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exterior view of picture book museum

Picture Book Museum by Tadao Ando’s Design

The Picture Book Library, also known as Picture Book Museum, located in Iwaki city, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. This renowned architecture masterpiece was designed by architect Tadao Ando. Ando designed this library for three preschools, who intended to use it as a library for the schools themselves. However, visitors keeps pouring in soon after the opening of a library in 2005. Mr Ray, founder of Iwaki Preschool contacted the architect Tadao Ando, seeking his help in designing a special place for the children, whether they can enjoy reading the books.

The library has been funded from the preschool themselves, and from the donations received from visitors. Ando received only one instruction regarding the library look; the founder Mr Ray wanted to see the book covers. The building has a total floor space of 634.05 and occupies a space of 496.07 The interior of the library is simple, mainly consisting of the books, which dominates the place with a cover-out display.

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Interior and Materials Used

The material used in the construction of the building consists of only three things, including reinforced concrete, wood and glass. There is simplicity in the colours of the library, the only colours in the Picture Book Library is by the bright book covers themselves. The corridors are somewhat dark, which is then followed by evenly light-filled rooms and space. Ando says “You will be able to see the light only when there is darkness”.

Picture Book Museum Japan

The Picture Book Museum in Iwaki city, Japan, has been included in “25 Most Modern Libraries in the Worlds”. The architect designed some proportions of the building in a way, that it can be unusual to some adults.

Everything has been designed keeping in mind the needs of children along with adults. Their are different stair railing levels for both child and adult. The bathroom design and facilities exhibit sensitivity to the needs of its primary users i.e., children. It also has a cat for children to play with. The library has a collection of more than one thousand international picture books, aimed to make children have fun while reading. The library is used by preschools from Mondays to Thursdays. Fridays are for public access. You can also have a date-specific invitation by submitting a written request.