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You can achieve luxury comfort on a tight budget with a sleeper couch that costs less than $500, and it's simple to arrange one like this.

The 7 Best Sleeper Sofa Under 500: for Everyday Use

We all want to feel comfortable with our furniture which also changes the room ambiance to an attractive look. But sometimes, we probably fail to pick a perfect one and we became afraid to choose. So we are here to solve your issues with the help of our experts who have been working in this industry for decades. We have selected the market’s top-quality sleeper sofa and then tested them properly. After that, we offer this guideline for those products that performed very well.

Having an additional room is mind-blowing, yet it may not generally be astonishing for little space darlings. You can undoubtedly change over the best sleeper sofa into the primary sofa to bed. This opens up your little room from additional furnishings. However, unfortunately, the best convertible sectional couches are not in everybody’s financial plan. That is the reason a significant number of us are looking for the best resting sofa under $500, $300, a spending plan well disposed of dozing sofa, or a lot more things on the web and available. Yet, you will see that generally speaking, low-evaluated resting sofas are exceptionally modest quality and don’t keep going long.

Fundamentally, taking into account this large number of viewpoints, we have collected this best sleeper couch under the 500. Where we have chosen half and standard-size convertible lounge chairs, sovereign convertible couches, or the most reasonable convertible couch bed of various textures and varieties at reasonable costs, we are trying to assist you with finding the best sleeper sofa in your spending plan. Hope this will be an impactful thought so that you can select a perfect sofa of your own.

Different Types of Sleeper Sofas

There are many types of sleeper sofas that exist in the market. But the main issue is that we can’t pick the perfect one that can fulfill our actual demand. For this, we have shared some basic differences between sofas that might help you to pick your desired product.

Modern Sleeper Sofa

Present-day Modern sofas are multi-useful and are appropriate for any space. Additionally, the contemporary sleeper couch is the best choice to intrigue your visitors. These sofas are exceptionally appealing concerning look and extendable, so you can undoubtedly change the couch over completely to a bed. Likewise, extra capacity and agreeableness made it not quite the same as others.

Converta Sofa

On the off chance that you are searching for a sleeper couch inside a financial plan, a changed converta sofa is an ideal choice for you. Convert couches have double flexible backs, which assist you with involving them in a flexible manner. This couch likewise has sound Bluetooth, a USB port, and other exceptional highlights. As well as effortlessly fit into any little space.


A futon is a level sleeping pad with a texture outside loaded down with cotton, fleece, or engineered batting that makes up a Japanese bed. Futons are exemplary plan sleeper couches with bedding, texture, and edge that seem to be standard couches. These are quite agreeable and come at a financial plan accommodating value; that is the reason anybody can buy this.

7 Best Sleeper Sofa Under 500 Guide

1. Vonanda Multi Functional Sofa Bed

Vonanda Sofa Bed, Convertible Chair 4 in 1 Multi-Function Folding Ottoman Modern Breathable Linen Guest Bed with Adjustable Sleeper for Small Room Apartment,Denim Blue

Vonanda Sofa Bed is suitable for small spaces room and you don’t need to assemble this. This sleeper sofa has five levels of adjustable backrest design with a high-density sponge made it more comfortable. Besides, the in-built high-quality fabric enhances the beauty of the room that ensures comfort as well. So considering all these aspects it could be a great choice for multiple purposes.

  • In terms of quality, the price is a little expensive.

Its convertible design makes you feel cozy all the time that made with high-quality metal materials. Vonanda Sofa Beds withstand is come up with up to 400 lbs and you will get great customer support for three years. The convertible sofa bed can be utilized as a stool in typical. It tends to be effectively and immediately changed over into a couch, lounger, or a bed to meet your different and flexible necessities and never again stress over unexpected visitors.


