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How to Draw a Pen

How to Draw a Pen: A Beginner Guide

If you are a beginner and trying to draw a pen, then this guide is especially for you. Here we share the two methods of how to draw a pencil. Method 1 is the basic part, and method 2 is the medium-level part. Here we share everything in a basic way. That’s why after completing reading our guide, you can easily draw a pen without any hassles.

How to Draw a Pen- Easy Step by Step Process

Method 1: How to Draw a Pen

Paint a Pen STep by STep

In this section, we just show you how you can easily draw a regular pen, then in our other section, we will show you another different style of pen drawing method.

Step 1: 

Pen Drawing Guide

First, we draw a long square using straight and dark lines.

Step 2:

Draw a pencil

Then draw two lines on the last side of the body as an image and draw another small rectangle at the head part of the pen.

Step 3:

Drawing a pen easy steps

Here we draw out the triangular, which is basically a pen tip.

Step 4: 

How i can drawing a pen


At the top part of the pencil, we draw the button and clip.

Step 5:

How i can draw a pen

Finally, with the help of hatching, add some shadows and sparkle on the pen’s bodies for looking some sensible.

Method 2: How to Draw a Fountain Pen

Paint a Pen STep by STep

In this section, we will show you how you can easily draw a realistic Fountain Pen. You don’t need much effort or any extraordinary knowledge. Ok, let’s get started.

Step 1: Draw a Line with Pencil

How to draw a pen
Source: Drawstuffrealeasy

We want to do is to start by having a line down the middle, and we need to draw ellipses to get the feel of the things, so this is the bit that you hold of the barrel. 

Step 2: Draw a Nib

How to drawing a pen
Source: Drawstuffrealeasy

Then we want to curve out and then curve back into the centerline a little bit on end, and that is going to be your nib that’s where the barrel whether that the cap will screw on.

Step 3: Draw a Bulbous Shape

How to draw a pen with pencil
Source: Drawstuffrealeasy

Then we’re going to want this kind of bulbous shape at the end, and that’s going to be the cap there you want to curve well, maybe making it a bit longer, and then the bit that holds it in your pocket will be about there.

Step 4: Now Start Draw with Dark Pen and Erase Excess Pencil Draw. 

How to draw a pencil
Source: Drawstuffrealeasy

Now I’m going to start with the NEB and a little hole there, and then this will come out either way like that. We’ll come down here, so these will be the threads that let the barrel screw on the other end if you know what I mean, and then that will come out they’re a little bit wider, and we want that little bit bits of the clips into your pocket you know what I mean. We’ll come in underneath there.

Step 5: Put some Shading

Drawing Pencil
Source: Drawstuffrealeasy

You get a pattern of something there it raised those pencil lines. I’m going to put some shading in here so that we can put it on the table, and then let’s have the table in there as well. Now we can need some little mark like that. 

And here we’re going to put in some very, very simple shading just to give a bit of shadow and just make it slightly curved so that it gives a little sense of the curvature of the pan like that. You might want a bit on there, and you might also have a little bit of shading there. 

Step 6: You Can Add Some Color

Drawing a Pen
Source: Drawstuffrealeasy

If you want, you can color in your pan exactly how you like, whichever color you like, but round where the shading is that’s where you want to have kind of a darker, more intense color, so if it was red, you know you want that to be the dotted red I’m using Copic Ciao Markers here.

How to Draw a Pen Video Tutorial

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you guys like our how to draw a pen guide, and I hope that you have already drawn a pen easily. If you have done this successfully more attractively, then it will be a pleasant moment for me, you can share these tips and tricks with your friend. If you love drawing then, you can also read our related guide.