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For a cedar fence, pieces of metal screws are maintained over a firm surface.

Best Screws for Cedar Fence: Top 6 Fence Screws

If you are thinking about building a new fence for your house, then cedar fencing could be the best choice. Cedar fencing provides excellent protection from insects and rots. As well as, it does not shrink or warp from weather changes such as rain or snow. Before you start building your fence, you must choose the best material for joint wood. It could be either nail or screw. Although nailing is the faster way to build the fence, screw provides a strong joint and last longer.

Stainless steel screws are the best for cedar fences. Please avoid steel with a zinc coating. Corrosion streaks may occur with the zinc in fasteners reacting with cedar’s acids. But, finding the best screws is a knotty job for you. That is why I tried different types of screws and came up with a list of the 6 best screws for cedar fence.

Editors Recommendation: Top 3 Screws for Cedar Fence

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Best Screws for Cedar Fence Guide

There are a ton of options for screws in the market, both offline and online. Among them finding the best screws for cedar fence is like finding a Needle in a Haystack. That is why this list of screws is going to help to find the best one easily. I picked these based on material, price, weather protection, strength, and ease of use.

1. Eagle Claw Stainless Deck Screws

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This high corrosion resistance stainless screw can be the best screw for your cedar fence building. It does not allow to get rust and make your fence ugly. Also, type-304 grade stainless steel is the best possible you can get for screws. Type-304 stainless steel is marine-grade steel, and it is best for weather protection. And, it has a Torx star head with type-17 point. This combination provides easy to penetrate.

But, I strongly recommend drilling a pilot hole before using the screw. Because these screws are less robust than others available in this list. And, a lot of people claimed about broken screws. Apart from that, this screw has everything perfect as it should be. Moreover, it cost less than other brands without losing quality.

With many varieties in size, it can be a perfect fit for building a cedar fence. If you are willing to spend less money on the screw but still seeking the best performance, this is the best recommendation.


  • High-quality stainless steel.
  • Corrosion resistance to avoid rust.
  • Does not strip out at all
  • Cost less money


  • Weaker than other brands.
  • At least 2/3 broken screw come up with every box.

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2. Stainless Flat Head Phillips Wood Screw

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3. WoodPro Fasteners AP8X112-5 T20

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WoodPro is one of the best brands for wooden work screw and other material. Compare to other brands, and they are pretty reliable and well-constructed screw. Without compromising in build quality, they have used stainless steel. That makes it affordable in price but still remain lower price range. And, they have added PPG industries E-coat. That protects screws more than 10000 hours under saltwater so, if you use it in your cidar fence building that makes last for eternity.

And, type-17 point helps to penetrate easily into the wood. Although it can penetrate on its own, I recommend drilling first. That will ensure a precise and secure joint. As well as provide the best strength in your fence.

Moreover, the Torx head provides solid accuracy of work without slipping at all. Also, they provide that T-20 star drives with the box that you are going to buy.

Overall, what you are getting in this price range is more than enough. And it is well worth your money. It has a bite problem as well, as you may found few screws are damage in the box. Although it is pretty normal and almost every brand has a similar problem.


  • Penetrate easily through the wood without pre-drilling.
  • E-coat provides extra protection from the weather.
  • Affordable price range
  • Sharp point


  • Strong but not that superior strong.
  • Bite problem

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4.  Bolt dropper Flat Head Phillips Wood Screw

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If you seek seamless finishing with long-lasting screws, it might be one of the best options for you. As usual, they have used 304 marine grade stainless steel. This is the best possible material for weather resistance. That helps to enlarge durability and corrosion resistance. Although this is still strong material, they have used BLACK XYLON coating. And that made this screw stronger than ever and lasted more than 40 years without getting attacked by rust.

Well, it has a deep-cut Phillips flat head that provides a snug fit. And, do not let the screw stripping out. Above all, this flat head screw seamless finish with wood that looks pretty cool. The screw tip is sharp enough to penetrate easily through the wood. It can penetrate on its own without having pre-drilling. But it is good to do a drill first.

They are so confident about their screws that they provide LIFETIME GUARANTEE. I am not sure how this guarantee works. But that shows how good this screw can be!

Every box has 100 screws, and you can choose your desired size from a wide range of size options.