An incredible part of the Vonada multi-functional sofa seat is its fabricated quality; practically most buyers are happy with this. This is built of a durable metal casing that is fit for conveying up to 375 lbs weight. Moreover, its excellent texture has likewise made it simpler to spotless and expanded agreeableness. To make the gathering simpler and sans dust, a magnet has been fitted to the couch bed corner; it assists with joining the texture without any problem. Vonanda has utilized a high-thickness wipe in their couch bed to give more solace with the goal that you feel helpful while resting.

Randomly Myself says

“Okay.. so I bought a small 2 bedroom house for me and my 2 teenagers. They are a boy and a girl so they each get one of the 2 rooms. This is my 3rd bed at the start of our 3rd year living here. The last one was a sofa bed… my son accidentally broke its bed frame beyond repair.. sooo now it’s only a sofa. It is a lovely leather sofa.. and I really didn’t want to start over and go spend another 3k on one similar and I don’t have that kind of disposable income either since covid. I ordered this 2 days ago and it promptly arrived this morning first thing.. even before I finished my first cup of coffee. It was packaged intentionally well for its protection in transport. That was very obvious as I opened the box. All I needed to do was slide the box off… unwrap the soft fibers they used to keep it safe and VOILA!!! I’m rather impressed. I haven’t spent a night or a nap on it yet.. though, that may happen this afternoon. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars for comfort only because it’s really firm. I’m excited about this new bed/ottoman.. I feel I’ve made a solid investment here. The quality is there.”

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2. Mdeam Multi-Functional Folding Ottoman Bed

Mdeam Sleeper Chair Bed Sofa Bed 4 in 1 Multi-Function Folding Ottoman Bed with Adjustable Backrest for Small Apartment/Living Room,No Installation(Dark Gray)

This is another adaptable sleeper couch bed, which you can undoubtedly use as a footstool, couch, couch bed, and lounger as the need might arise. One of the most helpful benefits of Mdeam’s multi-practical sofa is its most elevated weight limit, which is around 450 lbs. This is a reasonable couch and bed determination for anybody. You can use it directly without installation and the sturdiness of this sofa keeps you in balance all the time.


Mdeam Sleeper Chair Bed Sofa is a multi-functional designed sofa bed that can easily fit your small spaces. After taking this awesome sofa you don’t need to assemble it, you just place it where you want to put it. Apart from this, this sofa is made with an all-metal frame design that ensures complete durability. So all these features give you a great choice of entire satisfaction.

  • It would have been better if the fabrics were a little stronger.

Mdeam Sleeper Chair Bed Sofa is made with high-quality fabric which is breathable and comes up with easy-to-clean technology. The maximum weight capacity of this sofa is up to 450 lbs. Apart from this, to set up this sleeper sofa you will get five levels of the adjustable backrest for maintaining your desired height.


Mdeam couch bed is developed of high strength and higher opposition metal steel outline. So you can without hesitation use it for a long time. Fundamentally, there is no absence of beauty. Since it is planned in light of the current design, so you can involve it in any room. Most clients imagine that couch bed get-together is a ton of problem, so they have been created with the gathering free. You will be glad to realize that its 5 levels customizable backrest and high-thickness wipe have furnished it with extraordinary ease. Taking into account general quality, sturdiness, and agreeableness, this is the best sleeper couch under 500.

1timelessbeauty says

“I wanted an extra bed in my mom’s room for the caregiver and this was the perfect choice. It shipped faster than expected and no assembly was needed. It’s wider than I expected and really comfortable with a 3” memory foam topper. I used a full size sheet and comforter. Great buy!”

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3. ORDD Convertible Sofa Bed with Bluetooth Speaker

Convertible Futon Sofa Bed with Bluetooth Speaker, Modern Linen Upholstered Sleeper Loveseat Couch Home Furniture with Adjustable Backrest and 2 Pillows for Living Room, Bedroom, Office (Grey)

ORDD is an altogether unique couch bed than our different choices; every one of the extraordinary highlights has been given more significance in planning it. One of the most outstanding benefits of this is the customizable backrest of 3 points, which gives your ideal point in the field of unwinding. Likewise, a higher thickness wipe gave better ease. You should use it from the brand shop before you can own it. Be that as it may, there is not a glaringly obvious explanation to stress since you will get a total establishment walkthrough with it, which will make your establishment interaction more reasonable.


