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In front of a white painted design wall, a group of sleeper sofas is positioned in the middle of a drawing room.

The 7 Best Sleeper Sofas for Small Spaces: For Easy Sleeping

Sleeper Sofa! It may bring a dreadful experience for some people when they have to spend the night on it after being defeated by their partners in an argument. But, it also is super-efficient for many people who can use it as a regular sofa during the daytime and crash on it at night. All in all, it brings us to the real truth, sleeper sofas are very convenient, and everybody should have one to support them through everything with comfort.

Now real talk, to pick the best sleeper sofas on the market, you need to remember two things; comfort and usage. Premium quality materials are abundant in the market, so you need to match your demand and available space to pick the perfect one for you. Also, if you have limited space, you need to pick one that matches your room area.

Again, to adjust the small space in your room, many of you may replace your bed with a sleeper sofa. In that case, you need to carefully inspect the sofas to find the best one as you will spend six to eight hours daily on them. Overall, to ensure a peaceful sleep on your sleeper sofa, you just cannot go and pick one from the market. That’s why we have tested and have taken opinions from many users of all the available sleeper sofas on the market and concluded on the seven top ones that can be perfect for your small space.

The Definition of a Sleeper Sofa

A sleeper sofa is a couch that can convert into a bed by pulling out its mattress. It usually has a hidden mattress that can be popped out or folded away. A sleeper sofa may be stylish and comfortable, and its mattress could be Tempur-Pedic or inflatable. When you don’t want to take up much room, a sleeper sofa is an excellent option. In most cases, they fit at least 2 people comfortably due to their range of styles, prices, and sizes.

Again, to adjust the small space in your room, many of you may replace your bed with a sleeper sofa. In that case, you need to carefully inspect the sofas to find the best one as you will spend six to eight hours daily on them. Overall, to ensure a peaceful sleep on your sleeper sofa, you just cannot go and pick one from the market. That’s why we have tested and have taken reviews from many users of all the available sleeper sofas on the market and concluded on the seven top ones that can be perfect for your small space.

Overall Understanding of a sleeper sofa

Generally, a sleeper sofa is a multifunctional sofa that looks like a sofa during a compressed period but respecting your need, it can turn into a bed where you can sleep properly. It typically has a secret sleeping pad that can be popped out or folded away. You can easily take it out and make it like a bed when you need it. It is very stylish that can increase your indoor ambiance with a luxurious look. When you don’t have enough space or you feel limited things to use, a sleeper sofa can be a perfect need for you. It will fit your room in a way that is normally suitable for two people.

Benefits and Side Effects of Sleeping On The Sleeper Sofa

In addition to the advantages of most things, there are some disadvantages sides. Similarly, though there are so many advantages of sleeping sofa and some disadvantages also. In this section, we will show you some of the most crucial sides of the sleeper sofa.


If you have feverish, cold flu, then sleeping in bed is really difficult for you, but a sleeper sofa helps you sleep a lot easier and get a lot of comfortable feeling.

Also, according to experts, a sleeper sofa is very effective for those who have insomnia because the couch is very different from a regular bed, so it is very comfortable to sleep.


Though a sleeper sofa has many advantages, as well as a few side effects, however, the side effects cause due to some of your mistakes. If you do not sleep in the right position, then you will face back pain and neck pain-related problems. The pain that you can feel day long.

Also, sleeping sofa for children is very dangerous; children under 1.5 years of age may face various problems like suffocation as a result of sleeping on the sofa. Parents must pay special attention to this aspect.

Types of Sleeper Sofas

types of sleeper sofa
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Are sleeper sofas or sofa beds different? How about futons and sofa beds? The hybrid sleeping/sitting hybrids all perform similar functions, but they are quite different in reality. Here’s what they all do:

Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper sofas look like traditional couches, and most come with built-in mattresses (ranging from Twin to King-sized). The arms and back of the sofa fold out to form a headboard.

Sofa Bed

The difference between sofa beds and sleeper sofas is that sofa beds aren’t equipped with an internal mattress. It would be more accurate to describe it this way: The back of the sofa folds down to create a flat surface (which makes it similar to a futon), and the cushion becomes a mattress.


