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In front of a glitter-painted wall, which is best for walls shining, are a sofa and a little planter.

The 6 Best Glitter Paint for Walls in 2022

The excellent painting improves the decoration of your home; it also represents your aesthetics to your guests. And if you want to make the walls more attractive than others, then there is no alternative to the best glitter wall paint.

On the one hand, Glitter paint makes the walls shine a lot, and on the other hand, it gives a lot of happiness to your children. Also, the interior of your house is looking at the next level. However, many manufacturers in the market use the best glitter paints for walls tagline with their glitter paints.

But in reality, if we look, there are very few glitter paints on the list of the best. Curious to know what is the best glitter paint for walls? Well, you don’t have to look around anymore. In this article, we shared our experience and thoughts of many users about thees top-quality glitter paints, which will help you to find the most suitable picks for your walls.

Why You Should Use Glitter Paint

Glitter paint is a great way to make your home walls more attractive than standard walls. It not only makes your walls more beautiful and pleasing but also makes your kids happy. Also, glitter paint provides a multi-dimensional shimmer without any messy feeling.

Pre-made glitter paints are much easier to apply; properly glitter to paint mixing, and you don’t need to worry about combining. In addition, these paints are much more durable, and the shiny look lasts for many more years than other paints.

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6 Best Glitter Paint for Walls- Picked And Tested for You

Well, in this section, we present you the top 6 best glitters paints that we think are the best in the market and also tell you which one will be perfect for which works as well as share your advantages and disadvantages in the details of each glitters which will help you to judge which one is perfect for you. So let’s see.

1. Hemway Glitter Paint for Wall (Rose Gold)

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Introducing the Hemway glitter paint, which is a very popular glitter additive especially for interior walls painting. However, you can use the interior walls of your house as well as you can use it wood, furniture, matte, stain, ceiling and many more on different surfaces. But, we will highly recommend using latex paint with this glitter, which will give you the most desirable sparkling output.

Product Features and Benefits

There are many advantages to using it, which has attracted a lot of us. First of all, if we look at the safety, we can see that no toxic materials were used to make it, which makes it much safer for you and your family. Another great feature is that it is fade-resistant and provides durable, long-lasting performance.

So once you use it, it will maintain a shiny look on every wall of your house for many years. Hemway is currently in the top position compared to other competitors in terms of paint quality and durable performance.

Also, one of the best aspects of it is that if you are at a beginner level and have a slight idea about painting, you can easily do the great painting yourself by following the simple process of its manufacturers.

What We Like

  • It is temperature resistant up to 230°C
  • It does not bleed, rust, or fade
  • 30+ wide range colors options
  • Greate to use multiple surfaces

What We Don’t Like

  • If you have no idea about glitter paint, then this is not great for you

Kayla Miller said

I read A LOT of different opinions on here and will say I wasn’t sure what to expect. I Bought two 100G of the rose gold and mixed it in about a quart and half of paint to be specific it was Sherwin Williams All In One: Color was- Gracious Rose. I wanted A LOT of sparkle and rose gold wall and the two of them mixed together did just that. I didn’t see it in the paint much but boy did it show will using the roller on the wall painting and got even better when I used the scour sponge over top that they recommended. I would definitely buy this again and recommend it!!!

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2. Hemway Premium Glitter Multi Purpose Dust Powder (White)

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Are you looking for a glitter that will give all-rounder performance not just on walls but on any kind of surface? Well, introducing another Hemway glitter, which is a multi-purpose usable glitter dust powder. It is designed in such a way that you can safely use it in everything in everyday life.

Product Features and Benefits

There are many reasons why this is the top choice for consumers. It has 40+ varieties of unique beautiful colors options, from which you can easily choose the color of your choice. The non-toxic formula has been used to make it so that children can use it safely if they want.

The Hemway white premium glitter multi-purpose usable dust powder does not leak any color when applying it on the walls. As well as using it, you can enjoy shiny looks for a long time on your walls. Another great advantage is that it is fade resistant, so you can be sure to use it on any surface.

With the help of Hemway glitter, you can give a surprising look to the walls of your house, and you can also use all the things used daily, including body arts, hair, face, makeup, glass, nails, cards. If you are looking for the best glitter to use on walls and safely use on sensitive parts of the human body, then this is the perfect choice for you.

What We Like

  • Colorfast and fade resistant
  • Safe to use bodies sensitive parts
  • Non-toxic formula and safe for use with children
  • 40+ unique and beautiful glitter color options
  • Secure the glitter quality through blind-testing

What We Don’t Like

  • So many users are disappointed it’s terrible packaging

Ashley Davidson said

I bought two bags of the “rose gold” and two bags of the “mother of pearl” glitter for a bunk bed project. I tried mixing the glitter with the paint at first and it wasn’t very visible, so I ended up mixing the glitter with a clear coat of gloss and applying it as a top coat. I used both bags of the rose gold glitter and one bag of the mother of pearl. I’m very happy with the results and would purchase again.

