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7 Best Paint Roller for Textured Walls In The Market 2021

Texture painting gives a wonderful look to your house interior, exterior walls, ceilings, and other surfaces, which creates your new image in front of any guest who comes to your home.

But texture painting is a lot tricky. However, everything is possible; if you want to use a paint sprayer for texture painting, it will be a total mess. Also, the texture is not done correctly with a brush. But if you use the best paint roller for textured walls, it will an excellent choice for your wall painting.

You can easily do texture painting in less time, which will save you a lot of time. The roller is also very easy to use, so if you have some idea about painting, you can easily texture with a roller; you can design as you like.

Our 5 Favorite Paint Roller for Textured Walls

Best Paint Roller for Textured Walls Review

Our expertise has suggested the best roller for eggshell paint, texture walls, almost any purpose usable rollers in this article. We have thoroughly analyzed each roller’s best features and its pros and cons so that you can easily find that which is the perfect roller for you. It is easy to find a suitable roller.

So, let’s see.

1. Bates Paint Roller with Complete Set- Our Top Pick

Bates Paint Roller - Paint Brush, Paint Tray, Roller Paint Brush, 11 Piece Home Painting Supplies, Foam Brush, House Painting Tray, Painting Tools, Roller and Paint Brushes, Interior Paint Brushes

The Bates paint roller is our top pick. Also, it is the best paint roller brand. Among the many features of this paint roller, we like it the most because it will be an excellent choice for you, whether you are a beginner or an advanced-level painter.

Here you will find 11 pieces of professional quality complete painting set, all of which are a paintbrush, roller, foam brush, paint tray, essential roller, and paint brushes, which will help you a lot in professional work.

The Bates painting roller and brushes are manufactured filaments designed to hold a large amount of paint, which helps in the field of painting much faster and saves your time.

When painting at home, corners and ceilings become a lot tougher during painting, but you can easily paint the ceiling, corner, and all aspects with the other tools in the bates roller set.

The naps roller for texture wall painting gives excellent results and makes the paint roller 1/2 inch thick, which is excellent for painting your room. Also, filaments and naps are incredibly durable and last a long time. It is also very easy to clean all the tools after painting. So, you can easily clean without hassle.

Bottom Line

Many beginner level painters can’t use pro level painting brushes and rollers in the new situation, so the Bates painting set is an excellent choice for them.

Also, if you buy all the painting tools and brushes separately, the price goes up a lot. But here, you get all the essential tools at a reasonable price. Overall it is the best paint roller for ceilings, texture painting, and all-purpose.


  • Perfect Painting Set for Interior Painting.
  • Reasonable Price.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Professional Qualities Essential Kits.
  • Anyone Can Use.


  • Need to improve cracked issues.

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2. Wagner 0530003 – Smart Paint Roller

Wagner 0530003 SMART Paint Roller, 22 Oz Handle Capacity, Paint Power Roller, Power Paint Roller, Wagner Paint Stick, Automatic Paint Roller, Auto Paint Roller, Power Roller Paint System

The Wagner Wagner 0530003 paint roller is another excellent paint roller pick. It is a roller with smart features. To paint with a roller in the general field, you need to repeatedly dip the roller into the paint and thus paint, which takes a lot of time.

But if you want to paint faster than a regular painting roller and get the best result, then the Wagner paint roller is a perfect choice for you. This smart roller holds the paint on the handle and paints directly from there, which is 2X faster than a manual roller and plays a useful role in fast painting.

Also, its handle is much longer in terms of size, so there is no need for a ladder, step stools in the field of painting ceilings and long reach walls, due to which you can paint easily. it is the best paint roller cover for interior walls.

One of the best aspects of this is that it can hold 22 oz of paint on the handle, which makes it easy to paint 70 square feet effortlessly. Also, no tray is required to fill this roller. You can load directly from the paint can. After that, you can easily paint by triggering the handle.

Bottom Line

As you can see that it is much faster than a regular roller, which is the perfect choice for use in a large painting project. Also, there is no need to fill it again and again as its handle can hold a lot of paint, which is one of the best features.

Also, after the finish of your painting project, you can easily return the paint from the roller handle to the paint can. Wagner smart roller can use a variety of coating, like latex paint. It is also easy to use and easy to clean. Also, the price is much reasonable.


  • 2X is faster than a manual roller.
  • No need a roller tray.
  • 22 Oz handle capacity, easily fill from the can.
  • Use with a variety of coating.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Need to improve quality.

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3. Wooster Brush R017 – Frame Paint Roller for Texture Walls

Wooster Brush R017-9 Roller Frame, 9-Inch, 2 Pack

The Wooster Brush R017 roller frame is specially designed for excellent texture wall painting finishing. It avoids slipping, which is very helpful in the field of painting.

Also, Wooster Brush R017 is 9 inches roller frame suitable for most of the cover field, so you can safely buy a cover in any painting area.

You can safely use it in any kind of project. Its handle grip is very comfortable, which is very helpful for working long hours on large projects. With it, you can easily adjust the pole and do long things easily.