  • Strong material
  • BLACK XYLON Coating to enlarge durability.
  • Seamless finish
  • They provide LIFETIME GUARANTEE.


  • Sometimes they have put too much coating and screw stack on each other.

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5. WoodPro Fasteners AP8X112-1

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There is another screw from WoodPro Fasteners. This is the earlier model from the previous one from the above list. This well-constructed stainless steel screw is coated with gold galvanize. As a result, screw last longer on the saltwater and provides better protection against the weather. As well, screws are pretty strong too. Do not break during work at all.

And, it has type-17 points that penetrate easily through the wood. With Torx head, it is easy to use this screw with a T-20 bar. Moreover, you do not need to drill first for attaching this screw. But that may remain risky. So, I prefer pre-drilling.

Due to the flathead, it provides a seamless finish with wood. And, that Torx/star fit well with the drill machine. So, you will get a super comfy joint with an extended-lasting guarantee. Since it does affect by weather or water, there is no chance to get rust attack.

Overall, it will be the best choice for you if you are on a tight budget but need good quality screws. I was concern about durability. But, in my test period, it holds pretty well and beyond my expectations.


  • Strong material
  • Sharp Tip
  • Better protection against the weather.
  • Seamless finishing.


  • They often lied about quality.

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6. SNUG Fasteners Tan Fence & Deck Screws

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The last of this list but not less important at all. These SNUG fasteners screws are also made out of stainless steel. If you are looking for quality screws at an affordable price, then stainless steel is the best material option. This material provides strength as well as a low price. Moreover, screws are TAN coated for better durability in outdoor conditions. As a result, it does not get rusty at all and provides better corrosion resistance.

And, the screws have a bugle shape head that provides a strong joint through the wood. And, type-17 thread ensures tapping through wood without pre-drilling. However, it is a secure and better option to do drilling before attaching the screw. Moreover, the stardrive head provides a snug fit with the driver and easy installation. Well, they have included a bit with the box.

Overall, this is the affordable screw option for your cedar fencing. So, I picked this one for this list of screws for cedar fence. Every box has around 100 screws, with almost all screws that are good and workable.

But, these screws come in just one (#8) size. And, it is enough and the perfect size for cedar fencing. So, it will be worth spending your money on this SNUG Fasteners screws.


  • Affordable price
  • Does not require pre-drilling
  • Snug fit drive point
  • Better durability


  • In my perception, this is not good build quality as the previous screws of this list.

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Best Screws for Cedar Fence: Buying Guide

best screws for cedar fencing

Although I think the above list is enough to clarify what screw you should get. But, a detailed buying guide will help you to choose the best screws for cedar fence. Just follow the guidelines below.


If the screw material is not strong enough, it can not provide a strong join between the wood. Also, it can strip out during joint. A strong screw can penetrate on its own without a break. But, superior strength may cost you extra money. Thinking about all factors, stainless steel is the perfect material for an affordable and strong screw. It is inexpensive, as well as strong. But there is various kind of steel available in the market. For better weather protection, 304 stainless steel is the best option you can get right now. Make sure the screw you are getting is this type of strength.


Since you are fencing outdoor screw must have better weather protection. Otherwise, it will get rusty and strip out from the fence. Almost every screw in the market has different kind of coating to provide better weather and rust protection. But, I found BLACK XYLON coating is the best. It offers better weather protection as we as, corrosion resistance. Since it protects from the weather, your fence will look fantastic and remain strong for a long time.


There are different types of heads available for cedar fence screws. Among bugle and flathead, I would say flat head provides the best seamless finishing. On the other hand, the Bugle head provides better joint. Now you can decide what your priority is.

Well, the head bar is also essential for comfortable work. In that case, start head provides a snug fit with the driver. As a result, you can do screwing faster and easier. On the contrary, Philips drive head often slips out. But, not that bad as people often admit.

Tip point and thread

If thread and point are not well constructed, then there is no point of good material. It will give you more of a hassle than seamless work. In this case, Type-17 point and threads are the best choice and popular among all. It provides corrosion-free penetration. You do not need to pressurise the screw to make a joint between two blocks of wood. The type-17 point makes easier and faster penetration without stripping out. But, you can do pre-drilling for better safety.

Brand value

Popular brands in the market are always conscious of their customers. So, they provide better customer satisfaction over their profit. As a result, they ensure 100% working screws with accurate size and number. I prefer to go for popular brands. The list I have made above is the combination of popular brands. And, they provide outstanding customer service as well.


