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Genesys Medical Center

Genesys Regional Medical Center, Grand Blanc, Michigan

As the nation’s first freestanding replacement facility featuring patient-focused care, the Genesys project represents a major “re-engineering” of health care delivery by the former St. Joseph Health System located at 1 Genesys Pkwy, Grand Blanc, MI 48439, United States.

Genesys Medical Center

Consolidating four hospitals and 900 licensed beds into one hospital and approximately 400 beds, Genesys has responded to the profound changes underway in American health care.Importantly, Genesys features a total integrated medical campus wherein physician offices are aligned by speciality with their respective (outpatient and inpatient) diagnostic and treatment spaces and inpatient bed areas.

Medical Center Design

NBBJ won a national design competition for this facility which is being designed for a new 440-acre suburban site. The facility’s main point of origin will be an atrium space that will allow a smooth transition between the physicians’ offices and clinical areas.

Genesys Regional medical center michigan top view

The selected site for the facility is a rolling, beautiful 440-acre campus for which NBBJ’s office developed a comprehensive master plan that Guideed siting options for the facility itself and as well a master plan and planning principles covering the following components:

• Land use and siting
• Traffic parking system
• Pedestrian and open space system
• Infrastructure and stormwater plan
• Master site landscape concept plan

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Genesys Regional Medical Center Health Park

The resulting campus plan represents an exciting opportunity to weave nature with wellness and health care through the sensitive use of pedestrian trails, natural environmental features, specially created features (including a respite park) and a health trail. A unique feature of the plan is that all patient bedrooms look out on green space and woods, not asphalt.

The plan also provides recommendations for future uses that reinforce the health park concept and how such uses can be integrated within the campus, both functionally and architecturally.

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