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Sherwin Williams paint is recommended for cabinets when designing a living space like the one in this image.

Best Sherwin Williams Paint for Cabinets: Top 7 Picks

You can use colors to make the interior or exterior of a house more aesthetically pleasing. But in this case, you have to choose some of the best quality paint as it will only make your home look beautiful. Many times people are deceived because most of them are not experts in this matter. So, we prepared a detailed walkthrough so that you would be able to fully understand an inexperienced person it will be more beneficial. Considering these factors, we have collected some good quality paints available in the market and verified them by our experts.

And as such we have highlighted the seven best quality paints available in the market that will give you complete confidence. However, the paint on the walls isn’t the main variable to consider.

You can’t involve normal paint on them as you’ll need to clean them more regularly. In this way, strength isn’t just an unsettling factor here. In any case, I’ve sorted out probably the best Sherwin Williams paint for cupboards. We tried to go as detailed as possible, with our user experience and some helps from our friends.

So, without stretching it any further here’s the main scoop-

Our 5 Favorite Sherwin Williams Paint for Cabinets

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7 Best Sherwin Williams Paint for Cabinets

1. Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One, Semi-Gloss, Agreeable Gray

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While certain individuals accept gray as a variety excessively cool, they dislike that. It’ll offer your cupboards an intense and solid assertion. The emotional look it makes can be the ideal variety plot you’ve practically forever cared about. They say gray is the new nonpartisan of varieties, and the Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One, Semi-Gloss, Agreeable Gray demonstrates that constantly. Prestige Paints has made an equivalent variety in light of the various particulars of the first variety utilizing industry-driving innovation.


Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer Agreeable Gray is a high-quality durable paint that is firmly stuck on the surface. It also provides modern and sophisticated shade with high performance. This paint come up with low VOC technology that ensures odor-free painting all the time. Besides, the washing procedure is quite easy to apply, if you have faced any dirt on your paint you just wash this in a simplistic way. Considering all these issues, our professional team highly suggested this paint to the customer.


  • The shipping ring is a bit difficult to open. So it is recommended to be a little careful while using.


Gray being a nonpartisan tone, this paint will give you greatest flexibility. You could coordinate it up with a portion of the other lighter tones to start the ideal tranquil climate. Or on the other hand you could flavor things up with a lively variety like yellow or orange. This will make a cutting edge and complex energy. That being said, this Low VOC sturdy paint makes certain to fulfill your work of art needs. What’s more, the semi-shine paint is a 2-in-1, meaning the groundwork is as of now blended into the paint. Regardless of being a marginally more obscure tone, it will require different coatings. Other than that, this excellent Agreeable Gray shade will ooze refinement from each angle.

Luis M. says

“We did not want to spend $80+ at a local store for a gallon of paint, so we decided to try this paint from Amazon. It goes on very smooth, super easy to clean up any smudges, dries evenly and is low-odor. We liked this particular one so much that we bought two more gallons of different colors for two other rooms. (So far, we have gotten one of the rooms done, and the review is the same — we are equally pleased with that color as well). We did not try a sample of the paint this one is supposed to color match with, so I can’t give a fair comparison on that aspect. We are very pleased with the color, though, and it is exactly like we thought it would be. There were some reviews that the can was hard to open the first time, but we did not have a problem; the company sent a can opener in the box.”

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2. Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One, Semi-Gloss, White Iris

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One of my number one shades for cabinets is the Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One, Semi-Gloss, and White Iris. White kitchen cupboards will stand apart paying little mind to what time we’re living in. It can change a space with huge numbers of styles, procuring the tag of ‘everlastingly immortal’. What’s more, it can give your old cupboards another look and a new look. Nonetheless, you ought to remember that the White Iris isn’t the very cool white certain individuals like. It’ll give out a decent feeling. However, that is OK as the paint dries somewhat quicker and the final product is totally shocking.


Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer White Iris is a paint that can dry in a short period of time. Its cool shade of white gives out a calm look so that you can get a special tone with attractiveness. Apart from this, this paint concocts low VOC innovation that guarantees smell-free composition constantly. During the period of testing, we have got a superb performance from this.


  • The container might be not the easiest to open, be calm while opening.


Put cabinets under the appropriate lighting and you’ll understand how incredible it looks. In any case, one thing I’ve generally confronted with lighter tones is that one coat is rarely enough. What’s more, that is no different for this composition. You want to go through 2-3 coats to get the tone right. However, that is the very thing that makes it ideal for cupboards. At the point when matched nonpartisan hued walls, white-shaded cupboards could look a piece dull. Yet, you don’t need to stress over that when it has a connotation.

