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A human hand is using a brush to apply primer in a bathroom next to a basin of water.

The 9 Best Primer for Bathroom: Painting Bathroom Wall

The room that needs your utmost attention should be your bathroom. Perfectly decorating and painting the interior of your bathroom with the best primer for the bathroom is the best thing ever. Every homeowner wants his bathroom to look elegant and fancy because this is the place they spend most of their time.

Using the best primer for the bathroom will greatly help because the primer works as a base color. After applying a primer the paint sits perfectly and smoothly on the primer. There are many primers available in the market so make sure you go for the best. Below 9 best bathroom primers, you should consider.

For your consideration, we have gathered information from many users and tested some of the listed below ourselves to find the best product in the market. We think this will greatly help you to make a decision or even have a good understanding about the primers and what they can and cannot do.

Will Primer Stop Peeling Paint?

Peeling is one of the biggest issues with bathroom painting, and the easiest way to avoid this issue is to use a best primer. A good quality primer will protect your bathroom from both interior and exterior paint peeling, as well as provide an extra shield for longevity.

Also, primer is very easy to use; you can easily use it with standard paint for better performance. In the below’s section, we have suggested some of the top-rated best primers for bathroom.

Editors Recommendation: 3 Best Primer for Bathrooms

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9 Best Primer for Bathroom

1. ZINSSER Bulls Eye Primer

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Zinsser bulls eye primer features an amazing stain-blocking capacity and it is for both oil and water. It is suitable for use with all rubber band topcoats which is specifically latex. The water-based formula enables it to adhere to any sort of surface with no sand.

Product Description

The primer is accessible in either white or gray color. It additionally can cover around 10 square feet because it comes with quartz. Also, it needs around 1 hour to dry. It is a result of the Rust-Oleum brand, and its water-based technique enables it to effectively hinder any sort of peeling off.


  • Doesn’t need sand to stick.
  • Even after sweeping, it remains great.
  • Both water and stain-blocked.


  • Requires many coats.

Jessica M. praised

I have used the Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 on quite a few projects so far. I used it to prime our door frames and moulding, on picture frames, and used it recently to refurbish an old water-damaged dresser. It worked awesome! I have not really had any issues with it peeling or chipping, except when I did not prepare and sand the surface properly. I would recommend always cleaning and/or sanding your surface properly prior to priming to get the best use out of this product.

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2. KILZ 2Primer

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KILZ brand has been in the business of color and primer manufacturing for 40 years. Their the newest primer it has produced. KILZ 2 is perfect for the bathroom because it can block small to bigger satin arising from ink, water, grease, and many others.

Product Description

The primer features latex technology and is oil-based. It additionally has gallon and quartz systems. It is likewise useful in shading, changing, making shading brilliant, or even covering any color. If you need to touch, do it within 30 minutes of application, however for another coating, you have to hold on for 60 minutes.


  • Can perfectly cover pre-painted colors.
  • Does not require a lot of paint.
  • Can block water, stain, and satin.


  • Need to use on dust & chalk free surface
  • Relatively expensive.
  • Not odor blocked

Dorothy said

Great buy! Great quality. Will be buying more. I mix with 1 1/2 quarts SILVER METALLIC high quality paint to make the most beautiful SILVER PEARL GREY coler. Very low glow. LOVE IT!

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3. Best Primer for Bathroom: KILZ Premium Primer

[amazon fields=”B0002YOZZU” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

This primer has an amazing stain-blocking innovation. It can block, stain, and has a water base strategy that assists with giving an ideal finishing. Even cover past paintings effectively. It comes as quartz that is so ideal enough to use in washroom laundry.

Product Description

The primer is great in places with high moisture, and it is a latex primer, sealer, stain confined at once. It is accessible in quartz and gallon.1 gallon can cover approximately 300 to 400 square feet.


  • Can effectively cover colors.
  • This primer can block water, stain, and satin.
  • I deal in places with high humidity.


  • Not effective with many stains.
  • Needs many coats.

cindy reid stated

I used this product to prime a plywood floor before putting down self adhesive floor tiles. It covered really well, had a tacky finish that helped tiles adhere, and I didn’t notice any odor.

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4. ZINSSER Cover Stain Primer

[amazon fields=”B000BZX6B4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

This primer is a result of the Zinsser brand. It is a primer, sealer, stain blocker at once. It is an oil-based primer and can even seal water. So this primer is superior for washroom paint.

Product Description

It comes as quartz. Its additional advantage is that you can utilize it for remaking, overcoating, and it will give a smooth super percolation with uneven finishing. It is better well known as a wood sealer, however, its oil-based formula can block water and stain.


  • When compared to other latex primers it’s better.
  • Can effectively seal all tannin bleed, stain
  • With this primer, paints can adhere perfectly.


