Frank Gehry House Exterior view

Frank Owen Gehry House, Santa Monica, California


Gehry Residence is located in Santa Monica, which is a dry land in western Los Angeles, California. Now known as Gehry’s house, it was originally built in early 1920 which was bought by this famous architect later in the year of 1977. After a year only, he decided to renovate and wrap the entire outside area of his house while still leaving the old exterior of the house visible to the spectators.

Frank Gehry House Exterior view


Frank Owen Gehry is a famous Canadian-born American architect, currently residing in Los Angeles. He opened his own establishment by the name Frank Gehry and associates in the year 1967, which later came to known as Gehry Partners in 2001. The Frank Gehry buildings design consists of Louis Vuitton Fondation, Gehry house, Walt Disney Concert Hall.

His one of the most famous work as an architect includes the Dancing House, Prague, also known as dancing building. Gehry House was itself designed by the architect which was built in a Dutch colonial style.

It was Frank Gehry’s designs for his house that gave his career a boost. His vision was to renovate it in such a way that the old existing look of the house remains completely intact, as it was earlier, just not in a traditional way.

The architect kept the existing Dutch colonial design intact and built a new and much more modern house around it. With all the changes like stripped walls, holes in the walls and the house, it was turned into a modern contemporary style building. It was not to the liking of neighbors, but that does not mean that it was not good, the house was a great architecturally designed work of art.


Interior Design & Material used in Renovation

The architect’s design was enveloped around the old house by three sides on the ground floor. The newly built facade extends towards the street and thereby leaving the exterior of the old Dutch Colonial styled house almost untouched and unaltered.

However, the interior of the house went through a substantial number of changes on both the levels. The house was repaired and framed accordingly, in order to flaunt both old and new  portions of it. This can be made sure when passing through the various parts of the house, where you can notice the changes in doors, where some are newly placed by Gehry and some older ones that were present in the house originally at the time he bought them.

Frank gehry house interior

Although the house is fully constructed and renovated, because of its design it looks like that the house is constantly under renovation or construction.

It’s quite a task to determine the entrance of the house due to its unique exterior which is designed with all kind of materials like glass, aluminum, wood and chain-link fencing.

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Architectural Expansion

The expansion took place in 1991, as a result of growth in the number of Gehry’s family member. He tried to keep the old and original Dutch colonial architecture style of the house, but due to the additions it went through a number of changes. However, the house still has a uniqueness and is a classic architectural house in California. The center of the house serves as the living room. During the remodeling of the house, he designed two different bedrooms for his sons, introduced a lap pool.

Frank Gehry House Architectural Model

The wood battens were used to cover the beams of the exposed ceiling. The garage was removed and was turned into a guesthouse. After a span of more than thirty-nine years after its first remodeling, you can still see the both old and present perspectives of the house.

It’s a tedious task to build such a complex house and have people believe in it. The architect Frank Gehry’s house is still a classic work of architecture in California. Frank Gehry’s structures have often got people wondering about his ideas and execution of deconstructive architecutre, a great example of