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A human hand spraying spray paint for graffiti on a road while wearing black gloves.

Best Spray Paint for Graffiti: Express Your Creative Flow

“Art is the journey of a free soul.”

– Alev Oguz

Graffitis provides a gateway to people so that they can openly express themselves. Whether it’s a personal flair of expression or a statement, it manages to reach people’s minds.

some of us are used to see graffiti artist to be chased by police in various movies and shows; but this only will happen if you are drawing them on public or private properties. But, most of the cases, it is used to create a creative banner or wall of your property that represents a certain art or a beautiful scenery.

As beautiful as it might be, being a graffiti writer isn’t the easiest job in the world. Only after years of hard work and dedication, you get to achieve that kind of precision.

And to put some icing on the cake, finding the best spray paint for graffiti can be even tedious. With so many competitors and factors in play, choosing the right one can be one hefty homework.

Thankfully, I’ll be taking care of most of that today.  And I’m glad to say I’ve researched and found 7 products that can seal the deal for you.

So, without stretching it any further, let’s spill the beans already-

Do You Need Special Spray Paint for Graffiti?

Compared to regular DIY jobs, particular types of spray paint are required for graffiti. Graffiti arts comes with various variables that determine what kind of paint you need. If you want, you can choose a variety of spray colors for smooth coverage. We have chosen almost all the best spray paint for graffiti in this article where we tried to give our personal experience mixed with other people’s opinion.

Our 5 Favorite Spray Paint for Graffiti

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Our Top 7 Best Spray Paint for Graffiti Guide

1. Montana Black Graffiti Street Art Mural Spray Paint

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Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the Montana Black spray paints could become your perfect companion in painting. Thanks to the fast drying time and a wide range of coverage, using it is as trouble-free as it gets. 

To put a cherry on the top, it comes in a pack of 12 popular colors. But you don’t necessarily have to go for this color scheme. From black and white to grey, there are several color packages. And not to mention the separate cans which I’ll talk about later on.

By having all the major colors in your collection, there’s no chance you’d ever run out of choices. Other than a hefty collection, the color accuracy is quite good. 

However, the one thing I wasn’t a fan of was the caps. When you think from an ergonomic point of view, they’re not the most comfortable caps in the market. So, my suggestion would be to get yourself a few extra caps in case the stock one ever gets clogged. 


  • Offers vibrant and accurate colors 
  • Doesn’t clog 
  • A vast collection of colors 
  • Dries relatively fast 


  • The nozzles aren’t easy to use 

This guy wrote

It was nostalgic using Montana again. Nothing has changed since my younger years on trains and buildings with the quality that this paint provides. I had to make a sign for a get together my wife and I had for getting married and I decided to try the galaxy scene I’ve seen people doing. This set of a dozen colors was worth the extra cost because I would have had to travel a good distance and hope the colors would be available at a store. **To some of the people complaining … there’s a lock ring on the stem you have to remove. It’s there for shipping purposes. This is a professional paint and not your average Krylon or Rusto so you need can control and should invest in a set of Montana caps if you want different lines or patterns.

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2. Pintyplus Aqua Spray Paint

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Graffitis is all about expressing yourself through a work of art. And to do so, versatility is undoubtedly one of the biggest factors in play. The Pintyplus Aqua Spray Paint with 8 150mL spray bottles let you work with maximum comfort. 

But comfort isn’t the only factor where it excels. These spray paints have little to no odor and they’re low pressure, meaning they’ll create the least possible mess. And being water-based colors, mixing, and creating new colors is a piece of cake. 

Besides, cleaning water-based sprays paints is easier too. All you need is some water and soap to get the job done. This also means it won’t be a big deal if you accidentally get some on your hands. 

The fact that it doesn’t drip makes it ideal for sensitive artworks such as graffiti which require extreme precision. And to make things even better, it’s a lot more inexpensive than Montana spray paints. But there’s no denying it doesn’t have that superior quality Montana offers. 


