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Using a tire paint pen, a human hand is adding color to a vehicle tire to create a variety of visual effects.

The 5 Best Tire Paint Pen: Design Your Car Tire 2022

The tire is one of the most visible exterior part of your car. If anyone wants to show off, they are sure to make sure their car tire looks different from others as it is common to see that almost all types of vehicle tires are universal black color, which has now become boring to the maximum car owner.

Customizing the tire of a car and giving it another look is a costly investment. The easiest and budget-friendly way to do tire customization is using the best tire paint pen. You just need a perfect tire paint and you can do the painting yourself. You may have seen different race cars; the most exciting aspect of the cars is their tires painting.

And if you want, you can also paint your tire through different lettering paintings using a paint pen. The paint marker pen is very easy to use; no experience is required; also, there are no hassles in using a brush and sprayer.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use to Paint Tires?

In the field of paint choosing, you must see the commercial grade so that you can use marine and industrial ways. Also, select a non-toxic and water-resistant pen so that this paint will last longer.

It is very important that after applying, the tire pens dry quickly, as well as make sure that this tire pen is suitable for your vehicle tires.

Our 3 Favorite Tire Paint Pen

5 Best Tire Paint Pen Guide

You see thousands of paint pens available in the market; sadly, finding the best paint pen for tires is very difficult. So in this article, we have selected the top 5 tire paint marker pens in the market, each of which has different features, which will help you find the paint pen of your choice easily. So let’s see.

1. ARTIQO Paint Pens for Tire (15 Colors)

Paint pens for rock painting - Wood, Glass, Metal and Ceramic Works on almost all surfaces set of 15 Vibrant Medium tip Oil Paint Marker Pens, Quick Dry, Water Resistant

Introducing our first pick ARTIQO paint pen. This is one of the great pens to customize your car tire your own way. ARTIQO provides you with 15 multiple color pens, which will help you make your tire painting much more attractive than other regular paints.

Why We Choose It

There are many advantages to using an ARTIQO tire paint pen; one of the significant benefits is that it is usable on multiple surfaces and tires. For example, you can use this paint pen in paper, wood, rock, canvas, plastic, glass, metal, and many more; you can also use it for various DIY projects.

Oil-based paint is a favorite choice for tire painting, as it is suitable for almost all types of conditions and lasts for a long time. That’s why Artiqo tire paint is made with oil-based formula. Besides, it is weather and water-resistant so that you can be ensured of its long-lasting performance.

If you want, you can use tire shine or soap after using this paint. Its using process is also very easy, and its manufacturers are providing a free ebook that will help you to get a few more unique painting ideas. Overall, this premium paint pen is a great choice for anyone.

Key Features

  • Multiple surfaces useable
  • Strong resistant
  • 15 different color options
  • Oil-based paint great for tire painting
  • Assure permanent bonding.

Wendy Halgren said

Tested the paint pens on wood, plastic, metal and glass. Very happy with the results! Dried quickly making it easy to keep from smearing. I can see many uses for this product from utilitarian to artistic.  I also tried on fabric but need to test further to have a good idea of it’s value in the medium. I think these are something I would like to always on hand.
Edit: just washed the glass item. Soaked in sink and paint came off. Just wiping seemed fine but will not hold up to washing.

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2. AUTOwriter Car Paint Marker Pens

Car Marker Pens Auto Writer Red - Windows, Glass, Tire, All Surfaces - Any Motorcycle, Truck or Bicycle, Wet Erase Removable Markers Pen (Red, Narrow, 5mm Tip)

Many people are looking for the best car paint pen to use for a few days instead of permanent paint; in this case, the Auto writer is an excellent car paint marker pen for them. It is specially designed to be used in vehicle tires, windows, bike helmets, mirrors, and other car-related surfaces to give your artistic impression.

Why We Choose It

One of the great advantages of this is that it is made using a non-toxic formula so that your children can draw and use it safely to enjoy it. You can also use it to draw in your car to surprise a friend or wish someone.

It has been designed to be washable so that you can clean the ink with a wet cloth. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor purposes. If the art gets wet in the rain, it will not adversely affect. Overall it is the best washable car marker.

