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Different types of Contractors

The client, the architect, and the construction contractor executing the work have to work in harmony for the successful completion of the project.

The correct choice of the contractor, proper contract terms, and cordial dealings with one another during the execution, will pave the way to the ultimate success of the project.

Types of Contractors

1. A contractor may be an individual doing contract business. But, at least one additional responsible person should be put in charge with him, to look after the work on his behalf, in case of any emergency.

2. A contracting firm consists of two or more partners. It should be duly registered.

3. Large and small private companies also do contract business. Public limited companies undertake very big contracts.

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It is better if someone quite senior in the company is in charge of the work. Sometimes construction work may constitute only a small part of the activities of a company or maybe a new line of business for it.