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For a living room like the one in this picture, a swivel chair next to a wall with a teddy bear might be considered the best option.

The 7 Best Swivel Chairs for Living Room in 2022

Swivel chairs are really comfortable compared to standard chairs; primarily, while sitting, it provides extra movement instead of twisting awkwardly. However, there are several benefits as well.

Though many people choose the best swivel chairs for living room’s comfort and stylish things, most of them don’t know about its benefits. One of the advantages of a swivel chair is that if you have lower back pain problems, then the swivel chair greatly reduces the pressure to move while you are sitting.

However, in this article, we will not discuss the benefits of swivel chairs, rather we will discuss about comfortable swivel chairs for living room. We have tested and asked around people who possesses a swivel chair and sorted out the 7 best modern swivel chairs. We have basically selected a bunch of them and sorted these 7 after user’s feedback analysis and complete research that will help you to find the swivel chair for you.

I can’t wait; let’s crush this.

What Are The Advantage of a Rotating Chair?

The Swivel chair has great moveability; it easily removes your tired feeling. If you sit in it for a long time, there is no possibility of harming your body. Also, there are so many advantages of a swivel chair below. We have shared a few.

User-Friendly Design

One of the most useful swivel chair features is its user-friendly design, which allows you to move as you like and sit at different angles. Also can be used in office, living room, outdoor all fields.


Swivel chairs provide extra comfortability for extra movement compared to standard chairs. Also, if you have problems like lower back pain, then undoubtedly, a swivel chair is the most acceptable option for you; it will reduce the pressure on your back.

Variety Designs

You will find different swivel chair chairs in the market, which helps you from various options to select the most suitable pick for you. You will see 360-degree swivel function, swivel gaming chair, swivel recliner chair also many more.

7 Best Swivel Chairs for Living Room Guide

1. CHITA Swivel Accent Chair for Living Room

CHITA Swivel Accent Chair Armchair, Round Barrel Chair in Fabric for Living Room Bedroom, Pebble Grey

In most modern living rooms, the owners try to arrange the swivel chair with a convenient and contemporary look. With this in mind, CHITA has designed its modern swivel accent chair, which seems to be very attractive, and I’m pretty sure the guests will appreciate your choice.

Product Description

This swivel chair is constructed with a combination of solid wood and engendering wood. As a result, its frames are of exceptionally high sturdy quality. As well as being able to carry weight up to 350 pounds, it is also designed based on 360 degrees swivel so that you can set it flexibly in the living room as well as any other room.

One of its best advantages is its high-quality fabric, which does not contain any harmful phthalates or formaldehyde, and makes it entirely safe for your use.

If we look at comfortability, we can see that CHITA has used premium high-density polyfoam in their swivel chair, which is very comfortable and durable. Besides, it has been certified by OEKO-TEX for their quality so that you can ensure quality and durability.

Highlighted Features

  • No assembly or disassemble required
  • 360 degrees swivel and flexible
  • Constructed with solid and engineered wood
  • Easy to clean, just use a water-based solution for spot cleaning
  • The seat cushion is made with high-density polyfoam, which is highly comfortable

Bonyjony said

This is one of the best furniture purchases I have ever made. The chair is beautiful, comfortable, inexpensive and is well made. Ready to go right out of the box. My son now wants 2 of his own and they are out of stock. Hoping they can get more. Don’t hesitate if they do come back – the last batch sold out very quickly.

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2. Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider

babyletto Madison Swivel Glider in Slate Microsuede, Greenguard Gold Certified

Many have small apartments and small living rooms; that’s why medium and large size swivel chairs do not fit perfectly. Babyletto’s swivel glider is an outstanding option for them. One of the great features of this chair is its eco-friendly design, so you and your family members can use it safely.

Product Description

The Babyletto swivel sofa is made of higher strength wood materials, which is FSC certified, and the foam used for comfort, which is CertiPUR-US certified. As well as ultra-soft velvet fabric, it has made it perfect for your nursery. So you can ensure comfort and quality.