The futon has (wrongfully) earned a bad reputation as a dorm-exclusive decor item, but there are plenty of more mature options. Their design varies, but usually, they consist of an adjustable bifold (or trifold) frame supported by a covered, bendable mattress.


The daybed looks more like a bed than a sofa since it is primarily designed for lounging. Sleeper sofas do not have pull-out mattresses, but trundle beds are available in a similar size.

We’re giving you suggestions on seven sleeper sofas, each of which we’ve tried.

1. Mr Kate Winston Sofa Sectional

Mr. Kate Winston Sofa Sectional, Light Gray Linen


This sofa is great for those customers who will pay more attention to the issue of comfort. You must feel a cozy experience while you are sleeping or sitting. Apart from this, the build quality is absolutely phenomenal because it is made of solid wood that ensures durability in the long run.

Its legs are also durable so that you can easily assemble and disassemble it without any issues. The cushion cover is also the best quality whereas the cushion is suited accurately. It will fit your body very well when you use it. And if you get any spot on the sofa you can easily clean it by using damp fabrics. Besides these features, you have the option to choose its color with your needs that can perfectly match your interior.


While esteemed customers are quite happy to use it, they have mentioned some improvements. It is more expensive than a normal sofa or bed. If it were a little less it could be considered for everyone. After finalizing a place, it is difficult to move it from one place to another because it is heavy. With this, if one more cushion could be provided separately, then the esteemed customers would have benefited more. The delivery system should be improved to ensure the mattress is clean and stain-free.


It is made of durable solid wood materials that can last a long period of time easily. You can convert it easily from a sofa to a bed or vice versa. This sofa also maintains the modern L shape design which is very attractive. You can choose it for your small room without feeling any hesitation. Another good aspect of this is that you can easily clean it if it is dirty and even keep it clean at all times. If you want to own this great sectional sofa you will get one year’s extended warranty.

The way it works as a convenient L-shaped sofa.

After getting the product to your doorstep you are actually been ready to install it in your desired location. This time it is important to read out the user manual if you don’t have any idea before. First, open up the frame of the sofa and cushions perfectly then it is time to form the structure of the sofa with the help of some screws. Also, make sure that the reclining part is sitting properly in the pit. If you ensure all those things perfectly you need to unfold the cushions and bedding them accordingly. During this time you need to maintain the L shape area perfectly as if there is no gap between the two sides. If you can install it accurately, you will get better service from it for many years. Now, your sofa is ready to be used as cozy after everything is done properly. Then you can sleep there or be entertained by watching any movie with your soulmate.

Elle says

“I’m really impressed with how nice this couch is. I’m so happy with how easy it was to assemble. It’s also really nice because you can move the sectional’s position the way your room is set up or you can detach the end and turn it into an ottoman simply by switching the cushions on the couch.

It feels like a long lasting couch because of the great cushion quality unlike those other springy couches.

The color and the fabric are great too!

So far I have no complaints about this couch. It’s amazing, clean to look at, sturdy, worth the money and very easy to rearrange in our room.”

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2. Lilola Home Lucca Reversible Sectional Sofa Couch

Lilola Home Lucca Reversible Sectional Sofa Couch, Storage Chaise, Pull Out Sleeper, L-Shape Lounge, Steel Gray, Linen


After experiencing this amazing Lilola Home sofa which is one of the most favorite items I have ever tested. In terms of its price, it is a bit costly but the performance of this sofa is too good. If you notice its compact size it can fit almost any leaving room, small room, or guest room. It also makes your living space more spectacular which guests may be fascinated by. Sometimes we put something in our collection that is comfortable as well as unique. This could be our advice or guide you to choose a beautiful sofa that will not deceive you at all. In addition to considering all these aspects, it is also long-lasting, so that you can be relieved for a long time.


Many people may be worried about the price of this because at a lower price they will get a quality sofa nearby. Sometimes customers are annoyed with its overweight because they can’t move it from one place to another very easily. Also, if you want to install the product without following the manual properly, you may run into problems. With these small things in mind, if the manufacturers had made the product more beautifully, the esteemed customers would have been more satisfied.


