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The finest thing to use when drilling a plastering wall like this one is an appropriate screw.

The 8 Best Screws for Plaster Walls: Heavy Duty Anchors

Installing a screw or nail on wall especially on a plaster wall can be very confusing and tricky; you need to be careful about the damage. When you think of hanging something lightweight or heavyweight of your house plaster walls, then the first thing that comes to your mind is the screw to hang it perfectly. The sad thing is regular screws can’t install perfectly with plaster walls. You’ll need specific screws to keep something hanging on the plaster walls.

But nowadays, due to the different screws of different models in the market, many people are confused when looking for the perfect plaster wall screws. Our partners have used screws and different nails on a to start the process. We also made sure to ask around and gather information about the items that we tested.

That’s why we’ve shared a complete instruction and Information of the top 6 best screws for plaster walls in this article, where each of the screws has been selected by analyzing the durability, style, sizes, installation process, difference surface usability, and many more. So that you can easily select the screw of your choice, let’s get started.

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Top 8 Best Screws for Plaster Walls

1. The Hillman Group 385389  Screws and Anchors

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Introducing the hillman group walldog screw, which is perfect for hanging any lightweight items. So if you are finding an anchor screw that is great for hanging decorative shelves, hanging pictures, or other lightweight items, then it is an excellent pick for you.

Product Description


It is made of stainless steel with durable materials, which makes it much more durable than other regular screws, as well as it can carry up to 50 lbs in drywall, 95 lbs in plaster and brick, and 175 lbs in concrete. And other surfaces also have capabilities to carry maximum.


It can be easily installed on different surfaces in the regular screw installing process; especially, it is perfect for installation on plaster walls, drywall, concrete, metal studs, wood studs. Moreover, it is reusable; for installation on drywall and plaster, it doesn’t require pre-drilling.

Overall Impression

As it is a black finish and resistant, there is no chance of rust. Also, the multiple places usability, durability, and resistance features of the anchor screw have attracted us a lot. In a short time, it has gained hundreds and more positive feedback from consumers; overall it is the best screws for plaster walls.


  • Made with stainless steel
  • It doesn’t require pre-drilling
  • Great for use lightweight items
  • Multiple places usable
  • Easy to install


  • We didn’t found any critical things

Kristine Barr-Ouedraogo said

I should start by saying that I HATE those little plastic anchors that come with most screws. I am only rarely able to install them properly and I usually end up breaking the anchor and messing up the wall. I happened to be perusing Amazon (as I am often wont to do) and came across these little beauties. As soon as they arrived I went to the wall in question to hang a hook. The screw went in with ease and is as sturdy as I’ve ever seen. I now look forward to installing things around the house and my home improvement confidence is soaring!

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2. CONFAST Phillips Concrete Screw Anchor with Drill Bit

This blue screw is very durable and popular item on the market. The anchor of the screw is made for concrete, block and brick; so you can use it safely on most surfaces.

Product Description

Proper bit is included in each block which equals improved holding values and reduced cost. The product has a flat PHILIPS head so it can be driven with Phillips Screw Driver along with other tradition screw drivers. Taps threads directly into masonry and requires no other anchor. The sharp point makes it easier to drive the screw to save time.

The anchor requires a hole diameter of 5/32 inch and the diameter should be maintained before penetrating into any block. Try to keep a minimum distance of 3 inches from each screws, measure from center of one to another. Also, you should keep the anchor 4” from the edge of any surface for best practice.

Jake Kindred said

Used this to set up some wires for an antenna. I live on Gulf Coast and we oftentimes need to make sure stuff on our roofs is secure. This helping wire kit will keep my antenna from flying off and damaging other property if a storm got to it. Quality cable and accessories. Great price.

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3. Powers Fastening Innovation Light Duty Screw Box

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Are you looking for durable screws full box to hang lightweight, pretty things on your house plaster walls? Then Powers fastening innovation light-duty durable screw box may be the first choice for you; you’ll get five sets (100 per box) together within your budget.

Product Description


In terms of durability, the anchor screws of powers fastening innovation are always ahead. It is made of durable zinc and carbon steel sturdy materials, so there is no chance of rust. It is also suitable for use in any medium-level DIY project and home decoration.


For installing this anchor, you’ll need pre-drilling during installation. However, it will allow you to hang medium-weight items on plaster walls. It is perfect for installing plaster walls, brick, wallboard, plywood, and many more.

Overall Impression

Powers fastening innovation is a complete light-duty anchor set for a large project. It is widely usable and perfect for almost all kinds of decorating products hanging on plaster walls. And it is also remarkable in terms of durability.