Another great aspect of babyletto, which we said before, is its convenient design, which has made it the best swivel chair for small spaces. You will also get a variety of color options for color matching with your living room and furniture. So, considering the overall features and other things, this is another excellent selection for the living room.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with various colors options
  • 360 degrees smoothly swivel
  • No need to be assembled
  • Completely safe and eco-friendly design
  • No chemicals and VOCs are included
  • Made with ultra-soft velvet fabric
  • The best comfortable chair for tight spaces
  • Made with FSC certified higher strength wood

Lawyer in NY said

Very comfortable. Great for small space. Doesn’t look or feel cheap. I selected the Ivory Boucle. Lovely. The color looks like vanilla ice cream, not a white white, but not yellowy white like one of the customer photos. I’m going to order the brown velour for my home office.

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3. Rosevera Hearst Swivel Accent Chair

Rosevera Hearst Swivel accent chair, Navy

This is another 360-degree rotatable swivel accent chair, which is made with excellent quality and durable kiln-dried solid wood frame materials that last for many years. As well as being covered with a cushion of plush high-density foam, it provides highly comfortable to take rest and sit.

Product Description

Rosevera hearst swivel accent chair is flexible; you can set it at your desired angle; it also has a durable ball bearing of stainless steel attached for rotating 360 degrees. The elegant design makes the decoration of your room more beautiful as well as provides you with great relaxation.

Rosevear has made their sofa with easy to clean features, which allows you to clean using a dry vacuum easily. Besides, it is not oversized in terms of size, due to which you can set it up in any size apartment.

Highlighted Features

  • 360-degree rotatable swivel chair
  • Made with solid wood frame
  • Covered with a highly comfortable cushion
  • They included a removable supportive pillow
  • It comes with stainless steel bearing base

Terry Pochert said

This chair added a touch of sophistication to my newly decorated living room. I bought 2 of them, and when my family comes over, they fight over who gets to sit in them! They are very comfortable!

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4. Best Leather Swivel Chairs for Living Room: Newport Taupe Swivel Recliner and Slanted

Newport Taupe Swivel Faux Leather Recliner Chair with Ottoman Footrest Modern Armchair Ergonomic Manual Reclining Adjustable Upholstered for Bedroom Living Room Reading Home Relax - BenchMaster

Many people prefer swivel chairs made of leather. One of the reasons for this is that leather sofas last longer than standard sofas for many years, and their quality, durability, and comfortability are very high. After considering all these aspects, we choose the Newport Taupe Swivel Recliner, which is made entirely of bonded leather materials.

Why We Choose It

Many people prefer swivel chairs made of leather. One of the reasons for this is that leather sofas last longer than standard sofas for many years, and their quality, durability, and comfortability are very high. After considering all these aspects, we choose the Newport Taupe Swivel Recliner, which is made entirely of bonded leather materials.

Product Description

One of the features of the Newport Taupe swivel recliner is its deep comfortability and solid wood walnut finishing, which makes it several times higher in terms of strength, and it is able to carry weight up to 300 pounds.

In terms of size, it is also convenient for almost any size living room. You can also easily swing the chair 360 degrees and recline 45 degrees. Though you need to assemble before use, which is much easier, you can quickly assemble in a few minutes by following the manual.

Note: Manufacturers strictly forbid it to use any kind of solvents or detergents during cleaning; in this case, you can easily clean it with a wipe with a soft cloth as an alternative, as well as refusing to set it up at the sun rays. Basically, if you keep these things in mind, you will be able to use them comfortably for a long time.

Highlighted Features 

  • Higher-density foam provides great comfortability.
  • To provide higher comfort, they used steel springs
  • Highly durable and waterproof design
  • Full 360 degrees swivel and 45 degrees recline
  • Capable of holding up 300 pounds
  • No required detergents, easy to cleaning
  • Easy to assemble; just follow the user manual

Joe C. said

These chairs are really nice. Took about 20-30 minutes to put it together (each as I bought 2). The only real thing I changed was that on the footrest, they show the direction on the metal stand and on the pad by listing “front” “front”. When I put them together, the footrest was too steep for my liking. I flipped it around and put the front edge to the back and it made for flatter more ottoman like footrest. I’m a big guy (6’4″ and 235 lbs). The chair works for me and for the wife (5’4″ 117 lbs). Leather is soft and chair swivels easily.