Although the price is not the thing to discuss, let me give you an idea about the best screws for wood fence. You will get 100pcs screw at 10-15$ without losing quality. If anything goes less or higher, then you can consider that inappropriate price. In the affordable range, it always remains bellow 10$, and best quality screw cost 15$ or less. Now you decide what is you seek.

Wood screw materials, drive types, and head types?

Carbon steel and brass are the most common materials for wood screws used indoors, while stainless steel is used outdoors. It is common to coat outdoor wood screws (by electroplating or galvanizing) to prevent corrosion and deterioration.

Deck screws are commonly coated with proprietary coatings developed by many manufacturers. In addition to coating screws with different finishes (e.g., bronze, nickel, or black oxide), screws can also be designed to be aesthetic or decorative.

Most wood screws have Phillips and slotted heads, but there are many other types, including hex heads, square heads, Torx/star heads, and Phillips square heads.

A wood screw’s head is usually either flat, round, or oval, but it can be of other shapes or sizes.

Flathead screw

The underside of flat head screws is conical in shape. A smooth surface is created when the wood screw sits flush with the workpiece.

Oval head screw

As with flathead screws, oval head screws have a conical underside, but their top protrudes from the surface a bit.

Roundhead screw

An underside of a round head screw is flat, while the top is domed and sits above the surface of the workpiece.

How do you determine the size of a wood screw and what do the screw numbers mean?

Wood screws are generally sized based on their gauge (or thickness/diameter) and length. If you’ve never encountered it before, a screw size number is a gauge, which may be confusing if length and diameter are measured in inches. In the table below, we’ve converted the screw size or gauge into the screw’s diameter in inches for your convenience.

Screw Size Closest Fractional Size Hard Wood Straight Pilot Bit Soft Wood Straight Pilot Bit
2 3/32″ 1/16″ 1/16″
3 7/64″ 5/64″ 1/16″
4 7/64″ 5/64″ 1/16″
5 1/8″ 3/32″ 5/64″
6 9/64″ 7/64″ 3/32″
7 5/32″ 7/64″ 3/32″
8 5/32″ 1/8″ 7/64″
9 11/64″ 9/64″ 1/8″
10 3/16″ 9/64″ 1/8″
12 7/32″ 5/32″ 9/64″
14 1/4″ 11/64″ 5/32″
16 17/64″ 3/16″ 11/64″
18 19/64″ 7/32″ 13/64″
20 5/16″ 15/64″ 7/32″


This column refers to the closest fractional diameter of the corresponding screw shaft when referring to screw size (or gauge). Both hard and soft woods are represented in the other two columns, which are designed to help you decide on the right drill bit for drilling the pilot hole for each screw size.

If you desire a stronger joint, longer wood screws are the way to go – but be careful not to go too far or they will break through the opposite side. The thickness of a screw also affects its strength, but too much thickness can split the screw. It’s important to consider the kind of wood you’re using as well as whether a pilot hole will be drilled prior to selecting wood screws.

Best Screws for Cedar Fence: FAQs

What kind of screws should I use for wood fence?

Different screws has defferent function on the application and use, meaning there is not one answer specific to your need. I think, deck screws are the best choice for wood fence. For instance, I would advise using treated decking screws when building a patio cover as these would still provide enough holding power.

Can you use screws for fence boards?

Screws are stronger than nails, and will work jgood as long as you change them to make sure there’s a small pour of wood to screws. Steel framing screws working well for this purpose because they slip into the raw wood much more easily than other types. They pull themselves in as they turn and don’t need pre-drilling like a standard type would need.

Does Aluminium react with cedar?

Aluminum is a metal that reacts with Cedar for moisture. Aluminum and cedar are both naturally hydrophilic (water-loving). When they can come into contact with one another, aluminum will react with the tannins and oils in cedar to create new materials, some of which will be water soluble.


Cedar fencing is the best popular house fence for beautification as well as better protection. But building a good fence is always rely on construction materials. In that case, I think this list of the best screw for cedar fence will help make the better joint between cedar woods. And acquire a beautiful and strong fence as the outcome. Experts have tested the wood fence screws I have talked about, and you can get any of them without any hesitation.