  • Low pressure no mess spray paint
  • Easy to carry small cans 
  • Convenient spray nozzles 
  • Affordable price-range 


  • The durability isn’t ideal for outdoors 

Elizabeth Emelene Jefferis said

Love the matte finish. Doesn’t drop as much as other sprays. I used it for a foam thing my dog bashes with her paws. The foam was white and the spray was dark gray. Been a few months and still now signs of the foam underneath. I’ve just sued it for a plastic light switch cover I roughed up with 220 sandpaper and then cleaned off with steel wool under water, let dry, then painted. It seemed covered in one coat, but I did two just in case. Colors are fun also.

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3. MTN Spray Paint Packs

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The MTN Spray Paint Packs is no doubt one of the most versatile spray paints available in the market right now. Despite having a water-based formula, the durability of this paint speaks for itself. 

Once the paint is properly dried, you don’t have to worry about it getting washed off by water and soap. And the 16 different colors will result in a classy and durable matte finish which many graffiti enthusiasts are looking for. 

The fast-drying paint won’t drip from the nozzle. Speaking of the nozzle, this is one thing where I couldn’t get enough satisfaction. Similar to the first spray paint on this list, it’s also got some issues with the nozzle. While it is functional, you need to press harder than usual. This can become an issue when you’re working on something as big as graffiti. 

That being said, the MTN Spray Paint Pack with its high opacity and velocity makes it an ideal choice for graffiti writers around the globe. If you can get over the nozzle, there’s no reason not to go for these spray paints. 


  • Ideal for newbies 
  • Shows vibrant colors
  • 16 different colors available 
  • Dries in no time 


  • The nozzle requires you to press harder than usual

S .Squirek opined

I used this on some canvas artwork it dies very fast very easy to spray. There were no fumes or smell. I used it in my shed with the door open. I love that its water based so like I said there is absolutely no chemical smell at all. I will buy again when I run out.

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4. Seymour 620-1433 Industrial MRO High Solids Spray Paint

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Smooth consistency is something every graffiti writer longs for. And the Seymour 620-1433 Industrial MRO High Solids Spray Paint achieves that steadiness better than most products in the market. 

The high solids of this spray paint manage to hide all the blank spots without dripping or forming any cakes of the surface. Furthermore, the self-leveling paint dries faster than you can imagine. This makes applying multiple coatings easier than ever. 

Speaking of multiple coats, Seymour spray paints come in 24 vibrant colors to fulfill your graffiti needs. The one I’m Guideing is a flat black color with a high-gloss shine. Needless to say, all the colors here go for that shiny and glossy look. 

Where other spray paints tend to require 4 to 5 layers, you could very well come up with a nice and even layer with only 2 coatings. Thanks to the high and pigments, covering a surface with paint is fairly easy. 


  • High and rich pigments 
  • Requires fewer coating to cover
  • The top-graded nozzle doesn’t clog 
  • Provides a powder-coated finish 


  • The cap color isn’t entirely accurate 

Troy said

I used to be a body man and painter and during my time I used lots of spray cans for little touch ups, small projects, and odds and ends. Using this paint was like spraying black glass or black chrome. If you know how to paint you could turn out an amazing finish on anything using this stuff. I like it so much I ended up ordering another can even though I didn’t need it. I included a couple pictures of what the ceramics looked like before I painted them. There was no prep involved, I just blew them off and painted them.

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5. Krylon K05592007 COLORmaxx Spray Paint and Primer

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First manufactured back in 1947, the Krylon K05592007 COLORmaxx Spray Paint and Primer have been making top-notch spray paints for a long time. Over time, the manufacturer has managed to increase its collection to a whopping 72 unique and beaming colors.

No matter how complex of graffiti you want to create, these spray paints will always have something to offer you. Moreover, it doesn’t stop with a wide range of colors. 

There are 8 different finishes to choose from flat to matte. And no matter what finish or color you choose, the drying time won’t cross 20 minutes. 

As it turns out, I haven’t yet discussed the best part. This set of spray paints come with a primer mixed inside. No matter how bad of a surface you’re planning on working, it’ll make sure to handle it. It also means you won’t have to worry about minor scratches or UV rays ruining your precious artwork.  


