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Photo Measures App

Photo Measures App Guide, Ratings and Features | ArchitectBoy

Photo Measures App is one of the easiest application which can help you measure your own photos on your android, iPhone or iPad. This application is best for those like contractors, designers, and architectures as by using this, they can measure the length, width, and height of different spaces and objects.

This can be helpful during the construction and redesign of windows, doors or other objects. The main problem with the students and new contractors is that they forget the actual measurements which make their calculations wrong every time. Or there are other incidents like your data or calculations get misplaced again and again.

Photo Measures App

By using the Photo Measures mobile application, you can quickly take a photo of any image and it will show you the exact measurement of that image by auto processing. The best thing about this application is that you can save your edited information anytime either in the form of jpeg format or in PDF format.

The best thing about this is that you need not worry about your work, you can find the accurate dimensions every time you use this. most of the angles and measurements are accurate which can also be saved any time.

This is the most incredibly convenient application and is perfect for your own house to know the angle and size of any structure or object. The measure of your house becomes so easy and handy that you don’t need an engineer or a contractor to understand. This can be helpful in measuring angles, dimensions, and sizes and you don’t need to remember every time or write it down on a paper. You can save the image on your mobile or iPad only.

Advantages of Photo Measures App

  • You can take a photo directly from your camera and draw your measurement on it.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • You can edit the saved image anytime which is easily understood.
  • Sometimes we need to write some comments or thoughts on the image which you can do by simply editing the image.
  • Measurement of angles is also introduced in the latest version.
  • Export as JPEG or PDF.
  • Photos can be imported of any size and aspect ratio.
  • All the photos are properly organized and managed.
  • You can measure the photos in imperial or metric units.
  • Zoom in or out of any image or photo if you want to get more precision.

In the latest version i.e. 3.9.4 you will be getting improved support for 3D touch devices. This application is also available for android whose latest version is 1.29. The minimum requirement of android version is 2.2 or above. The size of the download is 895k. On the Google Play store this is available at Rs. 289.00 and on Apple store, this application is available for Rs. 420. Some of you must be thinking that the money is quite high but after spending, you would realize that this is a complete value for money.

In the new version, the search feature is added to view your files more fast and easily. With that new color, an option is added that can be used to identify your edited documents and images.

Photo Measures App Ratings and Guide

Photo Measures App is the most important application which is also on the list of top 5 apps for interior designers. The Guides are quite good and both android and iOS users are loving this app very much. Many Architects and designers are using this for daily use for work and in office.

Photo measures app measure

Till now it is installed more than 10,000 times on Google Play store. Many people have also rated this application which is as follows;

5 Star – 201

4 Star – 83

3 Star – 24

2 Star -13

1 Star – 20

All these Guides are given on Play store and on average we can say that Photo Measures App got a rating of 4.2/5.

For iOS users, this was last updated on date 2 March 2016, with its latest version 3.9.4. The size of install is 4.8 MB and you can purchase this by visiting your store in iPhone or iPad. The languages supported are English, German, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The minimum compatibility is iOS 7.0 or above version and this is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

If you are an architect student or Civil Engineering student, then this application will be the best for interior design and to me measure the dimensions more accurately. Houzz Interior Design Ideas app is the most famous application for interior designing of the house and is available for free. This contains all the high definition images and design ideas which you can also see if you are a designer or wanted to be one.

Out of many applications available, this is the best measurement app that you can use. If you are a beginner and is unaware of the working, then you can watch the below video to get information and how it works. You can also comment if you like the description.