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3. Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One, Semi-Gloss, Extra White

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The fascinating reality is there are many various conceals from just white. In this way, don’t stress they’re not something similar. Despite the fact that they’re both white, these two are very unique when you take a gander at them intently. The Extra White shade offers a hotter shade of white, giving the space a warm and inviting look. Generally, there’s no protest about the nature of the paint. Other than the way that you’ll need to put on more than one coat, the nature of this paint is extraordinary. In any case, ensure you understand what kind of white you’re getting into and you’ll be fine. Prior to painting the surface needs to be cleaned with detergent to remove dirt and grease and other contaminants.


Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer Extra White is high-quality paint that is very durable and long-lasting. When you want to apply this on your wall you just apply it without getting any hassle. Because the manufacturers produced it with easy apply capability. So it can be said that this type of paint is effective for your walls and protects the walls for a long time.


  • Requires multiple coats so that it can be attached firmly.


The vast majority think white paints are the least demanding to preclude while you’re browsing a couple. However, in all actuality, that is unique. Since you could see one shade in the example however it ended up being something else when you wrapped up painting the cupboards. The most disturbing element here is the hints. Contingent upon what kind of lighting it has, the look could get changed. What’s more, this one will offer a cutting-edge and oversimplified look. From the name, you can figure out the feeling that being a brilliant color is going. While you’re equipping towards getting a complex look, there’s no correlation with white.

Lewis says

“Paint was easy to use covered good though I did use1 coat of Kiltz prime first cause of heavy stains. But this covered nicely will buy again and I recommend for any one looking to paint there walls or ceilings.”

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4. Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One, Semi-Gloss, Tame Teal 

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Cool tints like the Tame Teal can give your cupboards an invigorating look. In the event that lighter varieties like white are not your favorite, this could be your best approach. The quiet climate it’ll offer will encourage you each time you check those cupboards out. In any case, you ought to remember that cool tones should be coordinated with inverse tones. For instance, assuming that you paint your cupboards with a teal color, you ought to make a few differentiation for certain dull and rich tones. What I’d do is the place in some earthy colored variety to a great extent. What’s more, on the off chance that you as of now didn’t realize brown remains closely connected with conceals like blue and green.


Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer Tame Teal is come up with an easy cleanup formula that ensures the flexibility of the customer. Among other paints, it is a little late to dry, around 4 hours needed to be dried. This paint also provides a calm and refreshing look to the customer so that they can be happy all the time. Using this color for sure will keep you fresh and vibrant for a long time.


  • One coat isn’t enough so you need multiple coats prior to applying.


It has made a tantamount variety in view of the various particulars of the first variety utilizing industry-driving innovation. As I’ve previously referenced, the Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One is not difficult to apply paint. Regardless of whether your cupboards have a smooth surface, the paint will stick well. In spite of the fact that you probably won’t get the ideal tone with one coat. Furthermore, that is effectively feasible. Just trust that 4 hours will give the paint an opportunity to dry and afterward you can reapply one more layer of coat.

Maxatawny Mike says

“Ordering it with my preferred color was easy and it arrived fast in a plastic container with secured lid in well designed box to accept drops and kicks. A paint stir is included as they say. It goes on just as smooth as the best paint brands in the hardware stores and not so thick that you need to add water. It is a one coater with a better quality roller. Edging needs a seconds coat as any paint would when using a brush. I painted on new drywall and imperfections and light swirls erased. I used a second coat where sun shines directly in the room and there was no difference compared to the first coat visually. I bought 6 cans of this and each were identical; so no more spot testing. No waiting in line and having to deal with miserable people, no more more 5 gallon drums to drag up stairs. I washed out the empty plastic containers and am putting more stored paints that are in cans into them; as the cans all seem to eventually rust and ruin the touch up leftovers. I have to give this a top rating because it works as well as described and is highly under rated.”

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5. Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One, Satin, Real Red

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Strangely, red is additionally the best tone to animate your hunger. This is likewise the justification for why you see red in numerous eateries. I realize many individuals take red for extraordinary variety, however with regards to cupboards it can do ponders. How about we invite one of the most brilliant and most soaked variety paints from this rundown, the Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One, Satin, Real Red. This tone can change the vibe of your kitchen or room into a conventional look yet additionally keep it relaxed. On top of that, Satin finish paints are probably the most commonly used finish on both interior surfaces.


Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer Real Red is a long-lasting paint that keeps you relaxed for many years. This paint also delivers the exact right and accurate color tone and the quality of color is very attractive as well. Though it has a smell the intensity of the smell is not strong as you can be used to it. Considering all these phenomena you may use this awesome performer paint for your home literally.


  • In terms of quality, the price is a bit expensive.


This paint makes it considerably simpler to finish any painting project work. It’s a two-in-one combo, so you just need to accomplish a portion of the work. At the point when it’s dried following a couple of hours, you’ll feel the inviting and welcoming energy of this paint tone. It can in a flash perk up the desolate look of a space. Assume you have an impartial-looking kitchen with white walls or another nonpartisan tone. Acquire this paint and it’ll zest things up quickly. That being said, the use of this paint couldn’t get more straightforward. In any case, the primary concern is sturdy paint will keep going for quite a while. Above all, you can wash it, meaning it will not get grimy without any problem.

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6. Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One, Eggshell, Plum Dandy

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After the Real Red, the Plum Dandy tone is one of my number one profound tones for cupboards. The rich and dim tone will increase the warm shade of dim wood. This will eventually bring about a formal and impressive search for the whole kitchen. Like the Real Red, this will draw out the variety without making it excessively extraordinary. Individuals who get overpowered by light tones could undoubtedly go for one of these hazier tones to make the ideal lavish look. Generally, there’s no question about the paint’s quality and its variety of precision. The eggshell look will look dignified with one single coat. There’s dependably the choice to add a subsequent coat if you have any desire to make it all the more even. However, Prestige Paints works with industry pioneers in paint tone to match the variety on this page in light of the various details of the first to make a practically identical variety.


Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer Plum Dandy is a stately color that also matches Sherwin Williams. This paint brings out the luxury of spacious rooms so that you can feel cozy and charming. To apply this paint you don’t need multiple coats, just applying it with a single coat is sufficient. Such easy to use facility make you comfortable to apply on the surface which is also convenient all the time.


  • The color might be a bit too dark but looks absolutely marvelous.


You need to remember that dark-colored cabinets likely won’t work out positively for light-shaded walls. In the event that you’re anticipating getting your walls hazier or on the other hand in the event that it’s now dim, let it all out. If not, you probably won’t really care for the look. This variety mix can truly draw out the lavish air of the room and it won’t stray from the conventional look it has. Also, once more, I’ll need to caution you to avoid dull varieties assuming that the space you will paint is generally little. Giving it a hazier variety will make it significantly more confined than previously.

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7. Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One, Semi-Gloss, Fun Yellow

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We have A great time with Fun Yellow tone with a semi-gloss finish. Many individuals love the delightful way warm varieties draw out a whimsical welcoming person to a room. Like the warm sensation of daylight, the tomfoolery yellow variety will be consoling, yet it’ll perk up your room. In addition, it’ll be awesome assuming you end up having white walls. The spotless and warm look will make it a treat for your eyes. Other than that, lighter tones are generally ideal for kitchen cupboards or little spaces as they can make them look greater. The drawback to a gloss finish is that it shows pretty much every blemish on a wall or roof. Prestige paints utilize exclusive base paints and colors to make and match tones. Prestige Paints works with industry pioneers in paint tone to match the variety on this page in view of the variety determinations of the first to make a practically identical variety.


Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer Fun Yellow is a durable paint that is famous for its sturdiness. During the period of application, it blends in nicely which will provide a warm tone color entirely. Manufacturers also produced this paint with low VOC technology in-built that keeps you feel free from any punchy odor. So this reason, if you like to paint any yellowish shade you can obviously pick this product.


  • The color might be a little too saturated for some people.


It’s not just for the exterior of your cupboards. You could utilize it as a backsplash material, meaning you can involve it in the inner parts of your cupboards too. What I’d do is take the Extra White tone for the exterior and put the Fun Yellow on the inner parts. That will be the ideal blend. Other than that, the nature of the paint is adequate. It doesn’t break off following a couple of months or any such thing. In particular, it gets a decent mix with cupboards that are known to have lopsided paint occupations.

VI says

“I really like this paint. It’s got a good texture and goes on easily. The color “fun yellow” ended up being more intense than I had originally wanted. It’s a neon yellow which wasn’t what I was going for initially. However it has grown on me and I appreciate the bold color.”

