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Auto bleed data is being verified by a human hand utilizing an OBD2 scanner in a car.

The 8 OBD2 Scanner with ABS Auto Bleed: Best ABS Scan Tool

Imagine, going on a long drive and suddenly your car’s computing system crashed. This is a very annoying moment when you keep going to the mechanics for a minor car’s computing system faults and waste a lot of time to solve the issues. However, you can easily solve these little problems yourself with the help of an OBD2 scanner. It will save you both time and money.

At present standard obd2 scanners can fix basic issues but are not able to read ABS, SRS, or some more advanced things. For this, you will require the OBD2 scanner with ABS auto bleed features a complete scanner, which at the same time helps you to common code issues fixing and do more advanced things and monitoring.

But the problem is that if you want to find the best obd2 scanner with srs reset or abs bleed on the market, you have to spend a lot of time, as well as many things that need to be considered, which is a lot of challenging, especially if you are a beginner. However, our team has created the best obd2 car diagnostic tool blog by considering market research, consumer analysis, and other essential buying instructions to solve this problem.

So why are you delayed? Without wasting time, Let’s get started!

Do You Need a Scan Tool to Bleed ABS Brakes?

It is very important to use an advanced OBD2 scanner tool for proper bleed in the ABS brake.

Especially if the ABS module of your vehicle is not equipped with a bleeder, then you need to use the must scanner tool for proper bleeding instead of activating the ABS pump manually.

Many people think that the standard diagnostic scanner tool is ideal for ABS auto bleeding, but this is a misconception. Instead, you need to purchase a professional OBD2 scanner with an abs auto bleed feature for proper ABS bleeding.

Top 8 OBD2 Scanner with ABS Auto Bleed

1. Innova 3160 Diagnostic ABS Auto Bleed Scan Tool

Innova 3160 Diagnostic Scan Tool with ABS/SRS and Live Data for OBD2 Vehicles

Introducing our first selection from Innova 3160 obd2 scanner tools is perfect for almost all foreign and domestic vehicles manufactured since 1996. One of the great advantages of this is that it is not only for regular check engine light reset; it also diagnoses ABS and SRS code on GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, almost all old and upgraded vehicles.

Product Description

For easy monitoring, a small display has been attached to the Innova 3160 scanner, which makes it very easy to fix and reset almost all the essential things. For easy connectivity, separate OBD2 cables and necessary accessories are included. It also supports Windows OS for easy updates.

Innova 3160 includes SAE enhanced live data features for real-time monitoring of the vehicle’s activities in graph form. This will allow you to easily find out and fix everything in the car. In addition, some more upgraded features have been added, which makes it a complete OBD2 scanner with ABS. Although the price range is a bit expensive but I’m pretty sure it will worth your investment.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to use and fix any codes
  • Provide SAE enhanced live data
  • Easy to connect and read essential codes
  • Reads and diagnoses ABS codes any vehicles
  • All essential accessories are included

Allen said,

I hope my comment puts the question (will it work on a BMW?) I have the above car and a 2001 chevy Z71. The 3160d does work for both for code reading and clearing codes. If you go to innova’s website you can see that the 3160d is not a misprint on the reader. it is an upgraded version that innova supports with the op manual for the 3160d-e. By all accounts, this reader has surpassed my expectations. Im just a back yard mechanic that hates paying the high price at the shop so this will help me alot on that part. Good luck and i hope this helps you make a choice on what scanner you want/need. i have not used the repair solutions on the web site but for 60$ a year, i think is a good deal and cheap for expert advise.

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2. Ancel FX2000 Enhanced Vehicle Transmission ABS OBD2 Scanner

ANCEL FX2000 Enhanced Four-System Diagnostic Scanner, Premier Auto ABS SRS Airbag Transmission Scan Tool, Car Check Engine OBD2 Code Reader with 16GB TF Card [2022 Newest Version]

Are you looking for an obd2 scanner with anti-lock braking systems which advanced features on a budget? Then Ancel FX2000 can be a very advanced option for monitoring everything of your vehicle and fixing computing issues. One of its features is its sound design, where you get 7 easy buttons for easy access, which helps you in manufacturer-level diagnostics.

