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A tower fan for cooling air beside a bed in a bedroom.

The 7 Best Cool Air Tower Fan: Top 7 Picks in 2022

If you’re dealing with mid-summer extreme heat or an overbearing heater, the correct floor fan will provide immediate relief in even the most sweltering conditions. Although we’ve written about various cooling options, like the best table fans, tower fans, and overhead fans, we’re focusing on the best tower fan Guides right now. If you’re looking for a tower fan, there are a few facts to consider before purchasing. Take into account the size of the room—small spaces will be perfect with a handheld fan, while bigger rooms may need a strong full-sized device.

Top Picks: 5 Best Tower Fan

Comparison Table

Product Description

Lasko 2511 3-Speed Tower Fan

  • Takes little space
  • It has a remote control
  • Three fan modes

Lasko Portable Electric 42″ Tower Fan

  • Switches off automatically
  • Unique design
  • Ensures sleeping atmosphere

Honeywell HTF210B Quiet Set Table Fan

  • Slim and convenient design
  • Saves 50% energy costs
  • A touch panel is included

Honeywell Quiet Set Tower Fan

  • Includes 8-speed touch button controllers
  • Compact fan
  • It fits in narrow areas

TaoTronics Tower Fan

  • Features 65-degree air circulation
  • It doesn’t waste space
  • ETL-certified

Lasko 4924 High-Velocity Blower Fan

  • Low, medium and high speeds are available
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Assembled model

Tower Fan – Quiet Oscillating Cooling Fan

  • Three-speed modes to choose from
  • A remote control is provided
  • A timer is included

Top 7 Best Tower Fan Guide in 2022

1. Lasko 2511 3-Speed Tower Fan

Lasko 2511 36” Oscillating 3-Speed Remote Control Tower Fan for Home, 36 Inch, Black

The black Lasko 2511 36-inches tower fan with a remote controller is a sleek, upright fan that takes up very little floor space while providing a strong, powerful airflow. This air tower fan can be calibrated to preserve optimal comfortability thanks to three fan strengths, a wide-area vibration wave, and a configurable timer. Lasko has been providing the best appliances for a very long time.

Lasko’s 36″ Tower Fan with Remote Control propagates air for steady, cool air movement with its seamless oscillation. This workspace saver is smartly made for every home or office building, with three discreet speeds. Using the multi-function remote and digital touch-control operation, you can pick the rpm, power, and computer-controlled timer functions.

Why We Choose It


Beautifully designed: The slim, space-saving style of this tower fan makes it ideal for use in your house or apartment. The black and matte silver mix creates a contemporary style that combines seamlessly with your current furniture.

Three Whisper-Quiet speeds: It ensures fast, steady airflow. This fan is perfect for a child’s room, bedroom, or home office because of its unique space-saving nature and quiet function.

A timer is built-in: After the timer has expired, the fan will turn off automatically. In 1 hour intervals, choose between 1 to 7 hours. The duration of hours the timer is set for is easily displayed on the LED panel.


  • Computer-controlled timer
  • Widespread vibration for airflow
  • Wireless remote-control option
  • Durable handle


  • It may not last for a long time

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2. Lasko Portable Electric 42” Tower Fan

Lasko Portable Electric 42' Oscillating Tower Fan with Nighttime Setting, Timer and Remote Control for Indoor, Bedroom and Home Office Use, Silver, T42951

This elegant tower fan has a compact, space-saving style that will complement your interior design perfectly, and it is the best fan for the bedroom. The cooling wind is amplified by the high-reaching tower architecture, three silent speeds, and vibration. With the electronic timer function, you can set the fan to switch off manually. In addition, the handy Nighttime atmosphere provides a relaxing sleep atmosphere.

The 42. 5” tall Lasko T42954 Tower Fan has a woodgrain face and a gray frame. The solid plastic foundation is simple to put together with a Philips-head screwdriver and has a footprint of 13” x 13” on your board. This fan’s streamlined, upright space-saving framework helps it be used in confined spaces where wooden platforms and box fans won’t suit without compromising air ventilation, convenience, or style.