A convertible Futon Sofa Bed with Bluetooth Speaker is easily capable of carrying 600 pounds. This sofa also comes with a dynamic Bluetooth speaker with unique enhanced bass. You can enjoy music whenever you want with a great ecosystem. Apart from this, the installation process of this sofa is quite easy for beginners. After testing this sofa our expert team suggests to us that it is one of the best sofa beds indeed.

  • If the price decreased a little, the customer demand would increase.

A convertible Futon Sofa Bed with Bluetooth Speaker comes with a strong wood frame and 6 solid wood legs. Three different adjustable positions backrest for great comfort so that the customer feels great during the usage. Besides, the fabric is made of unique fine linen that indicates its comfortable design is built. All these factors will be a great combination to picking this multifunctional sofa.


Assuming you take a look at the sturdiness of the ORDD couch bed, you can see that it is made of a strong wood outline, which is of exceptionally high strength; it has six strong wood legs equipped for conveying weight up to 600 lbs. By and large, couch legs can make a ton of harm to the costly floor, which isn’t attractive. For this situation, cushions have been utilized on the legs to safeguard your costly floor, which additionally keeps your floor protected. Additionally, for higher agreeableness, the wood outlines are wrapped with a tough cloth texture and steady froth. A remarkable element of the couch bed is the double superior presentation Bluetooth Stereo Speaker; its extraordinary bass will add another aspect to your relaxation. No battery is expected to play the Bluetooth speaker; you can undoubtedly play by associating the power.

Karla says

“This is the perfect sofa for my office when I want to take a rest. It’s elegant and doesn’t take too much space from the area. The Bluetooth capability gives it an extra touch of luxury. i also like the size of the seat per se, they’re very comfortable.”

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4. Vonanda Ottoman Folding Chair Bed

Vonanda Ottoman Folding Chair Bed, Modern Velvet Sleeper Sofa Multi-Position Convertible Couch Lounger Guest Bed with Pillow for Small Space, Velvet Gray

A sleeper sofa can be utilized as an ottoman in the ordinary. It can without much of a stretch be changed into a couch seat, chaise longue, or bed. Here is one more determination from Vonanda, however, it is basically the same as our past choice yet altogether different. It has involved a strong metal casing in the development, which is rust erosion safe and has higher strength. The BAS foot cushion has been utilized in it; that is the reason these edges don’t harm your floor as well as slip-safe. Besides, the dazzling velvet is joined with its exceptional feeling of gleam and Elegance for an unbelievable delicate to-contact feel and choice surface in your home enrichment.


Vonanda Ottoman Folding Chair Bed is durable, environment friendly and low formaldehyde. This sofa is a great thing for small apartment and it fits there properly. It is also skin friendly and comfortable that impress its soft texture. Besides, this sofa is capable of withstanding with 600 pounds. So this sofa is one of the best sofas in terms of quality.

  • The support u-bar-shaped legs that unfold in the bed position do not lock in or have crosspieces.

If you select Vonanda Ottoman Folding Chair Bed you don’t need to worry about assembling. It can convert easily in just four simple steps. Apart from this, this sofa has some advanced features which are as follows antiseptic mildew, water, oil, dust, and dirt resistance. With this great chair bed, you will get three months free trial and 3 years long warranty. So there is no chance of any kind of problem after the purchase.


There is no other higher ease for incredible dozing and relaxation. In light of this, Vonanda has planned their couch with high-thickness tufted velvet froth, which simultaneously outfits higher ease and soundness. Thus, you can without much of a stretch change a Vonanda convertible couch into a couch seat, chaise longue, or bed. It accompanied 7+ various varieties that help you pick and buy a couch bed by variety coordinating with your room. It will likewise come to you pre-gathered, so you need to do no problem collecting.