It is usually used to change its stage from a sofa to a bed which is attractive and user-friendly. Lilola Home sofa is also highly comfortable to seat and sleep on. During its manufacturing period, the manufacturers used durable wood materials so that no one can complain about the sofa itself. As it is easy to install as well as its dimension is quite perfect for anyone’s home. After purchasing this great sofa you will get super-fast customer service whereas you can be relaxed all the time.


If you have limited space in your home this product is completely suitable there. You just order this thing and get relief from such space related issue. Once you receive it, open the packaging very carefully so as not to cause any problems. Then your first task is to match the parts of the product with its user manual and attach one part to another as per instructions. After erecting all the structures on the legs, carefully unfold the cushions so that the cushion cover cannot be torn. Once these are done, you should firmly attach the reclining area to the ditch and then the entire product is ready to use. One thing you have to maintain is that the L shape area is installed perfectly that described in the user manual. Also, handle it carefully when changing from bed to sofa or vice versa as if any mechanical problem won’t occur.

Kayla Davis says

 “It arrived within a week of ordering, came in 3 boxes. They were pretty heavy for me to carry in the house, but I’m also weak so. The assembly would’ve gone so much faster if I would’ve had a drill to screw everything in. Otherwise by hand it took like 3 hours. But it was pretty straight forward assembly, definitely recommend doing it with someone else.

I love the storage & the pullout part it makes it more comfortable. I kept my blankets in the storage part. It comes really stiff but im sure with time it’ll wear down. I just bought extra pillows for comfort.

I think it’s definitely worth it for the price!”

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3. Delta Children Convertible Sofa to Lounger

Delta Children Serta Perfect Extra Wide Convertible Sofa to Lounger, Comfy 2-in-1 Flip Open Couch/Sleeper for Kids, Grey


If you want to have a convertible sofa with affordable price this Delta Children Convertible Sofa is only for you. It is suitable for small spaces who have limited space in their home with in the budget. Although you can buy it within budget, the manufacturers did not skimp on any quality to make it. At the price at which this product is being supplied, no such convertible sofa can be found around this price. It is also made of the US standard code so that the consumer can rely on this particular product and influence others to grab it. The quality has inspired us when we used it and at the same time its build quality has been amazing. So it can be a great product for your short space where anyone can sleep very easily.


Not every product is 100% accurate when a product is made it cannot fully satisfy its customers always. So there are some things in this product that would not make our valued customers happier. As it is for children, if you buy this product it can use for your babies only. It is also lightweight so whenever you keep it in your room your children can move it from there to an unnecessary place.


It is a very comfortable and lightweight sofa so that the babies can easily use it. The type of foam used to make this product is suitable for children. This sofa can be easily unboxed and taken away for cleaning so that it can be cleaned and then reused. Your child can use it as a sofa when they watch TV, and you can unfold it to make a bed when they need to sleep. Also, it is so lightweight that in your absence your kids can tidy it up which will help maintain the beauty of the house.


As it is a small and lightweight product that is made for children you don’t need to be more conscious like before. But you should maintain some common steps to use it. When it arrives at your home the product will probably remain wrapped. During this time you just open up the wrapping paper carefully so that the products can’t be damaged. After this, you will unfold it like a sofa. Whenever you need to convert it into a bed you just dragged the sitting cushion in front of another flooring foam. Then it is ready to use as a bed where your beloved babies can play or sleep.

Sabrina Glaser says

“We bought this for our daughter because she kept sitting on everything that was butt height for her. I wanted a little couch but not one of those character ones as I think they look cheesy. This things is awesome and so soft. She uses it everyday. I haven’t washed the cover yet but I love that it has that option. I held onto the directions so when I do I know how to put all the foam back. 10/10 would buys again.”

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4. Best Choice Products Faux Leather Upholstered Sofa Bed

Best Choice Products Faux Leather Upholstered Modern Convertible Folding Futon Sofa Bed for Compact Living Space, Apartment, Dorm, Bonus Room w/Removable Armrests, Metal Legs, 2 Cupholders - Black


This sofa is another sleeper sofa for those who have limited space in their home. It accompanies profoundly customizable elements with great ease. Its weight balance capability is superior to other sofas available in the market which is one of the main choices of any customer. It is very flexible and you can easily install and transfer it yourself. During the period of testing, we have found out the super durability of this sofa which thing makes it special always.


