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how to hang a picture on a concrete wall

How To Hang Pictures On Concrete Walls (With and Without Drilling)

Do you have a picture that you want to hang? Do you have a good plan for how you will hold your photos? Are you aware of the tools and equipment you need to turn your picture on a concrete wall? Do you know How to hang pictures on concrete walls? If you have found yourself asking one of the above questions or any other question about hanging an image on a concrete wall, then this is the article for you.

Concrete walls have in recent years become very popular, especially in the United States. The improved use of the concrete wall to hang pictures is the modern look that the mounting provides. The process of mounting your photo on the wall can prove to be demanding, but the good thing is that there are several ways of doing so.

It is advisable that for pictures weighing around eight pounds, you should use a combination of an anchor and a drill, while for images that are less than eight pounds, you have the option to use adhesive strips. Below are some pointers that can quickly get you on track to ensure that a great-looking DIY picture is hung on your concrete wall.

How to hang pictures on concrete walls

How do I hang a picture on a concrete wall? For a concrete wall, you need to drill and fill a hole with the hanging mechanism. It is how you can go about changing your picture.

Step 1: Mark the Positions

Do you know how large your picture is? For large images, you will need two to three holes to hang them. For this step, you need to measure the length of your picture and make markings on your wall where you will drill the holes to hang your image. For more than one home, you need to space out the holes evenly, but for a single spot, you only need to make it at the center.

For pictures weighing less than 23kg, you only need one hole at the center, but for pictures weighing above 23 kg, you will need two or more holes. When making more than two holes, you should use a level to make sure the holes are on the same straight line.

Step 2: Set Drill Depth

In this step, you need to confirm the length of the threaded anchor you are using. The size should be the minimum depth you will need for the holes. Set the thread bar according to your desired length.

When drilling into a concrete hammer, drills are the best tools to use. This tool is powerful since it combines the pounding powers of a hammer and the rotational effect of a drill, making the drill a bit easier.

Step 3: Drill Position

The stance you take is most important when drilling into concrete. Accuracy and safety are what this step is all about. Take a position where you are in a place to make straight holes into the wall. Avoid angled holes; you can get additional protection by using eyewear glasses. Wearing a safety goggle gives extra protection from dust and concrete bits.

On the concrete wall, use the masonry drill bit, set your drill on the low speed, and create a guide hole before proceeding with the drilling process. The low rate gives you more control when you’re making your guide hole.

Once the guide hole is made, turn up the power and drill into the concrete wall until the drill bit reaches your set lock position. You can pose momentarily to blow away the shrapnel from the hole.

Step 4: Fitting A Thread Anchor

Blow the hole clean of grit and dust before using a hammer to fix the anchor into the hole tightly. Once in place, you need to set the screw by hand or either with a cordless drill. The threaded anchor is an essential piece in this process since it keeps the screw in place and prevents the picture and screw from slipping out because of the picture’s weight.

Step 5: Hanging Your Picture

The hanging process is not complete until you hang your picture. Once the threaded screw and anchor are in place, you can go on to hang your print. Make sure the picture balances on the wall in a balanced way.

What to use to hang a picture on a concrete wall

how to hang pictures on concrete walls

Do you know what to use to hang your picture on the wall? There are three great ways of turning your image on the wall; these methods include using an Adhesive hook, rigid wall hangers, and masonry, as mentioned above, the anchor.  Below is how to hang your picture using the stiff wall hanger and the adhesive hook.

i. Using a Hard Wall Hanger

A stiff wall hanger can hold a picture that weighs up to eleven kilograms, and they are well compatible with concrete walls. Hanging an image on the hanger is easy, but the process of mounting the hanger itself is somewhat challenging.

Measurement is one process that the user should consider. Additionally, if the picture is heavier than eleven kilograms, you might have to use two hard wall hangars. The process of installing the device involves hammering the three pins into the wall. Once the pins are in place and the two or three rigid wall hangers are symmetrical, you can hang your picture.

ii. Using Adhesive Hook

Adhesive hooks provide a great way of hanging your pictures on a concrete wall. However, in using these gadgets, you need to have a strong enough couple to hold about four kilograms in weight.

Adhesive hook-on concrete walls comrades to the other two methods or equipment are very different in that they do not require any drilling of holes into the concrete walls. They work on the property of sticking, which is made possible by the adhesive backings, which can stick firmly on the concrete wall. To improve the strength of the hook, you can use two of them to hang your heavy picture.

The steps in this process include: Preparing the wall for mounting. To achieve that firm grip, you need first to clean your wall with a simple solution like alcohol. Rub the surface of the concrete wall that you will fic the adhesive hook to using a paper towel. After the clean-up, which in place of alcohol, you can use soapy water, ensure the surface is dry ad well cleaned, removing any dirt or debris.

Next, you need to mark and stick the adhesive hook to the concrete wall. When attaching, you need to remove the piece of plastic covering the adhesive bit and then push the clip onto the spot for around thirty minutes.

Leave the adhesive hook for around one hour, after which you can hang your picture on the hook. Ensure the image does not exceed the weight that the particular hook nob can handle.

Considerations for hanging pictures on concrete wall

When hanging your photo on a concrete wall, there are several considerations that your masts make. The Guides depend on the type of hanging mechanism you will be using.

For a masonry anchor, you need to consider the length of the picture. This consideration is that you may need more hooks for the comprehensive image, while for the extensive view, you will need to balance the single hook appropriately to ensure the photo is not crooked on hanging.

Secondly, when drilling on the concrete wall, you should consider getting a drill that has a stop bar. A stop bar will help you from not drilling excessively into the concrete wall. If your drill bit does not have a stop bar, you can use a piece of tape to mark how deep you want the hole to be, depending on the size of the thread anchor.

Thirdly still on the drilling process, if the drilling position is high to the extent that you cannot make a state hole into the concrete wall, you have the option of using a stool or a ladder to elevate your position to the point that your drill sits in a straight place to the post you want to drill. The square hole is preferred in comparison to tangled spots.

Final thoughts

A picture can be defined as the preservation of memory. These steel memories play an essential role in every individual’s life since they connect you to your post, or they can also remind you of people and friends, feelings, places, and stories.

Pictures help us to get in touch with our true selves. If you get to see a picture of you when you were young, you will find yourself thinking of the fond memories you made while you were still young, or you will end up remembering old friends.

Additionally, you can use a picture to hide safes in an office or the house. A safe is meant to be a secret, and what a better way of ensuring the secrecy is kept rather than having a large picture covering the groove occupied by your safe.

In conclusion, with this information, you are in a position to mount your picture onto the wall using the processes mentioned above. I think you can now know all processes about how to hang pictures on concrete walls.