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For a Jeep Wrangler to gain a good vision on the highway, a led light is the ideal option, as seen in this photo.

The 10 Best Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights in 2022

The Jeep Wrangler is a powerful truck. It is powerful enough to drive off-road but is also compact enough to handle itself well in these off-road situations. To drive in the mountains, on a beach, or on campgrounds, the truck will need solid and powerful headlights in order to provide an experience that is both enjoyable and safe.

LED headlights are essential for maintaining a clear view for any Jeep Wrangler or truck or SUV. There are different LED headlights for different situations as well, and these will also be explored and analyzed. Here are a few things you may need to find the best jeep wrangler led headlights.

Tips for While Choosing Jeep Wrangler LED

  • Many wrangler LEDs perform great in hot weather conditions but cannot maintain their performance in cold weather conditions. So choose a light that is able to cope perfectly with the weather conditions of your region. Besides, it is very important to have the capabilities to perform smoothly in any weather condition.
  • All LED headlamps do not have to withstand capabilities in bumpy rides, so if you are driving off-road, choose a light that has to withstand capabilities in tough terrain.
  • Before choosing the best jeep wrangler LED for Jeep, you must read your state’s vehicle headlights law. Because different states have different laws, make sure that the light you choose is DOT/SAE approved so that you do not have to face any law complications later.

Our Favorite LED Headlights

10 Best Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights Guide

1. Best Lumens Hi/Lo Beam: Xprite 7″ Inch LED Halo Headlights

Xprite LED Headlights w/ Hi&Lo Beam and Turn Signal Light, DRL Halo Ring Headlamp Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK TJ LJ 1997-2018, 90W LED Chip

One issue that many have when it comes to LED headlights is that they often only have two functions: provide low or high beam lighting. When it comes to daytime lights or turn signal lights, different LEDs would need to be installed, which can be inconvenient.

Why We Choose It

One good thing about the Xprite LED headlights is that they are installed, they can provide high and low beams as well as provide daytime running lighting as well as serve as an additional turn signal light. This is very useful in case the original turn signal lights go out.

The installation process for any set of LED headlights will require some knowledge of the power supplies of your Wrangler, among other knowledge of wiring and circuitry, as the Xprite LED headlights do require a headlight bracket. Many who used these lights complain about a couple of things.

First, the installation process for the Xprite LED lights is unusually complicated compared to other LED headlights. Also, because of the complicated wiring, there is a good chance that whoever installs these lights could make a mistake, causing them to flicker.

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2. Best Conversion Kits Collection: SUITECH 7 Inch LED Headlight

SUITECH 7 Inch LED Headlight Conversion Kits With Super Bright LEDs DLR Halo Light For Jeep Wrangler Jk TJ Hummer Trucks Motorcycle Headlamp - H4 to H13 Adapter by SuiTech (White Halo Pair)

A lot of times, those who want LED headlights are often turned off from getting them because oftentimes, the adapters require splicing. This can make connecting the LED headlights more tedious than it should be. This is especially true when it comes to splicing LED headlights into the turn signals.

Why We Choose It

The SuiTech LED headlights address this problem as they come with adapters that connect to the turn signal wires. This is much easier than having to splice turn signals and requires a lot less work. Another interesting feature that the SuiTech LED headlights have is that the lights can change colour from a downloadable app for any given smartphone. While this may seem negligible, it can have its uses, especially when operating as daytime running lights.

The colour-changing smartphone app may be the most interesting thing about the SuiTech LED headlights, but it is also a very troublesome aspect of them as well. Some users have claimed that the app can crash. The app can also glitch, causing the colour of the headlights to stay one particular colour.

Even worse, the colour of the lights cannot be changed manually. The SuiTech LED headlights are not suitable for off-road driving, as the casing is made from a polycarbonate lens, which can scratch pretty easily from dirt, rocks, or trees that are typically encountered during off-road driving.

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3. Best Compatible Flashlight For Jeep Wrangler: LX-LIGHT 7” Round Black Cree LED Headlight

LX-LIGHT 7'' Round Black LED Headlight High Low Beam Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK TJ LJ CJ Hummer H1 H2 (Pair)

A concern that anybody would have when it comes to any kind of headlights, let alone LED headlights is the question of how long they last. What sets the LX LED Headlights apart from most other LED headlights is that they last very long, right around 80000 hours.

Why We Choose It

This clears up any concern that anybody could possibly have about how long they last. They are also easy to install, and nearly all of the parts fit well and replacing the original lights with the LX LED headlights is easy enough. They are also very effective for city driving, as the lights are not so bright as to cause distractions or suspicions.

While the LX LED headlights are effective for seeing better when driving in the city, they leave a lot to be desired when it comes to off-road driving. The lenses are made of polycarbonate, which means it can be scratched easily. This will present a problem when driving off-road, as mud and dirt will scratch the headlights.

