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Houzz Interior Design Ideas App for designers Guide, Ratings, Features

Houzz Interior Design Ideas is the best application available for getting ideas for interior and exterior design of your house. This is just like a photo wiki for all latest and new designs for decorating your home.It is rated as the second best application for architects after Architects Formulator. This is available for free on Google play store and also on App Store which you can download for your device.

blog houzz appIf you are architecture student and want to know about the interior and exterior design ideas for construction, it contains more than 4 Million images of home design and other decorating ideas which will assist you in your designing a home or while designing for other.

Apart from viewing the images, you can also start a discussion with professional architects which will guide you through the problems and  give you other design ideas.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas for Android, iOS, and Windows Users

By using this application, you can also shop other stores for decorating your dining room or bedroom with decorative items. Houzz is bringing you exciting creative product design ideas for your kitchens and family rooms.

Houzz was also awarded best app by Google in the year of 2016. If you are renovating your home or redecorating your lovely house, it has everything you need at a single place.

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After installing this application, you will be inspired by more than 10 Million photos with HD quality showing interior and exterior design of a house.  By using this, you can cSEO title more than 1 Million active home improvement professionals which will be always ready to guide you and help you choose the best interior for your sweet home.

Houzz Interior design application is also put first on the list by New York Times and has also recognized as “best app for home improvement”.

You can also browse photos by style, room and location that can help you to precise your search and find the best interior design ideas for your home. The amazing thing about this app is that you can shop millions of products and appliances available at very cheap rates with exciting discount offers.

Another main feature is that by tapping the “View in my room” button, and any of the product selected will use device camera to show you how the product will look in your room. This will help you get the rough calculation about the products and their looks on walls or dining table. This is one of the top 5 apps for interior designers used by most of the professionals and students.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas Guide and Ratings

It is one of the best apps for architects and other students , there are more than 2 lakh people who have Guideed and given a rating on the Google play store. This application is available for free on all the platforms and due to this, it has reached more than 10 million downloads all over the time.

Houzz is a simple and user-friendly app where you don’t need to think like an engineer to use this application. The Guides are as follows;

5 Star – 201887

4 Star – 53058

3 Star- 10077

2 Star- 3532

1 Star-   5739

All these Guides are given by people and if we take an average then 4.6 rating is given out of 5.

Features of Houzz Application

  • Share Ideas – Houzz allows you to share your ideas and work wth your family, friends and other professionals all over the world. You can also save your innovative ideas to a private virtual idea book. You can also read the stories that will help you get new ideas and challenges as these stores will cover everything from the remodeling of home and other decorating tips.
  • Get Advice – If you are eager and want to get extra advice from experts than you can ask Houzz community by posting your design dilemma on the discussion board. You can also start a chat with other homeowners for more support.
  • Find Professionals – After your planning and design are ready, you can  find designers, professionals, interior architects, and contractors in your nearby areas. You can rate and also see the work and ratings of these contractors and choose the best interior design engineer for your home. You can also get best professional by selecting your budget.
  • Shop Exciting Products – You can buy amazing decorative products from your mobile phones or tablet directly from Houzz. As it offers best accessories and other furniture items. This is simply the one store for all your products and home design items.

You can also watch this video tutorial for further instructions.