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Best Sherwin Williams Paint for Cabinets Buying Guide 

best sherwin williams paint for cabinets


At the point when it’s about inside paint, all the more explicitly bureau paint, variety is the greatest element. It’s not exactly about picking the variety, there are the shades as you’ve previously seen. In layman’s terms, essentially sorting out white won’t finish the work. A few makers give out examples or sell a smallish variety of chips so you can sort out which conceal you need. In addition, in the event that you’re not finding the right shade, you can make your own custom shade from your neighborhood paint shop. Regardless of whether it is more than a little flawed, you can continuously do some tweaking to improve it. Other than that, there are various house test system applications you’ll view on the web. Utilize a portion of those to see which shade works better. Furthermore, there’s the situation of picking the ideal blend. I’ve proactively told a large portion of the insights regarding which tones go better together. In any case, you can continuously do some more examinations.


After you pick the variety, there’s the completion. By and large, you’ll find 3 fundamental sorts of finish available. You can sort out how they’ll look from their names.

Flat Paint

Flat paint otherwise called matte completions is getting increasingly more famous consistently. Yet, it’s not great for each surface. For instance, it isn’t so perfect for cupboards as they need regular cleaning. Other than that, it’s additionally the least expensive paint accessible available. Except if you’re on a strict financial plan I’d encourage you to adhere to low-brilliance or lustrous completions.

Low-luster(Satin and Eggshell)

Low-luster paints are in the center with regard to the sturdiness of the paint. These won’t focus as much light as level paints, giving them a more flexible completion. What’s more, these paints are a lot simpler to clean. Most producers these days make launderable paints. Whether it’s for your cupboards or walls, low-gloss paints are perfect. In spite of the fact that assuming you need a more matte rendition, go for eggshell wraps up. Silk isn’t that matte as you can figure from the name.


At long last, there’s the glossy finish. A great deal of the paints on this rundown is semi-gloss. This implies they keep up with generally an equilibrium. Let’s get real here for a minute, I could do without my paints mirroring every one of the lights they get. In addition, semi-shine paints are ideal for high-mugginess spaces like kitchens or washrooms where there are cupboards.


Producers frequently add added additives to upgrade the general nature of the paint. For cupboards, they add acrylic to oil-based paints. As they have a propensity of getting yellow, acrylic tackles that issue.

7 products comparison

Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer Agreeable Gray and Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer White Iris are the best in quality but the containers are quite strong to open. If you need single-coat paints you can pick Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer Extra White and Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer Tame Teal. Besides, if you have no problem with the price you can select Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer Real Red. Sometimes, a few consumers need to buy dark paints because they are attracted by this. Then you can consider Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer Plum Dandy and Prestige Paint Interior Paint and Primer Fun Yellow. We want to make sure that if you choose any of these paints, you will be relaxed for a long time.


What paint is best for cabinets?

Semigloss, low-luster(satin or eggshell) paints are awesome for cupboards. The numerical here is straightforward. The harder the paint gets, the better solidness it’ll have. Staying away from matte completion paints will make cleaning a lot simpler for you.

What paint does Joanna Gaines use on cabinets?

Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Trim and Cabinetry Interior Semi-Gloss. On the off chance that you go to the Magnolia shop, you’ll view the “Superior Interior Paint Colors” segment where you select from 150 hand-chose conceals.

What is the most popular Sherwin Williams Color?

The Agreeable Gray [SW 7029] is the most famous Sherwin Williams variety on the lookout. With a decent blend of dark and beige, it settles on what you could decide “greige”. Furthermore, there’s no big surprise it figured out how to get the principal position on this rundown.

Is there a difference between cabinet paint and regular paint?

Cabinet paints are a lot better than normal paints. Aside from having expanded toughness and simple cleanups, they have scratch-safe ascribes. Customary paints aren’t as anywhere near sturdy and they cost considerably less.


All in all, you can choose the best paint with the knowledge we have given here and you will definitely benefit from using it accordingly. we’d say don’t decide on anything modest with regards to cabinets. You’ll make some intense memories cleaning them and in particular, those won’t keep going for a really long time. Pick the best Sherwin Williams paint for cupboards and you’ll be ok for a long time to come. What’s more, remember to remark down beneath which conceal you preferred the most. If you follow all these things thoroughly then there will be no obstacle to collecting good quality Sherwin Williams paint.