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3. V1RTUS Holographic Glitter Paint (Silver)

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V1RTUS is another popular brand in the glitter industry. It is made of a combination of high-quality materials, due to which maximum sparkling is available after applying it on the walls. It is especially great glitter for holographic wall paints.

Product Features and Benefits

One of the best advantages of this is that it can be used on multiple surfaces just like our previous picks and does not leak color in the paint you choose. It is also high temperature resistant to the walls, so it provides long-lasting finishing to the interior walls. According to many experts, if you want to get the best performance on the walls and ceiling, then you must use a great coated surface.

You can also combine glitter with acrylic, emulsion and latex paints to get the perfect glitter experience. One thing to keep in mind, if you’re painting walls, then don’t use a brush. Because it leaves a weird streaky grey mark. It is also very easy to use and apply, so you can easily apply, no matter you are a beginner or expert.

In V1RTUS holographic glitter, you will find more than 20 color options, so you have the option to choose the color of your choice. If you want extra sparkle and more glitter crystals, be sure to use v1rtus paint buffing pads when applying. Another great aspect of it is that it is made up of a complete non-toxics formula, so it is completely safe to use on the walls of your child’s room.

What We Like

  • Excellent holographic tint
  • The non-toxic formula, also easy to use
  • Greate for using multiple surfaces
  • Long-lasting performance

What We Don’t Like

  • Needs More than one packet to get a shimmer effect to your walls

Courtney Nordby said

When I initially painted my end table legs I was disappointed there was barely any sparkle. As you can see the two end table legs on the left side. I also bought the hemway buffer specifically for this glitter additive. Let me tell you this was what I wanted. I am very pleased. So for those of you who are discouraged about the glitter coverage, just buff it and you will get what you expected. I think this will look even better with a clear coat of Minwax polycrylic clear gloss.

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4. Rust-Oleum 323860 Glitter Walls Paints for Interior (Iridescent Clear)

[amazon fields=”B07876FHV3″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Many people think that the process of mixing paint with glitter is a hassle, which is why they are looking for pre-mixed glitter with paints. Rust-Oleum glitter walls paint is a perfect choice for them. It is specially made to give your interior walls a sparkling look.

Product Features and Benefits

Rust-Oleum has many great advantages, one of which is that it can be used effortlessly on walls and furniture, matt, wood, varnish, and many other surfaces. It is also made with a water-based formula, due to which it gives shimmer performance to different surfaces as well as provides long-lasting durability.

Another benefit of using it is that it is temperature resistant, and it is protected from fading, flaking so you can ensure its sparkle performance for a long time.

It is very easy to use, and you can simply apply it yourself with a painting brush, roller and after the painting is done, leave it to dry for 3 hours. The price range is also very budget friendly. Overall, one of the budget friendly best glitter paint for walls.

What We Like

  • Temperatures resistant
  • Great for interior walls
  • Long-lasting sparkle performance
  • Protects against flaking and fading
  • Easy to use formula

What We Don’t Like

  • This paint has a very yellow glitter, Which may not sound good to you.

Evelyn said

Love this product as a base to start a glitter wall. It’s very light and can come of blotchy in some spots. I ended up buying tons of glitter and using this as an adhesive to help hold the glitter in place. Then once all the glitter was on I went over it again with this paint. For one wall I used two cans of the glitter paint. I’m the photo the wall has one coat and in the video it’s the final job with the glitter added.

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5. CrystalsRus Silver Glitter Paint for Walls (Silver)

[amazon fields=”B07259PZLF” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Are you looking for the best glitter to decorate your indoor walls as well as outdoor walls? Then CrystalsRus’s “My Glitter Wall” glitter is the perfect choice for you. It has been specially made to decorate indoor as well as outdoor sparkle look.

Product Features and Benefits

If you want to enjoy the best performance of this glitter, then you can use matt and silk emulsion paint. It works perfectly with water-based emulsions. One thing to keep in mind, if you want to get the perfect glittering experience, then refrain from using paints such as stain, gloss or eggshell.

According to the manufacturer, if you want to get amazing sparkle results, you use one bag, “My Glitter Wall”, with every 1.5 litres of paint. Continue mixing the glitter well with continuous paint for 7-10 minutes. Its usage is as simple as our previous picks. Also, it is very budget friendly both indoor and outdoor glitter paint.

What We Like

  • It is great to perform with emulsion paint
  • Perfect for both indoors and outdoors walls
  • Design for durable glittered finishing
  • Silver glitter perfect for extra sparkling

What We Don’t Like

  • It is not 150G; it is a 140G pack

Angel belle said

Excellent.. Didn’t expect it to work this well. Instructions were very clear. Am a beginner painter and It was easy to use. Little splotchy but am sure experianced painters will be able to get perfect results.

