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You may easily paint baseboard and trim with a paintbrush, as seen in this picture.

The 7 Best Paint for Trim and Baseboards in 2022

Covering a minimum area of your room interior is equally important as ceilings, and walls because it gives you an attractive look as well as protects the interior. So trim and baseboard paint not only decorate the interior it creates protection for the long run. And in this case, if you choose the right quality trim and baseboard paint, then the longevity increases even more.

There are so many trims and baseboard paint brands that exist in the market and for this, the customer gets confused to picking a perfect paint. They don’t even know that they should buy such paint based on any standard and they become failed most of the time. To understand these issues more clearly, our presentation will make sure you know how to choose the right product. Besides, have also described here some of the ideal parameters that will help you decide.

Alright! You don’t have to stress and look elsewhere. After many paint examinations on the lookout, our group has thought of the 7 best paint for trim and baseboards, which will help you a ton to effectively pick the right paint and connect a touch of new consideration regarding the inside of your home. So we should get a beginning without anything to do.

Types of Baseboard Paint

At the point when you go to pick baseboards or trim paint, you will see different paint choices. What’s more, from that point you need to choose the paint choice that is appropriate for you. Beneath shared probably the most widely recognized kinds of paint.

Oil Based Paint

Oil-based paint is the most well-known and customary paint, uncommonly made for proficient use. It has smooth drying as well as an expert appearance. However a twofold coat isn’t needed on various surfaces in many fields, it requires 10 to 20 hours to totally dry. Nonetheless, one of the disadvantages of oil paint is that it contains Voc, which is hurtful to the body and is additionally extremely challenging to discard.

Water-Based Paint

Water-based paint accompanies significantly less solidness than oil-based paint, because of which there is an opportunity to scratch in a succinct time, and continuous cleaning is required. Water-based or acrylic paint has a few highlights; it is made harmless to the ecosystem so it significantly affects the climate. It is likewise extremely simple to apply and dries quickly.

Acrylic Alkyd Hybrid Paint

In the event that you are searching for areas of strength for oil-based and water-based paints, then, at that point, Acrylic Alkyd Hybrid is the most reasonable choice. It has been given specific significance in the part of climate and toughness. Acrylic Alkyd Hybrid enjoys a few benefits; it very well may be handily applied, rapidly dries, and gives smoother execution; likewise not so hurtful to the climate.

Editors Choice: Top 6 Paint for Trim and Baseboards

7 Best Paint for Trim and Baseboards Guide

1. Krylon COLORmaxx Brush on Paint

Krylon K05625007 COLORmaxx Brush On Paint, 1 Quarts (Pack of 1), White, 32 Fl Oz

Krylon COLORmaxx Acrylic Latex Brush On Paint can take care of business, whether you’re handling a DIY furniture task or giving new life to old things. With a simple application and smooth completion, you can utilize this plastic acrylic paint for a wide assortment of specialties, projects, and ordinary things. It tends to be utilized inside or outside on wood, metal, wicker, plastic earthenware, fashioned iron, drywall, and stonework and has amazing attachment and sturdiness. These days, current house windows, trim, and baseboards are truly improved, because of which acrylic paint has the best exhibition in those spots. Krylon acrylic paint gives an ideal premium quality inclusion for present-day houses.


Krylon K05625007 COLORmaxx Brush-On paint is excellent paint for both interior and exterior baseboards. This paint is also great to perform DIY and crafts work. Besides, it is very easy to apply on any baseboards which are absolutely clean.


  • Most of the consumers complain about their packaging


The most advanced quality is that has the capability to dry within a short period of time. It has multiple surface usability with 7+ color options. Krylon K05625007 COLORmaxx Brush-On paint has also superior adhesion and durability that will last for the long run. This paint offers a modern look to any project, from furniture to a creative touch-up. Apart from this, this latex acrylic paint has an easy application, a smooth finish and easy soap and water cleanup.