Why We Choose It


Silent mode: The fan blows a strong wind, but you can still hear the TV even on H. It’s easy to put together and use. It has a designed carry handle, vibration, and an energy-saving auto shut-off timer that can be set from 0. 5 to 7. 5 hours.

Ensures maximum comfort: At night, it circulates the humid, stuffy air so you can sleep. At night, it produces exactly the perfect amount of background noise to help you relax. The control panel is dimmed automatically, and the fan is programmed to (H) for an hour.

Trusted brand: Lasko has been producing high-quality household goods for over a century. Fans of Lasko are also ETL certified.


  • Space-saving design
  • Ensures cool breeze
  • Switches off automatically


  • It makes a slight noise

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3. Honeywell HTF210B Quiet Set Table Fan

Honeywell HTF210B Quiet Set Personal Table Fan (2 Pack)

The Honeywell QuietSet Mini Tower Table Fan is a slim and lightweight model that’s perfect for cooling small spaces. Advanced QuietSet Control, which enables owners to customize sound and cooling capacity, demonstrates the importance of relaxation and functionality.

For added convenience, an easy-to-use touch panel and two 8-hour auto-off timers have been included. In comparison to AC motors, this table fan will save you up to 50% on energy costs. The Honeywell QuietSet Mini Tower Table Fan’s slim size makes it an ideal addition to workstations, bedside tables, and other personal spaces. With four levels of quiet function, the Honeywell QuietSet Slim Mini Tower Fan allows you to customize the cooling capacity. According to best tower fan wirecutter Guides, it has QuietSet technology and a slim style that won’t even take up too much room in your house.

Why We Choose It


It makes a difference: Honeywell Fans improve the atmosphere by combining efficient air ventilation with silent activity in revolutionary prototypes.

It has multiple benefits: You should adjust the sound and power settings of Honeywell QuietSet Stand Fans. Set it, lay back, and relax – adjust the volume to the perfect amount for watching TV, resting, or requiring white noise, for example. It even has vibration for when you’re not the only one who wants to unwind.

Saves energy: Direct Current (DC) motors have advantages over AC motors in that they use up to 50% less capacity. The slim style saves space, and the model is made of plastic.


  • It helps to cool the room quickly
  • Saves energy consumption
  • 4 sound levels and settings


  • No manufacturer’s warranty

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4. Honeywell Quiet Set Tower Fan

Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan-Black, HYF290B

With quiet set technology that helps users to monitor their noise and cooling choices, the Honeywell 8 pace tower fan radiates the feel of a gentle breeze in your house, making it the best air circulator fan for every household. This quiet & strong fan has a slim, innovative look with oscillating motions for whole-room conditioning. It has 8-speed touch button controllers and a motion sensor that resides in the rear of the fan casing for convenient transport.

The Honeywell Quiet Set Fan is an ideal choice if you’d like to introduce a solid, compact fan to your household range. Its compact size makes it ideal for use in narrow areas and spaces, and its low price saves you cash.

Why We Choose It


Ensures comfort: Using fans to circulate air in your home will make you feel more comfortable while saving money on electricity. Tower fans, floor fans, and oscillating fans are all available from Honeywell. There should be one for each room in the house.

Saves money: The right fan will keep you comfortable while improving ventilation in your room or house. Use fans to help minimize your energy demand and prices, which would benefit both your air conditioner and your pocket. Honeywell has a wide range of fans to suit your needs at home.

Get the best quality: It improves air conditioning and reduces energy consumption in your house, bedroom, or workplace.


  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Features a handle for carrying
  • Quieter than other fans


  • It may not last for a long time

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5. TaoTronics Tower Fan

No products found.

With a strong engine, the vibrating fan creates a summer fresh wind in the room. As a result, it’s perfect for exceptional cooling to keep you at a constant temperature. The 36″ storage-saving tower fan will keep you comfortable while the temperature rises. Set your favorite breeze using the readily accessible control center or motion sensor to start a strong 65-degree air circulation. You will get a break from the hot summer days.