Product Description

The Ancel FX2000 OBD2 code reader can be connected to all vehicles from 1996 onwards and helps check engine light, anti-lock braking system, supplemental restraint system, and various code read and fault code fixes. You can also easily observe onboard monitoring, EVAP system tests, DTC lockup, sensor tests, and more.

Whether you are a beginner or a PRO, this is an outstanding selection for you. Other advanced obd2 code readers charge differently for new updating each time. In that case, Ancel FX2000 is the complete opposite. Because once purchased, you will be able to enjoy all the updated features in lifetime without any charge.

Highlighted Features

  • Lifetime free update
  • Provide manufacturers level diagnostics
  • Find any issues more accurately
  • You can diagnostic your car professional mode
  • It comes with a 16 GB memory card
  • Good obd2 scanner with ABS and SRS for beginner or PRO

Hope Johnson revealed

Bought it for my husband to upgrade from his original scanner. He loves it does exactly what he wanted. Scans abs, has misfire current and history. Also gives live data and freeze frame. Evap checks plus everything that the original scanner did. Works as described. Packaged properly and got it on time.

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3. Best abs Code Reader: Launch CRP129X Automotive OBD2 Scanner with SRS, ABS

LAUNCH CRP129X OBD2 Scanner, Lifetime Free Wi-Fi Update Scan Tool( 2022 Add New Features) TPMS/Oil/EPB/SAS/Throttle Reset, ABS SRS Transmission Check Engine Light Code Reader, Auto VIN, Battery Test

Are you looking for an OBD2 scanner with a convenient design and a large display? Where will all the upgraded features be included too? Then Launch CRP129X OBD2 may be an appropriate option, especially for you. It comes with a 5 inches large screen, with both touch and button usable features. As a result, you get better access to all the features and control all the segments smartly.

Product Description

Launch CRP129X obd2 scanner has many features, one of which is that it allows you to perform full obd2 function as well as many advanced features analysis and live monitoring. They also include the 5 most commonly used (EPB, OIL, SAS, TPMS, and throttle body) reset function, which helps to reset more efficiently.

Excellent compatibility makes it even more impressive, especially since you can easily get a lifetime free update in one click without hassles. Besides, this supports vehicles of almost all brands. Moreover, launch CRP129X diagnostic scanner work for transmission, ABS and SRS diagnostics read and clear the codes.

It also includes a large capacity battery of 6100mAh, which provides enormous battery backup. Also, Android 7.0 and 16 GB memory makes it a much different and more efficient obd2 scanner than a regular scanner.

Highlighted Features

  • Android-based scan tool with 16 GB internal storage
  • It comes with both touch screen and keypad input design
  • Autovin scan helps to diagnose your vehicle faster
  • 5 special services (OIL, TPMS, EPB, SAS, Throttle Body Reset)
  • 4 System Diagnosis Engine Transmission SRS ABS
  • Live data monitoring and recordable

Calnet revealed

The Launch CRP129X is a great obd2 scanner for the money, the cost vs all it can do is a bargain, especially when it’s an upgrade for me. I love it. I’ve used it on 3 vehicles. It has a high compatibility for the diagnostic vehicles. It needs no updating to comply with the standardization requirements on the OBD scan tool use, for instance, the OBD2 diagnostic is suitable for most vehicles made in the United States, Europe, and Asia. And you’ll get more vehicle coverage via Wi-Fi updates. Purchasing this tool is sufficient and I do not need the purchase of other scan tools even I get to purchase a new car or I need to diagnose the systems, which is really cost-effective. Moreover, it is easy to carry and store. At its most reasonable size and a user-friendly dimension, one is likely to experience no strain in terms of having to use this OBD 2 scan tool. Overall, I love the scanner and am very happy with what I got. You really can’t go wrong with this product.

