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7 Best Metallic Paint for Walls for the Right Shine

To tell you the truth, I’ve always been a big fan of metallic paints. But I’ve never really gotten around them as I was a bit clumsy. And frankly, I didn’t know much about metallic paint in general. But one day my neighbor Dave started telling me how he painted his dining room with an awesome warm silver color. And when I saw it, I knew I had to do the same.

That resulted in a handful of resources about metallic paints for walls. So, here I am to give you a quick roundup of the best metallic paint for walls. Even if you don’t buy any of these, that’s fine. I’ll still give you a complete buying guide so that you know what to look out for.

Let’s start, shall we? 

Our 3 Favorite Metallic Paint for Walls

7 Best Metallic Paint for Walls Reviews

1. Modern Masters ME221-GAL Metallic Paint, Warm Silver

1 gal Modern Masters ME221 Warm Silver Metallic Paint Collection Water-Based Decorative Metallic Paint Pack of 1

Leading the pack with its iconic Warm Silver color and enhanced durability is the Modern Masters ME221-GAL Metallic Paint. The fast drying time and robust strength make it one of the best water-based metallic paints. 

The water-based formula is made with high-quality materials for ensuring a low VOC rate. On top of that, it’s odor-free so you won’t have to deal with any smell when applying. However, the most interesting part is the drying time. Like every other Modern Masters metallic paints, this one also dries in only 30 minutes. 

When I even think of getting my walls painted in only one weekend (including the drying time and multiple coats), it sure feels good. In fact, it won’t even eat up my whole week. But that’s not all. The one I’m reviewing has a gallon of paint, meaning you can cover up to 400 sq. ft. However, this paint doesn’t come that cheap. It’s going to cost you a bit more than models like the Rust-Oleum 323860 Glitter Interior Wall Paint(I’ll be talking about that later on). But I can safely say that it’s completely worth it.  

The pigments will give you that nice you’d want in your walls. Whether it’s interior walls or exterior you’ll be safe thanks to the water-based formula. The everlasting formula will protect you regardless of the weather condition. 


  • Durable water-based formula 
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor 
  • Bright and shiny pigments 
  • Works on many surfaces 


  • Requires a few coats 

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2. Modern Masters ME150-32 Metallic Silver

1 qt Modern Masters ME150 Silver Metallic Paint Collection Water-Based Decorative Metallic Paint Pack of 1

Next up, I have another top-graded from Modern Masters. Their ME150-32 model with its metallic silver color is a great paint that can be used on a number of surfaces such as furniture, ceiling, lamps, and of course walls. 

As the name Modern Masters suggests, this paint is capable of meeting every current needs and demand. And it goes without saying that the highlights won’t go away any time soon. It has real metal pigments inside to give you the real deal. Even after years of usage, the paint will look as good as new. 

Speaking of that, the water-based formula will let you clean the walls whenever you feel it. It’s a solid formula that won’t get damaged no matter how much water your kids splash on it. Although you can’t get the coating right with one coat. Give it 2 to 3 coating and then you’ll see the pigments showing their rich highlight. 

And similar to other Modern Masters paint, this one will also dry in only 30 minutes. But do give it enough time before you start putting any paint on that wall. Overall, this 32-ounce metallic paint is a great paint from Modern Masters. The rich pigments and top-notch quality assurance from the brand add up to the scale. 


  • Suitable for multiple surfaces 
  • Rich metallic silver color
  • Long-lasting durability 
  • Easy to apply 


  • Doesn’t age well in the container 

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3. Rust-Oleum 253537 Metallic Accents Paint

Rust-Oleum 253537 Metallic Accents Paint, Quart, Soft Gold

Rust-Oleum again brings a good fight to the market with this brilliant paint. This one comes with 15 stunning metallic accents to give your walls the beautiful look it deserves. The weatherproof and corrosion-resistant metallic can decorate both indoor and outdoor walls. And having several choices makes it even easier to spice things up. 

Speaking of easy, applying the paint is easy enough. Like every other metallic paint, the first coat will always look horrible. So, give it some time and go through 3 to 4 coats. Then, you’ll start seeing the rich metallic pigments come out. And it takes only about 30 minutes for the paint to dry to the touch. But don’t start putting another coat in 3 to 4 hours. Wait till it’s dried properly and that’ll result in the perfect color. 

This water-based paint comes with mica beads to give you a metallic flavor. And this goes without saying that the paint comes with low VOC. Rust-Oleum is not going to sell you VOC-filled paint that’s for sure. To add up to that, you can rest assured that high-quality paints like these will have little to no odor. 

That being said, this easy-to-apply water-based metallic paint will serve your walls right. Give it the right lighting condition and you’ll be amazed by what it can offer. 