This TaoTronics prototype is the wirecutter best fan if you’re searching for a tower fan, especially for your room. It has a specified sleep environment that adjusts the ventilation and turns off the LED lights following the basic fan speeds.

Why We Choose It


Adjustable airflow: The three fan speeds (Low, Medium, and High) and three cooling modes allow you to customize the cooling impact (Normal, Natural, Sleep). The 65° broad-angle oscillation and 20 ft/s velocities provide enough airflow to provide quicker relaxation from the sun.

Easy to Operate: The big transparent LED monitor shows the air temperature, speed, phase, timer, and vibration; adjust all settings with the button when relaxing on the bed. A lovely improvement to your bedroom, lab, office, or other small space, the 36″ portable fan fits into every small space without wasting space.

Kid-safe option: This ETL-certified tower fan with a slender fence produces a strong channel of airflow without the use of fast rotating blades, making it ideal for households with active kids and pets.


  • Warranty of 24 months
  • Good customer service
  • Saves energy


  • Makes clicking sound

No products found.

6. Lasko 4924 High-Velocity Blower Fan

Lasko 4924 High Velocity Blower Fan with Handle, 30 Inch, Gray

Learn about the power of this sleek, high-velocity fan. This is the best household fan. This fan will keep you cool all year long thanks to its high-powered engine, three powerful speeds, and optional vibration for wide area coverage. The built-in carry handle makes this fan incredibly compact, making it ideal for parking spaces, home fitness centers, studios, and laboratories. With top-mounted adjustments and longitudinal louvers for precise air distribution, this versatile device is simple to operate.

Low, medium and high speeds offer a refreshing breeze in every house or office room. It enables you to guide airflow where it is needed. When you turn on vibration, the fan will move air from left to right, allowing it to circulate and chill the room. Using the lateral louvers, guide air forwards or backward.

Why We Choose It


Special handle for carrying: It renders the fan versatile, allowing you to switch it from one location to another. As a result, the fan is suitable for use in any room in the house or the main office.

Built-in safety: A fuse is built into the connector of the power cord as part of this built-in protection option. The fuse will shut off the electrical charge to the fan if it identifies a possibly dangerous electrical malfunction, eliminating a possible security risk.

Completely assembled: It enables you to pull the fan out from the case, connect it to a power socket, and experience a cold wind right away.


  • Proper air circulation
  • 3 speeds
  • Ensures oscillation


  • It does not come with a remote

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7. Tower Fan – Quiet Oscillating Cooling Fan

Tower Fan - Quiet Oscillating Cooling Fan with LED Display and Timer Built-in 3 Modes and Speed Settings - Remote Controlled Stand Up Floor Portable Fans for Bedroom and Home Office Use - 30 Inch

Take advantage of this enhanced model for the cooling system in every room. It takes up much less room and can conveniently be tucked away in a corner or next to an open door. The powerful motor circulates cool air in your house. It has three speeds and modes to choose from Normal, Natural, and Sleep. A timer is also included, which can be set for up to 7.5 hours of use.

Why We Choose It

When you set it, it turns on, off, then on again automatically. There’s no reason to get out of bed to change the settings. The provided remote control allows you to control the system from anywhere in the room. This is the greatest compact fan, thanks to the built-in grip. Because of the more stable architecture and structure, they are much better than conventional fans. It is crafted from high-quality products that can last a long time. This will provide you with years of refreshing convenience.

Ensures the comfort of family members: It has enough power to keep the whole household cool. A cool breeze is circulated around your home thanks to the broad vibrating direction. You’ll get several comments from relatives and friends who note how much more at ease they are.

Unique design saves space: Other fans take up much more space than the smart tower concept. It raises the fan to improve ventilation.

Greater safety: The strong stand prevents the fan from falling.