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4. Pro OBD2 Car Code Reader

INNOVA 3160RS OBD2 Scanner, ABS Brake Bleeder, ABS SRS Engine Transmission Diagnoses, Airbag Light Reset, Car Battery Tester & Alternator Tester, Battery Reset, Fix & Parts Recommendations

Another OBD2 code reader from Innova, but this is the Pro version of our previous Innova, which comes with various styles and all advanced features that will take your car code reading as well as monitoring one step further. In particular, you can use the scanner as well as its mobile apps to read and erase code in more advanced mode.

Product Description

Almost any network system you can scan with this obd2 scanner. It has been designed with all the outstanding features to easily diagnose electronic parking brake retract, ABS auto bleeding, tire pressure, and other issues of modern vehicles.

Easy to understand interface for live monitoring of your vehicle’s transmission fluid and other things. The Innova 3160RS Pro code reader is highly portable, so you can easily put it in any box and carry it. Considering Overall is another best OBD2 scanner with ABS auto bleed, SRS, EPB, service light reset features.

Highlighted Features

  • Unlimited vehicle health reports
  • Any system network scan
  • Easily diagnose battery and charging issues on hybrid vehicle
  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Ability to read and diagnose tire pressure and sensor data

Kat said

Love it. Make sure to update using your computer. At first it didn’t know my car until I did that. Reset airbag light that resulted from low battery. Also reset and light. Saved my more than it’s cost on the first day of using. I keep it in my car and it has allowed me to reset codes that have put my car in limp home mode, which allowed me to drive normally on a trip for a few hours in order to get home.

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5. ABS Scan Tool: Autel AutoLink AL619 OBD2 Scanner with SRS, ABS

Autel AutoLink AL619 ABS SRS OBD2 Scanner, 2022 Autel Diagnostic Scan Tool with ABS Airbag Warning Lights Reset, Code Reader with Enhanced 10 Test Modes, Upgarded Ver. of ML619/ AL519/ AL319

Among the budget, AutoLink Al619 is our best obd2 scanner with abs auto bleeding selection, which contains almost all the essential things, which are a must-have for your vehicle’s computing system monitoring read and erase. One of the best features is that it is able to read the fault codes located in your vehicle in the quickest time.

Why We Choose It

Among the budget, AutoLink Al619 is our best obd2 scanner with abs auto bleeding selection, which contains almost all the essential things, which are a must-have for your vehicle’s computing system monitoring read and erase. One of the best features is that it is able to read the fault codes located in your vehicle in the quickest time.

Product Description

You also get 10 different modes, including ABS, SRS, I/M Readiness Status, DTC lookup, freeze frame data to read vehicle issues, as well as like our other selections, live monitoring, and data in the form of graph analysis in detail. It also has lifetime free update features to keep your vehicle’s computing system issues free.

However, before purchasing the AutoLink Al619 obd2 scanner, we recommend that if your vehicle is a model between 1996 to 2015, you can purchase it because this obd2 scanner may not work perfectly with the vehicles of a manufactured model after 2015.

Highlighted Features

  • Reasonable price range
  • 10 different modes for efficiency test
  • Easy to clear codes and reset monitoring
  • ABS, SRS, and CAN diagnostic scanner tool
  • 1 years warranty
  • Lifetime free updates

Chris told

Did the job and led me to a broken wire under the passenger seat that was triggering an airbag light. Looked at the cable multiple times before using the scanner and didnt see the broken wire, but after the scanner confirmed the passenger side was the fault, i looked closer and found the issue. Airbag light went away as soon as I fixed the break.

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6. INNOVA 6100P OBD2 Scanner ABS, SRS Transmission

INNOVA 6100P OBD2 Scanner ABS SRS Transmission, Car Code Reader Diagnostic Scan Tool with Oil Reset /Battery & Alternator Test /Full OBD II /Live Data /Repair Solutions 2 APP

Our other INNOVA full obd2 pick is outstanding with all the advanced features. There are 10 advanced modes to easily manage all the features and code severity alerts, which basically helps to fix the immediate issues of your vehicle.