  • Easy application 
  • No need to mix thinner 
  • Weatherproof water-based formula
  • Dries in only 30 minutes 


  • Could’ve used a bit more shimmer 

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4. Premium Metallic Acrylic Paint Set by individuall

individuall Premium Metallic Acrylic Paint Set 8 Professional Grade Metallic Paints Art Supplies Made in Germany Craft Acrylic Paint Set with Metallic Effect Canvas Painting 8 x 20 ml 0.7 fl oz

People are changing the way they think about tasks. For a long time, people would see cooking as something not so prestigious. But now it’s become an art. The same goes for painting your walls and such. Nowadays many people don’t like to give it to professionals. They want to see and learn the process. They want to express their creativity through their works. 

For those DIY creative people, the Premium Metallic Acrylic Paint Set by an individual is a fantastic choice. Even though it might seem impossible to cover entire walls with such tiny bottles but for crafters, it’s an absolute gem. The rich and glowy pigments will start shining as soon as they get set on the wall. While it’s also suitable for arts and crafts purposes, there’s no reason you couldn’t use it to create complex designs and patterns on your wall

Overall, I’d say there’s no doubt about the quality of the paint. It’s a premium-grade set of metallic paints. And the colors they include are great for creating eye-catching designs on the wall. But it’s not really affordable when you’re thinking of painting a lot of walls. The bottles they give are a bit too small for big projects. And the price makes it a bit hard to buy in large quantities. 


  • Diverse color choices available 
  • Outstanding sheer 
  • Dries in no time 
  • Professional-grade paint 


  • The bottles are too small 

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5. Rust-Oleum 323860 Glitter Interior Wall Paint

Rust-Oleum 323860 Glitter Interior Wall Paint, Quart, Iridescent Clear, 32 Fl Oz

Now, let’s talk about one of my most favorite metallic wall paints, the Rust-Oleum 323860 Glitter Interior Wall Paint. Apart from pulling off an amazing look, it comes at an affordable rate. As a matter of fact, it’s the cheapest metallic wall on this list. 

However, don’t take it for granted just because it costs you a bit less. Remember that the manufacturer was Rust-Oleum, so this will make sure to keep up the standards. The easy-to-apply paint will properly dry in only 1 hour. But there’s a catch. A lot of people mistake this for a “wall color”. Well, it’s a top coat, not a base color. 

If you’ve got a regular wall and you want to spice things up with some shimmer, then this is the product you need. You won’t have to go through any extra hassle to apply. Simply take your roller and you’ll be done in no time. 

To make things even shimmery, you could put in some extra glitters. That would really take things to the next level. All in all, this is no doubt a great metallic paint. But the thinness doesn’t make it ideal for base paint. 


  • Long-lasting sparkle 
  • Elegant pearly clear finish 
  • Dries in only 1 hour 


  • Not ideal for a base coat 

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6. Modern Masters MM591 Matte Metallic Paint, Platinum Silver

1 qt Modern Masters MM591 Platinum/Silver Metallic Paint Collection Water-Based Decorative Metallic Paint Pack of 1

It started out with Modern Masters paints and it’s going to end with the same. This time we’ll be talking about the Modern Masters MM591 Matte Metallic Paint, Platinum Silver. The first two products from Modern Masters had a shiny effect. But this one brings in classic matte metallic flavor. As always it comes with the iconic and well-known pigments from the brand. 

Even though you won’t be able to get the coating right with the first try, like every other metallic paint, it’ll slowly come together when you’ve applied a couple of layers. However, just because it has a matte look, doesn’t mean it’s not going to give you the highlights you want. At the end of the day, it’s still a metallic paint. 

For both indoor and outdoor usage, it’ll stay by your side with its increased durability. The water-based formula makes it quite hard for external elements to damage the paint. This also means that you can do a quick cleaning with only water and soap. 

Lastly, there’s the toxicity level. The good news is it comes with extremely low VOC. So, you won’t have to worry about those fumes. Still, it’s a better idea to wear gloves when you’re applying. 


  • Compatible with multiple surfaces 
  • Rich pigments highlight in proper lighting conditions 
  • Water-based durable formula 
  • Low VOC


  • Could’ve used some extra shimmer 

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7. Modern Masters MM209 Matte Metallic Paint, Pewter

1 qt Modern Masters MM209 Pewter Metallic Paint Collection Water-Based Decorative Metallic Paint Pack of 1

Let’s wrap things up with the final product from this list, the Modern Masters MM591 Matte Metallic Paint, Platinum Silver. The Pewter model is the final product on this list. So, does that make it bad in any way? 

The short answer is no. Surprisingly, there’s a lot more to it. When it comes to color accuracy, this color manages to stay at the top. Even though the Warm Silver color is at the top, it’s still a little behind in color accuracy. Even though it has silver in the name, it’s more of a gold. 

On top of that, there’s the shimmer factor. Like every other Modern Masters product out there, it will have metal flakes inside to deliver a long-lasting performance. However, it does a better job in some cases. Along with that, the water-based formula is there with durability. Whether you put it indoors or outdoors, it’s not going to matter because of its weatherproof attributes. 

I feel like you’ve already memorized it at this point but I’ll still say it. The paint will dry in only 30 minutes. But don’t put in another coat right after the clock passes the 30 minutes. Give it some extra time to ensure it’s dried properly. 


