sticks perfectly on surfaces and remains outstanding for long time


  •         The artwork can be easily washed off with water if not engraved with a clear sealer.

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5. FolkArt PROMO830 Multi Satin Finish for Beginners and Artists

FolkArt PROMO830 Multi Satin Finish Acrylic Craft Paint Set Designed for Beginners and Artists, Non-Toxic Formula That Works on All Surfaces, 2 oz, 2 Ounces, 12 Assorted Colors

Folkart receives many credits for producing PROMO830 Multi Satin Finish Acrylic Craft Paint, a set of 12 non-toxic paint. Bottles of assorted colors 1 paint. The paint is of elite quality and works with almost all surfaces, including terra cotta, canvas, glass, ceramic, fabric, and paper. If you fancy craft and hobby painting applications such as brush painting, detailing, stamping, stenciling, and sponging, this paint is best for you.

The paint is water-based for easier cleaning, non-toxic, and can be used on indoor and outdoor applications. Each 2 oz. bottle comes in a different color, enough proof that there is a wide range of colors to choose from. Some of the colors include; lime green, look at me blue, aqua, and perfect purple. The quality in this pain should not send an illusion that you cannot afford to buy, it retails at customer friendly budget.


  •         Includes a wide range of colors to choose from
  •         The paint is of elite quality and works with almost all surfaces.
  •         It is perfect for all outdoor and indoor applications, including craft and hobby practices.
  •         Since the paint is water-based, it dries easily.


  •         Fades over time, especially when kept outdoors.

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Food Safe Ceramic Paint Buying Guide

The market today is awash with many brands of paints. Some of these are fake brands that are not what they claim to be. Others are fake paints using brand names of renowned paints to generate sales. When buying paints for your kitchen décor, it is advisable to consider some factors before you make your final decision. Some of these factors include;

  • Ensure the paint is food safe

It is important to note that not all paints are safe for kitchenware artwork. The chemicals in some paints may be harmful to your body’s health when they come into contact with your food. Therefore, when purchasing paint for your plates and cups, it is essential to ensure that the paint is food safe. The ceramic paints have a label to show it is indeed food-safe thus, it is not a challenging task to identify.

  • Consider the paint type

Depending on the material of your cutlery, you should choose a paint that best matches the material. Some paints are specially made for specific materials such as glass, wood, ceramic, or plastic. It would be quite embarrassing to purchase paint and then, later on, realize that it does not apply to your material.

  • Painting tools

When purchasing paint, it is quite essential to ensure that you can apply it to your kitchenware without much hustle. Most retailers stock paint that can be applied freehand or using a painting tool, like a brush. For the best result, enhance your artwork with stamps and stencils.

  • Safety of the plate material

The most critical priority given when practicing artwork on kitchen décor is your health and safety. Always ensure that you use the correct paint on each material. Nevertheless, the plate material can remain in an oven after painting, and the paint does not melt.

Best Food Safe Ceramic Paint FAQ

1. Is ceramic paint food safe?

Ceramic paint is specially designed in mind that it may be used on ceramic plates and contact with food. Therefore, ceramic paint is manufactured using raw materials that are not harmful to the human body’s health. This is to mean that the paint is food safe.

On many occasions, when kids are vacation home, they love doing artwork projects on the kitchen plates. This trend leaves parents worried about the safety of their kids’ health when they come into contact with the paints. There is no need to worry anymore as the paints are food safe.

2. What kind of paint do you use on ceramic dishes?

Whenever the thought of painting your dishes crosses your mind, you have to understand how each paint works with each material. For ceramic dishes, acrylic paints are the best choice. These paints are awesomely versatile and designed especially for decorating various surfaces, ceramic being a top target.

These paints can also be applied on canvas, non-fired clay, wood, and bisque. Acrylic paints work awesomely well for sculpture, airbrushing, and collage. When you want to change the dishes’ texture, apply a thick layer of paint. On the other hand, a thin layer of paint gives the dishes a light tint.

3. How do you hand paint ceramic plates?

Hand painting ceramic plates is just an easy task. First, you need to have the paint and brushes, stencil, and a paint pen for those unsteady with brushes. On a clean and dry plate, place the stencil on the preferred location and hold it firmly into place and lightly trace the design using a pencil.

The next step is to fill the ceramic ink into your design using a 1.0 liner brush or a paint pen. Allow the paint to dry for at least 24 hours before baking the plates in an oven. This baking ensures the paint lasts longer on the plate.

4. Can you use a sharpie on ceramic plates?

Yes, of course, sharpie can be used on ceramic plate decorations. Sharpie paint markers last very long on plates if well painted. Additionally, the paint is food safe, and thus no need to panic about the safety of your health.

For the best results, always follow these simple steps; use a paper towel and alcohol to clean the plate. Using a pencil, draw your design on the clean and dry plate. Color your design with the sharpie permanent markers. The markers should be oil-based. Finally, put the plates in the oven under a 350 degrees temperature and allow them to cool.

5. What spray paint is food safe?

There are several spray paints on the market. However, not all are safe to use on surfaces that regularly contact food. According to its users’ reviews, the Rust-Oleum’s Painters Touch Ultra Cover 2X has been voted the best. The food-safe spray paint sticks easily to any material, plastics included.

The paint comes in glossy colors that look good on your dishes and cake stands. Glossy colors are more attractive than matte, as the latter is working on most spray paints. You would also consider finishing the painted areas with the Bulls-Eye Clear Shellac Spray for maximum safety.


This article has given an in-depth outline and exposure to the different types of best food safe ceramic paints available in the market. The review aims at helping you understand the various types of paints that are ideal for painting ceramic items yet food safe.

Furthermore, we have outlined the factors you need to consider when purchasing paint for your kitchenware decoration. Why wait anymore? Armed with this knowledge, make an informed choice and purchase paint.