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most comfortable sleeper sofa

The 7 Best Sleeper Sofa Under 500: for Everyday Use

Having an extra bedroom is incredible, but it may not always be amazing for small space lovers. You can easily convert the best sleeper sofa into the main couch to bed. This frees up your small room from extra furniture.

But the sad thing is that in most cases, the best convertible sectional sofas are not in everyone’s budget. That’s why many of us are searching for the best sleeping sofa under $500, $300, budget-friendly sleeping sofa or many more things online and on the market. But, on the other hand, you will see that, in most cases, low-priced sleeping couches are very cheap quality and do not last long.

Basically, considering all these aspects, we have assembled this best sleeper sofa under 500 Guide guide. Where we have selected half and full-size convertible couches, queen convertible sofas or the most suitable convertible sofa bed of different fabrics and colors at affordable prices, this Guide guide will help you to find the best sleeper couch in your budget.

Different Types of Sleeper Sofas

In this section, we have briefly discussed the three most common types of sleeper sofa, which will help you a lot in sleeper sofa selection and buying.

Modern Sleeper Sofa

Modern sofas are multi-functional and are well-suited for any space. Also, the contemporary sleeper sofa is the best selection to impress your guests. 

These sofas are very attractive in terms of look and extendable, so you can easily convert the sofa to a bed. Also, additional storage and comfortability made it more different from others.

Converta Sofa

If you are looking for a sleeper sofa within budget, then a converta sofa is a perfect option for you. Convert sofas have dual adjustable backs, which help you to use them in a versatile way.

This sofa also has audio Bluetooth, a USB port, and other unique features. As well as easily fit into any small space.


Futons are classic design sleeper sofas with mattress, fabric and frame that look a lot like standard sofas. These are pretty comfortable and come at a budget-friendly price; that’s why anyone can purchase this.

7 Best Sleeper Sofa Under 500 Guide

1. Vonanda Multi Functional Sofa Bed

Vonanda Sofa Bed, Convertible Chair 4 in 1 Multi-Function Folding Ottoman Modern Breathable Linen Guest Bed with Adjustable Sleeper for Small Room Apartment,Denim Blue

Introducing our first selection from the Vonada sofa bed, which is the most suitable and comfortable sofa couch for small apartments. One of the best features is that when you need you can easily convert the sofa to bed in just 4 steps.

Why We Choose It

A great aspect of the Vonada multi-functional sofa couch is its built quality; almost most consumers are satisfied with this. This is constructed of a sturdy metal frame that is capable of carrying up to 375 lbs weight. Furthermore, its high-quality fabric has also made it easier to clean and increased comfortability.

To make the assembly easier and dust-free, a magnet has been fitted to the sofa bed corner; it helps to attach the fabric easily. Vonanda has used a high-density sponge in their sofa bed to provide more comfort so that you feel convenience while lying down.

Highlighted Features

  • No Assembly required
  • Five levels adjustable backrest design
  • Suitable for small spaces room
  • High-density sponge made it more comfortable
  • Convertible designed sofa bed
  • High-quality fabric enhance the beauty and comfort
  • Made with high-quality metal materials
  • Withstand with up to 400 lbs
  • Three years longer warranty

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2. Mdeam Multi-Functional Folding Ottoman Bed

Mdeam Sleeper Chair Bed Sofa Bed 4 in 1 Multi-Function Folding Ottoman Bed with Adjustable Backrest for Small Apartment/Living Room,No Installation(Dark Gray)

This is another versatile sleeper sofa bed, which you can easily use as an ottoman, sofa, sofa bed, lounger as you need. One of the most useful advantages of Mdeam’s multi-functional sofa is its highest weight capacity, which is around 450 lbs. This is a suitable sofa and bed selection for anyone.

Why We Choose It

Mdeam sofa bed is constructed of high strength and higher resistance metal steel frame. So you can confidently use it for many years. Basically, there is no lack of stylishness. Because it is designed with modern decoration in mind, so you can use it in any room.

Most users think that sofa bed assembly is a lot of hassle, so they have been developed with the assembly free. You will be happy to know that its 5 levels adjustable backrest and high-density sponge have provided it great comfortability. Considering overall quality, durability, comfortability, this is the best sleeper sofa under  500.

Highlighted Features

  • Multi-functional designed sofa bed
  • No assembly required, great for small spaces.
  • Made with all metal frame design, weight capacity up to 450 lbs
  • High-quality fabric, breathable and easy to clean
  • Five levels adjustable backrest for set the desired height

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3. ORDD Convertible Sofa Bed with Bluetooth Speaker

Convertible Futon Sofa Bed with Bluetooth Speaker, Modern Linen Upholstered Sleeper Loveseat Couch Home Furniture with Adjustable Backrest and 2 Pillows for Living Room, Bedroom, Office (Grey)

ORDD is an entirely different sofa bed than our other selections; all the unique features have been given more importance in designing it. One of the best advantages of this is the adjustable backrest of 3 angles, which provides your desired angle in the field of relaxation. Also, a higher density sponge has provided better comfortability.