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5. Madison Park Barianne Swivel Chair 

Madison Park Brianne Swivel Chair - Solid Wood, Plywood, Metal Base Accent Armchair Modern Classic Style Family Room Sofa Furniture, Multi

If you want to choose a swivel chair matching with living room furniture decorations, then Madison Park swivel chair may be an ideal option for you. One of its features is its sturdy durability, like our other selections. Basically, it has been used a solid wood and plywood combination and a very high-quality metal base to construct.

Product Description

The Madison Park swivel chair is designed with an ergonomic and smooth mechanism, allowing to rotate smoothly 360 degrees. Foam cushion and hypoallergenic fabric have also made it favorably comfortable. Versatility design will enable you to use the living room as well as nursing chair, bedroom lounge, reading chair or your preference comfortably.

Manufacturers have made the assembly process much easier by keeping beginners in mind; you can efficiently set up by following the user manual. If you want to make the color and quality of the swivel chair last longer, then we highly recommend not to use any kind of bleach or any harsh chemical solution during cleaning.

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for use as a nursing, living room or bedroom use
  • Modern classical designed chair, simple and beautiful
  • Made with solid wood and plywood with a sturdy frame
  • Easy to assemble also cleaning
  • Perfect size for any size of living room
  • Made with high-density foam, which provides high comfortability
  • Perfect swivel chair for living room’s furniture decoration

Christina Barnes said

I am very happy with this chair! After a mess with a purchase from another big name furniture company, I was stuck looking for furniture to match my partial set. I was super nervous ordering online! I purchased two of these chairs and they work perfectly!! I love the print, fabric texture, and comfort! Best of all, a great price and free shipping!!

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6. Mcombo Recliner with Ottoman

Mcombo Recliner with Ottoman, Reclining Chair with Massage, 360 Swivel Living Room Chair Faux Leather, 4901 (Cream White)

Mcombo Recliner is a modern swivel chair, which designed for different needs. In addition, according to the different consumer’s body shapes, it has been made so that a suitable chair with ottoman for all. Mcombo used sturdy quality steel to design their swivel chair set, which is highly stable and capable of carrying up to 330 pounds.

Product Description

You may be happy to know that they use load-bearing swivel construction, which makes the chair more highly stable and reclining up to 140 degrees, not limited to this piece. They also use upgraded thickened padding and a high-density foam cushion for high comfort. You can adjust to watching tv, gaming and reading also in different ways for different purposes.

The most striking feature of the Mcombo Recliner is its massage strength adjustable features, which help you get different kinds of massage. Besides, its stylish look will enhance a few times more the beauty of your office or living room.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with unique plaid sewing fabric
  • Unique designed ball bearing swivel base
  • 360 degrees adjustable easy to adjust
  • Remote control massage mode and node
  • 9 ways of vibration combination
  • Made with high-density foam and strength steel
  • 6 vibration point and level 5 vibration intensity

Queen B in GA said

Quick and easy to assemble. Surprisingly comfortable and soothing massager. It looks much more expensive and could easily be mistaken for leather. I love the color and design. Bought this for guest room and couldn’t wait til my guest left to enjoy the massage features.

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7. Baysitone Velvet Swivel Accent Chair with Ottoman Set

Velvet Swivel Accent Chair with Ottoman Set, Modern Lounge Chair with Footrest, Comfy Armchair with 360 Degree Swiveling for Living Room, Bedroom, Reading Room, Home Office, Metal Base Frame (Yellow)

A comfortable accent chair is needed for relaxation after tiring work, playing video games, watching TV in a relaxed way. Basically, keeping these aspects in mind, our selectors have selected the comfortable velvet swivel chair with an ottoman set of the Baysitone brand. This is the perfect option for living rooms, reading rooms, home offices or bedrooms.

Product Description

It comes with 360 degrees swivel base, which helps you freely move faster. Especially when you want to relax while lying down, it provides the best comfortability in that field. Baysitone swivel chair is made using wrinkle resistance velvet materials; the best feature of the materials is that it is very soft and skin-friendly so that anyone can use it.

Baysitone ergonomic design not only makes it stylish but also provides an outstanding weight capacity of 250 pounds. It also uses non-slip protective pads to protect the floor from scratches. No additional tools are required for assembly because it contains all the necessary hardware for easy assembly. There are also many more features that you will find in amazon’s descriptions.