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6. Valspar Signature Interior Glitter Paint for Walls (Crystals Silver)

[amazon fields=”B00L8TORIS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Valspar signature glitter paint is our last pick in this article. Its quality will impress you a lot. In addition to the long-lasting finishing of your walls, it will protect your interior walls from many different kinds of weather.

Product Features and Benefits

Like our other picks, it also has multiple surfaces usable so that you can use it on walls as well as furniture, metal, wood and many more different surfaces.

It also adds texture finish to the sparkle of the paints, which helps to create a great look on your interior walls. If you want to add extra glittering to your walls, you can mix 100g of 6 to 8 packets in 1-gallon paints.

It is very easy to use, so that there is no required exceptional knowledge about painting, and you can easily paint with the help of a roller or brush. The price of each of its packs is so budget friendly.

What We Like

  • Its look like blue-ish gray paint color, which shimmer attracts you a lot
  • It is a very subtle shimmer on a ceiling and walls
  • You’ll get long-lasting performance
  • Easy to use and applying

What We Don’t Like

  • You need to some knowledge for perfectly mixing glitter with paint

Shannon Marciano stated

This is amazing!! Pictures dont give it justice. I want to do the whole house!! I love glitter but it’s nice and subtle. Tip I have is I did our bathroom and only needed 1 gallon, so I bought two packs of glitter and put them to the side. Did the first coat with regular paint and went through half, then I dumped the glitter in and mixed it and it is perfect!! I would do the whole house if my husband would let me!!

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Things to Consider Before Buying Best Glitter Paint for Walls

best glitter paint for walls

If you want the best sparkling performance, there are some more essential things that you must consider before purchasing. Below we have highlighted the important things, which must be check before buying glitter.

Resistant Capabilities

Glitter paint not only makes your walls sparkling, but it is also very important to keep your walls protected. So if you want to get the glittering performance for many years, then, of course, look at that aspect; the paint is different weather resistant.

Glitter Flakes

The main ingredient of glitter is sparkle, so when you are choosing the glitter, you must see that its sparkling performance is great for walls or not. It is also essential to get the best glittering experience on the wall.

Easy to use

Many glitters using, and the process of mixing with paint is very difficult, which is why beginners cannot understand how to apply it easily on the walls. So before choosing glitter, take a look at its usability. Also, take a look at the mixing process of glitter with paints.


Most home paints are made with harmful ingredients to increase their performance, which is very dangerous for your family and children. Since you will do the paints on your interior walls, it is very important to be safe. It will keep you and your baby safe from harmful reactions.

Best Glitter Paint for Walls: FAQs

Does glitter paint ruin walls?

Glitter has a kind of glue material. That’s why it is caught and does not flake off from the walls. However, to get the best results, you must take the time to apply according to the manufacturers’ instructions to fill the small gaps easily, and you will be satisfied with the glittering result.

How hard is it to remove glitter paint?

You have to work a little harder to remove glitter paint because removing it is very time consuming, and it is a work of messy and dusty types. So before removing the glitter, first, wear a respirator painting mask and use gloves.

Then for easy removal of glitter paint, you need to sand the whole glitter painted walls with the help of medium grade sandpaper of electric sander.

How much glitter do I add to the paint?

You have to be a little careful while adding glitter, and you can use one bag of glitter flakes per 1.5 liters of paint to get an excellent sparkle result. Then mix thoroughly for 5 to 8 minutes between glitter and paints; it will help bring a great effect when applying walls.

How does the glitter paint work on walls?

First, blend the glitter in your paint for a few minutes, then apply glitter combined with paints, then apply on the walls perfectly with the help of a painting roller, brush, or paint sprayer. After the painting is completed, the paint should be left to dry for a minimum of 2 hours. In the final result, you will get a textured or low profile finish.

Are the glitter paints stored in the bottom of the paint can?

The short answer is “NO.” Glitter paint is no longer stored after mixing for one-time use, and if you continue to store it, it will dry out and become unusable.

However, we recommend that the remaining paint be applied to the wall again or used on any crafts or regularly used surfaces.

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Final Verdict

Your kids room or even in your room, all you may need is a touch of sparkles to bring more life and joy in your life. Glitter paints not only give your walls a sparkling look but also protect your walls from various harmful effects. So it is very important to choose the best glitter paints for walls.

We have picked up all the above points by analyzing the well-researched and based on the consumer’s feedback. And, besides, we also used the glitters to test their true potential and made sure they are doing the things they are supposed to do. So we can confidently say that no matter which glitter you pick from this list, you will not be disappointed.