  • It up to one hour to dry.
  • It can scratch off if not left to dry as required.

S Ritholz said

I purchased this after reading How To Paint Furniture on the JustAGirl blog. That chick really knows her stuff. I was repainting my bathroom cabinets in lieu of ripping it out and replacing it. I wanted it to look GOOD. This stuff did the trick plus I used Benjamin Moore Super Spec paint which is highly washable which I needed in a bathroom. It’s kind of thick once you stir it up but dries fairly quick. I don’t know what else to say other than my paint laid very nicely over it. Even my hypercritical father was impressed. I plan on using this for some older furniture I want to revamp and possibly my kitchen cabinets!

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5. KILZ Kitchen & Bath Primer

[amazon fields=”B01M0AVNP6″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

This primer from KILZ is essentially for kitchen and washroom use. It features an incredible stain-blocking innovation. The primer works best in places with high humidity and environments with a temperature above room temperature.

Product Description

It can block any kind of bad odor because it has a low odor system. This primer can be easily cleaned with soap and water and it is a less Volatile Organic Compound latex primer. You can likewise use wood, mortar, wood, block, brickwork, painted metals, and many others.


  • Made particularly for places with high humidity.
  • Ideal for laundry rooms and bathrooms.
  • Has less VOC.


  • It takes up to 60 minutes to dry.

Noel said

I love this paint. I’ve used it in the bathroom and on cabinets and doors. Its amazing. Its so refreshing to use this because everything looks so white and clean now. No stains have seeped through in the bathroom and I’ve had it on there for about two weeks. The smell isn’t too strong it is very tolerable. And if you drip it anywhere or get it on your hands(or face and legs and arms and feet like I did lol) its easy to get off! Also I used two coats. Let it dry for a few days before putting color paint on it and its perfect and shipping was great!

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6. KILZ KLEAR Primer

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This is another KILZ primer for the bathroom that features a good alkali-resistant power. KILZ KLEAR primer can seal leakages and stains.

Product Description

The primer adheres to color perfectly. Apart from being a primer it is also a stain blocker, binder, and sealer. Its other progression is that you can utilize it on the mortar or cement of pH under 13, which implies you can utilize it on acidic surfaces too. The primer comes in a gallon only.


  • It is more of a primer because it seals, blocks, and binds.
  • Suitable on surfaces with high acidity.


  • Cannot effectively hide color sometimes.

Tamara Thorne said

We’re doing a home renovation and KILZ Klear stain-blocking sealer has come in very handy. The walls in our sixty-five-year-old home are plaster and not a problem, except where we had some water damage. We re-plastered the section of wall – about six-feet by three-feet and it needed sealing before we could paint. We used the Klear sealant. It completely stopped the plaster from rubbing off on our hands and the paint took to that part of the wall just as it did the untreated plaster. We were afraid it might show, but it didn’t. Not one bit.

We removed an old wall heater in another room and used drywall and plaster there. We applied Klear to that before priming and painting (with KILZ Tribute paint with primer in it) and it came out perfectly. (We used two coats and you only have to wait half an hour between them – Klear dries very quickly.

Finally, we built a small brick wall edging the walkway to our house. We used Klear before painting and the bricks didn’t suck in paint like they normally would. We’re really impressed. This is a great product!

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7. Rust-Oleum Primer

[amazon fields=”B001Q1RFW8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

This other primer from ZINSSER works great as an odorless bathroom primer. This is usually mostly used to make adjustments and on bathrooms that have more white in their wall.

Product Description

It is a dissolvable, oil-based primer and also works as a stain blocker. It has a stain-fixing formula that works so pleasantly and can cover all topcoats. So you can utilize it in your washroom. It can cover around 100 square feet of surfaces. Its less VOC and unscented formula make it ideal enough for washroom paint. It can even seal stains from fire and smoke damages.


  • Seals stain nicely.
  • Highly odorless
  • Dries faster, it takes 30 minutes


  • Has chemicals that are not good for people with allergies.
Daisy Girl’s opinion

Really is odorless. I couldn’t be happier and will never use anything else. The smell from primer makes me sick but not with this odorless. I couldn’t finish my remodel without it.

[amazon fields=”B001Q1RFW8″ value=”button”]


[amazon fields=”B00113UKQY” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

ZINSSER BIN primer is also a primer from Rust-Oleum. They are very good for bathroom with different surfaces and can be applied on most of them. If you want to apply a primer that can also remove the stink, you should consider this seriously.

Product Description

The unique feature of this primer is that its formula is for spot priming much. Because of its high stain blocking technology, it is among the best spot primer for the bathroom. One quartz can cover between 100-125 square feet. This is the only primer that can seal sap streaks and knots.