Why We Choose It

If you look at the durability of the ORDD sofa bed, you can see that it is made of a solid wood frame, which is a very high strength; it has six solid wood legs capable of carrying weight up to 600 lbs. In most cases, sofa legs can cause a lot of damage to the expensive floor, which is not desirable. In this case, pads have been used on the legs to protect your expensive floor, which also keeps your floor shielded.

Also, for higher comfortability, the wood frames are wrapped with durable linen fabric and supportive foam. A unique feature of the sofa bed is the dual high-performance Bluetooth Stereo Speaker; its unique bass will add a new dimension to your leisure. No battery is required to play the Bluetooth speaker; you can easily play by connecting the power.

You must assemble it before you can use it. However, there is no reason to worry because you will get a complete installation guide with it, which will make your installation process more manageable.

Highlighted Features

  • Capable of carrying 600 pounds
  • Bluetooth speaker with unique enhanced bass
  • Easy installation guide, suitable for beginners
  • It comes with a strong wood frame and 6 solid wood legs
  • Three different adjustable positions backrest for great comfort
  • Unique fine linen fabric with modern, comfortable design

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4. Vonanda Ottoman Folding Chair Bed

Vonanda Ottoman Folding Chair Bed, Modern Velvet Sleeper Sofa Multi-Position Convertible Couch Lounger Guest Bed with Pillow for Small Space, Velvet Gray

This is another selection from Vonanda, though it is very similar to our previous selection but very different. It has used a sturdy metal frame in the construction, which is rust corrosion-resistant and has higher strength. The BAS foot pad has been used in it; that’s why these frames do not damage your floor as well as slip-resistant.

Why We Choose It

There is no alternate higher comfortability for great sleeping and leisure. With this in mind, Vonanda has designed their sofa with high-density tufted velvet foam, which at the same time furnishes higher comfortability and stability. As a result, you can easily transform a Vonanda convertible sofa into a sofa chair, chaise longue, or bed.

It came with 7+ different colors that help you choose and purchase a sofa bed by color-matching with your room. It will also come to you pre-assembled, so you don’t have to do any hassle assembling.

Highlighted Features

  • Skin-friendly comfortable, and soft texture
  • Durable, environment friendly and low formaldehyde
  • Perfect sofa bed selection for small apartment
  • Capable of withstanding with 600 pounds
  • Antiseptic mildew, water, oil, dust, and dirt resistance.
  • No assembly required, easily convert in just four steps
  • Three months free trial and 3 years long warranty

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5. Serta Rane Convertible Sofa Bed

Serta Rane Convertible Sofa Bed, 66.1' W x 33.1' D x 29.5' H, Charcoal

If you are looking for the best sleeper sofa under $300, then this convertible sofa from Serta Rabe may be the most acceptable option on your lower budget. Its premium quality comfort and design enhance the beauty of your living, drawing-room.

Why We Choose It

The Serta Rane sleeper sofa also uses modern chrome legs and a solid hardwood frame for construction that is durable in quality as well as highly comfortable for relaxation, seating, and sleeping.

It is very easy to assemble, explicit instruction, and all the necessary instruments are included. Also very convenient in terms of size.

Manufacturers recommend using a vacuum occasionally for sofa care. And always use a soft brush to clean the spot, dirt. Keep in mind to never use any harsh chemicals.

Highlighted Features

  • Budget-friendly price range
  • Easy and clear instruction for assembly
  • Premium quality foam for a comfortable feel
  • Sturdy wood frame and chrome legs which is heavy duty
  • Stylish look and convenient design
  • Quickly convertible sectional sofa
  • Easily spot and stain removable
  • Easy to cleaning

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6. IULULLU Futon Convertible Sleeper Sofa with Armless Design

IULULU TH-964 Sofabed, Olive

Undoubtedly IULULLU is a great modern recliner lounge couch for small space. It has a variety of adjustable backrest features, keeping in mind different demands like our previous selections. One of the most useful advantages of this is that it has been given a click-clack mechanism keeping in mind the users’ convenience. As a result, users can easily adjust at the fastest time.

Why We Choose It

IULULLU used six heavy-duty legs (4 are sturdy plastic and 2 are heavy-duty metal.) in their sofa bed. They are strong enough to hold weight up to 600 lbs. Another great aspect of this sofa is the armless design that allows you to use it efficiently as an ottoman, lounge couch and bed.

Higher density premium soft foam has been utilized to provide the highest level of comfortability. Also, being skin-friendly polyester fabric has no chances of fade and collapse, besides cleaning is also very easy.