  • Paint and primer combination
  • Enhanced durability in outdoors 
  • 72 different colors available 
  • Prevents rust 


  • The odor might bother some people 

An Amazon customer wrote

I used three bottles on this night stand that was originally white. I love it and I love the matte finish. Great product!

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6. Montana Cans Snow White Spray Paint

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Founded in Germany, Montana Cans believes in making products combined with passion and precision. Thanks to having a handful of team members who actively had roots in the graffiti culture, they know what their customers want. 

This wedlock of street and science became the cornerstone of their research. By matching with the artists’ ever-changing demands, the lab nerds at Montana Cans managed to come up with products that are unparalleled in quality. 

Their extra care is also a reason behind the hefty price tag you see in all Montana Cans spray paints. The water-based matte formula is suitable for most surfaces graffiti writers work on. And the flexibility and sturdiness allow it to last for at least 10 years both indoors and outdoors. 

This also indicates that UV rays and extreme weather conditions aren’t a big deal for them. That said, you’re only left with the color accuracy. Let me be honest here, a lot of spray paints tend to mess up darker colors. But lighter colors like white, aqua are as trouble-free as it gets. 

The snow-white variant gives out true and vibrant colors that won’t disappoint you in any way. In fact, I’ve got no complaints with this manufacturer’s paint quality, hence placing them in the first place on the list. 


  • Low-pressure precision focused spray paint 
  • High coverage 
  • Capable of withstanding outdoor conditions 


  • The nozzle sometimes comes off

Crimsonangel said

I painted my black phone case because literally everyone I know has a black phone case. Mine is a quadlock though so it doesn’t come in any other color. I opted to spray paint it and this brand was definitely the right choice. Without a clear coat the paint stayed on wuite well, been a few months and a little rubbed off but it’s still very green. I love it. 100% going to buy more colors

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7. Evolve Elite 12 pack Spray Paint

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From the very first look, it’s not hard to figure out that the Evolve Elite 12 pack Spray Paint was made specifically for graffiti artists. The company itself was founded by a graffiti writer who wanted to make better products for users. 

Even though it hasn’t reached high stages like Krylon or Montana, the quality is good enough for someone who’s only starting out. Mostly because the price tag is rather affordable for newbies. 

The low-pressure spraying system makes it even easier to achieve more control. And it dries in 10 to 15 minutes. But do remember that it won’t properly dry in that time period. For ensuring a complete chemical curing process, give it about 12 to 24 hours. 

Other than all the basic stuff, the vibrant color collection is to praise for. However, I can’t end it with a good note. Because of the faulty nozzles, at times it can become a hassle to use. Clogged up nozzles are already a big problem for spray paints, but when it’s a constant problem, it surely doesn’t feel good. 


  • Great coverage 
  • Low-pressure paint doesn’t create a mess 
  • Dark and rich pigmented colors 


  • Replacing the nozzles is not a pleasant experience 

A customer said

I love the straight lines that you can make with them and the they don’t get clogged like everyone is saying you just got to know what your doing over all best cans I have used

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Comparison of the Top 7 Spray Paint for Graffiti 

Product  Colors Available Quantity
Montana BLACK Graffiti Street Art Mural Spray Paint 12  400 mL x 12
Pintyplus Aqua Spray Paint 8 4.2 oz x 8
MTN Spray Paint Packs 16 100 mL x 16
Seymour 620-1433 Industrial MRO High Solids Spray Paint 24 16 oz 
Krylon K05592007 COLORmaxx Spray Paint and Primer 72 12 oz
Montana Cans Snow White Spray Paint 1 400 mL
Evolve Elite 12 pack Spray Paint 12 12 oz x 12

Buying Guide for the Best Spray Paint for Graffiti 

I’m not going to talk about colors or coverage. Those factors depend on the manufacturer. And frankly, there’s no way to know for sure beforehand.

That’s why let’s focus on what you can look out for. Make sure you get these things right and you’ll score yourself a top-notch spray paint.


Apart from the wide range of colors, spray paints offer a lot of finishes. Whether it’s your graffiti or a DIY project, you shouldn’t be derived from choosing your preferred finish


As the name suggests, glossy finishes give out a shiny finish that’s sure to catch your eye. On top of that, they’re relatively easy to clean. But there’s a downside to it. 

