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Huion vs Wacom: Is Wacom Better than Huion?

Digital drawing is now in everyone’s hands because of upgraded technology. Though at one time, everyone had only drawn on the computer, the great thing is that now the Graphics and Digital Drawing Tablets have made this work more easy,  efficient, and accurate.

The two most popular digital drawing devices are Huion and Wacom. However, as the features of the drawing tablets of these two brands are almost similar, that’s why we saw that there is a lot of confusion among the consumers. Therefore, you probably see that many forums, artists, and designers want to know the comparison between Huion vs Wacom tablet.

Basically, we have made this complete guide to eliminating this confusion, where we have tried to highlight all the main differences between Huion vs Wacom tablets. Let’s begin…

Wacom Tablet Overview

Wacom is a Japanese company most popular for its high-performance graphics tablet. Over the decades, they have been preferred worldwide for their outstanding quality devices, and they have a large customer base. Wacom’s manufactured graphic related technology devices, as well as had many more businesses.

Huion Tablet Overview

Though Huion came to the market much later than Wacom, they have grown in popularity quickly for their affordable price range and good quality tablet’s pen, LED light pads, tablets, and many other handwriting devices. The Kamvas and Inspiron Series are the most popular and much-loved tablets.

Huion vs Wacom: Differences Explained

huion vs wacom

There are many differences between Huion and Wacom such as the dimensions, display, Pen Resolution (LPI), usability and many more things; in this section, we have explained the differences in detail, which will help you to understand the differences in particular.


One of the most crucial parts of drawing tablets is its display because the more extensive display means the more significant art canvas. Both Huion and Wacom brands have extensive models in various size ranges. So basically, the price depends on the size of the display.

Huion Kamvas tablets are much preferred for displayable colours. Their tablets contain Quantum Dots Technology, which enables a 1:1200 contrast ratio and a 140% sRGB colour gamut, which is impressive. Wacom display is capable of 96% sRGB colour coverage, much less than Huion. However, both Wacom Tablets and Huion Tablets are manufactured with matte and anti-glare screens for efficient use even in bright light.

Also, both brands come with beginners and experts on different tablets; if you are a beginner, you can choose Huion KAMVAS Pro 13 or the Wacom One Tablet. On the other hand, if you are an expert, then an extensive size tablet will be an excellent option for you. Here you can choose Huion KAMVAS Pro or Wacom Cintiq.

Kamvas Pro 13 vs Wacom One

Pen Resolution (LPI)

Though this is not the most crucial factor, Pen Resolution is measured by Line Per Inch or LPI. This makes it easy to detect how efficiently the tablet can determine small transformations. Most drawing tablets are capable of capturing up to 5080 lines per inch, which helps to maintain accuracy in detail.

In the field of pen resolution, Huion tablets are much ahead. You can see that most Huion tablets come with 4000 LPI; on the other hand, the Wacom tablet’s screen has 2540 LPI resolution.

Pressure Sensitivity

Keeping in mind the needs of artists and designers, both brands developed their tablets with good pen pressure sensitivity. It helps you get the actual drawing experience more efficiently. Huion and Wacom are developing their most recent models with at least 2048 digital pen pressure sensitivity, which is enough to perform well.

Stylus or Pen

You will see mainly two common types of stylus and pen, which are battery-free and battery operated. According to experts, battery-free pens are a great option, and they last longer than standard tablet pens.

Wacom tablets provide battery-free pens, which is a great side. Most models of Huion tablets have battery-operated pens, but they have the battery-free pen in the Kamvas series. Both brands of pens have side keys, which help control them perfectly.


Last but not least, connectivity and compatibility is another most essential thing; before buying a Wacom graphics tablet or Huion graphics tablet, you just need to know that its operating systems are compatible with you or that. If we look at the connectivity of the two most popular models of Wacom and Huion, i.e. Huion Kamvas Pro 13 and the Wacom Intuos Pro, then we can see;

Wacom Intuos Pro comes with a variety of connectivity, like USB, Bluetooth, WiFi connection on Windows 7 or newer, and MacOS 10.10 or newer. This tablet also supported many heavy drawing software.

Huion Kamvas Pro 13 comes with Bluetooth, WiFi, a convenient three-way cable and a USB port. It is also compatible with Windows 7 or newer operating systems or MacOS 10.12, or newer operating systems.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wacom better than Huion?

Built-in quality, support and stylus, Wacom is always the best option. Though the Huion drawing tablet is excellent in the budget, in some cases, its performance is similar to Wacom. However, the Wacom drawing tablet is an outstanding option in terms of the features described above.

How long do Wacom tablets last?

If you continue to use the Wacom tablet with multi-touch and pen, its battery lasts more than 10 hours. However, if you use it in power saving mode, then its lasting battery time is increased.

How long does Huion nib last?

It depends entirely on your usage. Huion’s nib lasts up to 2 to 3 years. However, if you use sketching and drawing in most fields, it is better to change every few months for incredible accuracy.

Final Thought: Huion Or Wacom Which One Is Great For You?

This is a very challenging task to suggest just one tablet because both brands are outstanding in quality and performance, especially the Wacom Tablet; no matter which level of digital drawing work you are doing, you will find tablets of almost all models in the Wacom brand.

On the other hand, you will see that Huion also provides professional-level tablets; Yet, their tablets are within the budget of almost everyone.

But finally, if you want to know which of the Huion vs Wacom drawing tablets will be the perfect selection. Undoubtedly the Wacom tablet is an outstanding option for using performance and in a more extended way; on the other hand, if your budget is a bit tough, then the Huion tablet is a great alternative option for you.

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