Product Description

One of the best features of the INNOVA 6100P is that it can easily read and erase ABS and SRS transmission codes and can also be connected to almost all current vehicles. It comes with an app in which you can fix almost all the basic check engine light issues as well as do a lot of advanced work.

Another great feature is the oil light feature, which helps to complete the after oil change step by step reset procedures of all vehicle models since 1996. Also, battery tests, live data analysis, oil reset, and many more advanced things you can do with the help of this OBD2 scanner.

Highlighted Features

  • Quickly reveal the cause of check engine issues
  • Live data monitoring for engine and data logging
  • Easy to use with mobile apps
  • Battery and alternator tests
  • It comes with anti-lock braking systems and SRS

Ben Talarico told

I purchased this after using different scanners and decided to go with this one. It works great it works on all of the cars that I’ve tested it on so far at my car lot it’s pretty easy to use I would recommend it for anyone looking for a Decent priced reader.

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7. Best Abs Scan Tool: FOXWELL NT630 Plus OBD II Code Reader with ABS Brake Bleed Tool

FOXWELL NT630 Plus OBD2 Scanner ABS Scan Tool Airbag Scanner with ABS Auto Bleeding & Bidirectional Control, SRS ABS Code Reader Car Diagnostic Tool for VSA Airbag Light Reset & SAS Calibration

The FOXWELL NT610 Plus is an advanced OBD2 diagnostic scanner device that assists in the comprehensive monitoring of your vehicle. Basically, it is a value for money selection. You will get ABS; Airbag reset with SAS calibration, and many more advanced features at the same time, which are not in the obd2 scanners of this budget.

Product Description

Its ABS bleeding function is mainly supported in auto bleeding supported vehicles. There are also Auto VIN, read codes, clear codes, freeze frame, and 10 similar OBD2 functions, which help to monitor your vehicle efficiently. Especially the live monitoring features in a lot of detail.

You will get a lifetime free update on the FOXWELL NT630 Plus obd2 scanner, as well as if you want, you can easily save and print your monitored and analyzed data. This scanner has a handheld case for great protection, which will also help you a lot in carrying it easily.

Highlighted Features

  • 10 OBD2 functions and 4 diagnoses
  • ABS auto bleeding and SAS calibration
  • 2 in 1 live data monitoring features
  • Error codes detonation
  • Lifetime free update
  • Free handheld carrying case

Richard.A.C. told

I was nervous ordering a scanner after reading so many stories about the flood of clones from overseas. I have only had this for a day but it has already paid for itself. I needed to reset the srs light in my 08 mitsu eclipse. I have a 70 mile drive to. the nearest dealer plus the shop charges $100 an hour. Getting this scanner for 130 seamed to me to be about even after shop charge, gas, and time driving there and back. Only fear I had is it wouldn’t work.
After reading several articles I decided to go for it even the horror stories about how hard it was to register and update.
I’m not sure what they were trying to do but it took me about 10 minutes to download the app onto my PC, register, and update the tool. About 10 more minutes later and I was sitting in my car grinning ear to ear because my flipping srs light was finally off. I sat there for a while longer playing with other features including looking at the speed of each wheel and several other facts about my car, I am just flat out amazed and truly feel like I got a great value for my money, not a feeling I have often lol.

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8. BAFX Products Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

Wireless Bluetooth Diagnostic OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader and Scan Tool for All 1996 & Newer Vehicles ELM327 Compatible OBDII for Android Devices ONLY

BAFX Products brand is at present the most popular wireless OBD2 scanner selection for using almost 1996 to upgrade any gasoline and diesel vehicle. Thousands of consumers have appreciated this scanner for faster data read speed and a simple user-friendly interface.

Product Description

One of the best features is that you can easily connect to the Android phone via Bluetooth to read and erase engine codes and then read the engine code as well as live data analysis of other vehicle information through statistics.

