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does any primer work for miniatures

The 6 Best Primer for Miniatures: Perfect in 2022

To make your miniatures painting perfect, smooth, adhered, and durable, you must at first complete the primer foundation part. A regular primer is not enough to get great priming results in different miniatures models; to get the desirable finishing, you need the best Primer for miniatures painting, which will help you customize and make your miniatures easy to paint.
Anyway, according to the different needs of different people finding the best miniatures primer is a challenging task. That’s why after a lot of analysis, our team has come up with the six best miniature primers in this guide to make this difficult task easier for you. We have also discussed in detail which Primer is perfect for which kind of miniatures. So let’s start without wasting time.

Why You Should Use Primer for Your Miniature

Prime helped to seal the model and miniature appropriately and prepare it for final painting. It also allows adhering to your model paint perfectly. The top 3 reasons to use primer in miniature are highlighted below.

  • Primer creates protective barriers in plastic, metal, and resin miniature, which better adheres the paint to the surface and makes the painting process more comfortable.
  • It makes the primer surface smoother, which helps to apply advanced painting techniques.
  • Primer gives you a non-reflective and even surface tone, which allows seeing the neutral contrast of the model along with the paint application.

6 Best Primer for Miniatures Painting

1. Best Spray Primer for Miniatures by The Army

The Army Painter Color Primer Spray Paint, Matt Black, 400ml, 13.5oz - Acrylic Spray Undercoat for Miniature Painting - Spray Primer for Plastic Miniatures

The army painter is the most popular undercoat and paint brand for miniature hobbyists. Especially this high-quality spray primer is the best choice for any material, including plastic, metal, and resin miniatures.

Why We Choose It

It has durable priming painting with long-lasting performance. Another significant aspect is an acrylic-based paint primer that dries very quickly. It does not conflict with the painting time. Also, to get the best result, you must shake it a minute before use and according to the manufacturing guide.

Since the applying process is straightforward, if you are a beginner, then there is no problem. As it does not require a base coat layer like other primers, two different sprayers are not required, and it saves you time and money.

Also, another significant aspect is that it has 6+ different types and colors options so that you can choose according to your choice. Overall this is the best spray primer for miniatures option to bring your small figures a new look.


  • Various High-quality different color options
  • Great for any surfaces
  • Especially great for beginner
  • Fast drying and non-toxic formula


  • We didn’t find any critical issues.

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2. Best White Primer for Miniatures by Tamiya

Tamiya America, Inc Primer White 180ml, TAM87044

If you want to paint in detail on your miniatures, you must also do details priming first. Tamiya primer may be the right choice for your small and detailed project. It has many good aspects, and it helps to give your painting a much more durable layer.

Why We Choose It

One thing to note, it is perfect for only small miniatures painting projects, and because it is compact, it can size, primers can be easily sprayed. Also, the applying process is much easier. However, one downside is that it takes 24 hours to dry completely.

However, no matter how long it takes, its durable coating result will make your miniatures come alive. It also has other colors option, which does not matter during priming. But in my opinion, it is the best white Primer for miniatures for those who prefer white Primer with durability.


  • Great Primer for detailed projects
  • Especially great for metal or plastic surface
  • Portable size, easy to apply
  • Budgets friendly


  • Need too much time to complete dry
  • It is a small can, not great for large and medium project

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3. Best Primer for plastic miniatures by Rust-Oleum Spray Primer

Rust-Oleum 331181 Spray Paint Painter's Touch 2X Cover, 12 Oz, Ultra Matte White, 12 Ounce

Undoubtedly Rust-Oleum is one of the giant paint and primer brands in the painting industry. They are especially well known for their quality paint. If you are new to plastic miniatures model painting, then this may be one of the choices for you.

Why We Choose It

One of the great advantages is that it is an oil-based formula, which is much more durable than other regular paints and primers. It comes with an odorless 12 oz can, which is enough for any miniature painting work. And since it is a 2X formula, you will get this desirable finishing coating at first. Also, since it is a primer with paint, you do not need to take a separate primer.

This plastic primer paint has various colors and finishes; that’s why you can choose according to your project. It also has multiple surfaces usable. However, it is the best Primer for plastic miniatures model painting, which you can apply in both interior and exterior painting.


  • Great for any surface
  • Higher resistance formula
  • Low odor and fast-drying formula
  • It can provide maximum coverage


  • It doesn’t allow thick coats

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4. Best Primer for Metal Miniatures by Games Workshop

Games Workshop Citadel Spray Paint Chaos Black 9.9 Oz

Games Workshop is another well-known brand in the miniature hobbyist industry. If you are looking for a high-quality ready primer for painting metal miniatures, then you can see their citadel model. This citadel primer is the best Primer for metal miniatures painting.

Why We Choose It

It is suitable for use not only in metal but also in resins and plastic models. If you do not have previous painting experience, you can easily do priming by following the instructions. One of the best aspects of this is that it dries quickly, and the smooth primer finishing makes the painting much more accessible.

In terms of durability and quality, every paint and Primer of Game Workshop is the first choice for consumers and professionals. So you can ensure quality. However, in terms of price, this Primer is much higher than other competitors. But in my opinion, though it is expensive but worth it.


  • High-quality sprayer
  • Excellent adhesion and quick drying
  • Great for any beginner’s
  • Various surface usability


  • Price is much higher than competitors

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5. Best Krylon Primer for Miniatures by Krylon

Krylon K05131507 ColorMaster Paint + Primer, Ultra Flat Primer, White, 12 oz.

