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Columbus State Community College Front

Columbus State Community College, Ohio Architecture Details

Columbus State Community College’s Architecture and Design

Harold M. Nestor Hail is a building of the ’90s. In its setting, it serves as both the major entrance to the campus and as an edge to the college quadrangle. To down-town, the building presents a “refined” facade curved to give the college a “proper front”. To the campus, the building design is more playful in contrast to the existing buildings. The protruding student lounge is on axis with the administration building.

Programmatically, the architecture of building houses a seminar centre, student lounges, a 375-seat lecture hall, laboratories, classrooms, and faculty offices. As a classroom facility, the building is a background building, but as a new face for the campus, it represents the College in Columbus. Although smaller than most Columbus towers, the elevator shafts claim their due on the city skyline. The materials are equally diverse. The granite theatre “box”, the campus brick, the curtain wall, the diamond pattern brick, and finally the spotted corrugated metal all reveal different aspects of the building. Equally, the different design window types express the different functions and orientations of the programmatic elements.

College Interior Structure and Features

The building design is most easily summed up as colliding systems where all are important, but none is allowed to dominate. The multiple centres of the gateway, building configuration, and the elevator towers are a good example of the interactive system which provides a different “reading” of the building with each experience. Columbus State Community college  architecture and design is unique on it’s own.

Columbus State Community College Library

State Community College Library’s interior

As the new landmark classroom and administration building for this urban college, the five-storey, 128,000 square foot facility includes architecturally designed 48 classrooms and nine laboratories (biology, microbiology, chemistry, natural sciences, and computer sciences) to accommodate the college’s rapidly growing enrollment. More than 80 faculty offices are located on the fourth floor along with reception areas, conference rooms, and adjunct faculty work areas. The facility includes a 375-seat auditorium which faces a performance stage and giant rear-projection screen, music rooms, student study and lounge areas, and conference rooms.