  • Safe to use
  • Children-friendly
  • 3 different power modes


  • The base is less stable

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Buying Guide: Best Cool Air Tower Fan Guide

Best Tower Fan Guide

Now that you’ve learned about most of the tower fans discussed in this post, it’s crucial to reflect on some of their most critical features. You must also understand the specification of functionality and its usage now that you understand what functions a tower fan has. This purchasing guide includes detailed guidance on the essential features of a tower fan, tower fan Guides, as well as some background information.

Sound Level

Since it is a mechanical spinning device, noise is unavoidable throughout the operation. Even if you can’t find completely silent tower fans, you can always get a comparatively silent one. Various alternatives with differing sound quality thresholds are seen in this article. The tower fans are typically used in dining quarters, bedrooms, or critical conference rooms in offices where loud noise is a concern. Having a silent tower fan would undoubtedly aid in more relaxed cooling, so you will be able to sleep in a peaceful setting.

The capacity of airflow

Any air conditioning system, whether it’s an air conditioner, a heater, or a fan, has a maximum airflow capability. There are no exceptions to this rule when it comes to tower fans. The airflow capability of tower fans is difficult to compare since they are closed structures. Take a look at the height of the tower fan to gain the best answer. Larger fans, on the whole, have far more blade capacity. As a result, a taller tower fan’s airflow potential would be considerably higher than smaller tower fans.

Available features

There are several enhancements present to make the tower fan faster and easier to use, which you might have already learned on the product page. Since the remote system will be mounted on your cell phone, using a Bluetooth control function ensures that you will never lose control.

Best Tower Fan Guide: FAQs

Are tower fans better?

Tower fans, on the whole, have more characteristics than pedestal fans. If you’d like a fan with a light switch or a filtration system, a tower fan is more likely to have them. Tower fans come in a wider range of styles and sizes. In general, tower fans are quieter, unlike pedestal fans.

Do tower fans cool a room?

To circulate cold air, position your tower fan in the corners of your contemporary living room. Tower fans have a narrow and fixed base that oscillates. These silent fans have a sleep and natural air settings and chill the air in the house at 90-degrees. The gadget can oscillate south to north and drive hot air outside.

Is tower fan good for health?

Best tower fan wirecutter Guides suggest that the built-in screens in tower fans remove dirt, bacteria, and animal dander, preventing them from contaminating the home’s environment. Ionizer-equipped fans purify the air, making it a safe place to breathe in. Hence, tower fans are good for health.

What is the advantage of a tower fan?

Tower fans provide a much greater and efficient airflow due to their tall, tower-like shape. Tower fans oscillate on a platform, dispersing air uniformly around the room at a 90-degree angle. In addition, unlike a cumbersome air cooler, it is sleek and appealing.

Which is better: fan or tower fan?

Tower fans are smaller and pedestal fans are longer. The air from the pedestal fans can be directed directly. However, tower fans do have some advantages over regular fans. Tower fans are slimmer and look aesthetically more pleasing. Tower fans also occupy less space and they can fit in tight corners. Hence, tower fans are better.

Do tower fans use a lot of electricity?

On medium, most tower fans utilize 48 watts, and on high, they use 100 watts. A tower fan consumes only 135 wattages at its peak setting, while a window air conditioner consumes 3500 wattages or 3.5 kWh. Running a fan uses much less energy than operating an air conditioner; ceiling fans need about 15-90 watts in total, and tower fans consume about 100 watts. So, tower fans do not use a lot of electricity at all.

Are tower fans loud?

Tower fans are usually quieter than other forms of fans due to their smaller blades. Most make a low “buzzing” noise rather than the sharper “loud buzzing” noise made by fans with bigger blades. The noise is normally not loud enough to disrupt speech or sleep.

Final Verdict

A tower fan is slowly but steadily becoming a must-have item in almost every home. You’ll need a constant supply of air in your house at all times of the year to keep things fresh and lively. Simply connect the power supply and choose your desired speed control option, and you’re ready to go. Today, we’ve presented you with a few tower fan choices. A purchasing guide is also given above to assist you in making your decision. Still, whether you’re undecided between a couple of choices or can’t decide between them all, take a look at our suggestions above.