Key Features

  • Easily removable by wiping a damp cloth
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor
  • Quickly dry and water resistant
  • Made with non-toxic formula.

Comesitbymyfire wrote

Smooth application, nice n wide or thin lines using the corner of the pen’s ‘tip’. Lasted on the back window of our van for over a thousand miles and some really hard rain (Iceland)

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3. Overseas Oil Based Permanent Paint Marker Pen (8 Packs)

White Paint Pen Acrylic Markers 8 Acrylic Paint Pens for Wood Mug Ceramic Canvas Tire Metal Black Scrapbook Medium Tip Acrylic Markers for Rock Painting Water-based Arts & Craft Supplies

In most cases, you can see the paint marker pens are not highly resistant. Overseas is the best solution to this problem. Especially if you are constantly annoyed by your tire’s boring black color, now is the high time to permanently dye your black tire differently.

Why We Choose It

The overseas premium quality paint pen will impress you a lot with its great advantage features. It has durable, long-lasting color performance and great features to use on multiple surfaces. In addition to tires, you can easily use them in various other places, including plastic, leather, glass, fabric, stone, metal paper, wood, and many more.

Oil-based paint is very effective, especially for long-lasting performance for tire painting, and that’s why overseas paint marker has been made in oil-based ways to get a permanent color solution. Also, since it is water-resistant, you can clean your tire using soap and shine, but the color will not remove. It is also made up of non-toxic formulas, so it is much safer to use.

Key Features

  • Makes a durable bond on your car tires
  • Made with a permanent oil-based formula
  • Fit on multiple surfaces
  • It is dry quickly
  • Made with a non-toxic and odorless formula
  • It is easy to use, and you will get long-lasting performance

Melissa wrote

I bought these for my son and he absolutely loves them. The color is bright and they work very well. I would purchase again.

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4. JR White Acrylic Paint Marker Pens for Tire Painting (8 Packs)

Red Paint Markers Pens - Single color 6 Pack Permanent Oil Based Paint Pen, Medium Tip, Quick Dry and Waterproof Marker for Rock, Wood, Fabric, Plastic, Canvas, Glass, Mugs, Canvas, Glass

Jr white is another best quality marker paint pen for tire painting, which you can get at fair prices. Its premium quality design with non-toxic formula will attract you a lot. It is made using an ultimately harmful chemical-free and water-based formula, making it completely safe to use for children and adults.

Why We Choose It

It is usable on multiple surfaces, including tires, wood, plastic, stone, canvas, glass, ceramics, and many more types of surfaces. With it, you get 8 packs of white paint pens which you can use for a long time. It’s perfect for use in many different places, including your vehicles, especially when celebrating any kind of event.

Jr white automotive paint markers pen is much easier to use. Its smooth acrylic ink flow can cover a lot easier, as well as it dries quickly, so you will get quick results when you use it. Also, being around the body, it is very comfortable to hold, as it is a transparent body, you can clearly see how much paint you have used.

First, you have to shake a little while using it, then open the cap and hold it for a while till the ink comes out, then you have to check it on any one of the papers for a while, after that it is now ready for use. You can also easily remove it after using, just use detergent or liquid soap.

It comes with 6 packs with 10+ different color options, so you can choose another color if you want. Overall, this is one of the best permanent paint marker pens for tires and other surfaces.

Key Features

  • Comfortable to hold and easy to use
  • Fit on multiple surfaces
  • Made with a water-based and non-toxic formula
  • The acrylic ink flow smooth with excellent coverage

Ashley wrote

Very happy with these pens! Vibrant colors and good Quality! Not exactly made for small detail as they are a wider tip. Very happy purchase

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5. Artistro White Paint Pen (5 Packs)

White Paint Pen for Rock Painting, Stone, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Tire, Fabric, Metal, Canvas. Set of 5 Acrylic Paint White Marker Water-based Extra-fine Tip

Artistry is the last white tire paint pen in this article; it is last but not least. It has earned thousands of positive Guides from users for its most solid performance. Artistro is made with a water-based formula; also, another best thing is that it’s non-toxic and it has no odor. It is a perfect pick, especially for acrylic paint and DIY projects.