The problem with most standard OBD2 scanners is that they take a lot of time to read code. Many times failed issues have to be faced again. This is a lot of hassles, but the BAFX scanner is much appreciated for faster data read. You can also read all OBD II J1850, CAN also any protocols. Also, the easy to carry and convenient look of the BAFX obd2 scanner helps any user move easily.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to connect and compatible with any vehicle
  • Read error code faster way, and easily erase
  • Easy to use, especially for beginner’s
  • You can monitor freeze frame data, fuel pressure, engine load also many more things
  • 2 years of user-friendly support

Martha Calkins told

Works as advertised. It gives my 1999 F150 several gauges I wanted for towing. Specifically, I now have cylinder head temperature, coolant temperature, transmission temperature (at two different locations), and torque converter slip. These are the critical gauges for towing a load close to the manufacturer’s max tow limit. So far, can’t get engine oil temperature — will keep trying.

It does not run the battery down in any noticeable way when the truck is left sitting for a week with the Scan Tool installed. The scan tool seems to go to sleep after a while and only reawakens when the truck is started.

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Things You Should Know Before Buying OBD2 Scanner with ABS Auto Bleed

OBD2 Scanner with ABS Auto Bleed

There are some simple essential things that you must consider when you want to buy an OBD2 scanner. Because as you may know, not all OBD2 scanners are perfect for all tasks. So you must see if these things are in your chosen obd ii.


It is very important that your obd2 scanner has a widescreen display for efficiently monitoring everything. This will allow you to do live monitoring more perfectly, as well as read the codes and reset much easier. There are also many benefits of the widescreen display.

Advanced Features

Besides trouble code fixing, advanced obd 2 scanners have more functionality, which helps to monitor your vehicle more efficiently and some more complicated things and help in ABS bleeding or SRS system testing.


Connectivity is an important factor that must be taken seriously. In short, more connectivity means it will provide more control. Pay close attention to the connectivity of your OBD2 scanner, especially OBD2 scanners with desktop and mobile connectivity provide more controlling advanced features, and many settings can be easily monitored and changed.

If you want, you can live monitor the crucial data of your vehicle, and you can see the various engine codes in detail in the display.

Quicker Performance

The code reading process of most OBD2 scanners can be very difficult, especially with extremely late results, which can be very annoying and time consuming. You will need an advanced scanner to get quick performance, which does everything from code read to erase extremely fast.

Free Software Update

At present, there are some scanners that do not have free update features, which is a cons side. Because if you don’t always get software updates in time, then your obd2 will face a lot of bugs, which will not be fixed. Also, some additional obd ii scanners require an additional charge for an upgrade, which will cost you separately again.

So while choosing an OBD2 scanner, try choosing lifetime free upgradable software.

The Necessity of ABS Brake System Bleeding

It is necessary to bleed the system due to air bubbles. How do these pockets of air form in the system?

It’s true that when you open the brake lines to repair or replace brake parts like wheel cylinders, brake calipers, or ABS units, some air gets into the system.

The brake pedal feels spongy when air pockets are present inside the lines, and the entire system feels unbalanced. This is why bleeding the brakes is necessary before doing any brake work. By skipping this, you are not only letting the air pockets stay, but you are also pushing contaminants through the brake system.

As part of the regular maintenance schedule, the brake fluid needs to be flushed every two to three years. By doing so, contaminants and air bubbles are removed from the system.

How to Bleed ABS Brakes: A Technique For All Types of Units

How to Bleed ABS Brake

The purpose of bleeding is to flush out the air pockets and replace the old fluid. We must change the old fluid because polluted fluid absorbs moisture from the air, lowering its boiling point. It degrades the brake system.