  • Perfect stain sealer.
  • Spot primer
  • Blocks odor
  • Dries faster, within 45 minutes


  • Has a smell like that of grain alcohol.
  • In some cases, it doesn’t block all stains.

Nichez conveyed

This stuff is AMAZING. When researching how to repaint my dated cabinets, I came across a professional cabinet painter who recommended this stuff. He said the other formulas aren’t so reliable, but this shellac-based primer will basically allow any paint to stick to your project. I’ve used it on cabinets, base boards, and ceilings. This primer dries quickly and yields consistent results.

[amazon fields=”B00113UKQY” value=”button”]

9. Rust-Oleum Stain Cover Primer

[amazon fields=”B0009XCG3W” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

This is another product from Zinsser that is excellent for bathroom tiles, and specialized in blocking any stain. This oil-based primer can beautifully upgrade the interior of your washroom with good look and a greater environment.

Product Description

This primer is can effectively hide any type of stain because it is an oil-based stain hider. It is accessible in 13 Oz size. Its producer is the Rust-Oleum brand, and its phenomenal concealing formula works so excellent and covers stains. It likewise assists with sealing water and covering stains from nicotine and smoke. It can stick to any sand surface rapidly.


  • Hides stain so perfectly.


  • In some cases, it doesn’t block all stains.
  • Does not block odor

Mel M said

I’m a beginner when it comes to doing anything “handy” and that includes refinishing furniture. But after seeing so many fun ideas on Pinterest, I decided to take on redoing a cedar chest. My goal was to paint it blue, so I wanted to start with a good primer. I read a lot of positive reviews on this product and figured I’d give it a shot. I love it! The trick I learned was a couple of thin coats works best. I also gave it a light sand afterward which made it super smooth. It adhered to the chest (I had lightly sanded the chest prior to applying this). The paint rolled over this nicely and all in all, I’m very happy with the result. Looking forward to my next project with cover stain!

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How to Choose and Use Primer: Drywall & Paint

choose best bathroom painting tools including primer

 Interior stains and odors

 Interior stains and odors

A few stains will bleed well through most primers and paints regardless of what number of coats you apply. The equivalent goes for serious scents like smoke from flames and cigarettes. The solution to this is to use a primer that blocks stains. Oil-based primers need a paint thinner for cleanup because they emit a bad smell but they are best for blocking water-based odours.

Water-based primers are simple to clean and have less odour. These features make water-based primers ideal for blocking solvent-based stains.

New interior bare wood

To hide imperfections and make wood surfaces more uniform it is necessary to prime wood. Oil-based primers that dry slowly like enamel undercoat primers are easier to sand and offer good adhesion than water-based primers. Using a water-based primer will raise the grain of the wood and you will be required to sand thoroughly before applying the topcoat.

MDF (medium-density fiberboard)

Unless the MDF is pre-primed use an oil-based primer. Using a water-based primer will soak the board and make it swell. Before applying your oil-based primer make sure you sand the board surface to make it smooth. Don’t forget to keep it dust-free also. After that, you can prime all the surfaces not forgetting the edges.

Exterior woods that stain

Woods that have tannins like redwood and cedar will bleed through an ordinary paint or primer. To avoid bleeding utilize an exterior oil-based primer. For large areas use exterior paint primer together with latex finish. Use only an oil-based primer if you are going to use an oil topcoat.

Exterior Wood

Outside paint gets beat. What’s more, perhaps the most ideal approach to prolong the life of your paintwork is with a decent primer. So except if you appreciate scratching paint, spend about $30 per gallon on a top-quality acrylic/latex outside primer. Search for “100 percent acrylic” on the mark, and ensure the wood surface is perfect, dry and dull (no sheen). On appropriately arranged dividers, an excellent groundwork can twofold the life of your outside paintwork.

Best Primer for Bathroom: FAQs

Do you need a special primer for a bathroom?

Your bathroom walls require more than a primer. You will need a primer that is more formulated to seal and stick a surface more perfectly. The primer you choose should be able to mask the existing colors and cover stains.

Do I need to prime bathroom walls before painting?

If the walls have been previously painted there is no need. But bathroom walls that have been exposed to humidity well require you to prime even though some specific primers have been made with biocide which will help eliminate odors and mildew.

What kind of primer do you use in a bathroom?

Use a stain-blocking primer for places with high humidity to prevent peeling off and mildew. Places with high moisture peel off easily and exterior walls can blister.


You need to be careful when choosing a primer for your bathroom. Some primers will not work as required in some places, for instance, places with high humidity. The list above just highlights some of the best primers you can try. Each of them has its unique features so, go through the list carefully to pick the best primer for bathroom that best suits your bathroom needs. We hope our experience and finding can greatly assists you making the right choice.


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