Are you looking for the best spray paint with primer for your miniature project? Well, then Krylon K05131507 may be one of the most suitable choices for you. One of its most outstanding features is that it works as a primer as well as paint. It also increases the adhesion of the paint and increases the lasting capacity of the color.

Why We Choose It

Another great aspect of Krylon primers is that it comes with a 12 oz can, where you get maximum coverage so that you can get enough primer for coating in your miniature project. It is also a multi-surface usable primer. It is perfect for both interior and exterior to apply on other indoor and outdoor crafts projects.

It also comes with various finishing and sizes so that you can choose according to your project. And this Krylon primer has a convenient button that helps you to easily spray at different angles without hassles. And one of the great advantages is that it is completely dry in 10 minutes. In my opinion, this is the best Krylon primer for miniatures project painting.


  • Wide range of colors options
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor
  • Need only 10 minutes to complete dry
  • You can get minimum use and get maximum coverage


  • You need to apply according to the instruction

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6. Best Airbrush Primer for Miniatures by Badger Air Brush

Badger Air-Brush Co. SNR-410 Stynylrez, 3 Piece Assortment, White, Gray, Black, 12 Ounce

Badger Air Brush Primer is our last pick on this article. If you want a primer set with three different colors, you can give a different look to your miniatures. Then badger airbrush primer may be the best choice for you.

Why We Choose It

One of the significant advantages of this is that you get high-quality three different colors within the budget, improving coverage in the details. It also has various surface usability, and you can apply it on metal, plastic, wood, resin, and other surfaces. It is made with maintaining USA standard so that you can ensure adhesion quality.

One thing to keep in mind, it is not recommended for use by children under 14 years. Its applying process is as simple as our other picks. Considering its quality, excellent adhesion, and everything else, it is the best airbrush primer for miniatures.


  • Outstanding adhesion and durability
  • Great for various surfaces
  • It comes in 3 different colors set
  • Accessible to airbrush and budgets friendly pick
  • Made in the USA


  • Maybe it is too thick, not great for thin priming

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Best Primer for Miniatures: 5 Things to Know Before Buying

Best Primer for Miniatures

There is no substitute for the best miniature primer to give your metal or plastic miniature the best painting result. Only product Guides are not enough to choose a product; there are some other things you need to consider. Below we have shared some essential things that you must try to keep in mind before buying.

High Quality

Primer is an essential ingredient in miniature painting, which must be applied to increase the adherence of paints. A good quality primer makes your painting work more accessible and increases the durability and lasting ability of the painting. So in the field of primer choosing, quality is the priority.

Drying Time

Good quality primers take an average of 30 minutes to dry perfectly. Quick-dry is also easier for your work to finish the job on time. Also, remember that you have to apply Primer first and then start applying paint on your miniature. So choose a primer that dries in an average of 30 to 45 minutes.


However, all updated primers models are suitable for applying on multiple surfaces and materials. But some primers are perfect for just one surface. You may work with different materials of miniatures in your project, so in choosing a primer, choose Primer according to your project, or choose multiple surface usable primer.

Easy to Applying

Another important aspect is the easy application process, which many people do not care about. If you are a beginner, you will never get the best result by applying the Primer of the complicated application process. So, in addition to considering other essential features, you must try to see the Primer of easy use the feature.

Non-Toxic and Odorless Formula

Different chemicals are used to make Primer or paint. Most primers use harmful ingredients to improve the quality, which can cause a lot of harm to the body of the person who will apply it. Try to choose the non-toxic and odorless formula as much as possible for safe use.

How to Prime Miniatures

Miniature priming is a very easy process, and if you do not have any previous ideas, you can apply our simple instructions for quickly priming.

Step 1: Clean all your miniatures thoroughly, and arrange them in one place. Then make sure your miniatures are not at over temperatures or low temperatures.

Step 2: Then arrange the miniatures well on a painting suitable surface for painting. Try to keep the distance of each at least 15 to 25 cm.

Step 3: Shake your chosen spray can properly, and before applying, spray lightly on the sample place and check if it is spraying well with the nozzle.

Step 4: Then start spraying; refrain from repeatedly spraying on the same side, then when you finish spraying on one side. Do the same on the other side. Once the primer spray is complete, make sure that there are no empty or overspray.

Step 5: Leave the miniatures separately for drying in one place. Avoid touching with hands.

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Best Primer for Miniatures: FAQs

How many primers should I Apply to a miniature?

A good-quality thin layer primer is enough to paint a miniature in detail. However, be careful not to apply extra lite or too many primers. It can ruin the painting quality of the model.

How long does spray miniature primer take to dry?

Depending on the quality of the Primer, the drying time may be more or less. A good-quality primer can usually take an average of 30 minutes to dry completely. If it is a low-quality primer, then it may take 1 hour or more.

Can you paint miniature without Primer?

You can paint the miniature without applying Primer. However, most experts recommend that if you are not an experienced painter, and do not have a complete idea about painting, don’t do minis painting without Primer.

What does Primer do for miniature?

Primer is an essential part of miniature painting. It creates a solid base for the paint, making your painting much more durable and easier.

Which is the best type of miniature Primer?

Though you can see different types of primers in the market, their delivery systems are very different, which is another significant part. Most commonly, you can see three types of primers: spray can, squeeze bottle, and drop bottle, each of which has different characteristics and is perfect for use in various fields.

But if you are looking for the best type of miniatures primer at an affordable price and easy-to-apply features, then the sprayer can be one of the great choices for you where there is enough coat for priming the miniature completely.

Final Verdict

All the primers we have selected above have different features, so it is difficult to say which is the best Primer for miniatures painting choice for your project. However, we have shared all the features in detail, and whatever you choose, you can be assured of the quality of these primers.