JackieD says

“Well made, easy to put together and pull apart. Fits into any room. I was not expecting much at first when I ordered it. I received my order a day early “thanks UPS”; box was a little damaged but my product was ok so no worries. The ottoman it self is well made,very sturdy and firm. It folds out to a twin size bed and you can adjust the head rest as needed….comes with a pillow as well. I am surprised and impressed by the quality and sturdiness of this product. Great Job”

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5. Serta Rane Convertible Sofa Bed

Serta Rane Convertible Sofa Bed, 66.1' W x 33.1' D x 29.5' H, Charcoal

In the event that you are searching for the best sleeper sofa for under $300, this convertible couch from Serta Rabe might be the most satisfactory choice for your lower spending plan. Its superior quality solace and configuration improve the magnificence of your living and drawing-room. This cutting-edge, convertible couch has a smooth outline with high-thickness froth, a tufted seat and back, and present-day chrome legs. This delightful and flexible couch is not difficult to collect with the devices included.


Serta Rane Convertible Sofa Bed is a budget-friendly sofa so that the customer can easily afford it. This sofa comes up with premium quality foam for a comfortable feel whereas most people enjoy the coziness. The easy-clean technology is also an advantage to clean it smoothly. It is also made of a sturdy wood frame and chrome legs which supports strongly all the time. Considering all these things, you can use it in your home as a great sofa.

  • The fabrics needed to be a little better.

Serta Rane Convertible Sofa Bed is looking stylish with a convenient design. It is also a sectional sofa that can easily convert to your needs. The fabric of this product is also great in quality and you can remove spots and stains easily. Apart from this, this sofa is produced using premium-quality polyester and has a strong hardwood outline development. The couch measures 66.1″ W x 33.1″ D x 29.5″ H. The bed measures 66.1″ W x 37.6″ D x 15.1″ H.


The Serta Rane sleeper sofa likewise utilizes current chrome legs and a strong hardwood outline for development that is sturdy in quality as well as profoundly agreeable for unwinding, seating, and resting. It is exceptionally simple to collect, and express guidance, and every one of the vital instruments is incorporated. Additionally exceptionally advantageous concerning the size. Makers suggest utilizing a vacuum every so often for couch care. What’s more, consistently utilize a delicate brush to clean the spot and soil. Remember to never utilize any unforgiving synthetic compounds.

Lea says

“Great Futon couch for the Price. If you on a budget and are looking for something very simple and yet comfy and durable. this is the one. I got two of these and put em in the garage. perfect for my projector movie setup. the recliner has two options, option 1 it goes up to where it looks like a normal couch option two it reclines to about 35 degrees where you back is at full neutral alignment. love this product.”

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6. IULULLU Futon Convertible Sleeper Sofa with Armless Design

IULULU Futon Bed Convertible Sleeper Sofa with Armless Design, Modern Recliner Lounge Couch for Small Space, Olive

Without a doubt, IULULLU is an extraordinary present-day chair relax love seat with little space. It has an assortment of movable backrest highlights, remembering various requests like our past determinations. One of the most helpful benefits of this is that it has been given a tick rattle component in remembering the clients’ comfort. Accordingly, clients can without much of a stretch change at the quickest time. This sofa bed accompanies a customizable backrest that can be acclimated to 3 points, ideal for individuals of different requests. This futon highlights acculturated split-back plan, making it ideal for obliging different seating positions simultaneously. You can constantly track down the most agreeable situation on this futon.


IULULU Futon Bed Convertible Sleeper Sofa comes up with versatile usable features that are easy to operate in seconds. If you want to assemble it you don’t need prior knowledge and it takes 10 minutes approximately. Besides, this sofa is durable in quality and the legs are made of metal. All these ensure you an awesome balance always. So we’d like to recommend it absolutely.

  • No significant issues were found.