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4. Best Round LED Headlights: TURBO SII DOT 75W 7″Inch Headlights

TURBO SII DOT Approved Pair 75W 7'Inch Round LED Headlights with DRL Hi/Lo Beam For Wrangler CJ-5 CJ-7 97-17 TJ LJ JK JKU Hummer H1 H2

A lot of times, an additional bracket is necessary to replace the original headlights with LED. This can be troublesome for some, as the additional work required to put on a bracket for LED headlights can turn people off from getting them.

Why We Choose It

Fortunately, there is no additional bracket necessary to wire in the Turbos II LED headlights. Because the Turbos II LED headlights also have daytime capabilities, they can also be wired into turn signal lights. This can conveniently extend the life of turn signal lights, which can be very useful.

The connections of the Turbos II LED headlights can be a little complicated, and at worst they can create a very unstable headlight connection. For example, for the Turbos II LED headlights to actually function as turn signal lights, they would need to be wired into the turn signal connectors.

This can cause a lot of complications in installing. While it does have an anti-flicker adapter, it connects separately, making a quick and easy install a little more tricky than it should be as well.

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5. Best LED Fog Lights: DOT Approved 90W 7 inch Round LED Headlight

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Wiring for LED headlights can be complicated, as they are typically a replacement for stock headlights. Most who buy LED headlights know this and usually prepare themselves to spend hours installing their new LED headlights. The Bicyaco LED headlights were designed to be installed easily, and many who own these LED headlights will say the same.

Why We Choose It

The connectors and wiring all look very similar to each other, connect easily, and are not complicated in their design at all. The Bicyaco LED headlights also contain a separate set of fog lights that can replace your Wrangler’s fog lights as well. Not many LED headlights have this.

The brightness level of the Bicyaco headlights leaves a bit to be desired. The high beams produce 8000 lumens, the low beams produce 5600 lumens, and the fog lights produce 1600 lumens. There are plenty of other LED headlights that are much more powerful than this.

Additionally, although the main lights install very easily, installing the fog lights can be complicated, seeing as it is not as common to replace fog lights as it is to replace headlights.

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6. Best White DRL and Yellow Turn Signal Compatible: Partsam 7 Inches 105W LED Hi/Lo Beam Headlight

Partsam 7 Inches 105W LED Hi/Lo Beam Headlight Round Assembly with White DRL and Yellow Turn Signal Compatible with Wrangler JK TJ LJ Replacement for Hummer H2 (2PCS)

Most LED headlights take the form of a polycarbonate lens. While this is an improvement over the reinforced plastic that most factory headlights use, in most cases is it is not suitable for off-road driving. The Partsam LED headlights to use reinforced polycarbonate lenses that do not scratch as easily as the standard lenses that are used in LED headlights.

Why We Choose It

This makes the Partsam LED headlights suitable for off-road driving which is a very nice feature. While the headlights themselves use only white lighting, the turn signal lights shine a very bright yellow, which offers a vast improvement over factory turn signal lights, which are not as visible. The Partsam LED headlights make driving around places where there is no surrounding lighting much safer than with any other headlights.

Installing LED headlights can be tedious and complicated, and unfortunately, this is no exception when it comes to the Partsam LED headlights. While most other LED headlights come with all the necessary adapters and harness to install them, the Partsam LED headlights do not come with these, as they only come with am H4 to H13 and H4 to 9007 adapters.

This only works for certain vehicles, and you may need to purchase different parts to match the fitment of your Wrangler, depending on the year of the truck.

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7. Best Driving Offroad Lamp: OEDRO 7″ Black LED Headlights

OEDRO 7' Black LED Headlights High Low Beams+ 4' LED Combo Fog Lights Compatible for Jeep Wrangler 97-2018 JK TJ LJ, Driving Offroad Lamp Upgraded DOT Approved

It is rare to find LED headlights that are specifically designed for outdoor and off-road driving, but the oEdRo LED headlights to seem to be specifically designed for just that. Containing aluminium housing that prevents fog from the inside of the casing, ensure very good vision in the darkest areas.

Why We Choose It

The lens is also much more durable than the standard polycarbonate lens that most LED headlights come with. This is another very good feature of the oEdRo LED headlights. Another very good aspect of the oEdRo LED headlights is that they come with more adapters and connectors than most other LED headlights come with, including an LED Canbus which will prevent flickering.

The oEdRo LED headlights are very bright, almost overwhelmingly so. The fog lights alone contain 2400 lumens, a level of brightness that matches up to some high beams from factory headlights. This makes the oEdRo LED headlights only suitable for driving in unlit areas where there is not a lot of traffic.

Driving in crowded places with the oEdRo LED headlights will cause distractions for other drivers as well as pedestrians, as the lights will be far too bright to not cause distractions.

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8. Best LED Fog Lights for Jeep Wrangler: SUNPIE Round 7 inch LED Headlights

SUNPIE Round 7 inch Black LED Headlights(BUILT IN LED CANBUS) + 4 inch LED Fog Lights for JK TJ LJ 1997-2018

Versatility in lighting is something that is quite rare when it comes to LED headlights. Some LED headlights are not bright enough for outdoor and off-road driving, while some are bright enough for outdoor and off-road driving, but run the risk of distracting others when driving because of the brightness.