Things You’ll Need

  • A few 8-ounce cans of brake fluid
  • Tubing made of plastic
  • Jack stands and car jacks
  • Turkey basters
  • Box wrenches
  • Microfiber towels or rags
  • Spacer
  • A small bottle
  • Goggles and gloves for protection

The Procedure of How to Bleed ABS Brakes

Prepare the brakes for bleeding before you begin removing bolts and loosening nuts. You will need to jack the vehicle up and remove all four wheels. Another option is to keep the wheels on but raise the vehicle high enough to reach the bleeder valves.

Loosen the Bleeder Valves

To loosen the valves, you must first prepare the vehicle. You will need a box wrench. Before spraying penetrating oil on the bolt joints, make sure they are not rusted. Using a hammer to tap off the corrosion lightly will make the job much easier.

It is possible to snap off hollow bolts if you apply too much force when doing this. In this case, you will have to replace the brake calipers or wheel cylinders (depending on your vehicle model), which means more time and money wasted.

Be careful not to break the bolts as you loosen them. Do not altogether remove the bolts. Here is the next step in bleeding ABS brakes.

Remove the Old Fluid

Make sure that the master cylinder reservoir is clean by using a turkey baster to flush out old fluid and deposits. The sludge in the reservoir should be removed with a lint-free cloth. Because brake fluid is corrosive, you should handle it with extreme caution. Accidental spills will dissolve any painted surface immediately. You should wear gloves to prevent contact with the skin.

Bleed the ABS System

Bleed the ABS System
Siphoning old fluid with a turkey baster. (Photo Source: sunliv)

One end of a piece of cheap plastic tubing (any kind will do) should be pushed over the brake bleeder bolt. The other end of the hose will be inserted into a small bottle containing fresh brake fluid. Air can’t get back into the brake caliper or brake cylinder with this bit of trick.

As soon as the line pressure is released, the pedal will move. If you want to prevent this, put a spacer underneath the pedal. Next, add new, clean fluid to the master cylinder reservoir and close the opening by reinstalling the cap. Otherwise, fluid will spew out of the reservoir opening at every pedal release.

During this process of bleeding, you will need assistance. Ask them to apply a force similar to that you would stop a vehicle at a traffic light by pressing the brake pedal.

How do I get my vehicle On-Board Diagnostic Connector?

You can simply find the 16 digits pin connector under the dashboard, which is close to your driving seat. Many vehicles may be on the other side, so you can read the vehicle’s manuals to find it easily.

Can all OBD II scanners work with all cars?

The short answer is “Yes.” The OBD2 scanner tool is suitable for all upgraded vehicles manufactured after 1996. However, many OBD II scanners do not support all vehicles, so read the description carefully of the obd ii scanner you choose, and see which vehicles are supported, as well as your car brand and its manufactured years.

Why can’t I connect my iPad with my obd2 scanner?

You will see that most obd2 scanners are designed based on windows and android operating systems. Due to this, it is not compatible with MAC and iOS based operating systems. If you are an iOS user, then choose the scanner that is supported the iOS operating system to get rid of this kind of problem.

Can I have access to software updates at all times?

It entirely depends on which OBD2 scanner you are choosing. Because all OBD2 scanners do not provide lifetime update features. Most scanners have to provide a separate charge to get the following update. In this case, if you always want to get free updates, then you must try to purchase an obd2 scanner with lifetime free update features.

Will the OBD2 scanner read airbag codes?

The short answer is “Yes.” Our picked most obd2 scanner can easily read airbag codes. You do not have to do anything simply by connecting the obd2 scanner; you can easily access the features.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly the best OBD2 scanner with ABS auto bleed tool is very important for your car. It helps to read and fix all the minor computing issues of your vehicle so that you do not have to go to the mechanic again and again and waste extra cost.

Hopefully, you have already found the obd2 scanner tool that is suitable for your car. However, if you want to know our opinion, we recommend Launch CRP129X obd2 scanner, which has almost all the features that are a must-have an advanced obd2 scanner.

However, this does not mean that our other selections are not appropriate; you can choose a suitable scanner for your car from different choices. We think, all the listed scanners above will perform greatly in their perfect situation and needs. So, you need to choose the one that fulfills your needs.


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