IULULU Futon Bed Convertible Sleeper Sofa is come up with higher density premium quality soft foam for comfortability. So if you use it for your coziness you will get proper support for sure. Its adjustable backrest design is perfect for various demanded people. And the legs and hardware are storable under the sofa. In order to get it a super and steady performance, it could be a great choice indeed.


IULULLU utilized six hardcore legs (4 are solid plastic and 2 are uncompromising metal.) in their couch bed. They are sufficiently able to hold weight up to 600 lbs. One more extraordinary part of this couch is the armless plan that permits you to utilize it productively as a footrest, relaxing lounge chair, and bed. Higher thickness premium delicate froth has been used to give the most significant level of ease. Likewise, the skin-accommodating polyester texture gets no opportunities for blur and imploding, other than cleaning is additionally exceptionally simple. You should collect the couch bed before at long last utilizing it. In any case, there is no great explanation to stress over it since, similar to our different determinations, the IULULLU establishment process is additionally clear. As per customers, you can collect it in under 10 minutes.

John W says

“Better than expected, easy and quick to assemble for half the price of what you would pay from a furniture store for an inexpensive sofa bed . It’s comfortable for sitting and also for sleeping . The padding is firm which I like and it also looks nice . I didn’t understand difficult assembly. It’s basically self explanatory by just looking at the picture . The legs only fit one way so impossible to get wrong . The parts are in a built in zipped pouch on the futon itself and I stored the paperwork and included wrench in there when I was finished assembling.”

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7. Novogratz Palm Springs Convertible Sleeper Sofa

Novogratz Palm Springs Convertible Sofa Sleeper in Rich Linen, Sturdy Wooden Legs and Tufted Design, Mustard Linen, 2182929N

The Novogratz spring sleeper couch accompanies a position of a safety plan, which makes it reasonable for most current houses. Its edges are developed of durable wood, which makes it fit for conveying in excess of 300 pounds of weight. Assuming you like smooth lines, mid-century looks, and all the style and panache of the 1950s, then the Novogratz Palm Springs Convertible Sofa is ideal for you. The material upholstery comes in your decision of mustard or naval force and incorporates a tufted back and sewed funneling that balance the great look — as well as a strong wood outline for the highest level of help.


Novogratz Palm Springs Convertible Sofa is easily converted from sofa to bed which is the most demanded feature indeed. This sofa ensures complete comfortability with easy assembly technology. To assemble it you don’t need any previous knowledge, you just read out the instruction manual and do it accordingly. We got great results when we used it for testing.

  • This sofa has no arms to lean pillows against.

Novogratz Palm Springs Convertible Sofa is come up with higher-strength wood legs that ensure a powerpack support system. You can use this sofa as your needs which is a good selection for small spaces. Apart from this, it is looking pretty cute and has an affordable price range.


Because of space impediments in little rooms, setting up furniture can be very challenging. Notwithstanding, since the Novogratz sleeper couch is multi-utilitarian, you can involve a couch for various purposes. It is additionally quite simple to change over in the fastest time with practically no problems. It accompanies simple and fast get-together highlights. Their definite guidance assists you with seeing effectively, and every one of the fundamental things is with it, so you can undoubtedly introduce it.

Matthew Watts says

“I’m 52 years old. I spent my twenties sleeping on futons so I have no complaints about the comfort. If you’ve never slept or sat on a futon, you need to know, futons are very firm. I put it together in around half an hour. It was more difficult getting it out of the box. I LOVE the style (retro 50’s and 60’s). It’s larger than I expected. It’s very sturdy. It’s simple to put together. This is not a boring piece of furniture and will liven up and brighten up any room. Be careful when opening the box it comes in. It’s packed very tightly and you could cut into the fabric.”