Why We Choose It

The Sunpie LED headlights to come with a “daylight blue” option, which still provides nice lighting, but also does keeps the light out of the eyes of other drivers or pedestrians when driving in crowded areas. This makes the Sunpie LED headlights ideal for both off-road drivings as well as driving around areas with other drivers around.

The Sunpie LED headlights do not come with as many adapters as they should, and this can be an inconvenience. While it does come with the standard H4/H13 adapters as well as a harness to prevent flickering, it comes with nothing else. This can be troublesome for any user who may need additional materials to install their LED headlights. For example, if you need a separate bracket to connect the headlights, this will need to be bought separately.

Another thing that might turn people off from the Sunpie LED headlights is that the lens is made of glass. While this makes them aesthetically pleasing and enhances the lighting, they can get dirty very quickly and also run the risk of being chipped or shattered.

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9. Best Halogen and HID Headlight: SUNPIE 7 inch RGBW Halo LED Headlights

SUNPIE 7 inch RGBW Halo LED Headlights Bulb with 4 inch RGBW Fog Lights Combo IP67 Waterproof APP/Remote Control Custom Colors, Music Mode for 2007-2018 JK/JKU, 1997-2006 TJ, 2004-2006 LJ, 76-86 CJ

When most people think of headlights, whether they are factory quality or LED quality, they only think of headlights that use a white light beam. They do not consider the possibility that the beam can be a different colour.

Why We Choose It

Furthermore, it is very rare to come across headlights that can change colour. It is also extremely rare to come across headlights that can change colour via a Bluetooth remote control. The Sunpie RGB LED headlights to contain this very thing and are easily the best thing about them.

RGB headlights that are controllable through a smartphone app can present a number of risks. Firstly, the process of installation will require an extra step, as the RGB lighting operates through a halo ring that needs to be installed alongside the LED headlights.

Second, apps on a smartphone can drain the battery of the phone, especially when they are used to control the colours of the halo ring. Lastly, the RGB lights can only be operated through the phone app, so if the app is not accessible, the RGB lights on the halo ring will stay on, which can drain the car battery very quickly.

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10. Best Kit Projection Lens: DakRide Angel Eye DOT 7Inch LED Headlights

6PCS Kit Projection Lens Angel Eye DOT 7Inch Round LED Headlights With DRL Amber Turn Singal Hi/Lo Beam + 4' Halo Fog Lights + Front LED Turn Signal Light Assembly For 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler JK JKU

Completely replacing headlights, fog lights, and turn signal lights is something that not a lot of people consider when they are looking for LED headlights. Most just replace the headlights with LED headlights and nothing else. But then, if they wish to replace the turn signals or the fog lights they either need to find a way to connect adapters or get replacements for them.

Why We Choose It

The DakRide LED headlights contain replacement lights for all three components, headlights, fog lights, and signal lights in one package. The adapters and wiring for all three sets of lights are also in the DakRide package, which is another good thing as this can make installing the three sets of lights much less tedious. This also eliminates the need for separate components, which is also good as most LED headlights can require separate components.

The problem with the DakRide LED headlights is that there is nothing too special about them. They have the same standard features as other LED headlights have: improved lighting on high beams, low beams, turn signals, and fog lights. Another thing that is questionable about the DakRide LED headlights is that since all of the lights come together, it can be troublesome installing them as they are all connected as well. This means it is quite possible that you may need to tie the wiring down.

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Best Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights: Things to consider

Best Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights

A common mistake most Jeep Wrangler owners make when it comes to choosing their headlights is that they do not have a clear list of things to consider. While it is a good thing to own LED headlights for your Wrangler, it is important to know why you are getting LED headlights. Here are a few things you may need LED headlights for.

  • The environment you plan to drive in. Since some LED headlights are brighter than others, it would be a good idea to get an idea of how bright you want your future LED lights to be. If you regularly drive the Wrangler in very dark areas where there are no streetlights, you may need brighter LED headlights.
  • What kind of weather do you encounter regularly. While most all-LED headlights are waterproof, different ones have different kinds of factors of water protection. Some just protect from water and rain, and some protect from more intense forms of rain, such as sleet and hail.
  • Your decision to take your Wrangler off-road or not. This goes back to the previous two things to consider, as different LED headlights not only have different brightness levels, but also certain LED headlights are designed for different driving situations. Since the Jeep Wrangler is commonly taken off-road, there do exist certain LED headlights that are designed for the dirt and mud that can splash onto headlights when driving off-road.

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Improved lighting is something that any Jeep Wrangler owner should consider, especially if it is taken off-road. While it may be troublesome to do the proper research to see what kind of LED headlights will be proper for you. While the brightness levels of most LED headlights are the same, there are differences that should be recognized and addressed. The same thing can be said for how the LED headlights are installed. Again, most LED headlights can be installed the same way, but some require specific instructions and additional materials. If you do just a little bit of research, you will be able to find the best jeep wrangler led headlights that are ideal for any kind of driving situation.