It’s great that if some aspects of it could be improved, customer demand would be at the top. It could have been a little better leather quality because when I saw it, I thought that a minor hitting would probably hurt. Because the main beauty of a sofa is its exterior covering. Another most important thing is that if the sofa has a side bed at this price then it will be worth it to the customer. So if more people visit your home it can not carry them at a time which is somewhat problematic.


As it is not an electrical goods it doesn’t have that much specs but the body frame of that product has alloy steel which boost its build quality. The arm used here is totally removable so if you need it you can use or else you can remove it as your choice. It is also a convertible sofa where you need it to chane its position that make it a complete bed. If some extra person will come to your home it can be a great solution to accommodate two people additionally.


To use this product first of all you need to unbox the packaging and check its alloy legs of it. After that, you will set the legs perfectly with maintaining a somewhat angular way of balancing. Then unbox the leather-covered cushions carefully so that any inconvenience will occur. The thing you always consider is to follow the way described in the user manual. All the leather cushions must be placed in exact position because if you have done all these you can easily attach the armrest. Then attach the armrest properly with the ditch. After completing this it is ready to use for a long time. If you need ti to convert it into a bed just remove the armrest and unfold the inclining portion.

Isabella says

“Okay so I’m not going to lie, I really wanted black but they sold out when I was able to finally purchase it. All that was left was brown and white, and I knew I definitely was not going white, and I bought the brown. I didn’t know if it was dark or light brown, no one had pictures of it. It finally arrived and honestly I love the brown even more than the black, I find the brown to be gorgeous. It was easy to put together after figuring how it goes. Make sure you have some help if you don’t want to tear the box when getting it out. It is not very heavy and easy to move around. I find it to be quite comfortable, I haven’t used any mattress topper on it, but I have slept on it since last month.”

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5. Honbay Reversible Sectional Couch

HONBAY Reversible Sectional Couch with Ottoman L-Shaped Sofa for Small Spaces Sectional Sofa with Chaise in Dark Grey


Hornby reversible sectional couch is another space-saving convertible sleeper sofa that is made of the best quality wood material. So it can carry more weight than other sofa cum bed. One extra feature of this product has its additional storage system. Whenever you need you can just open up it and keep your daily products like blankets, additional cushions, magazines, or other sleeper things. If you want to make a decision to buy it you can own it of its multispeciality features.


Every product has some limitations with its specialty because nothing can be a great solution always. In terms of price, it is a bit expensive product to the customer. If it comes up with a budget range the customer will give preference to owning it. Another this is that you need to be more careful to use it because it cushions get dirty very quickly so that the beauty of the room is ruined.


Honbay Reversible Sectional Couch has both left and right chaise sofa. It has extra storage sofa space where you can keep your additional cushions easily. The sectional couch is free to use. Honbay Reversible Sectional Couch is made of top great wooden material which is very durable for sitting and sleeping. During the delivery period, its packaging system is very nice with three different packages.


Unlike other sofas, it is not very difficult to install as it comes with a user manual and with easy instructions. You can easily customize it for indoor use by following the instructions in the user manual. Just make sure your decision is absolutely similar to the product inclination. It permits you to utilize those corner regions and can utilize the inconstancy of the couch to change the style of the room whenever, rather than remaining something very similar.

Megan Webb says

“First of all, the sectional was delivered in no time. I was not expecting the shipping to be that fast! There were three boxes total. One of the boxes came a day later than the other two. I needed a couch that came in a bunch of sections in order for it to fit in my basement and this couch was perfect for that. The assembly was super easy and did not take long. For the price, this sectional is great!!! It is a bit firm, but I’ve only used it a couple of times so far. It is surprisingly comfy and such a cute little couch. I would highly recommend it!”

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6. Signature Design Modern Faux Leather Sofa

Signature Design by Ashley Arroyo Mid Century Modern Faux Leather Sofa, Dark Gray


Though it is one of the pricey products here where the quality of the product is extremely good. This product is made in such a way that it will not compromise with the performance. Numerous consumers favor leather couches for a simple to perfect and extravagant look. Leather couches are likewise profoundly strong, making them simple to use for extensive stretches of time. This will give an alternate focus on your living space. What’s more, two support pillows have been remembered for the two sides to give it a novel look.