  • Made of durable zinc and carbon steel materials
  • Complete screws box for large projects
  • Smooth and entry clean
  • Great for plaster walls


  • Pre-drilling required

Dj Tommy B wrote

Wall Dogs rule!! I LOVE not having to mess with anchors when I’m hanging something in drywall. The flat head is nice too where you want something discrete.

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4. Hillman Group 42073 WALLDOG Screw & Anchor in One Contractor Kit

Do you miss hanging painting on your wall due to your fear of damaging it with an screw that is not suitable for it. Well, we have found the best screw for hanging paints and low-weight products on the wall, Hillman Group 42073 WALLDOG Screw & Anchor.

Product Description

The product comes in one contractor kit; that has 82 screws and anchors of different sizes in one pack. It is ideal for hanging pictures, decorative shelves, and a variety of other light weight items. These screws are very surface friendly; they drive properly into drywall, plaster, wood studs, metal studs, brick and concrete

The screws are very durable in nature too. They can hold up to 50 lbs. (1/2-Inch drywall), 175 lbs. (4000 psi concrete), 95 lbs. (brick). the variants of this anchors are in chrome and white finishes

Frank B. stated

The absolute best solution to hanging something in drywall. No more playing around with Mollies, Anchors or Butterfly Nuts. Works perfectly in any drywall, holds plenty of weight. Just remember not to over tighten, and you’ll be hanging shelves and frames in no time!

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5. Glarks Heavy Duty Screws for Plaster Walls

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Are you looking for a set of heavy-duty anchor screws for your sturdy work? Then the durable screws from Glarks with sturdy structures are a perfect choice for you. It is multiple locations usable, as well as amazing load capacity.

Product Description


Glarks wall anchor screws built with durable carbon steel with zinc plated, which provides strong support and durability. As a result, there is no chance to break installation time. It is also rust and corrosion resistant, so there is no fear of rust if left in the same condition for a long time.


Its installation process is very simple; first, drill a hole in the diameter of the screw. Then insert the anchor screw in the hole, then connect the head of the screw with any tool and pull it outwards; this will expand the anchor on the wall, which will provide strong bearing capacity and can carry most items.

Function and Use

One of the great advantages of Glarks is that it is a widely usable anchor screw; you can use it in plaster, tile, drywall, hollow block, hanging curtain rods, coat racks, and many more.


  • Great for hanging heavy duty items
  • Widely usable anchor screw
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Made with durable carbon steel with zinc plated


  • It needs a screw installation tool.

Tektron conveyed

This is not a new type of anchor but one that has been around for years. It has a good reputation for its ability to secure heavy objects to drywall but I have always had twisting issues when installing the anchor by turning the supplied bolt clockwise to “set” the anchor. This time I bought the suggested Anndason Metal Setting Tool and it made all the difference. I use the tool to pull the anchor arms into place (behind the drywall) and finish up by tightening up the bolt until the anchor flange begins to press into the wall board. With this technique I am able to secure the anchor firmly in place and I have confidence that whatever I attach to my wall is secure. An 11/32″ drill bit is about the right size for the hole.

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6. HangDone Wall Anchor Screw Kit

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Hangdone wall screw is an excellent pick for hanging lightweight things, including your bathroom, kitchen, picture frames, light fixture. It has four sizes of anchor screw which has been specially designed for general application.

Product Description


It is designed with a combination of stainless steel and other durable materials, making it much more secure to hang lightweight items. It is also corrosion-resistant, and its wall plugs are made of durable plastic materials, which provide extra support and higher fastening.

Keep in mind; it’s not perfect for hanging weight things like television.

Various Surfaces

One of the best features of Hangdone is that it has four different sizes of anchors and screws that you can use on different surfaces depending on the size. It is an excellent plaster, plasterboard wall plugs, and screws for wide-range use, including plaster walls, concrete, brick and many more.


Its installation process is super easy like our other picks; before installing the plaster hook, you need to drilling plasterboard, then put the anchor into plaster wall, attach the screw to the head of the screwdriver and tighten the anchor. You can also install it on drywall if you want, but you can’t hang heavy-duty items on these drywall screw anchors.


  • Great for hang bathroom or kitchen objects
  • Rust and corrosion resistance
  • Variety Sizes screws
  • Easy to installing


  • None

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7. The Hillman Group Cabinet Mounting Screw

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Another Hillman group screw for those looking for heavy-duty screws for home decoration work or another purpose. It is perfect for hanging medium, lightweight items if you want.

Product Description


The Hillman Group screw is built with zinc and durable, resistant materials, which makes it highly durable and provides strong support. There is no chance of a break during installation. It can easily hold up to 250 lbs.


