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Best Glue for Plexiglass: Top 5 Picks In The Market 2022

Broken plexiglass always leads to drama. In most instances, the extent of the damage is too cataclysmic and leaves you with nothing else to do other than collecting the shards for dumping. However, when the break is relatively manageable, a repair will save you greatly.

But how do you repair broken or damaged plexiglass? Well, you will do this with the best plexiglass glue. Note that not all brands of glue will be useful in such instances.

This post seeks to highlight in deeper detail the best glue for plexiglass that you should go for whenever such a need arises.

Tips for Gluing Plexiglass

Below we have shared some important tips which you must keep in mind when it comes to plexiglass glue.

Clean the Surface

Before properly gluing, thoroughly clean the surfaces which you want to joint because glue does not work properly on the dust or dirt plexiglass.

Sand the Plexiglass

Take a piece of sandpaper, and sand the plexiglass with it. Try to make each edge as smooth and level as possible. Also, make sure that there are no gaps. Because if there are gaps, you will not be able to set the plexiglass perfectly.

Select the Compatible Glue

Choose glue that is compatible with your surface; in this case, you can also choose superglue if you want. It is a very powerful adhesive for attaching plexiglass.

Test The Fit

Before sticking plexiglass, make sure both surfaces fit perfectly with each other, and there are no gaps between them. This will protect you from unwanted problems later on.

Hold Firmly

After applying the adhesive to the surface, hold both surfaces firmly together. Try your best to get proper bonding to hold for a long time.

Best Glue for Plexiglass Guide

1. Loctite Glue

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Considering its pricing, industrial-grade strength, and versatility, there is no denying that Loctite Plexiglass Glue is the best glue for plexiglass that everyone should give a try. It promises to offer a superior, long-lasting bond within 10 to 20 seconds.

The best part of this glue falls on its ability to withstand water, wear, vibrations, heat, and impacts. This gives you confidence that it won’t lose strength if used in extreme temperatures or harsh weather conditions.

The manufacturer claims that this Plexiglass Glue is non-inflammable with no traces of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) meaning you are not at risk with this product.

Unlike other Plexiglass glues available in the market, this one dries clear. It does not leave marks or turn whites after drying and this makes it the best choice for bonding clear plexiglass.

It’s comes packaged in 2g self-piercing tubes for easy and error-free applications.

The only notable downside of this plexiglass glue is that the packaging is quite small and may not be enough to meet all your needs. Assuming you have some significant task(s) to accomplish, then you may have to purchase more. This adds to your cost.

You should however stress less as it only a few drops to get a permanent bonding almost instantly.

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2. CAT PALM Plexiglass Glue

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With this Plexiglass glue on your cabinet, complex repair jobs will never be a worry anymore. Most users love it as its multipurpose glue that will bond almost everything. You can use it to fix leaking pipes, reconstruct broken glasses, and seal cracked links, patch clothing, replace furniture, repair shoe soles, etc. Its possibilities are infinite.

The glue is highly elastic meaning it will expand as the bonding material does thus ensuring zero chances of breaking. This boosts the lifespan of load-bearing structures.

Better yet, this product from CAT PALM is claimed to be non-poisonous so you can comfortably use it to mend broken mugs, plates, or any dishwasher. It set in within a few seconds thus enabling you to repair several items within no time.

Going by the manufacturer, the glue is a good value for money as it doesn’t lose strength easily. It will withstand not only water and heat but also mineral spirits, oil, or other gasoline.

Its high viscosity ensures that the glue does not flow past the surface – something that would otherwise lead to wastage.

One thing you will probably not like with this glue is its odor. Some people have complained that it gives out a strong smell that may not be pleasant to all.

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3. Elmer’s Plexiglass Glue

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Elmer’s Plexiglass glue is designed for DIY craft enthusiasts. The glue works magic on both nonporous and porous surfaces making it a good option to repair not only glasses but also wood, metal, rubber, etc.

More so, it comes packaged in classic, side-squeezable plastic bottles with precision-tip nozzles that help to prevent unwanted spillages amid use.

Since this glue is shock-resistant and weatherproof, it’s a good choice for automobile applications.

You will appreciate that the manufacturer has ensured the glue will never clump or wrinkle. Additionally, it will never leave white marks behind – it hence good if you are mending clear plexiglass.

When talking about Plexiglass glue, some users think of Elmer’s as a BEAST. This is can be justified considering that it’s unlike other glues on the market that becomes unusable after freezing. Elmer’s glue will give you the same results even after thawing.

The flip side of this plexiglass glue is that it will leave “white marks” on the surface in case of excessive spillages. You can however avoid this by being a bit careful.

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4. Pratley Plexiglass Glue

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When discussing the best plexiglass glue, you can’t afford to skip Pratley glue. Various reasons make it a top choice among some users. For instance, it is convenient and user-friendly considering that everything is self-explanatory. However, if you think you can’t use the product correctly, simply refer to the user’s manual that comes included.

With this plexiglass glue from Pratley, you are never limited. You can repair almost everything you want: talk of glasses, ceramics, stones, metals, etc.

More so it can be applied for both outdoor and indoor applications. This is extremely possible as it does not lose its strength due to vagaries of weather, shock, and vibration.

It boasts of its quick-bonding, no-run formula that ensures timeless maximum repairs.

One thing about this highly viscous plexiglass glue is that a few drops go a long way thus saving you huge amounts.

