Best Subfloor Adhesive

Best Subfloor Adhesive

Subfloor work is one of the most tedious tasks that you can ever undertake when it comes to either building a home or renovating one.

If you do not have the right subfloor adhesive, this task will take even longer, it will be more tedious, and it will be more frustrating than it should ever be.

This can all be changed by having the right subfloor adhesive in your possession.

The right subfloor adhesive will not only streamline your subfloor construction projects, but it will also prevent wear and tear on the subfloor.

You can also prevent your subfloor from warping with the right subfloor adhesive.

These are all things you should keep in mind as you explore what subfloor adhesives have to offer.

Top Picks : 5 Best Subfloor Adhesive

5 Featured Subfloor Adhesives

1. 28 ounce subfloor and deck construction adhesive with low VOC by Liquid Nails

Liquid Nails - LNP902 Subfloor & Deck Construction Adhesive (LN902), Low VOC, 28 oz

You know that temperatures will never be perfect when you are constructing a subfloor. One of the biggest issues that most subfloor adhesives face is that they are not designed for extreme temperatures and you’ll need to hope that your current subfloor adhesive does.

Liquid Nails has created a subfloor adhesive that is able to withstand extreme temperatures. Being able to gun in temperatures as low as 22 degrees, you won’t need to worry about your adhesive freezing before it sets. You’ll want Liquid Nails’ subfloor adhesive for very cold climates.

Only 28 ounces comes in Liquid Nails’ subfloor adhesive. This means you’ll only be able to cover a scant 85 square feet with it. You will need a lot more of it if you are tasked with creating a subfloor for a large area.

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2. 1 gallon pro grade cork underlayment adhesive by Roberts

Roberts 7250-1 Pro Grade Cork Underlayment Adhesive, 1 gallon

When it comes to large-scale underlayment projects, you know that you will need a lot of subfloor adhesive formula. Unfortunately, most of these come in limited capacities, forcing you to have a lot of containers at hand. This makes tasks very unorganized.

With one gallon of adhesive formula coming in the bucket, you will not need to worry about this at all when using Roberts’ subfloor adhesive. You’ll have everything you need for most large-scale projects, as you’ll be able to cover 170 to 190 square feet with it.

Although Roberts’ underlayment adhesive does resist mold and mildew, it does not hold up in very low temperatures. You will need a different subfloor adhesive if you know that you will be dealing with these kinds of temperatures.

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3. Subfloor and deck construction adhesive by DAP

Construction Adhesive, Subfloor and Deck

A lot of subfloors do not carry the same kind of temperature throughout the year. This is one of the reasons why they encounter warping and other negative effects. Very few subfloor adhesives can withstand temperatures that change so rapidly.

DAP’s subfloor and deck construction adhesive is probably the best subfloor adhesive that you can get when it comes to dealing with extreme temperatures that deviate so far from the norm. Being able to withstand temperatures from 20 below zero to 140 degrees, you will not find any subfloor adhesive that is so diverse.

You will need to stock up on a lot of DAP’s subfloor adhesive if you intend to use it for a large-scale project, however. This is because only 28 ounces come in each tube, limiting you to less than 100 square feet of construction.

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4. Construction and subfloor adhesive by Titebond

Subfloor Adhesive, Construction, White, 28

Applying subfloor adhesive is a task that requires a lot of attention to detail, but also a lot of precision. Most subfloor adhesives are not forgiving in that they are almost impossible to clean when wet. This does not allow for any room for error.

Titebond has changed this with their subfloor adhesive. You’ll be able to clean it with water when it is still wet in case you make a mistake. This makes it a good choice if you have made the decision to lay out your subfloor adhesive yourself.

Because Titebond’s subfloor adhesive is so easy to use, this also means it is very limited. First, only 28 ounces come in the tube. This makes large scale projects impossible for it. It also doesn’t resist high and low temperatures nearly as much as its counterparts.

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5. “The PRO’s Advantage” subfloor adhesive by Franklin International

Titebond The PRO's Advantage Subfloor Adhesive 28 oz.

One of the biggest issues that surround any subfloor adhesive is that they just do not bond tightly enough. This is one of the main reasons why tiles and other flooring becomes loose, exposing the subfloor which can cause the subfloor to warp.

To address this, Franklin International has come up with The PRO’s Advantage subfloor adhesive. Containing adhesion levels that are whole levels above other subfloor adhesives, you’ll be able to apply it with confidence.

Adhesion seems to be the only thing that The PRO’s Advantage subfloor adhesive stands out in. Not only is it flammable, but it also does not cover a lot of area.

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Making sure that your subfloor is properly bonded to your main flooring is part of any flooring project.

This is only made possible by the use of a subfloor adhesive.

There are a few things that you need to consider before making a decision on a subfloor adhesive. 

You’ll need to know how much of it you need and what it needs to protect from.

Knowing these things will allow you to make a decision on a subfloor adhesive that will help you a lot when it comes to taking on any given flooring task.