In terms of price, the customer expects some additional feature that impresses a lot. As it has a touch of lather, if you won’t care about it, it may crack on the surface. If scratch-proof technology could be used in the case of such products, consumers would be able to use it very safely. It may seem a bit rugged, but additionally, the manufacturer should more focus on its cozyness.


Signature Design Modern Faux Leather Sofa is basically made of leather polyester combination so that it won’t torn. The percentage of polyester is 97% and 3% of pu leather. Its water repellant material gives you the opportunity to clean smoothly. Besides this, this sofa has a natural look and the power to turn heads.


Signature Design Modern Faux Leather Sofa install process is quite easy than any other sleeper sofas. You just try to attach the legs with the main frame strictly and make sure all pu cushions properly covered. After that press them and place them well so that there is no space with the frame. When all the work is done, place the pillow on both sides, then the whole sofa will be ready for use.

Jen says

“My previous couch had finally come to the end of its lifecycle and with that I was not looking forward to the process of trying out different couches, going store-to-store, or even the pretty penny furniture costs nowadays. I started off going to my local furniture stores, and was not impressed with the types of couches I saw, the price for such ugly couches, and also the treatment by the salespeople. So I started looking online. I cannot tell you the amount of couches I looked at, it was true analysis paralysis. I saw this one pop up in the ‘recommended for you’ section of my Amazon homepage and I said, “you know what, I’m over the stress. This is the one I’m buying.” Boy oh boy, that was the RIGHT decision!! The couch is so perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Soft and gentle to the touch, firm and supportive but also comfy to sink into, a slight incline to the back (which makes it perfect for relaxing), long enough so I can stretch my entire body out on it lying down, the mid-century modern style (my living room is MCM styled), and also, the price! How Amazon can make such a perfect couch for such little money is crazy to me. The delivery process went so beautifully as well. The kind delivery drivers brought it up to my second-floor apartment (which went similarly to the Friends episode ‘Pivot’ due to how narrow my staircase is) unboxed it (most likely since the box itself wouldn’t fit through the door), and took the box away with them. Literally took 10 mins for delivery and 5 to screw the legs in! Honestly, 10/10 for me. I expect this couch to last for years and years since it’s only me and my cat (who also approves of the couch).”

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7. Classic Brand Mattress for Sleeper Sofa Bed

Classic Brands 4.5-Inch Memory Foam Replacement Mattress for Sleeper Sofa Bed Queen


There are many individuals who are searching for a different separate mattress for dozing all the more easily in the sleeper couches. On the off chance that you are likewise among them and searching for the best sofa bed mattress. Similarly, then the classic brand sofa mattress is an extraordinary determination for you. In the wake of seeing large numbers of its best elements, we have chosen to independently remember this for our supporters. You can fold and unfold easily as your need. With this, the manufacturer is making this superb quality mattress by considering its durability and looking.


As it is a supporting mattress for sofa and sleeper bed it should have maintained resistance to dirt. Also, if the price of the product could be reduced a little, leaving other aspects unchanged, it would gain more popularity at the consumer level.


One of the unique elements of this mattress of Classic Brand is its foldable plan, which makes it simple to fit with most standard couches, and, surprisingly, subsequent to folding it out with next to no sort of effect, it effectively gets back to its past shape. Likewise profoundly strong as far as quality and ease, which causes you to feel super good. This classic brand mattress keeps relax you for quite a while and is very useful in your wonderful dozing.


As it is a mattress that will be attached to your sofa so it does not require any special instructions. When you need to use it with your sleeper sofa bed you just unfold the mattress and attach it to the sofa properly. Then it would be okay to use it for a sound sleep.

Lily says

“Wow this is such an amazing upgrade to the mattress that came with my Raymour and Flanigan sofa bed! I just purchased this Memory Foam Full Size Replacement Sofa Bed Mattress this month, and my sister and nephew have been over twice in the last two weeks! The mattress arrived in two days, so fast and on time. It did have an odor so I aired it out for a couple of days and sprayed some Fabric Refresher from Febreze on the entire Foam Mattress and it did the trick! It is very comfortable indeed and the sofa closes back to its original form. My sister who has terrible back pain loves it so much that she will buy one for her mattress as a topper. I still can’t believe the price! Amazing bargain. I do have to say that when my guest are over I still take out the sofa mattress that it had before to put it underneath the Memory Foam Replacement Sofa Mattress that I bought since I find that it makes it more comfortable although it is not necessary. I have told a couple of people so far and will continue to share of this impressive purchase because I would like others to have happy guest as I do now. It is true that is better to give than to receive! I am giving a comfortable stay to my guest everytime they come over and my heart has nothing but joy. I love this Memory Foam Mattress, great buy!  I am attaching pictures so you can get a better idea of how the mattress looks.”