  • Low odor and low VOC 
  • Durable water-based formula 
  • Comes with real metallic particles 
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor walls 


  • The paint might seem too thick to some people

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Comparison of Top 7 Metallic Paints for Walls 

Product Drying Time Quantity 
Modern Masters ME221-GAL Metallic Paint, Warm Silver 30 minutes  1 gallon
Modern Masters ME150-32 Metallic Silver 30 minutes  32 ounces 
Rust-Oleum 253537 Metallic Accents Paint 30 minutes  32 ounces 
Premium Metallic Acrylic Paint Set by individuall 30 minutes  8 x 0.7 ounces  
Rust-Oleum 323860 Glitter Interior Wall Paint 1 hour 32 ounces 
Modern Masters MM591 Matte Metallic Paint, Platinum Silver 30 minutes  32 ounces 
Modern Masters MM209 Matte Metallic Paint, Pewter 30 minutes  32 ounces 

Buying Guide for the Best Metallic Paint for Walls

Metallic paints are not as simple as buying regular paint. You think you know what you’re getting into, but the end result is something. So, here are a few key considerations you need to take before taking the final decision- 


Color is one of the most important factors for any type of paint. And when it comes to metallic paints for walls, the visual aspect plays the most significant role. 

As metallic paints show different colors in different lighting conditions, you need to be extra careful. But I suppose your walls aren’t going to stay outside. So, figure out whether the color will go hand in hand with your indoor lighting. Other than that, the furniture and other accessories are vital too. If your furniture creates a bit too much contrast, it surely won’t look good. 


The thing that makes metallic paints unique are the pigments it contains. These metal flakes help the paint to get that shiny and reflective property. That being said, the math here is simple. The more metal flakes or pigments it’ll have, the more it’ll reflect. If you want that extra highlighted look on your walls, make sure the paint your buying has enough pigments. 

The ones filled with metal flakes will completely turn around the look of the space you’re planning to paint. 


Metallic paints are all adding that extra dazzle to your walls. Sure, the pigments do most of the work in getting that vibrance to appear. But you can’t expect darker colors to shine as much as lighter ones. 

So, there’s the consideration of choosing a vibrant color. On top of that, a little drizzle dazzle will make your walls pop out. 


It’s safe to say that metallic paints are a lot more durable than regular paints. Thanks to this, you can use most metallic paints both indoors and outdoors. 

But focus more on the “most” part as there are some metallic paints that won’t survive adverse weather conditions. Before you get yourself a huge bucket of metallic paint, check whether it can handle the outdoors. 

Ease of Use 

As I’ve already discussed, metallic paints come with a ton of metal pigments in them. Having this extra component makes them a lot heavier than regular paints. 

But if it’s too thick that’s going to be a problem. For instance, it’s not going to be of any use if the brush can’t even absorb the paint. Instead of highlighting your walls, this can lead to a massacre.  

Although you could solve it by using a thinner. But then again, it’s not the ideal solution. So, my advice would be to look for paints that require little to no effort in applying.


Don’t worry metallic paints won’t give you cancer. The thing is many people have sensitive skin and when they don’t touch metallic paints it might cause them an allergic reaction. 

It’s nothing too serious if you have sensitive skin, check whether the paint your buying has safety certifications or not.  


Question: What is the best metallic paint for walls?

Answer: The Modern Masters Warm Silver paint is no doubt an excellent metallic paint for walls. The paint itself is made with a top-notch water-based formula, enhancing the durability. On top of that, the rich and stunning pigments make it a treat to the eyes.

Question: What is the benefit of metallic paint?

Answer: Metallic paints cost more for one specific reason. They offer a whole new level of durability. The extra clear layers ensure that the paint doesn’t get damaged from scratches and such. Other than that, water-based metal paints are weatherproof. 

Question: How do you get metallic finish on walls?

Answer: If you want to all out, you’d have to scrap the old paint and put in new metallic paint. But there’s another easy way. Simply use a few layers of the Rust-Oleum 323860 Glitter Interior Wall Paint and you’ll get the metallic finish you want. 

Question: How do you paint interior walls with metallic paint?

Answer: Painting interior walls with metallic paints is no different than painting with regular paint. If you’re using rollers, make sure all the rollers you’re using are made out of the same material. Otherwise, it won’t have a smooth finish. 

Question: How do you cover metallic wall paint?

Answer: The best way to cover a metallic wall paint is to use an oil-based primer. While this will give the new paint a base to adhere to, it won’t properly hide the highlights. That’s why you need to apply multiple coats to make sure the shine isn’t visible anymore. 

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Final Words 

Metallic paints can be quite confusing. You think you know what the paint is going to look like but many times, the end result is something different. 

So, before you hurry up and buy a few gallons of metallic paint, do some extra research. Crosscheck if that’s the color you really want or not. I’ve done my part of letting you know the best metallic paint for walls, the rest is up to you. 

Good luck!