Bottom Line

The Wooster brush roller frame is beneficial for working on almost any project, especially the features that have attracted us the most are its no-slip metal clip, which holds the roller in the frame and makes the painting work much easier.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable and comfortable frame
  • Great for professional painting works
  • Smooth rolling’s and easy to remove


  • Maybe a little hard to clean it properly

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4. Pro Grade – Paint Roller with Complete Set

Pro Grade Paint Roller Cover Set,Wall Painting Roller Naps for Professional or Home Owners with All Paints and Stains. Paint Roller Covers are for House or Commercial Use. (10 Piece Set)

The Pro Grade paint roller is another complete roller set pick. It makes your work easier especially, you get ten pieces set in the pro-grade paint roller set, including roller frame, roller covers, mini roller frame, mini roller cover, tray, angle sash brushes, flat sash brush.

Also, every tool that comes with it is very durable, which lasts for a long time. Many people are struggling to work on a professional painting project with the painting tools; in this case, pro grade paint roller is the perfect choice for a homeowner to professional.

You do not have to be an expert to get the expertise painting result. You can easily paint according to the guide and easily get a great result. It is also the perfect brush for your interior and exterior. In the Pro Grade Roller Frame, you can easily apply texture roller cover, and you can easily do texture wall painting.

You can paint your interior and exterior painting with a ceiling, stain floor, deck painting, and many more types of paint, as well as general wall painting, and it is a great paint roller for textured walls. You can decorate your house with the gorgeous color tune as you like.

Bottom Line

The Pro Grade paint roller is easy to put together in a few different ways; you are a lot of hassle-free. You can easily use both professional and regular purposes to get skilled and smooth results.

It is also another excellent painting kit pack in the budget. All the features are complete; even the cleaning process is much more comfortable.


  • Great professional results in fewer efforts.
  • Great for both interior and exterior painting.
  • Easy to use and clean.


  • Painting kits quality maybe not much durable.

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5. Magimate – Paint Roller Kit Set

Magimate Paint Roller Kit 9 Inch 4 Inch Roller Set with Frames, Cover Refills, Angled Brush, Paint Stick, Masking Tape and a Durable Paint Tray for Professional and DIY Indoor and Outdoor Painting

Again, a great painting tools kit set. The Magimate painting roller with essential gears pack is the best paint roller for smooth finish; also, it is excellent for texture wall painting.

The Magimate all-rounder painting pack come 9 inches large roller handle with two roller cover replacement. That’s why you can easily paint long walls, ceilings, and others long surfaces. You will also get a total of 9 kits, including roller frames, angle brush, paint stick, durable paint tray, cover refills, masking tape.

The Magimate is great paintings kits for DIY projects; it is also perfect for indoor and outdoor painting. In it, you get more for texture painting, lint free texture paint roller covers, which are resistant to all solvents.

You can also properly paint any type without any hassles; it properly picks up paint and releases it properly in any painting field. Its handle grip is rubberized so you can work comfortably; you can handle it any way you like.

Bottom Line

Durable painting kits with smooth finishing high performance, it is such a great roller and brushes, which is perfect for painting at any angle. Due to all the great features, it easily makes your investment worth it.


  • Rubber Grip Heavy Duty Roller Handle.
  • Great for DIY projects.
  • Great professional finishing.
  • Easy to use.


  • Tray Quality is Not Great.
  • Hard to hold and roll without any extension.

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6. Bates Paint Roller Frame with Cover

Bates - Paint Roller, Roller Frame with 2 Covers, Roller Naps (9'), Roller Frame, Paint Roller Set, Roller Covers, Paint Roller Frame, 9 inch Paint Roller Cover, Roller Brush, Painting Roller Handle

If you are looking for a roller for the smoothest painting for your painting project, then The Bates Paint Roller Frame with Cover is another pick. It has a much faster and smoother result than other brushes and gives faster results.

Also, Bates Paint Roller’s handle has been designed in a very durable and comfortable way so that you can paint a lot of times without any hassle. Also, a lot easier to clean.

It is the most expensive roller in the market. The price is higher than other painting roller but not extra.

Bottom Line

Bates’s professional paint roller is perfect for all purpose painting work; also, the 8-inch roller can hold a lot of paint. Due to which you can easily do the high-density smooth painting.

You also get two covers with this frame roller. It is worth your budget easily.


  • Compact built
  • Comfortable and Durable
  • Nice smoothly finishing


  • Expensive Price

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7. Magimate – Small Paint Roller 4 inches

Magimate Small Paint Roller Set 4 inch Painting Rollers for Walls and Crafts, Mini Roller Covers Paint Stain, Pack of 10

Sometimes people have to suffer a lot in the field of painting in the corners and small sides. In this case, the small roller makes it much easier to do these things.

The Magimate Small Paint Roller is specially designed for high absorption painting supplies for quickly smooth painting finishing. It also comes with a light duty roller frame with nine pieces of the mini roller cover. It is made 10 inches long, so you can easily cover the mid long area and easily.

You can also easily do all the work with the help of this paint roller, art craft, texture walls, countertop paint, fence touch-ups, home improvement, furniture, wall trim, or much more painting work, including stencils.

