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Krylon Camo paint is an ultra-flat, quick-dry spray paint that provides a durable, protective finish. It's perfect for use on outdoor projects like patios, decks and sheds. Get yours today!

Krylon Camouflage Ultra Flat Vs Rust Oleum Camouflage Spray Paint

Spray paint is an essential thing when it comes to home maintenance or doing creative art projects. A good quality paint should excel with a range of materials, such as wood, metal, and plastic. Besides, the paint should get touch-ready quickly. That means the paint sprayer must come with a quick dry time. 

Not every model available in the market is compatible with all of your required surfaces. That’s why it is quite important to choose the best paint sprayer to get your job done. Now, considering everything, two spray paint brands are widely used by consumers- Krylon camouflage ultra-flat and rust oleum camouflage spray paint. 

Both of the products come in excellent quality. However, there are some differences in their features and benefits. In this Krylon camouflage ultra flat Vs Oleum camouflage spray paint guide, I will make an in-depth comparison between them. Want to know more? Read on!

Krylon Camouflage Ultra Flat:

When it comes to the Krylon ultra flat paint sprayer, it is non-reflective so that you can get the ultimate camouflage. It works on most surface types. For example, you can use it on most plastics, PVC, hard, vinyl, ceramic glass, wicker, wood, and metal. So, this product can be a perfect choice for experiencing a great painting solution. 

This ultra-flat camouflage paint comes in no-reflective colors to give you a better user experience. Although you can use it, as a painter, on many surfaces, in my opinion, this product is best suitable for sporting and hunting equipment. 

Besides, this paint sprayer comes in different sizes and finishes. So, you can choose one according to your project requirement. There will be no requirement for sanding and priming with this paint which is pretty impressive. It comes with a user-friendly spray design which will help you to apply it easily. However, if you are a beginner, it may cause spillage. 

When you apply this paint, it will dry out quite faster. The paint will dry to the touch within 15 minutes or less and within 24 hours the paint will dry out completely. The surface will be fully chip resistant after 7 days. That’s how you can complete your painting projects sooner. 

Key Specifications:

  • Brand: Krylon
  • Color: Camouflage Black
  • Item Volume: 11 Fluid Ounces
  • Unit Count: 11.0 Ounces
  • Paint Type: Spray
  • Surface: Wood, vinyl, metal, plastics
  • Thickness: 2 inches


  • Excellent paint sprayer
  • No requirement for sanding and priming
  • Dry out quickly
  • Easy to apply the paint
  • Can be applied to a wide range of surfaces


  • It may cause spillage

Rust Oleum Camouflage Spray Paint:

It can’t be denied that Rust-Oleum is a great brand. Especially, when it comes to the Camouflage spray paint, this brand has done a very stunning job. The Rust-Oleum camouflage spray paint comes with many excellent features which will certainly meet your expectations. If you are looking for the best spray paint for your hunting and sporting project, this unit can give you a great user experience. 

As it has a non-reflective finish, you can enjoy the result delightfully. Oil-based formula is used to manufacture this product which blends with the terrain. As a result, all you get is a long-lasting and durable finish. After spraying the paint just allow 20 minutes and it will dry to the touch. 

The standard spray can of this model gives you great coverage. Every can of Rust-Oleum Camouflage spray paint can cover up to 7 sq. Ft. As the finish is flat and non-reflective, it will easily blend with the surroundings. 

This unit is designed with a comfort tip using which you can use at any angle very conveniently. Whether you want to spray vehicles, tree stands, decoys, blinds, boats, or other equipment, you will be able to do that very conveniently. 

The dead flat color is inspired by nature to offer you a better user experience. You can combine it in a range of patterns so that you can get the perfect blend you desire. With all of these exclusive features, this spray paint can be one of the best options for you. 

Key Specifications:

  • Brand: Rust-Oleum
  • Color: Army Green
  • Finish Type: Matte
  • Size: 12 Ounce (Pack of 1)
  • Item Volume: 354.88 Milliliters
  • Unit Count: 12.0 Ounce
  • Paint Type: Specialty
  • Usage: Interior/Exterior
  • Surface Recommendation: Wood, plastic, metal
  • Item Form: Aerosol


  • Very good camouflage finish
  • Non-reflective
  • Offers good coverage per can
  • Designed with comfort tips for easy application
  • Can be used on a range of surfaces


  • The bottle nozzle cap is hard to open

Krylon Camouflage Ultra Flat Vs Rust Oleum Camouflage Spray Paint

Now that you already know about both of the products, you may become confused about which one you should buy. Both of the products are built with higher quality. If you want camouflage ultra-flat spray paint for your projects, you can go for both of them. Both of the sprays are non-reflective. As a result, you can enjoy a great blend of the surroundings. 

When you talk about Krylon Camouflage ultra-flat spray paint, it can give you good coverage. But, if you compare it with the Rust-Oleum Camouflage spray paint, the latter will give you more coverage per can. Krylon paint can bond easily to most plastics. 

Besides, you can spray this paint on metal, wood, hard vinyl, and more surfaces. On the contrary, Rust-Oleum camouflage spray paint can also be applied on many surfaces. Now, if you talk about the spray tip, it is more user-friendly in the case of Rust-Oleum. It means you will get more convenience while using it. 

Now, if you want to compare the drying time, both the Krylon Camouflage spray paint and rust oleum take almost the same drying time to become touch ready. However, the spray paint from Rust-Oleum is so flat that the surface becomes chalky and if you touch it with a finger, there will be a mark on the surface. 

In that case, the Krylon spray paint will offer you better handling. Considering every feature and benefit you will get from both of the products, I think Rust-Oleum camouflage spray paint is quite better than the Krylon camouflage ultra-flat paint. 

Comparison Chart:

Here is a comparison chart below to give you a comparative understanding of both spray paints. 

BrandDrying Time (Ready to Touch)ColorFinishCoverage
Krylon Camouflage Ultra Flat spray paintKrylon15 minutesCamouflage blackNon-reflectiveN/A
Rust Oleum Camouflage Spray PaintRust-Oleum20 minutes‎Camouflage army greenNon-reflective, matte7 sq. ft. coverage per can

Wrapping Up!

Typically, we need spray paint for our painting projects. Whether it is a DIY, art, or professional project, a good quality paint sprayer will help you out there. Both of the spray paints I discussed in this article come with the great build quality and finish. But, if you talk about Krylon camouflage ultra-flat vs Rust-Oleum camouflage spray paint, I think I will go for the latter. Because Rust-Oleum camouflage spray paint will give you a better user experience.