One of the most mind-blowing benefits of the Krylon COLORmaxx model is that it has numerous surfaces and is convenient. All in all, whether the inside baseboards of your home are of mortar walls or drywall, or other normal materials, you can undoubtedly get the ideal wrap-up by utilizing it. Numerous customers say that it is additionally brilliant to perform DIY and creates work. Its application interaction is a lot more straightforward than its rivals. Also, its 7+ present-day house variety choices assist you with picking the best tone to match your home. It is additionally a magnificent decision for both inside and outside painting projects. In under 60 minutes, it becomes dry to the touch.

Customer Opinion

Msqueaksalot says

“Great product. I repainted all of my photo frames in my living room. Nice coverage and worked well on wood and plastic.”

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2. Glidden Interior Paint with Primer

Glidden Interior Paint + Primer: Black/Black Magic, One Coat, Flat, 1-Gallon

Glidden is a notable and most well-known brand in the painting and adhesion business. In the wake of being utilized on walls and baseboards, the greatest purchasers have valued its magnificent getting done, better inclusion, and life span. These hand-chose wonderful Gray and Black Paint Colors make Glidden One Coat Interior Paint ideal for use in each room of your home. One of its most mind-blowing parts is that it is appropriate for use in any room baseboards, including kitchen, restroom, rooms, and other room trim. Excellent clean capacity and that’s what launderability ensures assuming anything gets on your completion, it can deal with the scours to get it off.


Glidden Interior Paint with Primer has excellent adhesion and durability for trim and baseboards. It requires a minimal coat to cover common stains. For this, you will get a terrific result after applying one coat. Besides this, this paint is washable and scrubbable at any time you need. During the testing period, our professional team also suggested this paint for its multispeciality characteristics with effectiveness.


  • Some consumers complain they order one color but received other color paint


Glidden Interior Paint with Primer has 15+ color options so you don’t be offended at all. With this, multiple finishes are available for your desired needs. This paint also has a low Voc and low odor formula that will help you to feel natural with comfortability. If you want to apply it you don’t need to worry about it because it is very easy to apply and clean all the time.


After a ton of examination, we understood that subsequent to applying one coat, it can easily conceal the normal stain, which other standard paints can’t. You can likewise utilize two coats to get the ideal trim and baseboard wrapping up. As it is made of Low Voc and low scent recipe, it is likewise exceptionally ok for the inside painting. The greatest benefit is that it has different gets did and estimates as well as 15+ variety choices to look over by matching tones impeccably. So on the off chance that you need it, you can involve it to get ideal execution in the field of inside trim along with wall and roof painting. Glidden One Coat Interior Paint and Primer has an outstanding stowaway and stain block which implies you really want fewer covers to conceal your normal stains and make your walls lovely.

Customer Opinion

Lewis says

“Works great one coat will do the job and the perfect shade of black I was looking for”

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3. Majic Paints Diamond Hard Acrylic Enamel High Gloss Paint

Majic Paints 8-1500-4 Diamond Hard Acrylic Enamel High Gloss Paint, Half Pint/8-Ounce, Gloss White

Might it be said that you are searching for the best acrylic paint on your financial plan? All things considered, presenting the Majig precious stone-hard acrylic paint, which is our spending plan agreeable paint pick in this article. Its various surface convenience and simplicity of utilization, and numerous other extraordinary elements have drawn in us. This paint is perfect for furniture, trim, cabinets, doors, or any project you have in mind. Its low odor, non-flammable water-based formula outperforms conventional oil-based paints and is rust-inhibiting to protect your projects.


Majic Paints 8-1500-4 Diamond Hard Acrylic enamel high gloss paint produces superior color retention and smooth glossy finishing. So that you can use it on multiple wall trim and baseboards. Besides this, It does not require any sanding or priming before painting which has a low VOC and low odor formula. Considering all these aspects, it is the best quality paint that will make your room attractive.


