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Noteshelf App

Noteshelf App for iPad Guide, Features and Ratings

Most designers and artists use Noteshelf app as it is easy to use and you will love to work on this app. Noteshelf is one of the best note taking apps available on Apple store which you must have already used. Noteshelf  is the most beautiful app for iPad designed for taking notes and referring your work afterwards anytime.  This is undoubtedly best apps for architect students.

This is basically a note-making application and is the best app for sketching and drawing. The graphics are quite amazing with high-resolution quality. You can choose from different notebook covers and colourful pens in this application.

Noteshelf App

Noteshelf App is currently available only on the iOS stores and is best used when using on iPods. Writing on Noteshelf will feel like writing on a piece of paper.

Open GL engine is used which makes Noteshelf application the best notepad application with high graphics and resolution.

The digital ink flows smoothly which gives you the best handwriting experience on iPads.

You must be thinking about why this application is rated among the best apps for architecture. This is because of its simplicity and ease to note down anything you like.

You can write and edit your page by adding images, text files, screenshots and other features by using Noteshelf.

Noteshelf App Key Features

  • Collaborate – By using Noteshelf all you can easily do is collaborate your notes and edit them anytime you want. You can use different colours and pens available for changing the width of the pencil. Also, you can add pictures, images, text document or take an image from the camera and edit it according to your requirements.
  • Export – You don’t need to worry as you can export your important documents and files on your drive and can access them anytime you want.
  • Share – You can easily share your documents anytime with your friends with a single click.

All these features make this one of the best apps for working and making notes on your iPad.

Noteshelf App Guide and Ratings

Noteshelf  is better than notability and is the best application which is common between students of college and school. The user rating of this app is 4.5. As this app comes with a lot of features, its Guides are nice. You can also Guide this application by visiting the Apple Store from your iPad or iPhone.Noteshelf App pGuide

Noteshelf is like a notebook, you can write anything and also draw anything on it. It is easy to use and you can collaborate, share and export the files anytime. It is designed with simplest user interface and toolset which provides various benefits that are not available in other notepad apps available on Apple Store.

Noteshelf app is available for Rs 490 on Apple store and it works great when you are writing with Apple Pencil (Stylus).

Its latest version is 11.1 which supports One Drive to import and export files and documents. Some other bug fixes are also removed in this latest version.

The size of this app is 78.4 MB and is available in languages like English, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and much more.

You will find different notebook themes and tonnes of features in this little app. You can use this as a notebook that keeps your notes tightly bundled and in the same place.

How to use and take backup in Noteshelf

If you haven’t downloaded the latest version of Noteshelf, you need not worry. You can download it from the official Apple Store and after downloading you can follow below instructions to understand the working of this application.

When you open Noteshelf you will be seeing a board showing different coloured notebooks. From there you have to choose any one pattern of the notebook which you want to create.

In each notebook several templates are available and you can select anyone. If you click on the Business category, you will see your day planner which you can schedule meetings and other important tasks of your day.

Noteshelf note-making app has a task list at the above which you can choose. You can set the thickness of a pencil and also the colour of pencil.

After that, you can also add any picture from your picture library and after adding, you can animate and edit the page.

You can also share your work on dropbox or by e-mailing it to your friend.

You can also use other features like smilies and animations to make your notebook more informative and useful.

You can also see the below video which you can watch to understand the working of this app. You will also learn how to take backup of your files in this mp4 video.