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A bed room interior scene with a background of glitter painted wall.

How to Make Glitter Paint for Walls: DIY Glitter Walls

In the modern era, glitter wall paints are becoming more prevalent for adding a sparkling touch to the interior of any home. It not only enhances the decoration of the house but also creates a different image for the guests about your preference.

Glitter paints are relatively easy to apply, as well as their glossy look lasts for a long time. In the market, you can see many different brands’ best glitter paint options, which are very different in terms of durability and quality from each other.

Especially since their price range is relatively expensive, it is challenging for many to afford. But if you can properly maintain all the processes and make glitter paint, then you will quickly get great results as the market’s glitter paint at a low cost.

There are many beginners who do not know how to make glitter paint for walls properly; basically, we have made this guide for them. So without wasting time, let’s start rolling.

How to Make Glitter Paint for Walls: (5 DIY Methods)

To make your glittery paintwork easier, in this section, we have shared several ways of making glitter paint so that you can create glitter paint that is suitable for your wall.

Make your own easy mess free DIY Glitter paint

i. DIY Glitter Wall Paint With Glue

Many DIYers want entirely different colors and textures of glitter wall paint. So basically, this is an ideal option for them. In this case, after making glitter paint, we will have the recommendation to use the same color paint that you have made glitter paint for the wall, then first only apply the paint.

This will fill the small gaps in the walls, and glitter will appear after the following application. Another thing to remember is that before applying glitter paint, you must put a damp cloth on the floor for floor shelter.

Glue glitter painting usually requires 60 ml of glitter per square foot. So calculate it and pick clear glue and your favorite color glitter for your wall. At the end of the purchase, mix both efficiently while maintaining consistency. 

Then apply to your walls using a foam brush. Perfectly cover the entire wall and after the glitter paint dries, roll the whole area with another soft brush.

Another significant aspect of DIY glitter glue paint is that; if you want, you can give your walls a subtle glitter touch. In this case, add less glitter per square foot with the glue than before. Most DIYers are slightly confused about how much glitter to add to a gallon of paint. 

Here, you can maintain this ratio, add 1 cup of glitter to 3 liters of glue. After blending, apply on the walls with the help of a roller, and refrain from using glitter paint in wet places.

A sparkling view with glitter finishing in a living room along with a screen hanging on a long wall beside a drawer.

ii. Paint Glitter Additives

Glitter additives are another easy and popular way to create glitter paint. In this case, choose the wall paint of your preference and also select the glitter that you want to apply with the paint. In this case, you must keep in mind that the glitter will suit the paint, so you must see the types of glitter.

Then maintain a good ratio and combine glitter with paint. If you like a more glossy look, you must combine a lot of glitter paint; otherwise, blend a little portion.

When mixing glitter with paint, you must try to use a paint mixer. Also, continue the mixing process thoroughly; make sure that the paint does not adhere. Perfect mixing helps to produce a tremendous glittery effect.

iii. Blowing Glitter

Though this glitter applying process is delightful and gives an antique feel, it will not provide you with an entire glitter coating. So before starting this process, we must suggest some testing with your sealant. Because most of the time, this method reacts with many adhesives.

However, let’s learn how to make or apply blowing glitter. First, you have to use the paint of your choice on the wall, then keep blowing the glitter while the paint is wet until the area is covered. After finishing your blowing, wait to dry, and then use a soft brush and remove the loose flakes from the walls.

iv. Glaze Accent

The process of making glazed accents is very similar to the previous glitter paint additives. If you need a slight sparkler effect, then undoubtedly, the glaze accent is a perfect selection for you. 

One of the unique aspects of glaze accent is that if you want, you can also apply it efficiently in any craft. In case of blending, you must add the amount of glitter you want in the paint as per your requirement.

v. Spray Glue

Spray glue is the fastest way; basically, it is for those who want to cover a massive area in the quickest time. Though spray glue is very comfortable to apply, but you have to move carefully. Because you may know that the glue has the presence of toxicity, you should involve adequate ventilation in the rooms where you apply spray glue. 

Then shield the floor and other areas with tape or other things except for the area you will cover with a glittery effect. Then start spraying from a small space and throw some glitter on the wall until the whole area is covered. Repeat this a few times; after completing your spray glittering, take a dry brush and remove the loose flakes from the walls. And finally, cover with any glaze or sealer.

A designer glittering finishing on the wall which is highlighted by 4 lighting besides a luxurious bed with two lamps over two side mini tools.

FAQs About Glitter Paint for Walls

Can You Make Your Own Glitter Paint for Walls?

The short answer is “Yes.” If you want, you can make your own glitter paint for your home’s interior. Most DIYers enjoy creating these types of things. 

You don’t have to do anything complicated to make your own glitter paint. The easiest way is first to take a container, then put mod podge gloss or PVA glue according to your quantity. Then meld the glitter with the glue in the container, and keep mixing in such a way that it becomes like a paste.

At the end of blending, now apply this glitter paint on the wall with the help of tools like any sponge brush or plastic putty knife. And then wait for it to dry.

How Do I Make Glitter Paint for Walls?

We have already shared several ways in this guide how you can create glitter paint. However, you can simply follow the following points to create: 

  • Choose the glitter of your choice color from the market. Put a little glitter in the packet, and then mix the whole glitter properly with the mod podge or glue portion.
  • Then spray your made glitter on the wet painted wall.
  • After spraying, you can blow the glitters in the painted area that you put in the packet. This will increase the glitter level.

Can You Mix Regular Glitter Into Wall Paint?

You can use glitter in industrial paints if you want, but you must first meld the paint sufficiently. Then you have to add some glitter as per the quantity and ensure that the glitter is perfectly combined with the paint. 

Final Verdict

The process of making glitter paint is much easier if you follow the proper procedure; you do not have to do anything complicated for it. Just following our above process is enough.

Hopefully, our how to make glitter paint for walls guide has helped you a lot in creating glitter paint as well as getting ideas about some additional queries.