Highlighted Features

  • 250 pounds weight capacity
  • Velvet surface materials for comfortable sit on
  • It will not wrinkle and fade
  • Ergonomically curved back and a thick upholstered padded
  • Non-slip protective pads provide scratch-free floor
  • Solid metal base for the great support
  • It comes with 360 degrees swiveling design

Tish said

I bought this chair for my kids hang out room. They love it, it is very comfy and perfect size. They love how it swizzles, it’s soft and comfortable. The assembly is easy but you have to go on the amazon page where you bought and there is a video of how to assemble it. The instruction that came with it are not good.

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Best Swivel Chairs for Living Room: Things You Should Know Before Buying

Best Swivel Chairs for Living Room

In this section, we will share some essential things which must b in your mind to select the best swivel chairs for living room. This will make it much easier to find the best swivel armchair for your living room.

Build-in Quality

You need to know what materials your chosen swivel chair is made of. In most cases, the standard swivel chair’s wood quality is not good, so you must try to choose a chair made of solid wood or durable steel materials. By doing this, on the one hand, you can be sure about the quality, you can use it for many years.


If your living room is large in size, then you will not have any trouble with swivel chair dimensions. However, if your apartment is small, then you must refrain from large sizes swivel chair selection. Because the living room decoration is very important to make your guests look beautiful. So you need apartment size swivel chair for the best suit.


In selecting the swivel chair, you need to know the comfortability. First, take a look at what kind of materials its seat cushion is made of. In addition, if you suffer from lower back pain, then you must check if this chair will be suitable for back pain or not. Finally, see if it will provide better movement as well.

Weight Capacity

Whether you buy a sofa set or a swivel chair, you should definitely look at the weight capacity. The main reason is that the strength of the swivel chair largely depends on the weight capacity. In other words, the higher the weight capacity means the greater the chair’s durability. As well as, for the overweight person sitting will be much easier. In this case, you can choose a swivel chair of 250 pounds or more weight capacity.

Read more about: High weight capacity dining chairs

User Friendly

Most swivel chairs are very convenient and lightweight, which can be easily used in both indoor and outdoor garden sitting areas or other fields, and your swivel chair can be easily moved, and the versatility is undoubtedly one of the best features you should be considered.

FAQ of Best Swivel Chairs for Living Room

Are swivel chairs good?

A swivel chair is an excellent option for living, drawing or bedroom basically; it creates a versatile conversation area. However, though it is a lot like a regular chair, but very comfortable and stylish, due to which the swivel chair is very effective to increase the seating and decoration of the living room.

What should I look for in a swivel chair?

In the field of choosing a swivel chair, the first thing you need to look at is the built-in quality of the swivel chair. It is especially important to have a user-friendly design so that you can adjust it as you need. This will allow you to use it without overreaching and straining.

Are barrel-swivel chairs comfortable?

Many people call barrel swivel chairs highly comfortable, and thinks that one of the best round swivel barrel chairs, because it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor usable and is highly pleased to look at. In a word, it is both comfortable and stylish.

How much space do you need between swivel chairs?

When setting up a swivel chair in your living room, make sure that the minimum distance from one to the other is 3′, and the maximum is not more than 7′. Also, if you want to have a walkway in the center of the furniture, then if your living room is huge, you must keep a distance of 30′ to 36′; otherwise, try to keep the 18′ to 25′ walkway.

Are swivel chairs ergonomic?

The short answer is “Yes.” Swivel chairs are ergonomic because they provide users with excellent maneuverability and help them to sit in different positions as needed. Swivel chairs are also very effective for back pain problems.

Final Verdict

Though you can see different types of swivel chairs in the market, all the chairs may not be suitable for your living room. So in our best swivel chairs for living room article, we have discussed everything in detail. And we have selected all the high-quality design swivel chairs. Hopefully, you have already found a chair suitable for your drawing or living room.

If you want to know our opinion, then as a first option we will suggest CHITA Swivel Accent Chair for your living room. Overall we would advise you to choose Mcombo Recliner with Ottoman. However, all our selected swivel chairs are outstanding in quality, so whatever you choose, we confidently say that you will not be disappointed.


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