Sure it’ll grab your attention right away but it also means the flaws will be much more visible. 


Eggshell or satin finishes are an absolute champ when it comes to durability. Unlike glossy finishes, they’re also quite good at hiding the flaws. 

However, the enhanced durability leads to a much-complicated cleaning process. 


Nowadays manufacturers have introduced textured spray paints. Whether you want a stone texture or a metal, these spray paints will make in no time. But remember that textured paints take some extra time to cure. 


It’s a no-brainer that durability is one of the biggest considerations for graffiti spray paints. As they’ll stay outdoors, withstanding extreme weather conditions and UV rays is a must. 

But the durability varies depending on the material used in making it. Let’s start with oil-based ones first- 

Oil-based Spray Paints 

In terms of durability, oil-based spray paints will stay one step ahead. Even without using a primer, the durability they offer is outstanding. But their extended drying time is making them less popular nowadays. 

Latex-based and Enamel Spray Paints 

Most manufacturers are switching towards water-based paints thanks to their ultra-fast drying time. Even though they don’t have the endurance of oil-based spray paints, combining them with a primer solves that issue. 

But if it doesn’t come with a pre-mixed primer, applying it separately is trouble when you think about it. 

Paint Opacity

Unless you’re planning on doing a rather simple graffiti, you need to blend multiple colors. The key to achieving the perfect is to make sure the spray paint has the right amount of opacity. 

Besides, a lighter opacity also indicates the thickness of the paint. Paints with pre-mixed primers are often thicker, meaning you’ll get less coverage. Whereas, water-based spray paints are known for wide coverage.  

Cap Clogging 

Most people who do graffiti, don’t carry a high-pressure paint gun. This means you’d have to rely on the built-in spray nozzle or cap. As it turns out, some of these caps are prone to clogging. 

Even though it depends vastly on how the person is using it, there’s no denying it’s a universal problem. 

Instead of blaming it on the manufacturer, the best approach would be to carry a few extra caps. That way you always have the option to replace these inexpensive caps. 

Drying Time 

When you’re working on graffiti, time isn’t really your best friend. You need fast-drying paint that gets ready for a second coat as soon as possible. While this greatly depends on the thickness and material of the paint, 15-30 minutes is what you should look for. 

Although there are spray paints that dry to touch in only 10 to 15 minutes. And that’s a plus point for people who live in colder climates with less than 65-degree Fahrenheit. 

Best Spray Paint for Graffiti: FAQs

Can you use any spray paint for graffiti?

Answer: Unless the paint you bought is only intended for interior use, you can use it for graffiti. As graffiti artworks have to withstand UV rays and extreme weather conditions, durability is often the biggest factor in play. And not every spray paint ensures that. 

Question: What kind of spray paint is used for spray paint art?

Answer: You could go for any of the spray paint mentioned here for spray paint projects other than graffiti. Thanks to the versatility these products offer, they’re suitable for any type of surface.

What type of paint is used in graffiti?

Answer: Even though spray paints were originally developed for coating radiators, now they’re the most preferred medium for graffiti. Because of the perfect consistency and portability, spray paints are becoming more popular every day.  

Is spray paint acrylic or oil?

Answer: Spray paints come in both acrylic and oil-based forms. If you’re in doubt whether a spray paint is acrylic or oil-based, look for the clean-up instructions. If it requires alcohol for cleaning, it’s oil-based. 

Is Rustoleum spray paint good for graffiti?

Answer: Rust-Oleum spray paints are a fine choice when you need a basic but durable color. Apart from accurate colors, the adhesion of their paints is far superior to many other brands. 

Final Words 

Choosing the best spray paint for graffiti can be confusing when you’ve so many brands on the plate. If you were to ask my opinion, I’d go for the Montana Black Graffiti Street Art Mural Spray Paint any day. The quality and reassurance I get from this brand easily make it one of my favorites. 

Unlike shoes, there’s no way to check whether a spray paint brand is right for you or not. So, before you set your mind on something, make sure to go through what other people are saying.