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7 products comparison

best sleeper sofa under 500

Among the sofas available in the market, all the sofas mentioned here provide the best service in one way or another. In terms of quality Vonanda Sofa Bed and ORDD convertible Futon Sofa Bed with Bluetooth Speaker are a little expensive. But there is no doubt that these are offering you some of the best benefits. If you need a small size sofa you can pick Mdeam Sleeper Chair Bed Sofa which is also a great performer. Besides, IULULU Futon Bed Convertible Sleeper Sofa and Serta Rane Convertible Sofa Bed are very durable and the back rest are also great as well. Apart from this, if you like to select a sofa that can provide a good balance you can buy Vonanda Ottoman Folding Chair Bed, and if easy assembling is the first priority you can take Novogratz Palm Springs Convertible Sofa. Hopefully, this will give you a good idea of what we have gotten by checking these sofas.

Things You Must Know Before Choosing the Best Sleeper Sofa Under 500

This is definitely not an ideal opportunity to pick your number 1 sleeper couch at long last. The fundamental justification for this is that you ought to think about a few additional elements here. Beneath we have shared a few fundamental things exhaustively. Attempt to think about these things.


Size is one of the main elements when thinking about a sleeper sofa first. Most customers pick sleeper sofas fundamentally for their little spaces. So if you likewise have any desire to pick a sleeper couch in light of a similar idea, then, obviously, we prescribe giving specific significance to little measure sleeper couches. It has numerous extraordinary elements that you can find in the market.

High Quality

Quality should be required to have been higher on the grounds that a higher strength sofa bed implies you can involve it for a long time. That is the reason in the field of picking a better couch, you should take a gander at independent textures, legs, edge, and froth quality.

Sofas Legs and Frame

The two most qualities of couch beds are their legs and edge. Legs should be made of higher-strength wood or metal. Then again, it is urgent to know regardless of whether the wood outlines are made of the strong wood.

Weight Capacity

On account of picking a sofa bed, the part of weight limit should be taken a gander at well in light of the fact that a higher weight limit implies higher solidness. Likewise, while involving it as a bed, it should have a brilliant weight limit with the goal that there is no trouble in dozing. As indicated by our proposal, attempt to pick a couch bed with in excess of 300 lbs weight limit.


Can you sleep on a sleeper sofa every night?

At times involving a sleeper sofa as a bed doesn’t create long-haul issues, yet in the event that you use it consistently for dozing, it can unfavorably influence your well-being like persistent back torment and neck torment.

What size beds are sleeper sofas?

Sleeper sofas come in different size reaches, and you can undoubtedly track down a reasonable size for your home. These are Twin Sleeper Sofas Dimensions are 50″ to 70″, Full-Size Sleeper Sofas Dimensions are 65″ to 85″, King Sleeper Sofas Dimensions are 80″ to 95″, Queen Sleeper Sofas Dimensions are 75″ to 95.

Are sleeper sofas durable?

Present-day sleeper sofas are significantly more high-level than conventional sleeper couches. As well as having colossal highlights, they are ideal for resting. Besides, sofa beds are very high strength and strong, as well as more agreeable. Additionally, more weight limit is ideally suited for nearly everybody.

What should I look for when buying a sofa bed?

There are numerous interesting points while picking a sofa bed. Nonetheless, the absolute most fundamental parts you should consider are the couch outline, internal system, bedding quality, estimations, and couch solidness.

Do sleeper sofas come with a mattress?

The short response is “Yes” sleeper couches accompany a mattress. These are substantially more agreeable than ordinary couches and higher in quality. So you can buy these as per your demand.


In order to make our habitat more beautiful, we have to set up some products that will add extra value like adding milk with coffee. In this sense, a sleeper sofa is one of them that increases the quality of our room environment. But if you are not experienced in sofa selection then there is a chance of being cheated. So we want to solve the problem and take you to a new horizon prior to picking a special sleeper sofa.

Initially, a sofa is used to sit comfortably and enjoy something. Basically, we stay in bed to sleep comfortably but you can involve it as a transitory bed. Every one of our chosen sofa beds is very agreeable and appropriate for dozing. Ideally, you have previously chosen the sofa bed that is appropriate for you. Anything you look over this best sleeper sofa under 500 list, we certainly say that you won’t be disheartened. Hopefully, our all-tested sleeper sofas will meet all your needs.


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