Its handle has been designed with a lot of comfort in mind, like our previous pick, which you can easily hold and hold for a long time. It also says that there is no problem with cleaning it.

Bottom Line

The Magimate is an outstanding small paint roller for a professional or DIY stain/sealer project, which is very easy to use. Also, it allows you to paint smooth, semi-smooth, or rough surface small critical areas easily, especially for texture painting.


  • Durable and Resistant to all solvent
  • Great for most of the painting purpose
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Fine line free roller naps.


  • Sometimes when you work smooth painting, it leaves lint and textures.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Paint Roller for Texture Walls

There are many more things to keep in mind before purchasing an excellent texture paint roller. In this way, you will easily get the roller that suits you. So let’s look at some essential things.

best paint roller for textured walls

Roller Cover

You can see a lot of the time the roller frame with the cover is included, but not common. If you want a quality cover, then you can buy it separately for your exact painting design. Also, if you wish to a roller in the budget, you can take the roller with cover.

There are also many types of roller covers, such as foam covers that you can use texture paint. Synthetically made these cover, which is much more affordable at last wooly units, which are much more reusable and durable.

So, you can select exactly what kind of roller cover you want and then take the roller with a cover, or by purchasing a durable roller frame, you can separate the cover according to your painting project.

Handle Grip

An essential feature of the roller is its handle grip. Because if you want to work on the roller, you have to work with keep the handle grip for a long time, in this case, if the grip is not comfortable. Then it becomes a lot tougher to work in the field.

So, you can buy an excellent padded grip roller for a smooth and outstanding painting.

Easy to Clean

Many rollers become very tricky to clean after painting. So try to get rid of the hassles of cleaning to buy a roller with easy to clean features.

Standard Frame of Roller

There are many types of roller frames of different sizes, ranging from small to large. So you will get various kinds of options to choose the roller frame. However, the three standard sizes are perfect in the field of texture wall; they are 7, 9, and 12 inches sizes.

7 inches long: This is the most used and perfect one size roller for ceilings or patching jobs. It also plays an ideal role in the field of perfect finishing. However, if you are looking for a texture roller for a large area cover, then a slightly larger size roller will be perfect.

9 inches long: The perfect roller in medium size is the 9-inch size roller. You can use it for any other purpose, including ceiling, texture wall painting; it can easily cover the maximum area in less time and saves a lot of your time.

12 inches long: If you need to do many types of surface painting, then a 12-inch painting roller will not be perfect for your work. However, in a large area, the best choice is 12 inches painting roller, and many areas can be easily covered in less time.

Why You Need The Best Paint Roller for Textured Walls?

In the current market, you can see many types of paint roller that are used for different painting purposes. So, you can’t do texture paintings with any painting roller.

It will not give your painting quality great results. So, for texture wall painting, you have to buy a texture painting roller so you can get exactly the result quickly. Other benefits include:

Matching Style

The most important thing in texture painting is the perfect matching of all the walls. In the case of wall and ceiling painting, the roller has a much better result than other painting tools.

You can also easily apply the design of your choice in the top to bottom texture painting.

Inducing Pattern

The textured roller is also very useful in the field of pattern design; also, in the area of improving your existing texture roller is very useful. Texture rollers help you to create something new at random.

Hide Any Defects

You may have noticed that your existing texture painting has defects even after painting many times; in this case, the roller helps you solve these defects in a perfect way.

You can include every single area with a frame and then easily remove the defective areas by roller painting.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How do you paint a textured wall with a roller?

Many people ask another question related to this question “how to paint knockdown texture.” two questions are very similar, so we analyze them briefly together. Here the answer:

  • First, you fill the paint tray you have with your choice color’s texture paint or materials.
  • Then pick the roller of your choice from our picked texture roller, drip it on the paint tray, and roll it completely. Then apply on the wall or ceiling or any surface.
  • Usually, you can paint the texture with regular roller covers, but if you want to paint the texture with a more extraordinary design, then use such a paint cover.

Will a thick nap roller to hide imperfection?

If you want to hide an imperfection, then you will need some DIY skills; if you have some idea of ​​DIY, then you can do it easily with a regular paint roller. In this case, try to apply thick paint; you can hide imperfection from the walls in a budget friendly way.

How do you get orange peel texture with a roller?

Orange peel texture paint is a lot like the same orange peel but not raised. To create the texture, choose a roller with a heavy nap of 6 inches, then roll usually, then paint on the walls. Then the work of creating texture will be fibers.

What are the 4 types of texture?

The four types of texture are: abstract, simulated, actual, and invented texture.

Is it hard to paint textured walls?

The short answer is “Yes”; painting texture walls is challenging. It is hard to get an even short line, and the coat seems very hard and impossible.

Can I paint over textured paint?

The short answer is, “Yes you can.” If you paint over textured, you will get perfect texture finishing, which will look great.

The Verdict

It is not easy to select the best paint roller for textured walls; however, we have selected and reviewed some of the best painting roller, all of which have different features. So, it will be much easier for you to choose the roller of your choice.

And the seven products we reviewed will definitely give the best result, so don’t worry, you can’t go wrong.!