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A sleeper sofa in black is positioned in a small room on a hard surface next to a window to provide the utmost in comfort.

5 Things You Can Do to Make a Sleeper Sofa More Comfortable!

There is no doubt a slipper sofa is an excellent option for hospitality in a limited space or a lack of bedrooms. It not only serves as a comfy couch in your home but can also be easily converted and used as a bed at any time.

However, the sleeper sofa has several edges, but one of the drawbacks is that it becomes uncomfortable after a few months or years of use. Yet, this problem is not seen in modern best sleeper sofas. Instead, this is a common issue in traditional sleeper sofas.

If you are in trouble with the same issue and find out how to make a sleeper sofa more comfortable, then you are coming to the right place; this complete guide is for you.

Why Is Your Sofa Bed Uncomfortable?

As we said before, sofa beds are comfortable in the first standing, but after several months and years of use, it gradually loses coziness.

One of the reasons behind this is shoddy construction, low-quality materials, cheap foam, and bad design. Due to these, your sofa bed is losing its quality day by day.

So if you want to buy a good quality sofa bed, you must pay special attention to the quality, design, durability, and other additional aspects.

How to Make a Sleeper Sofa More Comfortable (5 Tips)

In this section, we will share some of the easiest methods we have researched, which will help you know how to make your sofa bed more comfortable. So without wasting time, let’s get started.

Quality Bedding

Undoubtedly good quality bedding increases comfortability several times more. Soft feather pillows, thick cotton sheets, and weighted blankets that enhance the quality of your sleep.

In the market, you can see many pull-out sofa beds of different sizes, but the primarily full size is excellent for relaxing. However, we will recommend you pick a suitable sized sofa bed.

You Can Use a Mattress Topper

A mattress is the most accessible and most affordable option to increase comfort, no matter which bed or sleeper sofa you use. According to consumers and manufacturers, the extra cushioning in the mattress makes the back more accessible and helps cozy sleeping.

Also, a good quality mattress is not only ultimately soft but also breathable and cooling. In addition, the mattress topper has several other advantages. Some of which are lightweight, so it can be easily rolled up as well as stored.

Most people struggle with allergies a lot on sleeper sofas, so a mattress topper works ideally for them. Good budget mattress toppers last for many years.

Buy a New Sofa Bed Mattress

You will often notice that even after repeated attempts, you cannot bring back the previous comfortability of your sofa bed, or if your mattress is worn now after its best time, then you must buy your new sofa bed mattress.

When buying a new sleeper sofa mattress, you must pay special attention to quality, comfort, durability, and thickness. This is because most people make mistakes at this point in choosing a mattress, due to which they do not get the comfortability they need.

The ideal thickness for a sleeper sofa is 5 inches, so pay special attention to this aspect.

A grey-colored sleeping sofa is centered on a flat surface in a bedroom beside a large window and LED TV set.

Keep the Mattress Clean and Use Soft Pillows

If you already have a mattress that is good in terms of quality, but you are not getting exact comfort, then try to clean it properly. According to experts, a dirty mattress is another major cause of discomfort.

So always try to keep the mattress clean. You can also use lots of soft pillows to increase comfortability. Soft cushions are not only comfortable, but you can also use them as padding in awkward spots. 

Or, BUY a Quality Sleeper Sofa

Several ways to make your old sleeper sofa comfortable, which you already knew in the previous section. However, if you do not seem to find your desired comfort even after applying these most prevalent ways, we recommend buying a well-made sleeper sofa.

As we mentioned before that, modern sleeper sofa beds are very perfect in terms of comparable durability, style, and comfortability. Moreover, these do not quickly lose their most typical features. Especially if you buy from a reputable furniture brand, you will also get an extended warranty.

Overall considering the usability of your sofa, if you think buying a new sofa bed would be a worth it option for you, then you must purchase without thinking. Here you can read our well-researched best sleeper sofa guide to buy the best sofa bed on the market.

A golden-colored sleeping sofa is placed over a flat surface beside a small shelf and small window.

FAQs About How to Make a Sofa Bed More Comfortable

Can a sleeper sofa be comfortable?

The short answer is Yes. As we have said before in this guide, modern sofas are made by taking comfortability varies enormously during the build-up. This is why if you choose a sofa considering the main features, then you will easily find a sofa that is comfortable and suitable for you.

Also, the easiest way to increase the comfortability of existing sofas is to add a thicker mattress. If you still feel uncomfortable, then you can add a mattress topper to get a great feel.

Can a sleeper sofa be comfortable

What size mattress is in a sleeper sofa?

Depending on the sofa, you can see a variety of sizes of sleeper sofa mattresses on the market. Some of the standard dimensions are; a loveseat twin sleeper sofa mattress (35×72), a full sofa bed mattress (52×72), and a queen sleeper sofa bed mattress (60×72). However, you can see more unique shapes and sizes in the sofa market, and if you want, you can also customize them.

Nearly all sleeper sofas range in depth from 3 inches to 5 inches, so you get comfortable with a perfect fit.

Can you sleep on a sleeper sofa every night?

Sleeper sofas are basically designed to be converted at any time and used for manageable sleeping. However, it has several advantages and disadvantages, so if you have enough space in your room, we do not recommend sleeping on a sleeper sofa every night. Otherwise, if you are in a limited space, then you can use it if you want.

In this case, try choosing a sleeper sofa suitable for you. We say again, if you do not have enough space in the house, then use it for regular sleep only; otherwise, experts do not recommend it for regular use.

Final Verdict

We have highlighted the most suggested options in this how to make a sleeper sofa more comfortable guide so that you can apply any method to almost any sleeping sofa. Also, our relevant queries will help you a lot to know more about sofa beds.

So what are you thinking now? Which of the following processes do you think would suit you nicely? Hopefully, you will be able to make your sofa bed more comfortable.