You will need to assemble the sofa bed before finally using it. However, there is no reason to worry about it because, like our other selections, the IULULLU installation process is also straightforward. According to consumers, you can assemble it in less than 10 minutes.

Highlighted Features

  • Versatility usable features
  • Easy to operate in seconds
  • Easy to assemble in 10 minutes
  • Durable quality sturdy plastic and metal legs
  • Higher density premium quality soft foam for comfortability
  • Adjustable backrest design perfect for various demanded people
  • Legs and hardware are storable under the sofa

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7. Novogratz Palm Springs Convertible Sleeper Sofa

Novogratz Palm Springs Convertible Sofa Sleeper in Rich Linen, Sturdy Wooden Legs and Tufted Design, Mustard Linen, 2182929N

This is our last selection; the Novogratz spring sleeper sofa comes with a low-profile design, which makes it suitable for most modern houses. Its frames are constructed of sturdy wood, which makes it capable of carrying more than 300 pounds of weight.

Why We Choose It

Due to space limitations in small rooms, setting up furniture can be very challenging. However, since the Novogratz sleeper sofa is multi-functional, you can use a sofa for different purposes. It is also pretty easy to convert in the quickest time without any hassles.

It comes with easy and quick assembly features. Their detailed instruction helps you understand efficiently, and all the essential things are with it, so you can easily install it.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to convert sofa to bed
  • So much comfortable
  • Higher-strength wood legs
  • Multi-purpose usable design
  • Good selection for small spaces
  • Easy to assemble, detailed instructions included
  • Looking pretty cute and has an affordable price range

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Things You Must Know Before Choosing the Best Sleeper Sofa Under 500

best sleeper sofa under 500

This is not a perfect time to finally choose your favorite sleeper sofa. The main reason for this is that you should consider some more factors here. Below we have shared some essential things in detail. Try to consider these things.


Size is one of the most important factors when considering a sleeper sofa first. Most consumers choose sleeper couches mainly for their small spaces. So if you also want to choose a sleeper sofa with the same thought in mind, then, of course, we recommend giving particular importance to small size sleeper sofas. It has many great features that you can see in our Guide.

High Quality

Quality must be needed to be higher because a higher strength sofa bed means you can use it for many years. That’s why in the field of choosing a higher quality sofa, you must look at separately fabrics, legs, frame, and foam quality.

Sofas Legs and Frame

The two most strengths of sofa beds are their legs and frame. Legs must be made of higher strength wood or metal. On the other hand, it is crucial to know whether the wood frames are made of solid wood or not.

Weight Capacity

In the case of choosing a sofa bed, the aspect of weight capacity must be looked at well because higher weight capacity means higher stability. Also, when using it as a bed, it must have excellent weight capacity so that there is no difficulty in sleeping. According to our recommendation, try to choose a sofa bed with more than 300 lbs weight capacity.

FAQs of Best Sleeper Sofa Under 500

Are sleeper sofas durable?

Modern sleeper sofas are much more advanced than traditional sleeper sofas. As well as having huge features, they are perfect for sleeping. Modern sofa beds are extremely high strength and durable, as well as more comfortable. Also, more weight capacity is perfect for almost everyone.

Can you sleep on a sleeper sofa every night?

Sometimes using a sleeper sofa as a bed does not cause long-term problems, but if you use it every day for sleeping, it can adversely affect your health like chronic back pain and neck pain.

What should I look for when buying a sofa bed?

There are many things to consider when choosing a sofa bed. However, some of the most essential parts you must consider are the sofa frame, inner mechanism, mattress quality, measurements, and sofa durability.

Considering these things, you can easily choose a sofa bed of the best quality. We have shared in more detail in our buying guide.

What size beds are sleeper sofas?

Sleeper sofas come in various size ranges, and you can easily find a suitable size for your apartment.

  • Twin Sleeper Sofas Dimensions are 50″ to 70″
  • Full-Size Sleeper Sofas Dimensions are 65″ to 85″
  • King Sleeper Sofas Dimensions are 80″ to 95″
  • Queen Sleeper Sofas Dimensions are 75″ to 95″

Do sleeper sofas come with a mattress?

The short answer is “Yes” sleeper sofas comes with a mattress. These are much more comfortable than regular sofas and higher in terms of quality.

Final Verdict

Indeed, you won’t get the convenience as a bed because a sofa’s primary work is not used as a bed; its main function is to use it comfortably in the seat. However, you can use it as a temporary bed. Each of our selected sofa beds is extremely comfortable and suitable for sleeping. Hopefully, you have already selected the sofa bed that is suitable for you. Whatever you choose from this best sleeper sofa under 500 list, we confidently say that you will not be disappointed.


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