Why We Choose It

Artistry is the best paint pen for rock painting, tire, ceramic, wood, glass, and many more surfaces. Another great feature of it is that it is budget-friendly, and you get five packs of budget together. It is also very easy to use, so there is no reason to be afraid if you are a beginner.

After use on the tire, it dries very quickly, and it lasts for a long time on your tire. Another great aspect of it is that it doesn’t clog up like other regular paint pens when used. It is the best tire paint pen for detailing work.

Key Features

  • The letters came out in a wonderfully
  • It’s fit with all types of tires
  • Multiple surfaces useable
  • There is no odor and no toxic
  • Great for detailing work

Kristiem opined

I paint a lot rocks. These pens are incredibly smooth and glide across any surface. I am overly impressed with the quality and ink flow. They look just like an ink pen. I bought several boxes to have extra’s. I am very impressed with them ♥

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Things to Consider Before Buying the Tire Paint Pen

best tire paint pen

Finding a paint pen is not a difficult task, but if you want to pick the best paint pen for a car tire, then you must have a few more things to consider besides Guideing the products. In this way, you can easily find the best pen and color to give long-lasting performance to your tires.

Colors Variety

In the field of tire painting, multiple colors are much more interesting than single colors. Because different color combinations are more attractive than a single color, you can also use those colors on other surfaces besides tires. There are many who prefer multiple colors.

If you are one of them and want to make the tires attractive as well as use them on more different surfaces, then you must try to choose multiple color options; otherwise, the single color is not a bad option.

Car Wash Friendly

You never want your tire to become colorless in a few days after you paint it colorful. To avoid this problem and to get long-lasting color painting performance, be sure to check the water-resistant tire paint pen before purchase.

It allows you to use the tire shine and soap to care for the tire.

Surface Capabilities

Before using any paint on any surface, it is necessary to know whether the paint will last properly with the surface or not.

So to ensure this, you need to choose multiple surface usable tire paint. It has many features, firstly it can adjust well with tires, and later you can use it for tires as well as other surfaces for customization.

Long-Lasting Performance

Long-lasting tire paints are very important. Because when the car is running, there is more pressure on the tires as well as other parts of the vehicles. And it is facing different situations. One of the enemies of paint is UV rays, which continually face the tires.

So with the long-lasting paint performance, it is very important to be your paint pen UV protected, and paint bonding is durable. So along with other features of tire paint, these need to be given more importance to get the best performance.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How long do paint pens last on tires?

In most cases, the color of the paint tires lasts up to 1 year, and it is applicable to most vehicles, including bicycles, motorcycles, trucks, cars, ATVs.

But in this case, what kind of road your vehicles usually travel on, and whether the tire is taken care of all the time, also the paints you are using are of the best quality or not, all these aspects also matter. Considering all these aspects, it can last for one year, less or more.

What kind of paint is suitable for tire letters?

The most suitable paints for tire painting are marine graded and industrial paints. It is also important that your paint is non-toxic and has strong resistance. Many experts also consider oil-based paints as the best paint for tire letters. These are highly resistant and lasting for a long time, So if you want long-lasting performance, try to choose oil-based paint.

Will these paint pens work on plastic?

The short answer is “Yes.” You can use paint pens in almost all types of DIY projects. You can also use paint pens on tires and most surfaces, including glass, plastic, wood, paper, and many more.

What kind of paint will stick to rubber?

Spray paints are effective in rubbers, but you can also use acrylic or enamel paint. If you are looking for the best paints to customize tires, then a paint pen is a perfect choice.

Can I apply for a tire shiner after painting?

Yes.” You can use a tire shiner after tire painting if you want. But here, you have to keep one thing in mind, after tire painting, you have to use gel instead of a tire shiner sprayer. A particular reason for this is that the tire shiner sprayer will ruin your tire painting.

Final Verdict

Everyone wants to make their car a little more attractive and different looking from other cars. For this, there is no alternative to use the best tire paint pen for easy car tire customization with budgets. Hopefully, our article has helped you find your favorite paint pen, so why are you so delayed? Let’s paint your car tire with a different attractive look.

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