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7 products comparison

best sleeper sofas for small spaces

On account of picking a sleeper sofa bed, you should initially focus on ease with the goal that you feel comfortable involving it anywhere in your room. So after checking all these seven products we can make a decision that if you want to buy a product but you have no restriction on its price you can consider Mr Kate Winston Sofa, Lilola Home Lucca, and Signature Design Modern. These are a bit expensive products but the products are absolutely phenomenal for their durability and effectiveness. If you expect a sofa that has a somewhat storage facility you can pick this Honbay Reversible Sectional Couch because it works like a small closet where you can keep your cushions, pillow, blankets, magazines, and so on.

When budget is a concern you can consider another durable sofa which is Best Choice Products Faux Leather because its frame is made of allowing steel. With this kind of sofa if you want to own a sofa for your babies Delta Children Convertible Sofa is the perfect choice for its skin-friendliness. Your kids will be happy to use it without any complaints. Besides if you want to have a mattress for supporting your sofas extension you will pick Classic Brand Mattress for Sleeper Sofa Bed. As well as it is being suitable for matching your sofa, it also enhances the beauty of the home.

Tips for Buying a Quality Sofa Bed

Finding the best sleeper sofas for spaces is not an easy task, especially if you are a beginner. Because good quality mattress for better sleeping and a reasonable quality frame for durability, there are also many more factors that you need to consider. In this section, we have shared some essential things that you must know.

  • The frame is the most stable part of your sofa. The stronger the sofa frame means durable in terms of quality. Unfortunately, most low-quality cheap sofas are made of frame pine, which is not very stable and does not last a long time.
  • For easy lifting of your sleeper sofa without any kind of sticking and squeaking, the open and close mechanism needs to be of good quality and smoother. So try to pay special attention to this aspect in the field of choosing a sleeper sofa.
  • If the inner mechanism of the sofa bed is very harsh, then your blanket sheets are likely to be pulled and torn. Also, sharp edges are very risky, which can lead to trouble later on. In this case, to avoid this kind of problem, try to choose as much as possible by looking at the smooth edges in all the inner mechanisms.
  • Quality and comfortable mattresses are very crucial for your sound sleep. Also has many important advantages, mainly it provides extra support to your shoulders, lower back and hips.


What should I look for in a sleeper sofa?

There are several factors that you must consider in picking a sleeper sofa. Especially hardwood frame, open and close mechanism, smooth edges, and mattress quality should be checked properly.

Will I get a warranty?

You will definitely get the warranty facility as per the terms and conditions of the company.

Are sofa beds worth it?

Sofa beds are basically space-saving and convenient beds, but you must remember that it is never an alternative to a bed. However, if your home’s space is smaller, you can use the extra bed as an option when needed so that the sofa bed is a comfortable transforms option for you and your guest.

Is this type of sofa modern?

These types of sofas are widely used all over the world and at the same time they are sophisticated.

How are the products here?

The products described here are completely perfect for you because we have tested all those and taken actual feedback from the customer.

Why would I take these?

We have been working faithfully in this industry for many years and our main goal is to guide people properly.


Buying a sleeper sofa usually requires a number of parameters to be fulfilled. If you buy a sofa as per our advice to make sure it matches your needs, there is no chance of a bad experience. Because all we have shared here is actually from our practical experience like how customer think of it, does it fullfill their requirements, why it is special among others etc. You can get a complete guideline that ensure you a successful purchase. Whenever we have faced any issues that might be ignored we share those specific thing for the help of our valued customer. When a person buys something, he/she says he/she really needs it and he buys it to relieve his need. Hopefully, this short presentation from us will inspire and benefit you a lot and at the same time, you get the help you choose a  product.


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