  • Hard to paint if you have no previous experience


Majic Paints 8-1500-4 Diamond Hard Acrylic enamel high gloss paint has 8+ color options so that you can easily pick any of it as your choice. This paint is also budgeted friendly for all of us. Apart from this, if you want you can use this great paint for both interior and exterior. Its resilient durable finish lasts for years retaining a high-quality appearance and resisting scratch and scuff marks.


Majic paints are exceptional with regards to the financial plans as well as concerning sturdiness. Its great, productive, smooth polished completion keeps the baseboards of your home exceptionally alluring for a long time. Because Majic Paints for making this paint perfect for practically a wide range of inside and outside wall trim, and baseboards. It is additionally the best acrylic since it is a lot more straightforward to clean in the wake of applying, as well as zero Voc and higher opposition highlights make your applying cycle a lot more secure. Having 8+ present-day wall variety choices makes your variety picking work more straightforward. It is a fantastic decision with every one of the significant elements for trimming work of art in your home inside the general financial plan.

Customer Opinion

TC says

“This worked very well in my airbrush when slightly thinned. (about 20%) This is an advantage with an acrylic paint. I purchased 20 ml plastic syringes to transfer the paint to small airbrush bottles. The syringes came with a plastic cap so they also work very well for temporary storage of the paint. The gloss finish worked well in this condition and appears to be quite durable.

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4. Prestige Interior Paint and Primer

Prestige Paints P100-1 Interior Paint and Primer in One, 1 gallon, White

Esteem Paints super-premium acrylic plastic inside paint self-primes over appropriately pre-arranged uncoated drywall, plaster, mortar, or recently painted inside surfaces. Certain tones might require more than one coat for complete stowaway. Prestige is another best inside-based paint that is exceptionally well known among shoppers because of its open highlights. Incredibly, it has paint and prep coating commonly, so you don’t need to think or spend in an unexpected way. One more of the best parts of notoriety acrylic paint is its fast dry-to-contact highlights. Genuine paint tones might change from on-screen and printer portrayals. A Flat completion gives a smooth, uniform look. An optimal decision for formal rooms in your home, like lounges and lounge areas. Level or “matte” completes getting their name from the absence of reflection from the painted surface.


Prestige Interior paint and primer are ideal for any room. From this paint, you will get a durable finish on your baseboards that make you satisfied for a long time. If you want to use this you also make your chalk paint more attractive. Besides this, this paint cum primer has come up with low VOC formula so that you can easily apply it to your room interior with effectiveness.


  • We did not find any critical issue


Prestige Interior paint and primer is a high-quality paint that provides you with top-notch services. Whenever you apply this paint cum primer on your interior it will be dried up quickly. As you need paint and primer during the painting you can pick this one because it gives you both features themselves. It also has easy-to-clean up technology which is appreciable by all consumers.


This paint cum primer is ideal for living rooms, family rooms, media rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and hallways. In the event that you need smooth and sturdy completing on baseboards, you really want to apply a twofold coat; subsequent to utilizing once, you want to permit at least 1 hour to dry. It is perfect for any room as well as in any sort of strong room with the most extreme solid execution for quite a while. Eminence paint has a much lower VOC than other standard paints. Also, the entire complete cover is generally appropriate for anybody. So assuming you are searching for the best paint between simple to utilize and sensible cost, then, at that point, there is no option in contrast to Prestige paint. It is likewise a decent decision for lower roof painting. Level completes frequently require fewer covers than semi-endlessly gleam paints and are simpler to finish up on the grounds that there is less differentiation between the final detail paint and the remainder of the painted surface.

Customer Opinion

Robert A. Says

“It so happens I bought this paint and is the exact kind of paint and better. I am not able to wait for the roller kit so i decided to just paint the window pane in my apartment this morning and it turned out great. I didn’t even have the proper brushes, but it went on nicely. More so, this thing dried in literally a few minutes. I could not believe. And the biggest thing of all, I smelt nothing. After a few minutes, I replaced the furniture and loosed the curtains, it’s like I never painted. I can’t wait for the roller kit to do some of the walls in my apartment. It really gave me confidence. I am definitely not a painter, I just needed to do something to take the dirt from some part of the walls. It really looked nice on an old building.”

