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Best Stair Treads | Non Slip Stair Treads

Not only do stairs without treads look really boring, but they can also be dangerous. This is especially true for stairs that are made of concrete or wood, where it is very easy to possibly injure yourself while climbing up or down them.

Not all stair treads are the same, and because of that, there are particular adhesive substances that you should use for each stair tread. Not only that but there are also stair treads that are compatible with different kinds of stairs.

There are stair treads and adhesives for stair treads that work well for wooden stairs and there are treads that are ideal for concrete stairs. Some stair treads are built for straight stairs and some are built for circular stairs.

The following Best stair treads are suitable for most stairs.

Benefits of Non-Slip Stair Treads

Non-slip stair treads are very important to make your stair safer and more protective. There are many benefits to using non-slip stair treads. Below we have highlighted a few.

  • Installing non-slip stair provide extra protection and protect from unwanted accidents
  • It will not only make it safer but also provide a great look
  • This is a great way to provide extra grip on your stairs
  • Non-slip stair treads also protect your home stair from wear and tear.
  • This makes your stair longer.

Our Favorite Stair Treads

Guide of 5 Best Stair Treads

1. Set of 15 non-slip carpet stair treads by Eden Products

Non-Slip Carpet Stair Treads for Wooden Steps, 15pcs 8x30in Slip Resistance Indoor Peel & Stick Stair Treads Carpet Runner Mats for Elders, Kids, Dogs, Staircase Step Rugs Stair Grips Non-Slip, Mocha

One of the biggest things that turn most off from stair treads is that most stair treads move around a lot more than they should. This creates a frustrating experience and many conclude that they would be better without stair treads.

Eden Products has solved this with their stair treads. The adhesive in the treads contains strips that do not move around as most other stair treads do. This makes for a much better experience and you’ll be happy to see them stay in place. The covers themselves are also easy to clean, being machine washable.

Only 15 treads come in Eden Products’ set, and this will severely limit you if you want them for a home that contains a lot of staircases. You will barely be able to fit an entire staircase with Eden Products’ stair tread set and that is a shame.

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2. Pack of 13 rubber backing indoor and outdoor carpet stair treads by Famibay

Famibay Set of 13 Rubber Backing Stair Treads Carpet Indoor Outdoor Safety and Grip Non Slip Stair Treads Mats Wear Resistant Rubber Stair Carpet Rug 9.4 x 25.6 Inches(Beige)

Most stair treads do not last long. They develop wear and tear very easily and this is especially true when they are applied to stairs that encounter a lot of traffic. This will cause you to replace them much more frequently than you might want to.

You will not need to deal with this when using Famibay’s stair treads. They are rubber backed, which means that they can withstand a lot of wear and tear. This makes them perfect for homes where you know your stairs will encounter a lot of traffic.

Famibay’s stair treads are really only designed for small homes, however. Only 13 treads come in the pack, so if you know you will need more than 13 treads, you will want to either select a different pack or stock up on Famibay’s packs.

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3. Pack of 13 non-slip stair rugs by Benissimo

Benissimo, 13+1 Stair Treads Carpet, Landing Slip Resistant Stair Rugs, Cotton, Modern Printed Design, Soft Runner for Indoor Wooden Steps, Set of 13 (9'x32') + 1 (31'x31'), Eastern Breeze

Most stair treads and stair rugs are incredibly boring looking. While most all of them will prevent you from slipping or falling from stairs, very few bring anything else out and in some cases, can even make your stairs look even less presentable.

All of this changes with Benissimo’s stair rugs. Containing an elegant modern printed design, they will not only prevent slipping on stairs but will also make the stairs in your home look a little more presentable.

However, because Benissimo’s stair treads are rugs, this also means that they are not machine washable. You will need to clean them like you would any other rug. You’ll probably also need to clean them a lot as well since the designs on them can be affected by particles from traffic.

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4. Set of 15 skid resistant carpet stair treads by House, Home, and More

House, Home and More Set of 15 Skid-Resistant Carpet Stair Treads - Praline Brown - 8 Inches X 23.5 Inches

Most carpet treads tend to move all over the place when walked on. They also claim to protect the surface of the stairs and create good traction, but very few of them actually do this. A lot of them also fray a lot, especially if the stair tread in question is made of carpet.

All of these issues are addressed with House, Home, and More’s stair treads. They are bound on all edges which prevents them from fraying and they contain skid-resistant rubber backing that not only prevents them from moving but also makes them create good traction.

While rubber backed stair treads do indeed prevent them from moving, you still need to secure House, Home, and More’s treads. Unlike most treads, they do not contain their own adhesive material and you will need to use material of your own to secure them.

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5. Pack of 14 non-slip carpet stair mats by Jorviz

14 Pack-(8'x30'),Stair Treads Carpet Indoor, Anti Slip Stair Mats Collection, Skid Resistant Rubber Backing for Child Proofing/Pet Safety/Elderly Safety, Dark Red

Most stair treads provide next to no insulation. While this may be negligible for wooden stairs, it is certainly an issue when it comes to stairs that are made of concrete. Concrete stairs that have no treads can easily make a room much colder than it should be.

With their surfaces being made of double-stripe polyester fiber, Jorviz’ carpet stair mats provide just as much insulation as any other carpet surface does. This is fantastic in colder temperatures where stairs that are bare can actually make a room colder.

Jorviz’ carpet stair mats are not machine washable, and that is a shame. The carpet that they are made of will absorb anything and everything that interacts with them, which means you’ll need to waste a lot of time cleaning them.

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No set of stairs should go uncovered. Considering all the options you have, there is no stair tread that can’t fit any home or apartment.

Whether your staircase is circular or angular, there are stair treads out there that will fit any of your needs. Stair treads are made of different materials and there is no pack of stair treads that are the same.

This is something you need to be aware of as you explore your options. No matter what your preferences are, there exist a set of stair treads that are perfect for you and your home.

It is up to you to discover which ones those is best stair treads.