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Acrylic Rose Painting Techniques

How to Paint a Rose: 12 Easy Steps

If you are new and finding how to paint a rose easily, then this guide is especially for you; anybody can do this in these 12 easy steps. We’re going to be using three simple colors that you get with all paint sets, and they are also super easy to pick up at a craft store, and something that looks difficult can be really easy to do when it’s broken up into stages.

How to Paint a Rose – Step by Step

How to Paint a Rose in Acrylics
Source: Katie Jobling Art

It’s all about painting with Direction, intent, and patience so that the first step will be the base gradient. It is going to be the beginning layer that we build on all the other layers.

Base Gradient

Step 1:

How to Paint Furniture
Source: Katie Jobling Art

So to do this, I’m going to take some of my red mixes it with a bit of yellow to keep it warm, and I’m going to use this in the center of my rose, so I’m going to start from the center and build my way out almost using my brush to build like the petal strokes.

If you have a rose near you in real life, feel free to use that or download a photo on a different device next to you to keep referring back to that.

How to Paint a Rose

Reference Photo Click Here

Step 2

How to art a rose
Source: Katie Jobling Art

I’m just going outwards to about the middle of the rose, then I’m taking some red and adding some white to it, and this is going to be for the outer petals, which are always a little bit lighter in color to start to go over a little bit of what I’ve done to overlap it nicely and build my way out right until the edges of the rose and you can see that.

Step 3

rose painting tutorial
Source: Katie Jobling Art

I’m using my brush to build up the petals already almost like a spiral coming out of the center, to add a little bit more white to make it even lighter and build up those outer petals once again, I’m going to go in again to overlap that a little bit, and this is where we build the outside shape of the rose with any different shaped petals that we want on the edges maybe we want a circular one.

Add Cool and Warm Tones

Step 4

Best paint for art rose
Source: Katie Jobling Art

I quite like it where the petals sort of curl around and create almost like jagged edges, and that’s your base layer. Complete the next stage we’re going to do today is to add cool and warm tones to build depth, so taking some of the reds and adding some blue is going to give us a nice cool purple tone how we can start adding in the shadows and the cooler tones that you can see in a rose.

Step 5

rose painting techniques
Source: Katie Jobling Art

Now, you don’t want to do this too much because we don’t want to end up with a dark purple ruse unless that’s what you’re going for; this is to create shadows, so next, we’re going to add a little bit of white to that same mixture we’re going to do the same as before and start to build that on the outer layers at the petals as well

Step 6

They’re the cool tunes. I’m not going to add in too many because I like a warmer painting, but this time, I’m going to take some of the red and yellow again. We’re going to add in some warmer tones so you can always see that it’s borderline orange. You can take this as far as you want; I’m making these color choices quite obvious. But you don’t have to take it this far. You can add a tiny little bit to create more of a subtle difference so as before.

Step 7: I’m taking this onto the outside my petals, and it’s totally up to you if you want to focus on the reference photo or if you want to play it by ear a little bit.

Dark and Light Details

Step 8: On this step, we’re going to be adding dark and light details, so in this stage, hopefully, we’re going to tie in the rows all together and bring it to life, so I’m taking red straight from the tube onto a very small brush and working from the middle to add in the petals and the hints of shadows and bring in that depth of color again the red the deep red.

So this is where you might want to use a reference photo to build up the petals more realistically, or you can sort of work in the spiral from the center outwards and make up the petals.

As you go, the more you paint roses, the more confident you’ll get with them and the more confident you’ll get not using a reference photo because once you sort of learning the basic anatomy of a rose. It can be quite simple to build one up for our memory.

Step 9

how i can easily paint rose
Source: Katie Jobling Art

I’m just working from the center out to the edge building up those little bits of petals and depth so that it draws your eye in okay, now sign that with a dark red, so I’m going to add a little bit of red and white together and to use for the highlights of the petals, so you know you get the shadows in between the petals. Then as a petal is coming out, you get that highlight where the light hits it.

Step 10: I’m going to start building these up in a very similar way, and sometimes these highlights work best when they’re next to a shadow because the contrast between them pops; for the final part, I always like to take white straight from the tube and add a few little highlights to brighten it up this isn’t necessary this is more part of my signature style suppose you would say and but for me, it just feels unfinished until I’ve done this.

Step 11

how i can easily art rose
Source: Katie Jobling Art

I quite like artificial things in art, so I really like to exaggerate those highlights into bright white, and so there we go that is the rose finished and completed now to build this up into a painting I’m just going to do the same stage again, and if you check out the reference photo I’m using there is like a rose in the background on the side, so I’m just going to like to paint this in very fluid II.

rose painting
Source: Katie Jobling Art

I’m not going to add a lot of detail like I have the rose in the foreground because I want that to be the main focus. So this is just more of a study in the background that I’m going to blend and keep fluid and create a green. Most people know that you add blue and yellow together and but I’m also adding a bit of red to tone down that green. Hence, it’s not a vibrant yellowy-green. It can create more of a realistic green, in my opinion, and match a rose a little bit better.

Step 12

Source: Katie Jobling Art

I’m just really going with the feeling of the paint in here. I’m not doing anything completely intentionally, just going with the painting and seeing how it flows. Now that the lust flower has dried, I’m just going to go and add in a few little details. Finally, that is today’s painting. 

How to Paint a Rose Video Tutorial


Final Thought

I hope you enjoyed reading this how to paint a rose guide, and I hope you guys had a little go yourself. It will be a pleasant moment for me if you do it successfully, have an amazing day.

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