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Over the existing stairs, a brown stair tread has been added to give the apartment a more dynamic appearance.

How to Install Stair Treads Over Existing Stairs: DIY Stair Treads

In the case of your old home renovation, installing new stair treads in the existing stairway is a great determination. But here, you have to keep several aspects in mind. Especially if you are a beginner and don’t have any prior knowledge, then you have to proceed step by step carefully.

In the case of installing stair treads over existing stairs, the aspect that you need to pay special attention to is accurate measurements; besides selecting the stair treads, you must take care that it is non-slip and functional.

Here, we have covered the entire aspect of almost how to install best stair treads over existing stairs, which will help you understand the entire process very efficiently.

What Is The Best Flooring To Put On Stair Treads?

You must first know about different types of stair treads to give a new look at the existing stair treads Because, in the market, you can see versatile stair treads which are designed depending on different conditions and decorations.

Here our section will help you a lot; we have shared some of the best different stair treads ideas in the market. Let’s take a look at them before starting the guide.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is considered the easiest and most popular choice; there are several reasons behind its huge usability, one of which is its inexpensive price range. Traditional flooring is also the biggest reason. Vinyl floor has an easy installation feature, which is why anyone can easily install it without any hassles.

However, though it has many advantages, there is a big drawback. If your house has a lot of traffic and your stairway is used the most, then it is better not to use a vinyl floor. One of the reasons for this is that vinyl floors are not able to handle the huge traffic.

Tile Floor

Tile is a great option to give the staircase a more chic and elegant look. This makes your stairways more attractive. Also, it is durable so that you can use it for a long time and have an attractive look.

But one of its drawbacks is that depending on the condition, it is sometimes very slippery and cold, which may cause you difficulties.

Hardwood and Carpet Floors

Hardwood and carpet floors are another sensible and familiar option, which in terms of design is as attractive as the previous two floors but much cleaner. It is durable and can be cleaned easily.

Another most useful aspect is that there is no risk of scratching on hardwood and carpet floors. It is durable and lasts for years. This type of floor in cold conditions gives your feet a comfortable feel and provides better insulation.

The Advantages are much more than the disadvantages of carpet and hardwood floors.

Home interior with structured staircase covered with stair case and exit door and other interior items

5 Different Types of Stair Treads Cover Ideas

Stair tread covers make your stairs more attractive as well as more secure; there are many people who prefer it for their stairways. If you want, you can use the most suitable stairs cover by selecting from the following types of cover on both new and existing stair treads. 

Let’s know a little bit about stair treads before moving on to our main guide.

i. Hardwood Stair Tread Covers

Hardwood stair tread cover is the most familiar and attractive riser board cover, which you can see most commonly in any house. This will give your stairway a traditional look which will also help in your rebuilding cost savings.

One of its best advantages is that it comes with a reasonable price range and allows extensive customization. You can easily install if you want, but hiring a professional is the best option for a better look and easy installation.

ii. Laminate Stair Tread Covers

This is another most common and lower-cost alternative version of the hardwood stair treads cover. There are many experts who call it a synthetic version of a hardwood stair cover.

There’s not much to say about the laminate stair treads cover; it is almost the same as a previous floor cove. You can buy different sets if you want. Its top layer part is very hard and clear.

iii. Carpet Stair Tread Covers

Many people want to make their stairway more secure by assuming a simple process; basically, carpet stair tread cover is an outstanding option for them. These covers are usually slightly smaller in size than standard stair tread covers but look very similar to mats.

It is mainly designed for slippery wood stairs, as a result of which it provides more grip, improves safety as well as creates aesthetic value.

Carpet stair tread covers are very affordable, and the installation process is very easy. Usually, the loop and hook are attached to stair treads. As a result, half of each strip is stuck with the tread, and half is on the underside of the carpet.

iv. Bullnose Carpet Stair Tread Covers

As the standard carpets are very hard, they are not able to curl. Due to this, in most cases, standard carpet stair treads aren’t curling perfectly with the stair, and installation is very challenging for beginners. Don’t worry; bullnose carpet stair tread covers are designed to solve this problem.

It is designed pre curl due to which it can be easily installed on stair tread without using any type of adhesive. You can also remove it very easily.

v. Composite Anti Slip Stair Tread Covers

Last but not least, composite anti-slip stair tread covers are an outstanding option to cover your entire tread and have excellent slip resistance; they can easily hide the damaged parts of your stairway at a low cost. It is made using compression molded resin and fiberglass; that’s why it is much more durable than regular tread covers.

One of its unique and great advantages is that you can use it on stair treads on almost all surfaces, including metal, concrete, and wood. And it can be attached perfectly with the help of screws or adhesive.

Though regular stair tread covers can be used quite indoors, they cannot be installed outdoors due to a lack of great weather resistance. However, composite stair tread covers are completely different from this. It is suitable for installation on both indoor and outdoor stair treads, also swimming pool, basement, and garage stair treads.

How to Install Stair Treads Over Existing Stairs

How to install new treads and risers on your old stairs

Step 1: Measure Entirely

Before starting your stairway work, the first thing to do is measure the entire treads. Because the accurate measurement is the most important in any construction work, you must create a flooring order according to that measurement.

Then pick a large electric saw for cutting all the edges and sides accurately and easily as needed. 

Step 2: Prepare the Stairs

After getting all the above equipment, now your assignment is to prepare all the stairs. In this case, all existing applications on your floor should be properly removed. You will also need tread and riser length so that the tread does not hang over the riser.

You must keep in mind to bulk up the stairs a bit. Here you can remove it from the tread or add a riser.

Step 3: Cut Tread Accurately 

Now, you need to add the treads appropriately, but first, you need to properly measure all the treads again and ensure that they all suit correctly with your stairs; then, you may need to pre-cut them before placing them.

Another thing that must be kept in mind is after measuring them, don’t cut all of them at once. Because ultimately, there are chances of being unused.

Step 4: Screw Tread to Stairs

Finally, it’s time to install. Keep all the tools and equipment around you, and of course, try to keep good quality construction adhesive.

Apply the adhesive well on the lumber tread; after applying the adhesive, find the screw points on the risers. Then before placing the risers, drill along the screws and ensure that no wood split or crack occurs while driving the screws.

Then you can optionally drill the head of your screws so that it hides in the wood, and you can apply a plug or putty to hide it better. After that, you can do flooring if you want to ensure beauty and safety.

Final Verdict

First of all, before installation, you must select suitable stair treads to cover your stairway. In this case, which we mentioned earlier, whatever your choice, you must check whether the stair cover is effective for the whole family and is non-slip. Specially check its safety and functionality preferably.

Hopefully, our how to install stair treads over existing stairs guide has helped you a lot to learn about all aspects, as well as to get several more ideas about stair treads cover.