These plasterboard wall anchors screws are much easier to install than other regular anchor screws. Besides, it is excellent for wide use, including drywall, wood studs, concrete, brick, plaster walls and many more. The great advantage of using it is that you can remove it from one place if you want later and use it in another place.

Overall impression

The Hillman Group 276252 is one of the best anchor for plaster walls that you can use for hanging heavy-duty things like cabinet mounting.


  • 25 screws in each package
  • It is perfect for hanging medium items.
  • Great for cabinet mounting
  • It can hold up to 250 lbs.
  • Excellent for widely use and reusable


  • None

chip sciarra conveyed

I’ve used these in several places now and they are markedly better than plastic or lead anchor systems. just used some the other day to screw 2 by 4’s to a concrete slab. In the past I’ve used them to hold fixtures to block walls and hang a hose reel to a block wall. Nun of them have come loose yet or broken. Not intended to do the job of larger lag bolt duty, but work great for the light duty jobs.

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8. HELIFOUNDER Plaster Wall Anchor Screw Set

[amazon fields=”B07HN4DQNF” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

HELIFOUNDER plaster wall anchor screw set perfect for those who want screws of different sizes together within the budget. Here you will find a total of 48 pieces of durable anchor screws of 6 different sizes that you can use to maintain accuracy in a variety of work areas.

Product Description


It is designed in combination with zinc-plated steel with other different resistant, durable materials. That’s why it’s relatively durable enough to provide strong bearing capacity compared to other regular molly bolts.


To install it, you need to pre-drilling because there are screws of different diameters, so you can drill a hole in the correct diameter according to your needs, then insert the anchor screw into the hole.

Hold the head of the screw with the help of any tool and pull it outwards. It will easily expand the anchor inside. Then you remove the screw, insert the screw again according to the size of your fixture and tighten.

Function of Use

Helifounder durable anchor screw is widely usable; you can use it in plaster and hanging curtain rods, coat racks, drywall, tile, hollow block, and many more.


  • 48 pieces anchor screws with 6 different sizes
  • Made with durable zinc-plated steel
  • Excellent for widely use
  • Budgets friendly
  • Easy to install


  • Maybe their user manuals direction is wrong
  • It needs a screw installation tool.

Fred L. Curry conveyed

Nice selection of well-made anchors. Better to buy than singly. Handy to have also.

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Things to Consider for Buying Screws for Plaster Walls

Best Screws for Plaster Walls


You must consider a few more things to be one step ahead of others in choosing the wall screw. Below we shortly give some essential things that you must keep in mind before buying the best screw for plaster walls.


The first thing to consider when choosing a screw for a wall is durability. Different screws are made of different materials, but the maximum durable anchor screws are made of zinc-plated steel to have maximum hanging capabilities and do not break during installation.


Size is another important part, the need for different size screws in different work areas. So in case of buying a screw, select the screw of that diameter according to your need.


Usually, there are different types of screws available such as anchor screws, screws with wall plug, molly bolt screws and many more, so first, you have to decide what kind of screw you want. However, anchor screws are most popular for plaster walls, but even then, we have selected different types of screws in our list so that you can choose the perfect screw with your work.


Different types of screw installation processes are different; that’s why to keep in mind before purchasing the screw installation process is easy or hard. The easy installing process allows you to install perfectly without damage.

Multiple Surface Usability

It is another essential part; see your chosen anchor screw reusable and perfect for multiple surfaces or not? Because multiple surfaces usable screws are much more durable and resistant than regular screws. You can also use plaster and plaster walls as well as other surfaces later.

Best Screws for Plaster Walls: FAQs

What anchors to use in plaster walls?

Molly bolt and zinc plated anchor screws are the best anchor for plaster walls. However, in the field of choosing a screw, you must keep in mind whether the screw is long enough for your walls.

How much weight can a screw-in plaster hold?

Metal screws usually support plaster and drywall to carry heavy loads of 25 to 50 pounds or more. On the other hand, the plastic version screw can hold up to 10 to 25 pounds.

Do toggle bolts work on plaster walls?

Metal toggle bolts are perfect for taking heavy loads on plaster walls. However, if you are looking to hang medium and lightweight items, it is best not to use toggle bolts. Its installation process is a bit tricky for beginners.

What drill bit should I use for plaster?

In drilling with a regular drill bit, there is a chance of breaking masonry walls behind the plaster walls. So carbide drill is perfect for plaster.


You already know that hanging anything on plaster walls is very challenging; in this case, if you cannot choose the suitable screws, then the regular screw will not be able to hang the weight properly, there is a chance of an accident.

Here, have tried to suggest plaster screws of different sizes and different styles that we have tested ourselves so that you can easily find the best screws for plaster walls. I hope this article has helped you a lot to find the perfect screws for your plaster walls.