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Market Place Tower Seattle

Market Place Tower, Seattle – Architecture | Design | Construction

 Market Place Tower – Architecture & Design

A 17-storey mixed-use architect building that is located near the north end of the historic Pike Place Market, Market Place Tower,Seattle provides one level of retail space, 12 floors of class A office space, parking for 200 cars, and on the top four floors, 35,000 square feet for seven luxury condominiums. Stepped facades design provide multiple terraces on nine floors. Upper-floor greenhouses and bay windows signal the building’s strong mixed-use purpose by differentiating the residential floors from the office and retail space below. In addition, the building design contains two separate lobbies: a public lobby for commercial use and a private residential lobby.

Market Place Tower Seattle


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Responding to the competitive market for office space in Seattle, the tight budget constraints of the owner, and its location in a highly visible and publicly sensitive area, Market Place Tower is the result of inventive value architecture engineering and design. Standard window systems were employed for economic reasons, but they were varied in size and colour to produce a textured and scaled facade. Cost-effective but visually rich materials were used throughout the construction of the building to produce a high value to dollar ratio for the owner and tenants.

Interior and Exterior Design

Market Place Tower

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Market Place Tower exterior design and colours were selected to convey an open-air type feeling. During the construction of this modern architecture, three different type of glass were used to reflect the light from Elliott Bay, the Olympic Mountains, and the surrounding community. Heavily textured slate and quartzite stones were used during construction sparingly at the base of the building  and complemented by lines of polished white Georgia Marble. Textured glass design and fibre reinforced concrete were juxtaposed with smooth glass to create an animated facade. Landscape design includes landscaped terraces, a view court, streetscape improvements, and features massing and texture unique to the area and site.