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5. Rust-Oleum Perma White Interior Paint

Rust-Oleum Zinsser Perma-White 1-gallon Semi Gloss Paint (2-Pack)

Another famous paint brand in the composition business is Rust-Oleum which is notable to painters and property holders for its excellent quality and better inclusion. One of the most amazing highlights of the Rust-Oleum 02761 is that it has been uncommonly made for an inside base, however, they have added extraordinary shape and buildup verification includes so you get prevalent artwork execution along with higher opposition highlights.


Rust-Oleum Zinsser Perma gloss paint is a paint that has superb adhesion capability. From this paint, you will get a durable, long-lasting finish on your baseboards. This paint has great mold and mildew-resistant facilities so that you can be cool always. If you want to paint it on your baseboards you don’t need to do sanding because it has low VOC formula with sturdiness.


  • Need to improve the packaging quality


Rust-Oleum Zinsser Perma gloss paint is a high-quality paint that exists in the market with a reputation. The higher resistance capability makes it different from other brands as well. During the period of painting, you can apply it easily and clean up it without getting any prior hassle. Considering all these aspects, it will play a vital role as the perfect painting for you.


One of the extraordinary benefits of Rust-Oleum is that assuming you need it, you can apply baseboards without sanding, and you can appreciate smooth wrapping up. Notwithstanding, to get the best presentation, specialists have suggested that the trim and baseboard ought to be sanded well prior to painting. It is made on a water base and is incredibly solid, which makes it exceptionally protected. It is likewise a blur-safe and low-smell highlight. You get the best outline subsequent to painting to give it a stain and dampness wrapping up. However, it is a touch more in value, its higher opposition and strong inclusion can undoubtedly make your venture worth the effort.

Customer Opinion

Lipstickandguns says

“THIS WORKS! Bought in September to use in our bathroom where it would get mold on the ceiling from showers – despite having an air fan. It is now June and there hasn’t been sign of mold or mildew. We used a primer and 2 coats. The extra we used in the basement in case of flooding.

Update purchased September 2017 and it is now September 2020 … no mold or mildew! Lol maybe I should paid the shower doors, tub, and tile too!”

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6. Ultra ULTSP500 EGG Acrylic Paint


An expert quality inside waterborne eggshell finish in light of an exclusive acrylic sap that colors on the Gennex zero VOC colorant framework. Most likely Ultra ULTSP500 paint is one of the extraordinary decisions for the eggshell painting of inside baseboards. We are almost certain it will rapidly acquire ubiquity because of its phenomenal quality and incredible work of art wrapped up. Its astounding stowing away with extraordinary final detail makes your trim composition more present-day and appealing. Suggested for inside wall and roof surfaces in business and institutional conditions where an eggshell finish is wanted.


Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 interior paint is qualified for LEED v4 credit. When you apply this paint on your baseboards you will get a durable finish for sure. Though the price of this paint is high, it can be worth your investment. This paint has low VOC formula that can ensure sturdiness in the long run. If you want quality paint that will brighten all the interior of your house then this is for you what we have tested by our professionals.


  • You can only use on previously painted or primed walls.
  • The price is a bit higher according to its quality.


The quality of Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 interior paint is amazing in its quality of performance. The most impressive feature is it takes less time to be dried. And if your interior becomes dirt you can easily clean it by using water. Considering all these factors, it is understood that it will be ahead of other paints available in the market.


One of the extraordinary benefits of Ultra ULTSP500 is that you can get the best exhibition by involving it in consistently washable space baseboards and trim. What’s more, one of the most incredible elements is that you can apply the second coat rapidly following 60 minutes. It has very launderable and simple to-tidy-up highlights. As well as being zero VOC, it is extremely protected like our other pick. One disadvantage to it is that you may not get the ideal getting done on the off chance that you apply it to a pristine wall. Since Ultra paint makers have made it, particularly for recently painted walls or baseboards, or on the other hand to apply new walls or baseboards, you need to utilize a decent introduction first to get the wonderful sturdy composition and phenomenal concealing outcome.