The price/quality ratio beats that of its top competitors hence making it a reliable and affordable choice.

You will however dislike the glue as it softens most plastic amid applications. You are cautioned to be extremely keen when handling or applying it on a surface.

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5. WELD-ON Plexiglass Glue

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Compared to all other options discussed on this list this plexiglass glue beats them all in the sense that it comes packaged in a huge 16 Oz. bottle – something that translates to good value for the money.

Beyond that, Weld-on glue has a prolonged shelf life of up to 2 years. This means you will not need to keep on purchasing new glue every time you are in need. Simply grab what’s on your shelf.

Using the glue is self-explanatory however the manufacturer has been genuine enough to include a user manual. Refer to it whenever you feel unsure.

Most people think of it as simply the best plexiglass glue as it is durable, bonds faster, flexible, non-corrosive, and non-toxic.

You can apply it at any position or angle you wish and rest assured that it will work just perfectly.

You are cautioned by the manufacturer to handle this product with the utmost care and use it for the right purposes only. This is because it can bind your fingers together in a matter of seconds if mishandled.  If the odor is something you don’t like, don’t smell directly.

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Best Plexiglass Glue: Buying Guide

Best Glue for Plexiglass

When looking for the best plexiglass glue, you will come across various choices however, not all will be ideal to accomplish your particular task (s). To make the right decision, consider the following important factors.

Water Resistant Properties

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing the best plexiglass glue is its properties. One of such properties is its ability to resist the effect of water or moisture. Note that all glues are not meant equal. Some will lose strength as soon as they come into contact with moisture. You can’t use such type to repair or join plexiglass.


This is extremely important! Your super glue should be compatible with the material you wish to bond or repair. In our case, your glue should be readily compatible with plexiglass material. If it’s not compatible, it will be a total waste of money – because how will it help you anyway?

Fast Bonding

How long will the glue in question take to deliver the desired results? This should be the key question when purchasing your plexiglass glue. Experts recommend that good glass glue should bond within 10 to 30 seconds. You can on the user’s manual as all the details come listed. Don’t waste money on the glue that will take minutes to hours to form a bond – sometimes you will want your DIY repairs accomplished faster.

Go for Multipurpose Glue

Although your main intention is to purchase good glue for plexiglass, it would be rewarding to choose one that can serve many purposes. Since you are likely to have other different needs, multipurpose glue will save you greatly.


Your plexiglass glue should be packaged in a container that allows easy application. You don’t have to struggle or experience spillages when applying. Good glues are those that come in side-squeezable plastic bottles with precision-tip nozzles. Also, you can go for those that come featuring separate droppers.

Read Online Guide

If you are not sure how or where to get the best plexiglass you can read several online Guides and get a useful clue. Online refers are opinions or feedback from real individuals who have used or have purchased a certain product. They share their experience using such a product and by reading what they say, you will have a general clue of what’s the best plexiglass glue.

Look for recommendations

Most probably, you have friends, relatives, or colleagues who may have bought placing before. Reach out to such buddies and ask them anything you’d like to know regarding what they bought. Ask them whether they were satisfied, whether they would recommend the same product to you and whether the pricing is fair.


Yet another important aspect to consider when choosing your plexiglass glue is the initial cost. Can you afford it without incurring debts or emptying your pocket? If your answer is YES, go for it, however, if it’s a NO, you better quit. However, remember not to compromise the quality as you try to evade costs.

Best Plexiglass Glue FAQs

How do you glue plexiglass together?

Gluing plexiglass together isn’t a nagging issue however it can be a nightmare for first-timers.

The basic procedure includes:

Cleaning the Plexiglass

As you probably know, most glue won’t be fully compatible on a dirt surface. Clean your glass using soapy water or spirit. Focus mostly on the regions where you will apply the glue – for instance, the edges. Leave it to dry before proceeding further.

Set Your Plexiglass in the Right Position for Gluing

Now you are done with cleaning and your Plexiglass is ready for gluing. Set the glasses in a good position before applying the glue. You can use holders to ensure a snug fit. If you don’t have holders with you, masking tape will come in handy.

Apply the Glue

Now everything is in the right position and what’s left is just applying the glue. You are advised to wear rubber gloves before you can begin this process. Apply the glue keenly between the two plexiglass pieces and avoid any spillage. Allow up to one minute for perfect bonding.

Does Gorilla Glue Work on Plexiglass?

Whereas Gorilla glue is known for its wood binding properties, it can as well be used to bond Plexiglasses together. However, it will not bond easily unless some conditions are met. You need to, first of all, dampen and clean the surface and wait for it to dry before applying. After applying Gorilla glue on plexiglass, apply some heavy pressure for perfect bonding.

What Can I use to Glue Plexiglass to Metal?

If you are looking for the best product to bond your plexiglass to metal, then you can go for CAT PALM Plexiglass Glue. This glue is probably the best know multipurpose glues that wind bind almost everything. From metal, plexiglass, ceramics, concrete, etc.

It works on a clean surface so make sure to clean both the metal and plexiglass. Most importantly the regions you want to merge.

The Bottom Line

Glass is supposedly one of the most nagging materials to work with. It can break easily and bring your DIY project into a temporary hold or force you to buy a replacement thus adding to your cost. Fortunately, there are glues meant to fix such issues so that you don’t have to incur a lot.

Consider the above best glue for plexiglass if you a person who deals with any material regularly. You will appreciate it at one point.