Customer Opinion

kc mo says

“I forgot how wonderful Benjamin Moore paint is. It goes on easily, covers well and looks great. I use other paints for accent pieces and really like the differences that they create.. But there is just something about ben’s paint for walls and shelves, this is the best I think.”

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7. Rust-Oleum Simply Home Interior Wall Paint

Rust-Oleum Simply Home Interior Wall Paint 332119 Simply Home Flat Interior Wall Paint, 1 Gallon (Pack of 1), Pure White, 128 Fl Oz

Just Home Interior Wall Paint by Rust-Oleum gives a simple answer for customers to modernize their homes. Accessible in a contemporary and on-pattern range of pre-blended colors, this paint and prep coating in one is the ideal manner to revive the living space. It is one more incredible pick from Rust-Oleum paint which is one more fantastic determination for your inside trim work of art. As it is plastic-based paint, you can undoubtedly utilize a brush, roller, or sprayer to get an entirely smooth and level completion. Basically, Home Interior Wall Paint is not difficult to apply, low scent, and launderable, giving prevalent inclusion. The predominant inclusion of paint is a great fit which is washable and odor-free.


Rust-Oleum Simply Home interior wall paint is come up with low VOC formula so that the performance is quite better than any other paint on the market. If you need you can apply it to multiple surfaces, don’t be afraid to apply a specific region. During the application period, You will get great coverage which is convenient for all the customers. Apart from this the paint quality of this paint is smooth that ensure flat finishing always.


  • Customer service is not excellent also so many damaged and leaking issues


Rust-Oleum Simply Home interior wall paint is a paint that is also applied as a primer wherever you need it. The process of production is absolutely high-end with odorless formula. When we were testing this paint cum primer we went out for a break. After coming back to our project we have seen that the paint starts to become dry which is absolutely a great thing.


This model of Rust-Oleum is perfect for inside walls and has ideal inclusion in the field of trim artistic creation. Be that as it may, contingent upon the surface of your surface in the field, the inclusion might be pretty much. The best benefit is that you can apply it on the walls of any surface, including drywall, stonework, aluminum, and wood, to get amazing execution. Notwithstanding, to get extraordinary execution, you should utilize an introduction on baseboards prior to painting. Despite the fact that it is a low VOC and unscented equation, that is the reason it is a lot more secure to use than our past picks. By and large, it is one more magnificent decision for painting baseboards.

Customer Opinion

Kity Li says

“I received my paint yesterday and it was so watery and barely any paint went on the wall, I even started a return to Amazon when I gave it one more shot and it was literally the best wall paint I have ever bought. You have to mix it really well and get the bottom of the can to come up. Trust me this product deserves a full star!”

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7 products comparison

Best Paint for Trim and Baseboards

All of the products mentioned here perform better in one way or another as they are produced based on different specializations. Krylon COLORmaxx Acrylic Latex Brush On paint, Majic Paints 8-1500-4 Diamond Hard Acrylic enamel high gloss paint, and Glidden Interior paint with primer could be your first priority because these are the best products for their compatibility and effectiveness. In terms of price Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 interior paint is a little expensive paint among the rest of the products. Besides, if you need paint that also works as a primer you can pick Rust-Oleum Simply Home interior wall paint. Apart from this, Rust-Oleum Zinsser Perma gloss paint, Prestige Interior paint and primer perform well for their durability and odor-free technology. Since these are the best in terms of quality, you can choose any product from them and use it for your home.

Interesting points Before Buying Best Paint for Trim and Baseboards

Picking the best inside baseboards paint isn’t super complicated; in the event that you know a few significant things, you can undoubtedly track down the best paint for your inside trim. Underneath we have shared a few fundamental elements, which should be remembered before buying. Trim and baseboards paints are generally of two kinds, oil-based paint and the other one is acrylic plastic paint. Be that as it may, there are contrasts in the utilization of these two paints.

Oil Based Paint

In the event that your house is many years old, oil-based paint is an ideal choice for your home’s baseboards and trim. Oil-based is essentially an old-style paint choice. They have a predominant gleam completing on the baseboards of old houses; they don’t set aside some margin to dry. Be that as it may, there are a few disadvantages, the application interaction is a cycle troublesome, and the most extreme oil-based paint cleaning process is considerably more convoluted. Additionally, the utilization of oil-based paints is currently legitimately prohibited in many states.

Acrylic Latex Paint

Acrylic paint is presently the most involved paint in current houses. These water-based paints have an ideal completion in present-day homes; these paints are sturdy yet not tough as oil-based paints. The application interaction and the cleaning system of acrylic plastic paint are exceptionally straightforward.

Easy to Apply

While picking any kind of paint and prep coating, it is vital to take a gander at the simple to-apply highlight. Since the best paints generally make their paint utilizing process a digit more straightforward, fledglings to specialists can all paint impeccably with great wrapping up. So alongside different elements, attempt to investigate this viewpoint.

Odor Less

The smell of any paint is very unsafe to the strength of grown-ups and youngsters. Subsequent to painting on baseboards and trim, this smell stays in your home with the breeze for quite a while. So in the field of picking paint for your window, trim, and baseboards, you should attempt to pick Zero VOC or scentless paint.

Paint and primer in one

As of now, the greatest paints are a mix of paint and prep coating, which is considerably more commendable and works on the bond of the surface. Likewise, you don’t need to stress over finding groundwork independently, and you don’t have to apply a preliminary coat in a skewered manner.

Quickly dry

Like different elements in paint picking, this is another fundamental component, however, bitterness is what many individuals forget while purchasing paint. Many paints need a subsequent coat in the wake of applying once to get the best wrapping up. All things considered, speedy drying is vital.


Do you paint baseboards or walls first?

Most of the specialists suggest first canvasing the trim, and baseboards, then painting roofs lastly painting walls. The fundamental justification for this is that subsequent to painting the trim, and baseboards, you can undoubtedly wrap the trim paint with tape when you go to paint the walls. Otherwise, it may occur any unnecessary issue that will affect the total painting.

What sort of paint ought to be utilized on trim and embellishment?

High gloss and semi-gloss finish are generally appropriate for trim, and baseboards. Reflexive is the most ideal decision for an ideal lustrous look and washable region; then again, semi-sparkle is a lot more shiny level than stain finish, yet one drawback is that it isn’t quite as polished as serious shine paint.

Should you use a brush or roller to paint baseboards?

The roller assists you with giving smooth completion in the quickest way; then again, a brush is an ideal decision while dealing with subtleties. However, anything that you use, remember, attempt to utilize a high-thickness froth brush or roller consistently in the field of painting baseboards to get a wonderful wrapping up.

Do baseboards need 2 coats of paint?

Normally, you will require one layer of groundwork and paint. Yet, to apply a few coats for wonderful work of art execution, then you can, yet one thing should be remembered: should trust that each coat application will dry completely.

Can we use these paints on plastic?

You can use these paints on any plastic as they have adhesive properties that work well on plastics. However, when using plastic, consider the density of paints very well.


Maybe you can’t find the right quality paint for your home trim and baseboards. After testing and experiencing the market’s top-class paint and primer we are here to share our thoughts in this article. Probably it is not your cup of tea or you may be an expert on another superior sector but the presentation is logical why people choose that product for their needs. So through those who work professionally in this sector, we have selected the above 7 products that any inexperienced person can buy. To accomplish superb trim painting results, there are a few additional things that you should remember even subsequent to picking the best paint. In the first place, prior to applying the paint, you should clean the surface completely, yet for this situation, attempt to avoid utilizing any sort of synthetic cleaner in light of the fact that the impact of the compound can struggle with the paint. All of this ensures that if you use any of the above paints in your home, you will definitely be tension free for a long time. And for your benefit, our presentation will give you guidelines for choosing the right product for your need.

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